Street Child, A Memoir

Street Child, A Memoir

Justin Reed Early / Aug 24, 2019

Street Child A Memoir The books the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame Oscar Wilde Street Child is not for the faint of heart THE SEATTLE TIMES Street Child is the shock inspiring story of

  • Title: Street Child, A Memoir
  • Author: Justin Reed Early
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The books the world calls immoral, are the books that show the world its own shame Oscar Wilde Street Child is not for the faint of heart THE SEATTLE TIMES Street Child is the shock inspiring story of a young boy who escapes his increasingly dysfunctional and violent middle class home Remanded into state custody at ten years old, he embarks on a journey through The books the world calls immoral, are the books that show the world its own shame Oscar Wilde Street Child is not for the faint of heart THE SEATTLE TIMES Street Child is the shock inspiring story of a young boy who escapes his increasingly dysfunctional and violent middle class home Remanded into state custody at ten years old, he embarks on a journey through the foster care system only finding safety from unlikely skid row heroes on downtown streets of Seattle and San Francisco where children are victims and victims are considered criminals While dodging serial killers and predators, including a juvenile court judge who oversees his custody, these children develop familial bonds while protecting each other in an increasingly dangerous yet invisible world By telling these authentic stories with often times devastating outcomes, he articulates the stark reality of life on the streets for countless young people Many of the children in Street Child were featured in the movie STREETWISE which was nominated for an Academy Award Street Child is a powerful and intimate depiction into these homeless children s actual lives during their most desperate times of survival Their sweet camaraderie, funny antics, and intimate relationships will move your heart and soul into a new understanding and personalization of their noble plight Author Justin Reed Early cultivates hope while bringing new life to his childhood friends The children portrayed are real and these stories are authentic Street Child is a journey no child should ever have to endure.

    Street Child Street Child works in the world s poorest and toughest places to make sure that children can go to school and learn for a brighter future A huge million children are out of school globally, with no opportunities to learn even basic reading or writing skills. Street Child A Memoir Mr Justin Reed Early Many of the children in Street Child were featured in the movie STREETWISE which was nominated for an Academy Award Street Child is a powerful and intimate depiction into these homeless children s actual lives during their most desperate times of survival. Street Child Street Child is a UK charity, established in , that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in Africa and Asia Starting in Sierra Leone, then the poorest country in the world, we have supported over , urban and rural children to access a quality education. Street Child streetchilduk Twitter Street Child Verified account streetchilduk There are million children out of school worldwide We work in the world s toughest places helping children to go to school and learn. Street child definition of street child by The Free Street Child World Cup is a major event that brings together football, arts and an international street child conference, designed to campaign for the rights of street children around the world Stand up for Champions Pakistan Street Children Football Team NYS DCSS New York Child Support The child support program provides custodial parents with assistance in obtaining financial support and medical insurance coverage for their children by locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing support orders, and collecting and distributing child support payments. Street Child by Berlie Doherty Sep , Street Child by Berlie Doherty is about Jim Jarvis whose mother dies and he is left an orphan in London to fend for himself He is picked up by the Police and sent to the work house. Street children Street Children are legally protected by the South African Children s Act, Act of , which defines street children as children living, working and begging on the street and as Children in Berlie Doherty Street Child Apr , Street Child is based on Jim Jarvis, an orphan who escaped from a Victorian workhouse and attended Thomas Barnardo s Ragged School This inspired Dr Barnardo to found homes for destitute children. Street Child Street Child YouTube Apr , s t off Street Child EP Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination Listen to official albums .

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      • Justin Reed Early

        Justin Reed Early spent much of his childhood in Group Homes, Foster Care and on the streets as a Homeless Youth.Born in Bellingham, WA and raised in Seattle, Justin was a young adult when he was presented an opportunity to change and was given some tools required to succeed He continues to advocate solutions for homeless and disadvantaged youth and adults and donates his book to various disadvantaged youth and the Programs that serve them.Justin currently resides in New York City and Los Angeles.


