Indecent... Exposure

Indecent... Exposure

JaneO'Reilly / May 21, 2019

Indecent Exposure Setting up the money shot Quiet sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer by day but there are only so many wedding photo shoots you can take without your mind wandering to what ha

  • Title: Indecent... Exposure
  • Author: JaneO'Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781472083999
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook
  • Setting up the money shot Quiet, sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer by day but there are only so many wedding photo shoots you can take without your mind wandering to what happens when the blissfully happy bride is swept off her feet and straight to the honeymoon suite s sumptuous four poster bed So after dark, Ellie takes pictures of a inSetting up the money shot Quiet, sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer by day but there are only so many wedding photo shoots you can take without your mind wandering to what happens when the blissfully happy bride is swept off her feet and straight to the honeymoon suite s sumptuous four poster bed So after dark, Ellie takes pictures of a intimate nature a dirty little secret she s kept from her accountant Tom Until now It seems Tom is the subject of her next racy shoot It isn t just the blurring of work and personal boundaries that s the problem secretly Ellie has always had fantasies of a most unprofessional nature about the almost illegally gorgeous Tom With such temptation on display, how will she ever stay behind the camera The first book in the Indecent trilogy

    Indecent exposure Indecent exposure Indecent exposure is the deliberate exposure in public or in view of the general public by a person of a portion or portions of their body, in circumstances where the exposure is contrary to local moral or other standards of appropriate behavior The term indecent exposure is a legal expression. Indecent Exposure FindLaw Indecent Exposure Indecent exposure is often committed for the sexual gratification of the offender or committed to entice a sexual response In California, for instance, to be convicted of indecent exposure, the prosecution must prove an intent to sexually arouse, or sexually insult or offend. Indecent Exposure Definition of Indecent Exposure by legal Definition of indecent exposure the exposing of one s private body parts as the genitals either recklessly or intentionally and under circumstances likely to cause offense or affront Note Indecent exposure is generally classified as a misdemeanor. Indecent exposure legal definition of indecent exposure The court heard the indecent exposure happened in May when he followed a woman into the ladies toilets inside the club, but he was only linked some time later after a subsequent offence Flashing known in law as indecent exposure can be punished by up can be punished by up to two years in jail. RCW A Indecent exposure. Indecent exposure a Except as provided in b and c of this subsection, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor b Indecent exposure is a gross misdemeanor on the first offense if the person exposes himself or herself to a person under the age of fourteen years c Indecent exposure is a class C felony if the person has previously been Police Indecent exposure suspect taken into custody Jan , OKLAHOMA CITY An indecent exposure suspect allegedly targeting people via social media has been taken into custody, according to Oklahoma City police. Indecent Exposure Laws Penalties Indecent exposure is the intentional exposure of one s private parts in public Laws prohibiting indecent exposure vary throughout the country, but share many similarities Indecent exposure is the intentional exposure of one s private parts in public Laws prohibiting indecent exposure vary throughout the country, but share many similarities. Indecent Exposure Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes Indecent exposure laws, which define, and establish punishments for, indecent exposure, vary by state Many ambiguously describe just what acts can be considered indecent, though many states specify that the exposure must be done willfully, with the John Waters Indecent Exposure Balti Museum of Art See the first retrospective of John Waters s visual arts career in his hometown of Balti. Indecent exposure in the United States Indecent exposure in the United States In the United States, indecent exposure refers to conduct undertaken in a non private or in some jurisdictions publicly viewable location, which is deemed indecent in nature, such as nudity, masturbation or sexual

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    1. 3.5 Stars! Needed a quick inbetween book so gave this one a go. It's only 83 pages according to so I didn't expect a lot of character development. It was of course, insta love. But the writing was actually pretty decent and it had quite a bit of steam. Interesting storylineat really had a lot more potential had it been a full length book.

