Griffin's Castle

Griffin's Castle

Jenny Nimmo / Aug 21, 2019

Griffin s Castle NYT bestselling author of the CHARLIE BONE series Jenny Nimmo weaves another thrilling fantasy about mysterious stone animals willed to life in this re released edition of Griffin s Castle Lonely and

  • Title: Griffin's Castle
  • Author: Jenny Nimmo
  • ISBN: 9780439025546
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • NYT bestselling author of the CHARLIE BONE series Jenny Nimmo weaves another thrilling fantasy about mysterious stone animals willed to life in this re released edition of Griffin s Castle Lonely and friendless from constantly moving, Dinah finds herself wishing the animal statues protecting a nearby Welsh castle would keep her company Suddenly, to Dinah s delight,NYT bestselling author of the CHARLIE BONE series Jenny Nimmo weaves another thrilling fantasy about mysterious stone animals willed to life in this re released edition of Griffin s Castle Lonely and friendless from constantly moving, Dinah finds herself wishing the animal statues protecting a nearby Welsh castle would keep her company Suddenly, to Dinah s delight, the stone animals start to magically spring from the walls and follow her home But when the animals refuse to let Dinah leave her house, she quickly realizes that these mysterious creatures aren t rescuing her, they re imprisoning her

    Griffin s Castle by Jenny Nimmo Griffin s Castle by Jenny Nimmo, June , By Sandra K Stiles Sandra K Stiles Sarasota, Florida See all my reviews Dinah is an eleven year old girl neglected by her mother and despised by her mo This is the second book I have read where the mother seems to Griffin s Castle Jenny Nimmo Jenny Nimmo is the author of the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling Children of the Red King series as well as GRIFFIN S CASTLE, THE DRAGON S CHILD, and the award winning Magician Trilogy, all published by Orchard Books. Burgruine Griffen About a large reconstruction of the castle took place as a protection against the threat posed by the Ottoman forces with a base amounted of about m, though the Turks never laid siege to Griffen In a flash impact destroyed one of the towers and the decay of the castle began. Booktalk for Griffin s Castle She even named it Griffin s Castle, because of the broken stone griffin she found in the garden A few days later, Dinah saw the castle for the first time, across the street from the Angel Hotel It was pale gold, with several towers, and in front of it was a low wall that was covered with animals. The Griffins Of Castle Cary pdfadbookfree The Griffins Of Castle Cary The Griffins Of Castle Cary is the best ebook you want You can get any ebooks you wanted like The Griffins Of Castle Cary in easy step and you can save it now Due to copyright issue, you must read The Griffins Of Castle Cary online You can read The Griffins Of Castle Cary online using button below Griffin Castle Clash Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Griffin is a Tier Magic Troop It is unlocked for production by upgrading the Pyromancer to level It ignores walls, targets ground and air units, and can t be targeted by Normal and Destructive class ground troops, some hero skills and the Cannon Tower. The Griffins of Castle Cary by Heather Shumaker The Griffins of Castle Cary has ratings and reviews Ms said E ARC from EdelweissSadly, there are other books with ghosts wanting to snatch small The Griffins of Castle Cary has ratings and reviews Ms said E ARC from EdelweissSadly, there are The Griffins of Castle Cary Book by Heather Shumaker The Griffins of Castle Cary by Heather Shumaker A charming, adventure filled debut novel that s perfect for fans of The Penderwicks series.Siblings Meg, Will, Introducing The Griffins of Castle Cary Starlighting Mama Now I m thrilled to announce that my first children s novel will be published by Simon Schuster The Griffins of Castle Cary So excited The book is being described as a charming, slightly spooky adventure story for elementary readers ages . Barony and Castle of Giffen The castle was acquired by Sir John Anstruther in the early th century and he is responsible for allowing it to become a ruin, together with the associated Giffen farm The sundial originally in the Giffen castle garden was sold and was moved eventually to Crummock house, Beith, now demolished This sundial had its horizontal plane divided by

