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Crawl You re out in the middle of nowhere You ve been crippled and left for dead There s something in the woods It s coming There s only one thing you can do CRAWL

  • Title: Crawl
  • Author: Edward Lorn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You re out in the middle of nowhere.You ve been crippled and left for dead.There s something in the woods.It s coming.There s only one thing you can do CRAWL

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    1. A couple whose marriage is in a state of crisis gets into a horrible car cash and Juliet winds up nailed to a post in the woods. She manages to get free but has to crawl for her life from the thing roaming the woodsI'm going to take a detour before I get into the meat of the review. Most of us have been spammed by authors, an approach that never works. I'm much more likely to become interested in a writer's work if they also display their love of reading. When Edward Lorn put out the call to rea [...]

    2. Author Edward Lorn is an active member here on and while we don't interact that much I've admired his book reviews and his taste in the horror genre. He doesn't seem to hound people for reviews which is refreshing, and his books have also gotten pretty good praise so when October came around I dropped a couple bucks on and gave this a go.I was DEFINITELY not disappointed. I expected a good horror read but I didn't expect the writing to be as sharp and polished as the other greats in the genre. [...]

    3. I was provided an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review. Here it is.Wow! This novelette was a howling bitch of a story! Juliet and Colton's marriage is on the rocks. Colton has strayed and he is giving Juliet a ride to her mom's so she can have some time to think things over. It's a bit of a trip and it's punctuated by long uncomfortable silences between them.Then the proverbial shit hits the fan. They're involved in an horrific accident and unfortunately, that's the BEST thing that [...]

    4. Mr. Lorn one star is being held hostage. Juliet and Colton are on their way to Juliet's mom's house for Juliet to stay and take a break from their marriage. Colton couldn't help but bang the dog-sitter. Juliet was spending way too much time with the dog and poor Colton admits that the sitter was just there for him. Juliet as a character flipping rocks. This woman has spunk and snark and I LOVED her. Give me more of her in a book and I'll give you that extra star Mr. Lorn. Yes I do resort to host [...]

    5. Filling a hole.That's how the trouble started.There's a hole in her life made by a husband who works too many hours.So she gets a dog.Then they get a dog-sitter.And her husband ends up filling a different hole. He's caught and guilty. She's angry and hurt.This can't end well.A damn-near-perfect story of suspense and horror, totally original, yet calling up shades of Children of the Corn and Gerald's Game - yeah, I know that's not a popular book here on , but like this tale, it does concern a str [...]

    6. Juliet and Colton were once madly in love but Colton ruined it all when he decided to diddle the dog sitter (better than the dog, I suppose!). Juliet is fuming mad and who can blame her? When the story begins this is all fresh and told from Juliet’s POV. Her emotions are red hot as they are driving together to drop her off at her mothers and you really “get” her. Her husband is a selfish dolt. Bad luck befalls them as their car is sideswiped and Juliet awakens dazed to find herself shackle [...]

    7. Full Disclosure: I'd say that Edward Lorn and I are pals. It's not like our families take our summer vacations together or anything, but we do communicate over the Internet on a fairly regular basis. We also have worked together on a forthcoming anthology project. You may think this review is biased as a result.Crawl, as a novella of horror, is damned near perfect. The only things I didn't like about it were pretty subjective: some of the humor fell flat, the pop culture references served to dat [...]

    8. Edward Lorn's novella Crawl is much more than, yet still very much a study in extreme horror. It is also a brief and all too revealing glimpse into the aftermath of a husband's infidelity.We are privy to to the conflicting gamut of emotions felt by the spurned wife as her cheating husband drives her to her mother's home in the middle of the night.The effects of marital indescretions are handled in a knowing and realistic way, and as I read I became so fully immersed in the couple's drama that wh [...]

    9. I've recently read Edward Lorn's Life After Dane and What the Dark Brings. While both were excellent in their own right, I have to say that CRAWL undeniably proves that Lorn's prowess as both a writer and, perhaps more importantly, a storyteller, is growing by leaps and boundsAWL literally has it all: impeccable characterization, grippingly tense suspense, gruesome horror and a superbly memorable villian. All this wrapped in a perfectly paced and ideal-length package, tied up with a bow of gorge [...]

    10. It all began with his reveal of the cover on BookLikes. I was immediately intrigued, which became even more intense when I read the description. :O When he posted that he was looking for a couple of people to tell him if the story was crap or not, I couldn't message him fast enough. I mean, I have already read one of his books and LOVED it and I'm currently listening to the audio of another, loving that also. How could I not be super psyched to check out another something of his, especially befo [...]

    11. Juliet only wants to get away from her cheating husband, Colton. She can't seem to get rid of the images of him with another woman from her mind. A trip to her mother's is supposed to provide her with the time she needs to see whether she can forgive him or not. On a lonely road with a Mercury on their tail, Colton won't be the only thing she needs to escape from. When evil comes, you'll do what you must. Even if you have toawl.Juliet! Oh, how she jumped off the pages and sat in my living room t [...]

    12. He loved her, or so she thought, why cheat then, well it was presented on a plate and he couldn’t say no. Now he’s got to suffer as Juliet & the Judas Colton embark on a roadtrip to drop her off at her Mothers, time to think.Things are a little frosty, he begs for forgiveness, pleads for her to rise above it, she responds we don’t need to rise above it, I have to forgive you and then quote – ‘A silence weighing roughly the same as a Sumo wrestler settled upon them’.Ed Lorn writes [...]

