The Broken God

The Broken God

David Zindell / Jan 22, 2020

The Broken God Into the icy maze of the city of Neverness a wild boy stumbles spear in hand starving frostbitten and grieving Danlo the Wild raised by far off Alaloi neanderthal cave dwellers survived a plague

  • Title: The Broken God
  • Author: David Zindell
  • ISBN: 9780586211892
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Into the icy maze of the city of Neverness, a wild boy stumbles, spear in hand, starving, frostbitten and grieving Danlo the Wild, raised by far off Alaloi neanderthal cave dwellers, survived a plague that took all of his tribe Now he must find who engineered the disease and how he can cure it And what kind of man he will grow up into, as he enters the Order of Mystic MInto the icy maze of the city of Neverness, a wild boy stumbles, spear in hand, starving, frostbitten and grieving Danlo the Wild, raised by far off Alaloi neanderthal cave dwellers, survived a plague that took all of his tribe Now he must find who engineered the disease and how he can cure it And what kind of man he will grow up into, as he enters the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable Flame.His journey has only begun.

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    1. От всички книги в живота ми, за тази съм говорил най-много и ми е най-трудно да говоря.Тук има есе-размисъл, вдъхновено от нея:kalvinagi/?p=33Ала достатъчно ли е?(Поне като начало?)

    2. This is an odd fish.I really liked it. Big space opera and metaphysics of the soul all mashed up together around a chewey centre of some interesting characters and some intriguing concepts. At the core of this novel are questions like "What does it mean to be alive?" "What is conciousness?" and "When is it ok to kill?" but, to my mind, they're wrapped up enough in the story that you don't feel preached at. And Zindell's mystic style suits his somewhat mythical material. I'd definitely read it ag [...]

    3. This was a re-read for me and so to give you a general feel for my thoughts on Zindell’s ‘Requiem for Homo Sapiens’ trilogy as a whole and the larger themes of the books I would simply point you here. I’ll restrict myself in this review to a few thoughts on volume 1:- The novel is both a bildungsroman of Danlo’s journey from childhood to adulthood (as well as from the primitive society of the Alaloi to the civilized one of Neverness), and the story of the birth of a religion supposedly [...]

    4. Over-the-top but fun and occassionally deep, plus grand-scale world-building. Kind of Atlas Shrugged for existentialism. Only, you know, good.

    5. Няма да е книгата на живота ми:), но получава пет звезди, защото буквално взриви емоционалната ми скала. Дали дадена история и нейното разгръщане ще ме издразни, разтърси, вбеси, пречисти, хвърли в размисъл или затрупа с още проклети въпроси не е толкова важно; важното е да ме [...]

    6. Incredible Sci-Fi. Sympathetic characters, gripping plot, eastern-based phiolsophical grounding (for those who are tired of boy-saves-world tripe). Best of all, fantastic and new imagery. Wolfe beats Zindell, but only just. Zindell wins overall, as he's not trying to show off how clever he is. Very recommended.

    7. This is a rich and satisfying book. At times it’s difficult, but that is because it’s thought-provoking and intricate. However, this is all balanced on the beautiful world-building that Zindell has achieved; an effort that is both physical and metaphysical. And human. A wonderful experience.

    8. I dived straight into this after Neverness, a distinctly oddball book that I enjoyed a great deal, but I never managed to get it finished. I think I got about halfway through, forgot about the book for a few years and then decided I'd rather donate it to charity than try and get back into it. It just seemed far, far longer than it needed to be. Maybe I'd have found it more interesting if I didn't already have a reasonable understanding of the world from Neverness?Also, what's with the genital ob [...]

    9. It took me like forever to finish this bookd I liked it and I struggled to like it when I didn't like it because I knew there was something more to it. This book is definitely philosophical, not the usual sci-fi that one may be used to. After Neverness, this one seems kind ofoken. It is a great piece of writing that keeps up with the traditional science fiction and philosophical space opera. If you read this for the adventure, you will abandon it shortly because the pace it is extremely slow and [...]

    10. Marto's Boolean ReviewИнтересен Свят: ДаЖив Свят: Да Интересни Герои: ДаРазвиващи се Герои: ДаСиви Герои: ДаАдекватен Финал: ДаИнтересен Език: ДаЛесно Четивна: НеИнтересни Идеи: ДаСпазване на Вътрешната Логика: ДаОценка от ревюто: 9/10Моя Оценка: 10/10Свободни размисли: Тази книга просто [...]

    11. Although set in the future, this book is more like high fantasy than sci-fi and technology is basically treated like magic. There are also strong mystical overtones throughout. I do like high fantasy, but that genre has to walk a fine line between earnestness and just pure silliness. I think this book is more of the latter than the former. The book is also told from the point of view of a single character and with 900 pages to get through the single reference point gets old fast, or at least it [...]

    12. Yes, it certainly keeps up with the traditional of philsophical science fiction of a space opera. Book that follows the brilliant Neverness. I am a sucker for the higher themes . When a book addresses the big questions, it has my attention. My imagination ran wild with the cybernetic alam -al-mitral. It reminds of what is happening currently with the cyber world being more a realm we continue to exist in. You realise with these books that our loving consiousness connects to form a living entity [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book. I thought it would be quite a difficult read but I found myself pleasantly surprised. Now having said that it's not book for everybody. Yep it's classed as science fiction but there no big epic space battles or zap guns. It'a book that you need to take your time reading. It's not a quick read by any means and that not just length of book. The reader needs to think about what he/she is reading.I would recommend this if you enjoy your science fiction with a bit of depth [...]

    14. Great peice of writing that philosophically reflects the original writers of science fiction in that it addresses those existential questions that the first writers were chasing. There are some intelligent concepts in here that some might see as religion, but finfish the series before you fall into that trap

    15. Слишком много дешевой научной фантастики для дешевой религиозной философии, слишком много дешевой религиозной философии для дешевой научной фантастики. Что Желязны, что Херберт, что, к примеру, Хайнлайн, работали значительно, значительно лучше.

    16. For a Universe that did not exist before this book, I was completely hooked in the story of Danlo Wi Soli Ringess.

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