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        Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England and educated at boarding schools in Kent and Surrey from the age of six until the age of sixteen, when she ran away from school to become a drama student assistant stage manager with Theater South East She graduated and acted in repertory theater in various towns and cities Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Hastings, and Bexhill She left Britain to teach English to three Italian boys in Almafi, Italy On her return, she joined the BBC, first as a picture researcher, then as an assistant floor manager, studio manager news then finally a director adaptor with Jackanory a BBC storytelling program for children She left BBC to marry a Welsh artist David Wynn Millward and went to live in Wales in her husband s family home They live in a very old converted watermill, and the river is constantly threatening to break in, as it has done several times in the past, most dramatically on her youngest child s first birthday During the summer they run a residential school of art, and she has to move her office, put down tools type writer and pencil, and don an apron and cook They have three grown up children, Myfawny, Ianto, and Gwenwyfar.


    1. I was searching for an interesting novel at our school library, when I came upon this. Griffen’s Castle is about a girl named Dinah, and with her mother, Rosalie, they can never find the right home to permanently live in. But then they discover Griffen’s Castle, a rundown mansion owned by the rude, grueling Gomer Gwynne. Gomer becomes Rosalie’s boyfriend, but Dinah does not like Gomer one bit, so she wishes that the statues on the castle down the road would come to life to protect her. The [...]

    2. This book didn't quite come together for me. The main character, Dinah, is likeable and interesting, and her conflicts (her immature mother, her decaying house, and her mother's cold and controlling boyfriend Gomer) provided good tension. The magic in the book felt kind of slapped on. Stone animals come to live and follow Dinah home to protect her, but the mechanism by which this happens is never explained. It's also tangental to the plot, because Dinah's main problem is not that her mother's bo [...]

    3. Bought on a lark while at the warehouse searching for holiday gifts for my students. I had several students say that their favorite genre was mystery, and as that's never been one of MY favorites, I ended up buying just about anything that sounded vaguely mystery-like and interesting.This just never lived up to its promise. None of the characters was likable. From Dinah, the mysteriously smartest-in-the-school and also most-talented-at-anything-she-tries girl who somehow manages to magically ma [...]

    4. When Dinah and her mother move into an old mansion, Dinah finally feels she has found a home. She imagines the home in its former splendor and refuses to notice the crumbling walls and failing electricity that mark it as condemned. With her disappointment over her mother’s new, overbearing boyfriend and her desire friendship, Dinah finds herself wishing the stone animals from a nearby castle would come to life. To her surprise, her wish comes true and Dinah’s new home is soon protected by fa [...]

    5. This book was about a girl named Dinah. Dinah and her mother, Rosalie end up moving into this old looking house thanks to Rosalie's boss which Dinah dislikes. Dinah thinks the house is wonderful and decides to name it Griffin's Castle since she found a broken Griffin in it. Soon Dinah befriends some animals which are really statues that come to life. Dinah soon makes friends with the animals who she thinks are protecting her, but are really imprisoning her. But Dinah gets help from her two new f [...]

    6. I'm not sure what I think of this book. It seems incomplete. I didn't love or even feel for any of the characters. I thought I should have felt a sort of kinship with Dinah who believes the crumbling house where she temporarily resides is alive and projecting its former glory for her to seed who is so lonely and so in need of protection and safety that she imagines the animals on the wall the surrounds a nearby castle to be alive and guarding her.But she was so drab. Again with the sparkless chi [...]

    7. I really did not like this book. It was dark and twisted. There was nothing vulgar about it but it did not leave a good feeling behind. There is enough in the world of neglect, abandonment without reading about it in my leisure time. The main character feels broken and vengeful. The mother does not feel like she has natural affection for her daughter. The grandmother who we only hear about is a coward the boyfriend a mean bully but there are times with the main character Dinah is not much better [...]

    8. This book has an interesting concept but I didn't throughly love the follow through. I kept getting confused when I was reading the story about who some of the characters were. The end seemed a little slapped together/rushed and there were just too many elements going on at a surface level throughout the story (I would have prefered fewer ideas more fleshed out).

