Spring Torrents

Spring Torrents

Ivan Turgenev Leonard Schapiro / Sep 15, 2019

Spring Torrents Alternate cover edition of ISBN X He would stand for all time while the whole room was filled with the green and gold of the sun s mid day rays and mid day shadows and his heart overflowed w

  • Title: Spring Torrents
  • Author: Ivan Turgenev Leonard Schapiro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate cover edition of ISBN 014044369X He would stand for all time while the whole room was filled with the green and gold of the sun s mid day rays and mid day shadows, and his heart overflowed with the sweet languor of idleness and carefree youth carefree first youth Returning to Russia from a tour in Italy, twenty three year old Dimitry Sanin breaks his journeyAlternate cover edition of ISBN 014044369X He would stand for all time while the whole room was filled with the green and gold of the sun s mid day rays and mid day shadows, and his heart overflowed with the sweet languor of idleness and carefree youth carefree first youth Returning to Russia from a tour in Italy, twenty three year old Dimitry Sanin breaks his journey at Frankfurt, and for the first time falls deeply, deliriously in love Convinced that nothing can come in the way of everlasting happiness between him and his fianc e, he impetuously decides to sell his Russian estates and start a new life, not knowing that his youthful vulnerability makes him potential prey for a darker, destructive passion.Composed thirty years after the events it describes Spring Torrents is an exquisitely written, partly autobiographical treatment of one of Turgenev s favourite themes man s inability to learn about love without losing his innocence This translation by Professor Schapiro is accompanied by detailed notes and a critical essay on the story s place and significance in its author s life and works.

    Torrents of Spring Spring Torrents by Ivan Turgenev Spring Torrents Torrents of Spring, Ivan Turgenev Torrents of Spring, also known as Spring Torrents Russian , is a novel written by Ivan Turgenev during and when he was in his fifties. Spring Torrents Poem by Sara Teasdale Poem Hunter Spring Torrents by Sara TeasdaleWILL it always be like this until I am deadEvery spring must I bear it all againWith the first red haze of the budding maple boughs Page Spring MejorTorrent Un joven estadounidense viaja a Italia, donde conoce a Louise, con la que inicia un intenso romance Sin embargo, la chica oculta un secreto sobrenatural que podra destruir la relacin Premios Festival de Sitges Seccin oficial largometrajes a concurso. Spring Torrents Quotes by Ivan Turgenev Spring Torrents by Ivan Turgenev , ratings, . average rating, reviews Spring Torrents Quotes Showing of Take for yourself what you can, and don t be ruled by others to belong to oneself the whole savour of life lies in that. The Torrents of Spring Summary eNotes The Torrents of Spring is a short parody of Sherwood Anderson s novel Dark Laughter and a satire of literary manners and morals in the s As such, it is not an extremely important The Torrents of Spring Ernest Hemingway First published in , The Torrents of Spring is a hilarious parody of the Chicago school of literature Poking fun at that great race of writers, it depicts a vogue that Hemingway himself refused to follow.

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        Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev Cyrillic was a novelist, poet and dramatist, and now ranks as one of the towering figures of Russian literature His major works include the short story collection A Sportsman s Sketches 1852 and the novels Rudin 1856 , Home of the Gentry 1859 , On the Eve 1860 , and Fathers and Sons 1862 These works offer realistic, affectionate portrayals of the Russian peasantry and penetrating studies of the Russian intelligentsia who were attempting to move the country into a new age His masterpiece, Fathers and Sons, is considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century Turgenev was a contemporary with Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy While these wrote about church and religion, Turgenev was concerned with the movement toward social reform.


    1. Вешние воды = Spring Torrents = Spring Torrents, Ivan TurgenevTorrents of Spring, also known as Spring Torrents (Russian: Вешние воды), is a novel written by Ivan Turgenev during 1870 and 1871 when he was in his fifties. The story centers around a young Russian landowner named Dimitry Sanin who falls deliriously in love for the first time while visiting the German city of Frankfurt. It is widely held as one Turgenev's greatest novels as well as being highly autobiographical i [...]

    2. I enjoyed this for its character portrayal much more than for the plot line. In the second half of the story, there is a piquant twist that does add some intrigue. The characters are amusing and the swipes at different cultural tendencies are fun. The main character is telling the story. He is Russian, fifty-two years old and looking back thirty years when he had fallen in love with an Italian woman in Frankfurt. The year was 1840. Except, he then became head-over-heels infatuated with a Russian [...]

    3. 3.5 starsIt’s a while since I read any Turgenev and this is regarded as one of Turgenev’s better novels, if not his best known. Like Proust’s madeleine, here a garnet cross triggers recollection in Sanin. Sanin is 52 and the cross takes him back thirty years, to his youth and first love. Sanin was travelling and visited Frankfurt; passing a shop he is called in to assist a boy in distress. He successfully provides aid and is very taken with the boy’s elder sister Gemma. The family take h [...]

