A Shadow on the Wall

A Shadow on the Wall

Jonathan Aycliffe / Jul 19, 2019

A Shadow on the Wall Some things are best left undisturbed In the countryside of Victorian England Edward Atherton rector of Thornham St Stephen has taken on the arduous task of restoring the ancient church But he sho

  • Title: A Shadow on the Wall
  • Author: Jonathan Aycliffe
  • ISBN: 9781597805551
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some things are best left undisturbed .In the countryside of Victorian England, Edward Atherton, rector of Thornham St Stephen, has taken on the arduous task of restoring the ancient church But he should never have meddled with the tomb that lay beneath the church s crumbling walls The moment the workman raised the tomb lid, an unspeakable horror escaped At a lossSome things are best left undisturbed .In the countryside of Victorian England, Edward Atherton, rector of Thornham St Stephen, has taken on the arduous task of restoring the ancient church But he should never have meddled with the tomb that lay beneath the church s crumbling walls The moment the workman raised the tomb lid, an unspeakable horror escaped At a loss to explain the unsettling noises and frightening visions that begin to plague the church, Atherton calls upon fellow antiquarian and Cambridge professor Richard Asquith to help investigate the strange events that began in the wake of the tomb s disturbance.The two discover tantalizing hints of whom and what may have been laid to rest in the tomb, but the unforeseen circumstances force Asquith to give up his inquiries and leave the small village of Thornham behind Asquith tries to put the frightening experiences behind him and focus on his new wife and family But death and disappearances abound, and Robert Asquith soon has no choice but to confront the darkness that has followed him from that ancient church into his own home.English novelist Jonathan Aycliffe has mastered the classic English ghost story, and A Shadow on the Wall, nominated in 2000 for the International Horror Guild Award, is sure to both mesmerize and haunt you.

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        aka Daniel EastermanJonathan Aycliffe Denis M MacEoin was born in Belfast in 1949 He studied English, Persian, Arabic and Islamic studies at the universities of Dublin, Edinburgh and Cambridge, and lectured at the universities of Fez in Morocco and Newcastle upon Tyne The author of several successful full length ghost stories, he lives in the north of England with his wife, homeopath and health writer, Beth MacEoin He also writes as Daniel Easterman, under which name he has penned nine bestselling novels.


    1. Description; Edward Atherton, Rector of Thornham St Stephen, should never have meddled with the tomb of the 14th century Abbot of Thornham. From the moment the workman raised the tomb lid, the horror began. Atherton is pursued by a malign shadowy presence to his untimely death a few weeks later.Opening: Atherton appeared in my rooms two or three days after my accident. He had heard about it from Burridge, which meant the news must have travelled around most of Cambridge by then.

    2. I won A Shadow on the Wall by Jonathan Aycliffe in a GoodReads Giveaway. I received a beautiful hard-bound book designed to appeal to gothic horror books of yesterday. A full-color, embossed, satin-finished jacket features splatters of blood and a woodcut illustration of an old church.A Shadow on the Wall is a horror story mixing classic elements of unsettled ghosts, evil rising up out of a church, and good old-fashion gothic storytelling. Nothing fancy, nothing presumptuous - just people trying [...]

    3. It's not at all a fast-paced story, but the atmosphere is rich and foreboding throughout, and there are a lot of genuinely chilling moments. It's a ghost story with ties to religion, family, possession, and a whole host of other issues. It's definitely a psychological ghost story, as opposed to the more in-your-face, blood-and-guts variety that has become so commonplace. Even even when the most obvious instances of horror in this book transpire, there isn't any gore, which was refreshing. All in [...]

    4. 3 and a half stars -- the beginning was a bit of a slog (probably not helped by having gone straight from a relatively fast-paced true crime memoir into a gothic-style ghost story reminiscent of M.R. James), but once it got going, the second half was really good. :)

    5. Great supernatural horror set in Victorian Cambridge. Our hero a bachelor don is resting after spraining his ankle when he is approached by an acquaintance in need of help.A spooky setting in the fens, when a tomb in a church is opened the evil inside is released.

    6. A thrilling if not particularly unique ghost yarn set in what could be called Jamesian times. About 50 pages too long, it seemed a little padded to move it from novella to novel length.

    7. Edward Atherton was the rector of a historic church. He began restoring it when strange things started happening. His brother Matthew becomes concerned and seeks help from the narrator who really doesn't want to be involved. The two men go to the church after Edward dies suddenly and they hear the strange tale of his death. It seems that the restoration of a tomb has released the soul of a possibly godless Abbot. The narrator says a brief prayer and goes on with his life but the Atherton family [...]