    9. I didn't enjoy this book it was to much like realistic fiction and I didn't like being around the main character she was annoying and seemed a little mentally unstable. It took me a REALLY long time to read this book since I didnt want to sit down and read it. Icky book.

    10. Many years ago (more than I care to admit to), I got very involved with Gothic storytelling. More into the realm of the ambience rather than the characterizations of the people that were involved in the story. I read the works of Edgar Allan Poe, like most people my age back then, and could appreciate the sensory images of his work.Jenny Nimmo is no Edgar Allen Poe. But she is a fantastic writer of adolescent fiction. And she did a pretty darned good job of bringing out the atmosphere in this bo [...]

    11. I didn't like this book at all. The premise could have been interesting. A kid moves into a new house with a castle nearby, and the statues in that castle's garden come to life. The statues at first seem to follow her whims to at least some extent, and protect her from the jerk landlord she's forced to live with. But later, she begins to wonder if she really does have that much control over them.Thing is, this is one of those stories where not much happens. I would have like to have seen far mor [...]

    12. I read this a few years back, and I remember loving it, though it was a bit confusing. So now I've decided to come back and view it with a more critical eye.I have just recently begun re-reading it, and I'm not that far, but I do want to warn readers, I find this book very depressing. Dinah's mother is very neglective. You can see she's trying, but she just seems even more childish than Dinah, who is now 11. I fond myself really sadend at then start because of her mother absence of understanding [...]

    13. This book is about Dinah, who lives with her mother, Rosalie and her soon to be stepfather, Gomer. Dinah does not like Gomer. Ever since they moved into her new house, Rosalie has never had time to stay home with Dinah. She was always out with Gomer. Dinah finds a stone griffin and because of her discovery, she decides to name her home the Griffin's Castle. Dinah goes to school and meets Jacob and Barry. Then, as she is waiting for Gomer and Rosalie in the pouring rain one day, she sees a stone [...]

    14. This is the second book I have read where the mother seems to care more for a boyfriend than for their child. To see how this mother treated her daughter made me angry. The thing is that book that can bring out those kinds of emotions is good in my opinion.This is how your review will appear:Griffin's Castle by Jenny Nimmo, June 13, 2009 By Sandra K. Stiles "Sandra K. Stiles" (Sarasota, Florida) - See all my reviewsDinah is an eleven year old girl neglected by her mother and despised by her moth [...]

    15. I saw this one in the bookstore and it looked good, so I checked it out at the library. This is a book for older kids, but of course, I always love this genre. Griffin's Castle is sort of a combination of science fiction and fantasy. The main character is twelve and is being raised by a flaky single mom in modern day Wales. She is not the girly, fluffy type of daughter the mom would want. She is outspoken, unconcerned with fitting in, inquisitive and very smart.They move into a dilapidated old h [...]

    16. When I picked 'Griffin's Castle' from my local library I expected an exceptional piece of children's literature, for judging by its loan history, it was definitely on of the most popular books among children.However, what expectations I had were not fulfilled, not by a long shot. This was a book that was nominated and won five 'major' awards, while its contents are essentially mediocre. There are no redeeming qualities about this book at all, I couldn't care less about most characters in this bo [...]

    17. A ghost story only this time the ghost are stone animals that come to life. Dinah and her mother move into an old house that is going to be demolished. Not wanting to leave Dinah brings to life animals from a stone wall. The animals at first seem to be her friends but, later Dinah realizes they don't want to let her go. Two of Dinah's schoolmates - Jacob and Barry try to slove the mystery of Dinah and her strange house.It was a good story but, not great. There are hints that some characters may [...]

    18. This book uses fantasy metaphor to explore childhood mental illness, and judging from the reviews I'm not sure it really works. However it is beautifully written with a real sense of menace. It is not a comforting read, although the conclusion is a positive one.Perhaps the most misunderstood element is the stone animals."She had forgotten how the creatures must appear to others. To her they were friendly and protective as long as she stayed where they wanted her."I really identified with this.I' [...]

