New Hope for the Dead

New Hope for the Dead

Charles Willeford / Jan 28, 2020

New Hope for the Dead Miami homicide detective Hoke Moseley is called to a posh Miami neighborhood to investigate a lethal overdose There he meets the alluring stepmother of the decedant and begins to wonder about dating

  • Title: New Hope for the Dead
  • Author: Charles Willeford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Miami homicide detective Hoke Moseley is called to a posh Miami neighborhood to investigate a lethal overdose There he meets the alluring stepmother of the decedant, and begins to wonder about dating a witness Meanwile, he has been threatened with suspension by his ambitious new chief unless he leaves his beloved, if squalid, suite at the El Dorado Hotel, and moves downtMiami homicide detective Hoke Moseley is called to a posh Miami neighborhood to investigate a lethal overdose There he meets the alluring stepmother of the decedant, and begins to wonder about dating a witness Meanwile, he has been threatened with suspension by his ambitious new chief unless he leaves his beloved, if squalid, suite at the El Dorado Hotel, and moves downtown With free housing hard to come by, Hoke is desperate to find a new place to live His difficulties are only amplified by an assignment to re investigate fifty unsolved murders, the unexpected arrival of his two teenage daughters, and a partner struggling with an unwanted pregnancy With few options and even fewer dollars, he decides that the suspicious and beautiful stepmother of the dead junkie might be a compromised solution to all of his problems.Packed with atmosphere and humor, New Hope for the Dead is a classic murder mystery by one of the true masters of the genre Now back in print, Charles Willeford s tour de force is an irresistible invitation to become acquainted with one of the greatest detective characters of all time.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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        Charles Willeford was a remarkably fine, talented and prolific writer who wrote everything from poetry to crime fiction to literary criticism throughout the course of his impressively long and diverse career His crime novels are distinguished by a mean n lean sense of narrative economy and an admirable dearth of sentimentality He was born as Charles Ray Willeford III on January 2, 1919 in Little Rock, Arkansas Willeford s parents both died of tuberculosis when he was a little boy and he subsequently lived either with his grandmother or at boarding schools Charles became a hobo in his early teens He enlisted in the Army Air Corps at age sixteen and was stationed in the Philippines Willeford served as a tank commander with the 10th Ard Division in Europe during World War II He won several medals for his military service the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts, and the Luxembourg Croix de Guerre Charles retired from the army as a Master Sergeant Willeford s first novel High Priest of California was published in 1953 This solid debut was followed by such equally excellent novels as Pick Up this book won a Beacon Fiction Award , Wild Wives, The Woman Chaser, Cockfighter this particular book won the Mark Twain Award , and The Burnt Orange Heresy Charles achieved his greatest commercial and critical success with four outstanding novels about hapless Florida homicide detective Hoke Moseley Miami Blues, New Hope for the Dead, Sideswipe, and The Way We Die Now Outside of his novels, he also wrote the short story anthology The Machine in Ward Eleven, the poetry collections The Outcast Poets and Proletarian Laughter, and the nonfiction book Something About A Soldier Willeford attended both Palm Beach Junior College and the University of Miami He taught a course in humanities at the University of Miami and was an associate professor who taught classes in both philosophy and English at Miami Dade Junior College Charles was married three times and was an associate editor for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Three of Willeford s novels have been adapted into movies Monte Hellman delivered a bleakly fascinating character study with Cockfighter Charles wrote the script and has a sizable supporting role as the referee of a cockfighting tournament which climaxes the picture , George Armitage hit one out of the ballpark with the wonderfully quirky Miami Blues, and Robinson Devor scored a bull s eye with the offbeat The Woman Chaser Charles popped up in a small part as a bartender in the fun redneck car chase romp Thunder and Lightning Charles Willeford died of a heart attack at age 69 on March 27, 1988.


    1. New Hope for the Dead is the second novel in Charles Willeford’s Hoke Moseley series, following Miami Blues. Hoke is a middle-aged Miami P.D. homicide detective who’s been gutted financially by a divorce and has been reduced to living in a tiny room in a run-down residential hotel that is inconveniently located just outside the Miami city limits. Inconveniently, because Hoke’s boss has just laid down the law and announced that the department will begin rigorously enforcing the requirement [...]

    2. New Hope for the Dead is Charles Willeford's follow up to Miami Blues, the debut appearance of series detective Moseley. Except it's an entirely different beast of a novel. Willeford clearly didn't anticipate Moseley becoming a repeat performer in that first outing, making him secondary to the crazy Freddie Frenger Jr. and so this second novel gave him an opportunity to really flesh out the character, establish his world and really outline where this series of books is headed.This time out Mosel [...]