    1. Mr. Early has a very compelling story, but could have used an editor, or second set of eyes. Many readers will not be bothered by this, and will read the story as a story, and will learn something. Mr. Early, like others before him, has laid bare his experiences as a child on the streets, both the sex and drugs as well as the "unexpected" kindness of those truly decent human beings who just happen to live dysfunctional lives. That last part hit me hardest: people who were raised poorly, were and [...]

    2. This book was awesome! A roller coaster ride of every possible human emotion. Justin Early is an amazing man who has overcome more than any person should have to in four lifetimes. His story is an inspiration to be of service to others and to put faith into that which cannot be seen.

    3. First of all, I was really impressed with Justin's writing and thought he did a great job telling his story in a readable way. In fact, I couldn't put the book down and read it in 2 days. It was so heart-breaking. Justin's honesty was absolutely amazing and I applaud him. However, I do believe there was a bit of an agenda to this book and that is the homosexual agenda to make people believe that having homosexual tendencies are in-born and okay with God. It was so understandable that Justin did [...]

    4. WOW! Mr. Early is an inspiration. His life has been filled with terrible trauma, and that he is willing to lay himself bare for all to see is amazing. I am very sure that it was hard for him to relive the many parts of his growing up. I appreciate that he shared with us. Reading his story will let you come away with a new vision of homeless teens. It is mind blowing that he managed to live through all this. His many losses were devastating. His story will inspire you, that anything can be overco [...]

    5. This is the true story of a child from an abusive home who takes to the streets of Seattle at the age of 10 in the 1980's. Justin Early tells his story well. It's incredible that he survived the drugs, prostitution and dangerous predators. The tale of so many kids who come from abusive, non-caring, or addictive families is heart-breaking. There were caring people on the street who protected the young Justin and social workers, judges and police officers who also tried to help him. It is an inspi [...]

    6. A very frank and honest account of what happens when a family fails to care for their child. What happens when society fails a child and the street is left to raise them. There are several remarkable characters who help the child along the way as best as they in their own circumstances. This child grew up and beat his circumstances. A phenomenal survivor But still there are kids out there every day like he was and all of us must figure out what part of the cycle we can come in and help out to ge [...]

    7. Justice Reed Early. True storyStreet Child.This story will open your eyes to life on the streets mainly set in Seattle . The author whom the book is about leaves nothing out and covers his life from a 10year old to present day.He covers everything from stealing, sex, drugs, and homosexuality. You will enjoy this book and I am sure you will feel for Justin and any others like him. To Justin I say thanks for writing this very emotional book, it can't have been easy for you.5 stars. 01 February 201 [...]

    8. I was living in Seattle during the time that Justin was on the streets there. As I went to work each day in a downtown highrise, I never was aware of what was happening blocks away. I'd get in my car each day and return home to security, warmth, and my family in the suburbs. What different worlds we lived in although so close in proximity. My heart goes out to the children that are still out there. Thank you for giving them a voice, Justin.

    9. I think we will all agree that the book def could have used an editor, however the story and purpose for writing it is so powerful that I think it still deserves 5 stars. My heart goes out to him for all he had to endure and was still able to not only survive but overcome and give back to others. Amazing human being.

    10. Couldn't put it downAs I read this, I felt that I walked the journey with you. I found myself cheering each time you were given a chance and heart broken each time you fell "from grace." Your story is a testimony to the broken system that only keeps children on the street. You are the voice for many that have none.

    11. I said it before in my review of Jo Napoli's The King of Mulberry Street: there should be a new genre added to the list, called "street kids" or "homeless children". They'd cover the whole range from fiction to non-fiction. Included would be Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, Fr. Joe Maier's Welcome to the Bangkok Slaughterhouse: The Battle for Human Dignity in Bangkok's Bleakest Slums (whom I had the privilege of working with in Bangkok), Robin Lloyd-Jones' Fallen Angels: Stories of Los Gamines, as [...]