    19. I don't know why I have read so many of Jenny Nimmo books when I haven't been that impressed with them. I found Charlie Bone starting out interesting but seemed not go anywhere. Now that may be because I haven't finished the series but do I really have to read all 8 books to feel some resolution and point to it all? The snow-spider trilogy I started because enjoy welsh legend. Interesting ideas but you still don't really feel like you have "learned" anything from it. A lot of crazy things that d [...]

    20. Dinah always feels lonely all the time because her parents aren't around. So she wished the stone animals guarding this well not that far from her house. So she wakes up after a hour rest and heard some noise it was the stone creature. She was so happy they came but she try to leave the house real quick but the stone creature refused to let her out and trapped her.The book was interesting because it had some creepy stuff and i was confused with the stone magic things but later in the story it ma [...]

    21. Alright, so, this book came to me when I was a preteen, and I gave it away. For years, I remembered a book about stone lions coming to life, strange things happening in an old house and it took years to remember what its title was. Thank you, , for letting me find it again. So, not remembering the whole thing, I reread it.I saw what frustrated me earlier: the ending. She just leaves. The mother, being the neglectful selfish thing she was, never assumes a better mother role. The whole thing just [...]

    22. Griffin's Castle was a good book. It was about a girl named Dinah who moves around with her mom, Rosalie. When they are living in a mansion that is falling apart, stone animals from a wall outside a castle start coming to life and they attack a guy named Gomer who Dinah doesn't like. Towards the end of the book all the animals from the wall come to life and try to keep Dinah from leaving them. But Dinah gets through then and finds her great grandfather. I would recommend this book to anyone who [...]

    23. "Something horrible happened to Dinah. But she hasn't tried to banish the memory. She's just put it aside so she can keep an eye on it."While this one is not one of my favourite Nimmo books, it is intriguing and the quote above rather sums up the novel. I like the protagonist. In fact, I love her and I am so grateful for the nearly perfect happy ending for her. But the book skipped some beats in my head and I struggled with that, there is some fogginess to the story that needs clarifying for me. [...]

    24. I thought this book was alright. It is an easy read at a middle school grade level. I enjoyed the descriptive settings that Jenny Nimmo wrote about and I could see the house that was name Griffin's Castle. Unfortunately the last part of the book ended rather abruptly and left a lot of lose ends just hanging out there. I was disappointed in that as the first 85% of this book as well done and then the last part just came undone.

    25. This book instantly drew me in, It had my name in the title how could it not. If you are someone who is in into books with mysteries and surprises then i suggest this book for you. This book is about a young 11 year old girl named Dinah. She has moved from house to house so many times. She wished she could just stay in the same place for once, her wish is answered almost too well. Find out how her wish was answered in the book Griffin's Castle.

    26. I did like the book but it was very dark and disturbing in parts. Maybe it would be less so for the targeted age group but as a mom it really bothered me in places. The end was fairly abrupt, one of those "oh no, this is awful, how is she going to get out of it?" to everything solved in a couple paragraphs. I really liked her other books and I'm glad this wasn't my first of hers, I wouldn't have looked for others by her based on this one.

    27. This book is a mix of fantasy and some pretty harsh reality. It's not your typical " feel good" book and the author addresses some pretty bleak issues in the main character's young life. I liked this book because of the resiliency of the main character and because there may be a young reader who can connect with her situation and be encouraged. This book isn't for someone who doesn't like darker literature.

    28. I bought the book because of the cover and it was sort of in my genre. I thought the book was pretty good and it made me very exited to the end. I was thinking 'there is going to happen something' but nother happened. The end kind of left me empty, I was expecting more and I thought I had the clues together in my head but the clues led nowhere. I got really dragged into the story and it was very fun but the end just kind of ruined it for me.

    29. I thought it was a pretty good fantasy of stone animals coming to lifery creative idea. I am not so sure that the depiction of the child in a broken family, all alone with no one she feels she can turn to worked very well, especially with the little hint of suicide near the end. Parts were believable as being realistic and others were not so much. I am kind of undecided on this one.

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