Earth's Magick: Earth

Earth's Magick: Earth

Mel Massey / Dec 12, 2019

Earth s Magick Earth Life in Trinity Hills Texas goes from normal to deadly for Mela Malone Whenever Mela falls asleep a mysterious creature called The Hag tries to kill her What begins as dabbling in protective spell

  • Title: Earth's Magick: Earth
  • Author: Mel Massey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • Life in Trinity Hills, Texas goes from normal to deadly for Mela Malone Whenever Mela falls asleep, a mysterious creature, called The Hag, tries to kill her What begins as dabbling in protective spells from an ancient Grimoire, leads to her initiation into an ancient order of warrior witches known as the Elementai Mela learns war is coming with The Darkness and the HagLife in Trinity Hills, Texas goes from normal to deadly for Mela Malone Whenever Mela falls asleep, a mysterious creature, called The Hag, tries to kill her What begins as dabbling in protective spells from an ancient Grimoire, leads to her initiation into an ancient order of warrior witches known as the Elementai Mela learns war is coming with The Darkness and the Hag is only one of the evil creatures in its service As an Elementai, Mela learns it s her duty to find four part human sisters who can help defeat the evil that threatens to return to the world With every new discovery, Mela uncovers ancient secrets that complicate her quest further As war approaches, everyone must make a choice fight with the Elementai for all life on Earth, or fight for The Darkness

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    1. This novel will appeal to every girl who feels different and maybe it will set her apart as special. Nature plays such a significant role in the story, and each magical scene is handled well.I love the fact that the story breaks through many barriers in commonly held beliefs. The reader will grasp significant lessons from the plot--kindness can achieve so much more than you know, be brave when facing the unknown, and trust that everything will work out.

    2. Most books I read take me a few chapters to get into. With Earth Magick, I was hooked within the first chapter. It has been awhile since I've read a good book. Give this book a try. I haven't been disappointed.

    3. Myths and legends have always had a special place in our heart. They carry a promise of epic rescues in the guise of tease too strong to ignore. For, who does not wish to escape from something or the other? Often, the culprit is a mundane life. The more interesting version, though, is the need to save a person/race/planet/world. Whatever the objective may be, the end result is an adventure worth diving in. After all, therein lies imagination. And Book 1 of Earth’s Magick series has it in plent [...]

    4. Sucked me in. I greatly enjoyed. I was disappointment when I realized I had finished it. I look forward to reading g the next book.

    5. Mel Massey takes readers on a fun trip in this Pagan-based witch series. Readers are introduced to Mela Malone, your average, everyday small town gal, living in Trinity Hills, Texas. Though the book doesn't go into too much detail about Mela's past, readers can tell that she has always been an outsider. Which is why it is believable that she is more than willing to accept her fate as an Elementai- one who is bound to the elements.There is a nice, rounded out cast of characters (the best friend-W [...]

    6. Mela is a completely normal secretary with a lively gay best friend and her eyes set on the attractive Dr. Todd. What's not so normal about Mela is that now, suddenly, she's a witch. And not just any witch, she's an Elementai, a witch trained to do battle for her God and Goddess.As a witch myself, I loved the attention to detail in this book. The author does an amazing job of describing not only the rituals, but also the mindset of someone who's stumbled onto and into witchcraft without a person [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Mel Massey's book - it was intriguing and the pace was really solid. The characters drive this story (love love love Decker, Wyatt and Connie). Mel's dialog is contemporary, distinct and superb! Mel does a fantastic job of illustrating how the main character sort of falls into witchcraft. The plot is suspenseful and some descriptions are extraordinarily beautiful.An interesting twist Mel brings to the reader is the intermingling of "heavenly" beings and "earthly" beings - a fasc [...]

    8. “Earth’s Magick” is a fun read full of fantastically described characters that range from the main character’s ‘down-to-earth’ persona, right on up to the wild depiction of the god, Pan. Mela Malone lives in Texas on her grandmother’s property. She is a young lady working for a fitness center and considers herself rather dull, with one very important exception. Mela has been tormented by a witch that comes to her in her dreams. With the help of Bear, her German Shepard and Katt, he [...]

    9. Good overpowers, crushes and pulverizes evil in Earth’s Magick, Book One of the series beginning with ‘Earth’. Mel Massey has created a magic world with vivid archetypal but hardly stereotyped beings, with some humans caught in the mix. It all begins with Mela Malone, a 22-year-old receptionist at a health club, having terrifying nightmares. The twists and turns that follow will transport you to another world where Mela battles her enemies, with spirit guides to protect and save her, and o [...]

    10. I've always enjoyed occult/horror type books and this one jumps out in certain areas, like being very explicit with the details of spells and ceremonies, which is very different from a lot of other books that kind of hint at the details but never fully explain them. This books not only goes into the details it also goes through the results and makes it all very entertaining. There were a few places where the author could have expanded on certain story lines, and drawn things out a little further [...]

    11. WOW! I just finished reading Earth's Magick by Mel Massey for the second time. It was great the first time and amazing the second time! It's an incredibly fun ride. I want to highly recommend this book to all of my witchy friends out there, but I would be remiss to stop there. This book is for everyone. We all have a magickal spot in our soul and Mel has found a way to reach in and tickle it. This is a story of awakening and friendship. It's a tale of adventure and mystery. The characters leap o [...]

    12. Informative, fast paced, and easy reading, I wish I would have had something like this when I was new to the craft. Characters are funny and I could imagine myself as Mela (MANY) years ago. Looking forward to the next in the series.

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