A Salty Piece of Land

A Salty Piece of Land

Jimmy Buffett / Sep 15, 2019

A Salty Piece of Land bestselling author Jimmy Buffett is back at last with his first new novel in a decade It s not on any chart but the tropical island of Cayo Loco is the perfect place to run away from all your probl

  • Title: A Salty Piece of Land
  • Author: Jimmy Buffett
  • ISBN: 9780316014298
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • 1 bestselling author Jimmy Buffett is back at last with his first new novel in a decade It s not on any chart, but the tropical island of Cayo Loco is the perfect place to run away from all your problems If you re looking for a license to chill, come along as cowboy Tully Mars takes his pony to the shore on an unforgettable Caribbean adventure as colorful and wonderfully 1 bestselling author Jimmy Buffett is back at last with his first new novel in a decade It s not on any chart, but the tropical island of Cayo Loco is the perfect place to run away from all your problems If you re looking for a license to chill, come along as cowboy Tully Mars takes his pony to the shore on an unforgettable Caribbean adventure as colorful and wonderfully bizarre as cocktail hour at your favorite expatriate bar.From a lovely sunset sail in Punta Margarita to a wild spring break foam party in San Pedro, Tully encounters an assortment of treasure hunters, rock stars, sailors, seaplane pilots, pirates, and even a ghost or two.Waking from a ganja buzz on the beach in Tulum, Tully can t believe his eyes when a 142 foot schooner emerges out of the ocean mist At its helm is Cleopatra Highbourne, the eccentric 102 year old sea captain who will take him to a lighthouse on a salty piece of land that will change his life forever.Once again, master storyteller Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerizing tale that combines both humor and emotional reflection After all, one man s cathedral is another man s fishing hole And in Jimmy Buffett s world, paradise is just a state of mind.

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        James William Jimmy Buffett born December 25, 1946 is a singer, songwriter, author, businessman, and recently a movie producer best known for his island escapism lifestyle and music including hits such as Margaritaville No 234 on RIAA s list of Songs of the Century , and Come Monday He has a devoted base of fans known as Parrotheads His band is called the Coral Reefer Band.Aside from his career in music, Buffett is also a best selling writer and is involved in two restaurant chains named after two of his best known songs, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Margaritaville He owns the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain and co developed the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant concept with OSI Restaurant Partners parent of Outback Steakhouse , which operates the chain under a licensing agreement with Buffett.


    1. everyone's submissions are far too serious and overly reflective for me. so, this is my attempt to rebel. jimmy buffett: drunken debauchery, cheeseburgers and flip flops flood your thoughts, yes? preposterous to *actually* consider the jimbo a bona fide author. he's no vonnegut. twain does circles around him i'm sure. but i challenge you to read his lyrics. what's more, open up this book. it's not a masterpiece. rather, it documents the life of a wayward wanna be cowboy-sailor. who cares right? [...]

    2. Surprisingly (at least to me),Jimmy Buffett is quite the storyteller. I didn't expect a celebrity novelist to be quite so entertaining, or so good at crafting a genuinely interesting tale. Granted, Buffett's songs are stories in themselves and he has written quite a few novels in his day, but still I didn't expect much from this book; I picked it up because my dad said it was alright and I wanted something to read that wasn't academic. So I was quite pleased to find that I really enjoyed it. It [...]

    3. The same airy feel as any Buffett book. There is always a good long get to know ya with the charactors, but they are generally charactors you like so no harm in that.

    4. You know that any Floridian with a sailboat will have a copy of Buffett's 4 CD collection titled "Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads" aboard. The music is the perfect accompaniment to the glorious wind, waves and water of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. Like his music, his books take you there like few others can do. Frankly, I don't know how this one snuck by me as I have read and enjoyed all his others. Probably got backed up in my reading or was waiting for paperback release or kindle price [...]

    5. When Montana cowboy Tully Mars looks to run away from his problems, a boat headed for the Caribbean seems like the perfect place to start his life over. The consummate cowboy, Tully brings his horse with him to the tropical island of Cayo Loco to get lost. Instead, he not only finds himself, but a quirky gang of expatriate friends who not only have his interest, but have his back. But it is the 101-year-old Cleopatra Highbourne at the helm of her 142-foot long schooner who will change Tully’s [...]