    4. I have never read a book so swiftly and with such interest. I could almost laugh at how true this story felt to me; there could not be characters any more real or suited to my taste if I had written a novel myself. The plot is engaging and moves at a rapid pace, there is never a dull moment. The prose is simple and astoundingly authentic, but there is also a great deal of romanticism, which makes for a seamless combination. This is by far my favorite piece of writing and it is a true masterpiece [...]

    5. That's it, Turgenev is officially my favourite Russian! And this novelette was written to remind us how love can drive us astray, shift our personality and completely alter our life course (be it for better or for worse). Powerful prose and colourful images of the romantic era, also a female character (Maria) that you will love to hate. I couldn't help but notice some subtle elements of class collision (the love between the young Russian aristocrat and the beautiful but poor Italian girl) and th [...]

    6. After reading this wonderful piece of classic work, I came up with two wishes. First, I wished I could read the book in its original language. Second, I wish I had read Turgenev’s works before. The first one would only remain that – a wish. The English translation of the eBook I read is wonderful, but I after reading it and pondering the ending I wondered how it must all be in Russian. The narrative flows so simply and yet so intimately of its protagonist, Sanin, that I craved for what could [...]

    7. This is not going to be much of a review. I enjoyed the novella, but I didn't love it.While reading The Torrents of Spring, I kept comparing Turgenev's Sanin to Dostoevsky's Raskolnikov. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't read much Russian literature, so what I do read, I compare to the few other Russian novels I've read. It could also be because Turgenev referenced Dostoevsky in his letters to Flaubert, so I may have had him on the brain. I'm sure that didn't have anything to do with my lac [...]

    8. In honor of the season I have read a book I have heard much of over the years, one I have wanted to read for a long time: Torrents of Spring by Ivan Turgenev, published in 1872 when Turgenev was 53 or 54. His age is important because this novelette is largely autobiographical and the hero, when we first meet him, is 52. Although the subject is first love, this is an especially rewarding book for those who are middle-aged, especially those living with regrets and perhaps feeling discouraged and b [...]

    9. Mladej Rus dojede do Německa a tam zkejsne, páč mu další drožka jede až za pár dní. Tento pocit znám, letos jsem totiž na letišti ve Frankfurtu strávil celej den a kdyby mi letadlo letělo ještě o pár hodin později, asi bych si musel vzít na další preclík za 12 000 euro pravděpodobně kontokorent. Každopádně Rus vleze do cukrárny, tam mladá italka a bum - láska jak parmezán! Když zjistí, že Špagetka má nějakýho bohatýho germánskýho snoubence tak se Rus troc [...]

    10. " Vesele godine, Srećni dani - K'o prolećne vodeProhujaše oni."I ovo je najtužnije što je napisano u knjizi , a nije čak ni napisao Turgenjev ,nego je citat neke ruske romanse na početku knjige. Ko bi rekao da je Turgenjev Rus , nigde nema tuge , sve je lagano, prozračno i lepršavo ( da ne kažem pozitivno). Čak o kada se desi nešto loše nema nikakvog patosa. Ali to sve nije bitno , jer je sve toliko lepo i dobro napisano da mi je prijalo da je čitam.

    11. My first Turgenev and unfortunately it wasn't a good one. It had nearly a full hand of 'things I don't like but which seem very common in Russian Literature'. Namely:* Unpleasant and unsympathetic characters* Passionate and stupid men* Charming women who aren't* Unrealistic situations * Over the Top emotions which I don't believe inIt did however skip the nearly obligatory exposition on philosophy/social theory/economics. Points for that anyway.For the rest it was, as the 1001 book blurb points [...]

    12. I was intoxicated by this moving work. It's also the one Turgenev I've read which I'm glad I didn't come to earlier in my life: the narrator is in his early fifties, as I am now, and the story is one of looking back from that perspective on the beauties and follies of youth, and dealing with the sense of loss and regret that lives on. The writing, of course, is dazzling: the description of the riding expedition with the beautiful and sinister Russian temptress is a masterpiece - I found myself s [...]

    13. For me, this book has the best description of life, its trials and tribulations, I have ever read:"He did not picture life´s ocean, as do the poet´s, all astir with stormy waves. No he saw it in his mind´s eye as smooth, without a ripple, motionless and translucent right down to the dark sea bed. He saw himself sitting in a small unsteady boat, staring at the dark silt of the sea bottom, where he could just discern shapeless monsters, like enormous fish. These were life´s hazards - the illne [...]

    14. Третья книга Тургенева в моем списке осмысленного (вне школьных дверей) изучения русской литературы. "Дворянское гнездо" оставило непонятные ощущения, на "Асе" начала проникаться атмосферой действия, а во время чтения "Вешних вод" и вовсе получила удовольствие. Несмотря на [...]

    15. I have just read the book and cannot express how much the main character Sanin has filled me with disgust.He is not a man, ok, he is but he does not deserves to be called so because his way of thinking is made for young boys not for grown ups. At first I was like - oh, how nice and sweet, and helpful Sanin is and he and Gemma would make a great couple. Butter reading the last chapter, I thought, thank God, it did not happen, Gemma should feel very lucky and full of happiness. Why did I change my [...]

