Screw It, Let's Do It: Lessons In Life

Screw It, Let's Do It: Lessons In Life

Richard Branson / Dec 12, 2019

Screw It Let s Do It Lessons In Life Throughout my life I have achieved many remarkable things In Screw It Let s Do It I will share with you my ideas and the secrets of my success but not simply because I hope they ll help you achieve

  • Title: Screw It, Let's Do It: Lessons In Life
  • Author: Richard Branson
  • ISBN: 9780753510995
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Throughout my life I have achieved many remarkable things In Screw It, Let s Do It, I will share with you my ideas and the secrets of my success, but not simply because I hope they ll help you achieve your individual goals Today we are increasingly aware of the effects of our actions on the environment, and I strongly believe that we each have a responsibility, as indiviThroughout my life I have achieved many remarkable things In Screw It, Let s Do It, I will share with you my ideas and the secrets of my success, but not simply because I hope they ll help you achieve your individual goals Today we are increasingly aware of the effects of our actions on the environment, and I strongly believe that we each have a responsibility, as individuals and organisations, to do no harm I will draw on Gaia Capitalism to explain why we need to take stock of how we may be damaging the environment, and why it is up to big companies like Virgin to lead the way in a holistic approach to business In Screw It, Let s Do It I ll be looking forwards to the future A lot has changed since I founded Virgin in 1968, and I ll explain how I intend to take my business and my ideas to the next level and the new and exciting areas such as launching Virgin Fuels into which Virgin is currently moving But I have also brought together all the important lessons, good advice and inspirational adages that have helped me along the road to success Ironically, I have never been one to do things by the book, but I have been inspired and influenced by many remarkable people I hope that you too might find a little inspiration between these pages.

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        Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies Branson s first successful business venture was at age 16, when he published a magazine called Student He then set up a record mail order business in 1970 In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores and rebranded as zavvi in late 2007 With his flamboyant and competitive style, Branson s Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s as he set up Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records music label Richard Branson is the 236th richest person according to Forbes 2008 list of billionaires as he has an estimated net worth of approximately 7.9 billion USD.


    1. Pros: I think it's pretty hard to mess up a biography, and this book is largely biographical. People are interesting, regardless of who they are, and Branson is no exception. He is positive, an adventurer, and clearly intelligent, although I think his life does a better job of showing that than this book. If you need a shot of feel-good energy, this book could be a good pick-me-up. It's also great for showing the unlimited potential for someone with a lot of self-confidence.Cons: This book rambl [...]

    2. the first lesson keep going and never give upsecondprepare for your goal immediately and start working on it

    3. I love Richard Branson. He's the mentor every entrepreneur wishes they had (ok, or I do). I long ago harbored hopes of working on his team, running a record label. And now that I'm old enough to read about how he did it himself, I find it fascinating.That said, I think Losing My Virginity was a more fluid read. SCREW IT, LET"S DO IT often reads like it was written in snippets in between balloon jaunts or financial crises. And then they were smooshed together. There's no overarching narrative and [...]

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    6. Forrest Gump meets Jim Carrey's Yes Man.Richard Branson has a lot of good stories and can put his money where his mouth is, although this book does a poor job of putting it across. What it does do is portray him as positive, intelligent, gullible, adventurous, impulsive, and filled with a very strong belief that life is to be lived. While the book rambles all over the place with no overarching theme or chronological narrative, jumping from one anecdote to the next without any connection or reaso [...]

    7. I only need ONE breakfast, ONE lunch & ONE Dinner. loved this part never make money your single goal in life ;-)

    8. mungkin ini bukan buku biografi terbaik, juga bukan buku manajemen terbaik, tapi setidaknya buku ini bisa membuat saya keluar dari pekerjaan saya, karena pekerjaan saya tidak menyenangkanda awalnya saya agk shko, saya tidak punya pekerjaan, tapi sir richard dalam bukunya bilang, bahwa jika pekerjaan kita tidak menyengakan, keluar sajaka say pn keluar dari pekerjaan saya, sekrang saya lebih bahagia, dan ketakutan saya tidak punya pekerjaan ternyata tidak terbuktiya masih bisa mendapatkan perkerja [...]

    9. I didn't know that much about Branson (other than his many media appearances) and I found this really interesting to learn more about him, his early years and philosophy.He really seems to be a person that genuinely cares about others and the planet and that is very admirable.I'm not sure I really learnt anything from the book, other than just cool things he has done and I learnt a whole lot more about the Virgin group of Companies.So interesting, but ultimately I didn't have any real takeaways. [...]

    10. This is book is more like Richard Branson autobiography. His journey from a small music records store to the well established brand Virgin Group is really inspiring. His story not just inspiring but adventures too, Record store to Airlines, Airlines to telecommunication, round the world balloon travel, space travel etc. So exciting isn't it? Some of the key lessons we can learn from this book is; be positive always, be innovative and believe in yourself. This is really a nice book.

    11. Увлекательная книга о жизне и бизнесе великого бизнесмена Ричарда Брэнсона.Брэнсон привлекает благодаря своей "дерзкой" персоне (в добром смысле этого слова).Книга действительно воодушевляет на немедленные действия. Рекомендую всем, кому интересно.

    12. Not the best nonfiction book I've read. It was about. in particular, unfortunately. I really overestimated it :(

    13. A great book for people in Sales or Entrepreneurs. The book is really about Richard Branson and some of the endeavors he has tried in his life. You really have to read the book to get a firm grasp of what he is trying to convey, but the back of his book really does a great job of summarizing his core advice; namely believe in yourself, take calculated risk, don't think no, think yes. You'll burn through the book in about 2-3 hours. An interesting read.