    6. So I bought this book last summer from Big Lots for about $3.00Thought it would be a great beach/summer read, (I mean, look at the cover. How could it NOT be a great beach/summer read?) but for whatever reason I just couldn't get into it! I didn't really care about the characters or the plot. Which is crazy! I'm supposed to love it! It's by the guy who wrote "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and who doesn't love that song? And "Margaritaville?" Come on now! That's my jam!Anyhoo, gonna give it another [...]

    7. There are some books that are written on a higher level of technical grace and conformity. This is not one of those books. This book is written simply, but the story is one that grips your heart and imagination, and hits you right in the "god I need to go there" gland. I have traveled to all of the places in the book (that are real) and can vouch for the fact that everything is accurate. Jimmy Buffett has an ability to take the real world, including the grime, and make it something you yearn for [...]

    8. In "Power of the Myth", Joseph Campbell said, "People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life." Jimmy Buffett's characters share that trait. They are everyday people who walk their own path in spite of themselves, make friends along the way and eventually accomplish worthy goals - maybe not GREAT ones, but worthy ones. Fictionally, they are rewarded, but it wasn't what they were looking for when they began their journey.In this book Buffett has explained to us how to live life. As [...]

    9. I learned that Jimmy Buffett is a much better singer/songwriter than he is an author. Oh, my. I wonder if Homer Hickam knows that Buffett sort of "borrowed" some of his stuff fromThe Ambassador's Son? I wonder if he cares? I wonder if it matters, because I doubt they have many overlapping readers. I wasn't going to put anything into about this book, but then I saw that the average rating for the book was 3.54, and I decided that couldn't be allowed to stand without my putting in my 2 cents, so [...]

    10. "Grief is like the wake behind a boat. It starts out as a huge wave that follows close behind you and is big enough to swamp and drown you if you suddenly stop moving forward. But if you do keep moving, the big wake will eventually dissipate. And after a long enough time, the waters of your life get calm again, and that is when the memories of those who have left begin to shine as bright and enduring as the stars above." Jimmy Buffet can be so profound sometimes, for a big goofy old parrot head! [...]

    11. I absolutely loved this story. I am a traveller as well and I would love to have the experiences that Tully has in this book. It was an amazing read and I hope everyone takes the time out to check it out. Up next on Reading Rainbow

    12. I think all the positive reviews are from parrot heads that “want” to like this book. It is an adventure to nowhere.The book is an array of characters with strange names that always have incredible back stories (which bog down the book with useless information). Characters like Cleopatra Highbourne (a 101 year old schooner sailor), Thelma Barson (a poodle ranch owner) and Sammy Raye Coconuts (a gay millionaire that rides in a hot pink airplane).You realize that Jimmy Buffet has lost touch wi [...]

    13. Jimmy Buffett is as good an author as he is singer/songwriter. And A Salty Piece of Land is right up there, as a novel, as "Margaritaville," "Fins," and "One Particular Harbor" are as songs. Filled with humor, pathos, booze, and bonefishing (but not so much that any of these detract from the story), the book is a quick and entertaining read. I picked up this book while on vacation a couple years ago, and read it in two sittings. It's definitely a book I'll read again.Tully Mars is a cowboy from [...]

    14. What an adventure! Move over Indiana Jones; Tully Mars is the sea worthy adventurer.Forced to leave Wyoming or face jail, Tully Mars hitches up his horse, Mr Twain, and rides to Alabama. From there, he takes a boat ride (with Mr Twain) into a new world of sailing, fly fishing, and new friends. Of course, he still has to hide from the bounty hunters who are after him which means he uses fake passports and by-passes customs/immigration control altogether. He meets many new characters (and they are [...]

    15. I hate giving up on a book once I've started reading it, but this is one I just have to stop reading. I should have known better than to even try after having read Where In The World Is Joe Merchant? about five years ago. I had tired of that book about half-way through but slogged through to the end. That one was a waste of time, too, but I just wouldn't give it up.This book is more of the same. As a fiction writer, Jimmy Buffett is a huge yawn. He's good at storytelling via his wonderful songs, [...]

    16. You would think that Jimmy Buffett's only talents were getting drunk and making fantastically mediocre music. Well you would be wrong. He is also a pretty damn good writer! I am a huge Jimmy Buffett fan so that is what prompted me to pick up his book "Where is Joe Merchant". Don't get me wrong, the book was certainly entertaining and enjoyable but it was by no means "amazing". I had heard from my girlfriend (also somewhat of a Parrot-Head) that "Salty Piece of Land" was a "good read" (see what I [...]