    13. This is a story sizzling with atmosphere. The main character Juliet (definitely no longer a dewy-eyed teenaged romantic) is disillusioned by a marriage gone sour. While on a trip with her roaming Romeo, she encounters a man whose appearance and manners are even creepier than his license-plate. A little while later, she has another encounter with him which is much too close for comfort. She is forced to rely on courage to get out of an increasingly nasty situation. Fear is a pretty good motivator [...]

    14. An unsettling vanity plate on a classic 50's Mercury, a Waffle House with a bathroom stall used by a gravelly-voiced old waitress for her smoke breaks, and a closet full of shoes waiting for their owner who may no longer require footwear. Why? Because it has been suggested that she just CRAWL. Another fine ride to the dark side by Edward Lorn. Write on!

    15. OOWW!!! I felt every bump in the road (and the forest) in this nerve-wracking story. It was the most fun I've had being scared in a long time. Just read it. And don't call me Silas.

    16. After Colton screws up his marriage, his wife, Juliet, needs some time apart to figure out whether their marriage can overcome his infidelity. As Colton is driving her to her mother's house, they encounter a vehicle with the license plate "JXSAVES" to the left of a bumper sticker that reads "I DO NOT." Hmmmm, not very reassuring. They end up meeting the weirdo driver, "the red priest" a short while later at a Waffle House. Juliet gets spooked by him and the other creepy people there so they make [...]

    17. I somehow stockpiled Edward Lorn Kindle downloads and ended up with four of them, so I thought it was time to actually check him out and I'm certainly glad I did. Stockpiling without reading in this case definitely justified. Lorn isn't just a seriously talented horror author, he's a good writer as well, if this short novella is an example to go by. The story starts off with a married couple struggling to get through the husband's infidelity and turns into a horrifying demon in the woods scenari [...]

    18. Actual rating: 3.5 stars. Any spoilers will be clearly marked.I have a love/hate relationship with short stories. When I like them, I'm mad that they aren't longer. This was the case with this book for me. I wanted more.We meet a husband and wife, Colton and Juliet, who are driving in their car on the way to Georgia. They aren't in the best of places in their relationship. For some reason, I bonded to Juliet in the beginning. I felt like she was real. Her emotions, while sometimes silly, felt li [...]

    19. I had to read this one, based on all the fabulous reviews I'd been seeing. The emotional drama of our main character, Juliet, is exceptionally displayed by her inner dialogue and mental sarcasm. Despite the horrific situation that she finds herself in, her personality throughout it all remains constant--this, above all else, really captivated my attention and made this book stand out among others! This story had a bit of everything: emotional turmoil, extreme terror, violence, gore. Edward Lorn [...]

    20. What a lovely start to the year. I listened to the audio version of this novella, lying on my couch while outside a storm tried its best to knock my house down and I had a ball. This is a creepy little tale made even better by the excellent narrator whose voice transported me into twisted world of Edward Lorn. Highly recommended if you like getting the shivers.

    21. Another awesome short story!! I started reading this last night then saved the last part for tonight. I really enjoyed it. The suspense was written great.The characters were excellent and the half way point had me guessing what was going on.Kudos, Lorn!! :)

    22. It's hard for me to write a detailed review of a short story without giving too much away. I will just say Edward Lorn has done it again. An unhappy couple are about to separate. Perhaps that separation would have been temporary, or perhaps this trip would have led to eventual divorce, had it not been interrupted by the horror they encounter during their travels. A quick and creepy read.

    23. Edward Lorn, you have done it again. This one was really scary, to me anyway. It is a fast read but wowjust wow.worst road trip nightmare ever. Makes me want to stay home and go nowhere ever again. Also, I always knew Waffle Houses were just bad places, not stopping at one of those again, even if I'm drunk, no matter how good their hash browns are. The comedic relief of the narrators thoughts in her head made this story even better. Oh yeah, and if you're married or otherwise already committed t [...]

    24. *Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Colton is driving Juliet to her mom’s house, so she can have some space away from her cheating idiot of a husband and decide whether their years together make it worth staying with him or if she should just cut-n-run. Apparently Colton felt Juliet wasn’t ‘”there for him”, so he decided to do the dog sitter, most likely doggy style, because she was available. However, before they get to [...]

    25. Crawl Juliet and Colton is driving home to Juliet's mom. Their marriage is on the rocks and she is going to stay there and figure out if she want to continue living with him. They don't get there instead Juliet ends up fighting for her life out in the woods on her hands and kneesStrangely enough the worst part of the book was the anticipation that something is going to happen. The part in the forest is gruesome but it ends too soon for my taste (It always does with short stories)I'm a little puz [...]

    26. Short and not so sweet! Brilliant introduction distracting us with a infidelity story unraveling and then sneaking in elements echoing of "The Duel" and "The Hitcher" - only to take a twist in an even more improbable direction! Can't really say more without telling what 'Crawl' is all about. At about 50 pages it's easy to find out though! If anything, I would have liked it to be a bit longer, but it's still a recommended read.

    27. Spooky little short story, and much like Stephen King's Misery, this book works by using the terror of being injured and trapped with no way to run.

    28. HOLY MOLY! I am just glad that i didn't pee my pants. Way too scary for a 50 pages long novella; gave me some real sense of Horror.The story is told from the point of view of Juliet, who has just found out about her husband-Colton shagging the Dog-sitter. So, the couple is heading for her mother's house, so that Juliet can ruminate the whole mess and work things out to get her life out of shambles. The things Colton says to rationalize his indiscretion, had me laughing. The turmoil that's going [...]

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