    8. I read this book for the same reason I read Susan Hill's "The Woman in Black," they are both ghost stories written in the style of M. R. James, something far more difficult to find than stories in the style of Lovecraft for example. I would say this is far more "Jamesian" in my opinion than is Hill's novel.Aycliffe builds atmosphere and a sense of place, the pace is rather slow and one could almost refer to this as "cozy horror." There's a few scenes which are creepy, others which are full of me [...]

    9. M R James brought up to date, but only just. An evil from the distant past. A crusty old academic who meets a beautiful young, (and French) widow. A family who seem to be paying a high price for something they don't understand. And a race against time to save a life.This is effectively an extended short story. Given that it's 240 pages or so, nothing much happens - but it happens in a really interesting and engaging way.

    10. The writing simulates a medieval style and seems stuffy. There is lots of description for its own sake, and it is difficult to relate to any of the characters. The pacing of the story is slow.

    11. This was recommended to me as "Jamesian" which it most emphatically is not. Even on its own merits, it's not great, just okay.

    12. A Very Interesting ReadI am a huge fan of M.R. James and this story and the way it is written is very reminiscent of his style. Set mainly in Cambridge and nearby Ely the main character is a scholar who finds his academic lifestyle plunged into darkness after a fellow Don begs him to help his brother who has woken something dark in the church he is the priest of.I found the storyline extremely interesting and I couldn't help but read it in one sitting! The characters felt very true to life, at f [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book. The start was perhaps a bit slow and the entire thing is written in a very well done Victorian style somewhat reminiscent of Dracula. I like this particular style of writing though at first it tends to make the suspense seem a bit more mild. However, I feel it can lend to the build of a story and it did pick up considerably as it progressed. The story was definitely an interesting and eerie one that kept me turning pages to see how it would turn out.

    14. This is a very atmospheric read. It relies om building tension rather than quick action to move the story forward. I can say that this reminded me of reading a Sherlock Holmes mystery as it seems to have a similar voice. This is probably not for the hard core horror fan as it is a bit too gentle with the reader, but it was a very good read.

    15. I am not a fan of historical pastiche. If I want to read a Victorian ghost story, there are plenty of those written by actual Victorians. But this book is quite a tour-de-force. Had M. R. James ever written a novel (he did not), it might have been something like this.

    16. Such. A. Drag. Full of useless historical and architectural details which add nothing to the story. Wanted to leave the novel so many times. Do not recommend at all.

    17. I didn't particularly enjoy this book. The plot didn't interest me enough, even though it was a decent one overall, and I kept forgetting who was who. I also didn't like the formatting; as in, there were places were a quotation mark should end and then the characters thoughts would follow but it just flowed through so it was annoying to see past those errors (and there were many of them).Perhaps I wasn't paying too much attention at the beginning, but it felt abrupt once we went to the main char [...]

    18. And a creepy cover too that I really don’t like but which seems to fit the book. This story has many elements of a good ghost story; an academic setting – this time Cambridge – Christmastime, spooky churches, malevolent abbots returning from the dead and people being struck down for no apparent reason.When a church is being renovated, a tomb is disturbed and an ancient evil unleashed. But what I’m unsure of here is – firstly it features what seems to be a zombie. I’m not sure that a [...]

    19. I picked this up on vacation and couldn't put it down!! Amazing historical horror!Thornham St. Stephen's ancient church is undergoing restoration and a tomb is disturbed. What is disturbed is seemingly unholy and reeks havoc on all with any attachment to the church or its village. Cambridge professor Richard Asquith is dragged into this mystery and his life now is threatened to be haunted by shadows and disembodied sounds unending. Happy find, scary read! Loved it!!

    20. I enjoyed this novel for a few reasons: its setting - Victorian England / France, religious vs pagan / evil forces dating back to times of crusades, spiritual and divine theme underlying the whole novel, the appearance of such characters as mysterious monks in equally mysterious and ancient monasteries, historical and linguistic background. It is dead creepy and disturbing so you may not want to read it at nightime :)

    21. Jonathan Aycliffe (sometimes daniel easterman for thriller lovers)has quickly become a master of the atmospheric horror story and again he does not disappoint, just reaffirms his place at the top of the heap, using language instead of gore to give the more discerning horror lover what they need. Excellent again.

    22. Not quite as scary and gripping as other Aycliffes but this Victorian tale of ancient evil escaping from the tomb of a malevolent abbot and wreaking havoc is fun to read and has some eerie moments.

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