    17. Picked this "summer reading" book up at a library sale. Now there's a reason Jimmy Buffet is a singer and not a writerbut he's also a story teller. Initially the waves were a little rough but then I settled in. I liked the main character and his horse. Tully just seems to be blessed with the same luck Jimmy himself has had throughout his career. Just serendipity after serendipity. Still, sometimes it works like that. You end up somewhere you don't think you should be only to meet the right girl [...]

    18. I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. But it just dragged and I didn't really get into it. I don't know if it's just Buffet's style--he uses A LOT of expository--and I thought the way things were set up was a little misleading. When I first started reading, I thought this book was going to be about fixing up the lighthouse. I was disappointed to realize it wasn't and that it was all a bunch of back story about how Tully got to the islands. There were some parts that were more engagin [...]

    19. I sailed off on high seas as I listened to this book on tape. The advantage to HEARING this book over having read the book is the added music. The recorded book began and ended with a song by Jimmy Buffet. The description of the Caribbean Islands, the Tarpon swimming, the fishing challenges swept me to another land and place. Detailed stories spill from the salty and slightly defected characters. One traverses the world with each tale. Captain Cleopatra, 101 years strong, throws a life line out [...]

    20. Okay, look, I love Jimmy Buffett. Love him. At last count I had like 40 of his CDs, all of his books. But this thing is just way too long. It could've been 100 pages less and you wouldn't have lost a thing. Jimmy tells a story the way he talks onstage, which is all fine and good, but it doesn't make him adept at making other characters come to life--because really, every character is part Jimmy. There are unquestionably memorable characters here, and the overwhelming theme of life in the islands [...]

    21. This book rambles on and on and onI almost abandoned it several times. The first few chapters and the last 1/4 of the book were very good but the middle half to 3/4 of the book needed to be severly condensed. A better idea for this rambling story would have been to make A Salty Piece of Land into 3 or 4 books, with one book being about Cleopatra Highbourne (a fascinating character). The remainder of A Salty Piece of Land could be divided into 2 or 3 stories about the antics of Tully Mars. I woul [...]

    22. Best book I ever read! although I have a bias as a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, aside from that, this book was so easy to read. It was so smooth and the adventure never ended. It was never boring and everything flowed right along until the very end. Characters were so imaginative and believable and the writing and narrative was excellent. There are so many memborable quotes and side stories, this book should be required reading for everyone seeking an escape from dull life into remarkable journey, be [...]

    23. This is one of my favorite books. I read this one at least once a year. Is it a great piece of American literature, no, but is that what you are really wanting if you are reading a book by Jimmy Buffett. This book helps me escape, just like his music, this lets me leave my stress filled life and take off and live the life of an expatriate. I travel with Tully through all of his adventures, they teach me to slow down, don't take life so seriously, and take risks. If you have no imagination, do no [...]

    24. .I did not know what I was getting into when I started to read JB. I am a fan of his music, I love Key West and hot sunny weather. I like Margaritas and that whole laid back life. When I read this book I left my wife and kids back in some cold midwestern town and I just moved down to the Keys and started drinking and sailing to the islands. Man, this book changed my life. I put suntan lotion on it cause it was so hot. Bout a guy and his horse who gets lucky and gets money and the rich girl at th [...]

    25. I started this book before Christmas and with all the family activities, I actually stated it over again a couple of weeks ago An absolutely entertaining take me away dreaming of warmer places kid of story. Stories with in stories. I think maybe some of the characters may be real, the names just changed to protect the guilty oh I mean innocent A relaxing read.

    26. This isn't bad, but I can't get into it. I've given it a fair shake (153 of 372 pages) and if I owned it I'd probably finish it eventually - in little bursts between other books. But it's slow going and I've been renewing it from the library since late October so it's time to let this one go for now.

    27. I read this book awhile ago and was reminded of it today. I liked the story. I liked the idea of running away from life as one knows it and trying something different. I enjoyed reading it on the beach with some cold wobbly pops. It was a fun light read and didn't require me to have to think to much.

    28. Jimmy Buffett is an extremely entertaining singerokay he's an entertaining storyteller as well but he's a better singer. Man I really feel like I need a Margarita.

    29. Really enjoyed this book. Jimmy Buffet's imagination really makes the book believable, and his natural style keeps an enjoyable pace throughout the entire book.

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