    2. Mandi at SmexyBooks put a scene from Indecent Exposure up on her Smex Scene Sunday feature a little while back and after reading it, I one-clicked this book ten seconds later. This book is super hot, totally dirty, and written with a level of sexual tension that was near paralyzing while reading it. I don't even want to give any details about it, because you should just read it and enjoy. It reminds me of the best Charlotte Stein, keeping us deep in the heroine's POV as she dives deep into exper [...]

    3.  A whole lotta heat and angst and love in a short shack. The best kinda fun can be had behind a camera, just, delicious.

    4. Super hot erotic novellahas a bit of a Charlotte Stein feel to it. Awkward accountant hero/Erotic Photographer heroine - but then not so awkward. Kinky. Hot. Recommend :)

    5. 4.5 stars rounded up.Why I read it: The author contacted me requesting a review and sent me a NetGalley link.What worked for me (and what didn’t): I probably accept less than 10% of direct review requests. I have limited time and a massive TBR so the email has to get my attention and blurb has to hook me. This one did. I finished a book last night and was flailing about for something to read. Sometimes, when I can’t decide what I should read next (because having so many books can feel paraly [...]

    6. Naughty! Naughty! Naughty fun! Whew. Indecent Exposure, the breakout erotic romance by Jane O’Reilly (Carina Press/UK) knocked my socks off! Man, does this plot start off with a BANG. Right out of the box I was blushing, curious and captivated. The fact that the heroine is a shy, British people pleaser made this naughty plot even more delicious. Review at bookcrackQuiet, sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable wedding photographer by day, but she has a dirty little secret that helps ke [...]

    7. Omg this book is Hot, Ranchy & awesome!Elle is a quite, reserved photographer that takes naughty pictures if couples. When her best friend drags her accountant in for a photo session not only is Elle highly aroused but jealous too. Something happens during the session that makes Elle think that maybe her account has the same feeling as she does. Elle decides to stop living behind the camera and start living in front of it she just hopes that her accountant will take the plunge with her. Thin [...]

    8. Whew!! While that was hot, it was short and rushed in places. A great super quick read if you are looking for some spice. I'd would have liked to see more with these characters do things didn't seem so fast. Great story idea

    9. Oh my goodness this was hot. And dirty. Wow. The writing reminded me a lot of Charlotte Stein, which is definitely a good thing since I'm going through Stein withdrawals waiting for her next book. Definitely continuing this series!

    10. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI am always a bit skeptical when I go into a story that I know is going to be really short, as I usually don't ever end up believing in the relationship between the hero and heroine. But I think that when it comes to Erotica, the odds are better that I will like the story despite the short length. So when I was presented with the opportunity to read the Indecent Trilogy by Jane O'Reilly, I figured these had a good chance of being ones that I w [...]

    11. Daring, sassy and sensuous, Indecent…Exposure is a sizzling erotic short story that kicks off an exciting new trilogy from a writer to watch out for – Jane O’Reilly.Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer with a shocking secret. By day, she takes photographs of happy families and loved-up couples about to walk down the aisle, but at night, the talented photographer shakes off the shackles of respectability and takes photographs of a more intimate nature. Nobody – except her o [...]

    12. Jane O'Reilly--you are my new favorite author! Probably because you could be Charlotte Stein's hornier little sister--yeah, it's that good.I learn so much from books! Who knew that being a photographer could lead to you taking erotic pics of your bestie blowing some hot studwho happens to be your ACCOUNTANT?! This, I did not know. Knowledge--it's a good thing. Yeah, this is the accountant you've lusted after for years but couldn't make a move on because he was camouflaged by so muchaki. And who [...]

    13. Originally reviewed on These Pretty Words.I was completely stunned by this brilliant piece of fiction. Stunned. It owned me from the very first line through the perfect ending. And oh my goodness, the naughtiness!Ellie is a brilliant heroine – creative, controlled, worried about what other people think. Her entire life, though, is one big game of hide and seek. She hides behind the lens of her camera, avoiding real life interactions. She hides how much she enjoys taking erotic photographs beca [...]