    12. Amazing readI loved this book, it has great insight to what happens to kids in the streets. It breaks my heart to read this, I wanted to go find these kids and take them in. So glad Justin's future is much brighter!

    13. I've read a few memoirs and this one is well done. Justin's story of his life on the streets beginning at 10 years old is shocking, heartbreaking and inspiring. In his book he pays tribute to his "street sister" Lulu Couch murdered by the Green River Killer.Imagine your own child at 10 years old, going to school, playing with friends, riding bikes just being kids.For Justin life was no fairytale, at 10 years old he was placed in state custody and began his journey through the foster care system. [...]

    14. Thank You Justin for writing this book and sharing your story. I am a grandmother and never knew some of the things that goes on in this world right next door to us. This is a book every parent should read and learn from it.You Justin are a remarkable person and an excellent author. Just always hold on to Jesus Our Lord, He is always there for us. For you to share your life with so many people which you are still doing through your book is awesome. When I started reading the first page I could n [...]

    15. I gave it 3 stars cause the content was good and it flowed. Which in this situation where the writer is only going by memory and not written documentation such as journals can be very hard. There really wasn't jumping around in the story adding to the consistent flow of the book. He also presented even the worst of the people, in the best possible ways. His story is good. His outreach is excellent. His struggle was real. His survival is amazing.The reason I had to take 2 stars away was the lack [...]

    16. Put this book on your A List!I read a lot of memoirs, quite a few of them are by people who were on the streets. When I found this book, I was at a point where I thought maybe I was just a bit burned out on the theme, had heard it all, etc. I downloaded the book and it sat on my kindle while I read other stuff. I didn't even plan on liking the story. How wrong I was. Stop what you're reading and start this book today!

    17. Powerful & Moving Memoir!This memoir was insanely honest and filled with raw emotion. I felt like I was right there beside him throughout his entire life journey. His struggles are portrayed in a way that makes you feel the emotions as if they were your own. EXCELLENT & INCREDIBLE story. It's mind blowing how resilient a human being can be if they devote themselves to change. If recommend this book to anyone looking for a fantastic read!!

    18. 'There, by the Grace of God, go I.This book was an eye-opening experience for me. Each word, paragraph and chapter broke my heart for each child. I am sad for the lost ones, but happy to learn that some were fortunate to move forward and beyond to better themselves and to nurture others.

    19. Early has a riveting tale and a good voice but the see-saw of when he wrote too little to when he wrote too much was a little disconcerting. The story itself is very eye-opening and brutal but told well. I'm not sure I want to say that I enjoyed the book but I "felt" the story. Thank you for telling it.

    20. This was a amazing bookThis was a very good book, hard to put down gave real insight into how abuse can lead kids to live very dramatically different style of lives, a style that kids should not be a part of. It also gives insight to a world that many people might never know or care to think about.

    21. If You Liked "A Child Called It" You will love "STREETCHILD, A Memoir. Filled with pain, but more importantly hope and redemption, Justin Reed Early's self published memoir is a great read for memoir lovers. Justin is a brave young survivor who took a raw, unflinching look at his life and shared it with the world. Definitely 5 stars.

    22. Heartbreaking and inspiringThis book is amazing and shows just how strong survivors can be. Thank you Justin so much for sharing your life story with us. I'm sorry you went through this. This book definitely demonstrates that you are the only one that can change you. With the help of a higher power of course.

    23. Street ChildAbsolutely loved this book. Anyone thinking of living on the streets should read this first. Cannot get over the father in this book, I wanted something very terrible to happen to him. So sad it didn't.

    24. Como dice la canción, que puta es la vida a veces y otras que de verdadLo malo de los relatos autobiográficos viscerales es que un poco de ayuda de un corrector o editor no hubiese sobrado nada, pero bueno eso no reduce el valor en este tipo de libros.

    25. RemarkableA very powerful and inspirational story. My admiration for Justin Early is without words. It's truly a life changing read.

    26. Inspiring StoryWhile often times difficult to read because of the life journey the author took, the story is inspiring and truly thought provoking.

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