    14. Richard is indeed a controversial figure and it was interesting to learn that he did so many deadly challenges in his life (breaking balloons flight records etc). He has quite unique attitude to running business although I can't say I'd follow his example in everything. A wise advise though is to have more fun. As simple as it is. As Joker said, "Why so serious?".

    15. Screw It, Let's do it is a kind of summary version with key bullet points and advises of Richard Branson's biography 'Losing My Virginity'. He describes snippets from his life like starting students magazines, going in a hot air balloon, buying Necker islands etc. Along with these stories, he points out the principles and virtues to follow, which he has followed over the course of his life. In all, this book is a great read for facing life and having fun all along (having fun is the main point w [...]

    16. I just took the book to my hand around 10.05 PM just to check it out.but at around 11.55PM, I was at the last page of this book.I didn’t wanted to stop reading because it is an awesome book which is interesting as the Richard Branson’s life.full of worthy advicesme may feel too generic.but it comes from a person who walked the talk they are always valuable as gold to read.

    17. A book I’ve previously read & should be read by all. An inspirational book, if you need a little motivational push then I recommend reading this! It’s a book I’ll always have in my person library! I’m so excited for his latest book that I bought last night!

    18. ترجمه‌ای از این کتاب با عنوان «درنگ نکن انجامش بده» را خواندم.ریچارد برانسون در کنارِ ثروت هنگفتی که دارد، فرد ماجراجویی نیز هست اما محتوای این کتاب موفقیت و ماجراجویی برانسون را بسیار ساده و دست‌یافتنی توصیف می‌کند.یکی نیست به این آقای برانسون بگوید: اخوی، ما درنگ کردم و ا [...]

    19. Meh, it was okay, I guess. But I wasn't really expecting an autobiography or a collection of fun experiences or lucky guesses. I was interested in finding out more about Branson's professional secrets or tips and tricks if he had any. And this just wasn't what I was looking forward to reading. To be honest, this book gave me the feeling that this guy was incredibly lucky and he just so happened to make the right decisions at the right time.

    20. This is a perfect light reading i've been longing to have. The book makes me think about my own life. Have i challenged myself hard enough? Have i committed myself to learn something new, have a target and strive to achieve them?As i was reading this, one quote remains etched in my mind: Time wasted equal to life wasted. Some people are risk adverse and there are some who love to take risk. I learn that Richard Branson's love for risk and challenges began at home. Ability to risk taking is nurtu [...]

    21. "Whatever we want to be, whatever we want to do, we can do it. Go ahead, take that first step, just do it"I think that Sir. Richard Branson got the meaning of life very well, a lot of people may disagree but I think that we all can challenge ourselves to see how far we can go, some may say, he was raised on that, his back ground, his family but these are just excuses, true, it would be uneasy to leave the comfort zone and the fear of the mess change will make may just stop us from taking that ve [...]

    22. I am fascinated by Richard Branson. He is such an interesting person - motivated, extremely successful, and he loves adventure. While it seems that everything Branson touches turns to gold, he's definitely not a writer. I would be very surprised to learn if he even used an editor for his book. There is absolutely no flow to the book, and he jumps all over the place with his stories. I found Screw It, Let's Do It to be overly simplistic with fairly common advice that can be found anywhere. Branso [...]

    23. Short, concrete, well organized, super personal. You'll read this during a short flight, but probably will hang in your mind for a lot longerThe book is a collection of Richard Branson's lessons and life mottos. Surprisingly a lot of them (probably half) were forged when he was a kid. Much of them are very stoic-like for an apparently very-loose-guy, but totally worth learning from his stories and introspection. The book is far more than a live life to the fullest, seek happiness and follow your [...]

    24. Time and again it has been said - 'do things that you've fun doing' and Richard Branson stands as the epitome of this saying. This book stumbles upon over 40 years of his journey in the business world - his highs, his lows and the important lessons he learnt on the way.It shouts out to the spirit of achievement. If one believe in himself/herself, they can do it. This value was inculcated in him right from his childhood. One particular things to jot down is the ability to take risks. Listening to [...]

    25. I decided to read this book because I have heard a lot about Richard Branson and my mum like the book.I also thought it would be good for me to read it.The category on the bingo board this complete is A diary, autobiography or biography i thought it was interesting because you get to see his life and how he came rich and his life lessons.A character I found interesting is Richard Branson because he was the main character also he has lots of lessons he follows in life like Rely on yourself Chase [...]

    26. So many provoking thoughts, everyone should be compulsory reading to achieve something. His story tells you how a simple idea can be transformed in achieving great goals. Motivational hear throughout his journey and its always so adventure and challenging for him. Its completely supernova to see him how he challenged and set a goal everywhere and drive his life towards in achieving it. Do it now, NOW. Think YES, Be HONEST and TRUE. Always CHALLENGE yourself and finally be SOCIAL and finally make [...]

    27. bookfi-Must get around to reading what Sir Richard has to say sometime soon. I've been wondering about him ever since I read in "Gavin Maxwell: A Life" by Douglas Botting ( /book/show/85 )how Richard was considering dropping out of high school and Gavin Maxwell urged him to stay on get his certificate and then do what he loved. It seems that Richard has taken Maxwell's thoughts to heart.

    28. One of the best biography books I have read so far. Each chapter begins with a cliche type of "Live in the fun", "Be kind to others,” etc. This book is non fictional and makes us travel through the adventures with Richard himself.This book is so inspiring with clear and detailed view about taking risks and challenges.Well, I really get business and life lessons from this book. I give this book a 4 star

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