    14. The first in a 3 novella series, these three volumes all focus on people who are losing their inhibitions to improve their lives. In Exposure, Ellie is a wedding photographer who takes candid erotic black and whites on the side. Her best friend Amber has convinced her to photograph a session of fellatio with a man she has brought in off the street: the photos will be a gift to her ex, who is now engaged to another woman. Ellie is uncomfortable with Amber’s request: but she feels obligated and [...]

    15. This erotic novella is the story of Ellie, a respectable photographer by day who dabbles in more erotic scenarios on the side and Tom, her accountant who unwittingly becomes one of her subjects. I really enjoyed this story! Ellie is portrayed as a woman who keeps her voyeuristic tendencies well hidden, exposing her side career to very few people who know her in real life. Crossing those boundaries by photographing a man she knows well in a completely platonic setting is both exciting and nerve w [...]

    16. Jane O'Reilly's Indecent Exposure was an strange erotic story.It wasn't bad exactly, but it wasn't good either. It's a story about erotic photographer and her accountant (view spoiler)[(dyslexic and would-be-arsonist) (hide spoiler)]. They both fancy each other and they both have secrets and they both think that the other does not see them that way. So one unbelievable thing (I can't do this! Well, I can not not do this! What if he knows the truth! What if my other customers know what I do! An [...]

    17. The setup: Ellie (heroine) is a closet erotic photographer on the side. To make it clear, she takes photos of couples "doing it". One day her cover is blown when her best bud Amber brings along Tom Hunt who is Ellie's crush of 3 years. Amber wants to get hot photos of her giving Tom a BJ in order to get back at her cheating ex-boyfriend. After that moment, Tom and Ellie's attraction for each other is too irresistible to resist. Both are closet freak a deeks and have finally met their match. The [...]

    18. This is a short story, and the first in a trilogy from this author.Warning - if you are not a lover of hot sex, hot men, and adult situations then do not read this story. If, however, you love all of those, then read and enjoy!Ellie is a photographer who, as a sideline, also takes erotic photographs. She finds herself embroiled in something which starts off quite innocently, but very quickly turns into something far from innocent.The way the author intertwines the lives of the characters, and th [...]

    19. Ellie is a photographer, who takes erotic photos on the side. She is keyed up, scared and unsure of herself. Tom is her accountant. He is awkward, gawky and super hot. They have been crushing on each other but didn't have the nerve to do anything about it. The embarrassment and tension oozed off the pages. Ellie and Tom are so scared and embarassed of the feelings they have for each other. I wish this was longer so more of their issues could have been worked out, Ellie's dyslexia and Tom's pyrom [...]

    20. Cover caught my attention. This was an okay read but I had some problems with it. Liked that the hero was a nerdy accountant. Don't see too many of those. Heroine is an erotic photographer. Very interesting concept/premise.This was an insta-love, which is not my favorite trope. Also, the leads didn't use a condom, nor did they discuss protection. I didn't like that Ellie lied about not getting the shot. And it was awkward that Ellie took pictures of Tom getting intimate with her best friend.

    21. Meh. After an interesting/funny set-up, the characters were either boring or annoying. The heroine seemed to have a lot of unnecessary angst and liked to self-destruct, so when I was expecting a light funny read, I was wallowing in angst city. It might be a preference thing. I like erotic heroines who are funny and know what the like and want, not angsty messes who are so repressed they can't even say "fuck" out loud. The scenes were hot, but I didn't really like or care about the characters, so [...]

    22. I liked the first of this, and I liked the end, but the middle was a little squishy. There was a lot of set-up for the sequel, I guess. The premise was quite steamy, and the main characters were likable. But I didn't feel like the secondary characters were at all appealing, so I won't be rushing to the sequel. Overall, short but satisfying.

    23. Very dirty, but enough personality comes through for the hero and heroine that it's enjoyable and not just filthy This author reminds a lot of Charlotte Stein.

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