    16. Free download available at eBooks@Adelaide.Opening lines:. . . At two o’clock in the night he had gone back to his study. He had dismissed the servant after the candles were lighted, and throwing himself into a low chair by the hearth, he hid his face in both hands.This is the first novella I've read by Ivan Turgenev and I really liked it.3* Spring TorrentsTR Virgin SoilTR King Lear of the SteppesTR Fathers and SonsTR On the Eve

    17. A rather charming romantic-era novella. I read and loved Fathers and Sons in college, but this speaks to a much more different sensibility. This Turgenev cares less about the repercussions of modernity, and more about the life and passions of ordinary people. I can't say I was especially moved, but it was rather entertaining in a 19th Century sort of way. For fans of all things soap-operatic, Torrents of Spring will be a hit.

    18. 3.5 starsWhile I really liked some passages and the inherent poetry of the text, with lovely connections to folk tales in some of the motifs and details, I found the characterization of Gemma a bit stereotypical and flat at times. It doesn't matter though because I was pleasantly entertained by the humour and some elements of the absurd as well. The play upon stereotypes is lovely and for such a short story there's lots to unpack.I was rather bothered by the quick turn of events - from the meeti [...]

    19. So . . this book wasn't exactly what I expected. Actually, it wasn't anything like I expected! For some reason, in my head I was expecting some Camus, I think. Perhaps Dostoevsky. Now I'm not sure :)But the majority of it was nothing like the depress-fests I've read by those two! Anyway, here are my thoughts on this book, in no particular order. . .Do you think Turgenev knew what a romance novelist he was? I *loved* this description: "Sanin returned to his room, threw himself on the divan witho [...]

    20. I wasn't immediately captured by this book, but it did seize my interest once it took a dark turn. The simplicity of a basic story of love and betrayal belies the vast psychological archetypes which the novel develops. Sanin's abject humiliation at the hands of Maria Nikolaevna contains a raw brutality that reflects real life. It also reminded me of Lady Chatterley's Lover, and other works of D.H. Lawrence, for its examination of the unconscious motivations and captivations that people experienc [...]

    21. I read this book when I was 13 or 14 years old, since then I change my mind for Russian romantic literature . Nice book to be read in the winter near the fire, and time to time to close the book, and drink a glass of rum or wine, and thinkd remember, .d start again reading it till the next early morning, and you are finished as it is a short book.

    22. ابتدا در نقش ناجی بعد فداکاری دوءل برای محبوب و عشق جما اما سانین در آخر خود را بی ناجی یافت مثل یک شوالیه تنها اسیر هوس و پول و طمع به سوی تاریکی تاختانسان سست رای و سست اراده به دام هوس می افتد در حالی که به خود می گفت این نیز پایانی خوش خواهد داشت به خود می گفت که من شناگر خوبی د [...]

    23. While Ivan Turgenev's "Spring Torrents" was a decent book, it really wasn't spectacular enough to deserve a place on the 1,001 list (which is why I read it.) The novel tells the story of Dmitry Sanin, a Russian landowner who travels to Frankfurt and immediately falls in love with Gemma, whose family owns a candy shop. Antics ensue, which are fairly predictable. I found the characters relatively interesting but didn't find much that was very special about this book.

    24. I initially found this book to be quite boring. Boy goes on vacation, sees girl, they fall in love, they become engaged. I kept wondering when things were going to change and then came the character of Maria Nikolaevna. I knew where things were headed from the minute she appeared, but I love stories where things begin to slowly fall apart.

    25. I would characterize this novel as charming, humorous, with a bitter twist. Turgenev really knows how to build up a story!

    26. The impression I get from this novel is that it is written by an incredibly gifted author whose talents, sadly, have left him. Yet there are flashes of brilliance here and there, and perhaps that's why Turgenev wrote the novel in the first place, perhaps he was overcome with a flash of inspiration that he eventually had to see to the bitter end, just like our 'hero'.To read the novel in such a meta way would make this a brilliant novel, but after what I thought was a promising start, quickly bec [...]

    27. Poetic and lovely, if I thought that the two halves hung together disjointedly. I really liked Turgenev's relatively sparse language compared to the great discursion of contemporaries. Likewise, the plot somewhat felt unusual in that it was not the usual type of love story where two people meet and end up marrying. Turgenev manages to convey such two different and yet both incomplete and futile love affair experiences that Sanin, the main character, has with the virginal and sweet Gemma and the [...]

    28. A poignant story of chivalry, love, temptation, seduction and regret. I liked most the first part and the conclusion, least the second part, where I had to slow my reading.Since the prologue, I was afraid that this love story would have a sad end. It was also to be expected from Turgenev's other novels. "First love," for instance, is a sad love story, but at least the main character is a teenager in love with an older woman, so the sad end was to be expected.

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