    3. Lacking the great antagonist of Willeford's first novel, Miami Blues (played in the film of the same name by a young Alec Baldwin in full anarchic, scene-chewing glee), New Hope for the Dead seems to suffer from a sense of direction and purpose as the first novel in the series. Indeed, it was bit of a plod until Hoke Moseley and crew undertook the burden of 50 cold case files thrown at them by their ambitious boss while his two teenage daughters show up unannounced on his doorstep. The novel gat [...]

    4. I might not read any other authors apart from Charles Willeford for awhile. This guy. Man.I enjoyed this just as much as Miami Blues even though I only gave it 4 stars versus the 5 I gave to MB. The crime-solvey bit that frames the middle parts is a little meh compared to that of MB, but man oh man the middle parts of this book. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I burst out laughing at least three times, and if Hoke Moseley's sex talk with his daughters could be turned into a 2 minute play, I would see the da [...]

    5. After Miami Blues, which was about the bad guy as much as Hoke Mosely, the good guy, comes a meandering tale of Hoke's life. Dark and gritty in spots, gentle and likable overall.

    6. What a weird novel. Willeford was to crime fiction what Philip.K.Dick was to sci-fi. Hoke Moseley is unlike any other police detective in the crime fiction genre. He is almost like an average middle class guy in some ways - he has to deal with rent and alimony, he has not had sex in a long time and in this book, he has to take care of his teenage daughters while he deals with gluttonous cravings and obesity. Despite being a policeman, he faces housing problems caused by mass immigration and whit [...]

    7. A Hoke Moseley novel is to literature as comfort food is to cuisine. You have to like the guy because he's just like you or at least some of your friends. He struggles with his finances, his relationships, his job, just like a real person. He's not above taking advantage of a situation for his own benefit but he's nowhere near a bad person, just an average joe and that is what makes him so appealing.

    8. This second installment in the Hoke Moseley series is an improvement over the first "Miami Blues." Hoke Moseley has a heap of problems, but maintains a sense of humor and street smarts. The scene in which he figures out how a young addict was killed is wonderful. The other characters in the book, including his new partner and his daughters, are well written.

    9. One way to understand the history of detective fiction is to weigh out the changing balance between character-building and the central plot. The Victorian ancestors of "detective fiction" proper were much richer in character than in plot. Consider The Moonstone, whose pleasure derives not so much from a stolen diamond as the round robin narrative eccentricity. The novel shows us not crime in a bare form, as golden age crime novels do (though always dressed with an inconsequential motive as thoug [...]

    10. This would have been a five-star novel if there hadn't been so many serious flaws in the plot, such as drug dealers not be very angry about losing $25,000 in cash to a junkie bagman. It is, however, laugh-out-loud funny at least once a chapter.

    11. New Hope for the Dead, uscito nel 1985 (in Italia l’ha pubblicato Marcos y Marcos col titolo Tempi d’oro per i morti), di Charles Willeford, è la seconda puntata, dopo Miami Blues, delle avventure di Hoke Moseley, sergente della polizia di Miami con un’aura ben poco da “maledetto”, tutt’altro: i suoi guai sono molto meschini, prosaici, ma affrontati con uno spirito pratico che lascia poco spazio all’autocommiserazione o, appunto, al “fascino” dell’antieroe perdente e in lott [...]

    12. This is my kinda crime book. While I love various genre fiction, I don't read a lot of mysteries because, at this mnemonically-challenged point in my life, the puzzle aspect just doesn't appeal all that much. Who cares who killed Roger Ackroyd, indeed, but, more importantly, who can remember? So, New Hope for the Dead, full to bursting with the atmosphere (the mini-malls and apartment blocks of fungible, lower-middle class Miami exurbs that perfectly embody the disappointment and alienation of a [...]

    13. "New Hope for the Dead" is the second Hoke Moseley story by Charles Willeford. Moseley is a middle-aged cop in early 1980's Miami, but Willeford passes over the "Miami Vice" coke don gloss usually associated with that area in that era, and tells stories of humid day-to-day life. Hard boiled with a heart.In this story, Moseley has a new partner, who is pregnant, and he needs to find a home for himself and the two daughters that his ex wife just dumped on him. These problems slowly but surely inte [...]

    14. I like Hoke Moseley and all but this follow up to Miami Blues was dull. It was a like a very odd episode of Father Knows Best. Hardly anything happens except for conversations with Hoke's coworkers, Hoke searching for a place to live, and a weak-ass mystery.There were some funny quotes and conversations that saved this from a one star review. The biggest difference between this installment and Miami Blues was the back and forth plots of Hoke and the main criminal character. I must say I preferr [...]

    15. Very snappily written, with sharp, sardonic descriptions, realistic dialogue and a story that's less about the mysteries that are solved along the way as they are about Hoke Moseley's quotidian dilemmas - finding housing,looking after two teenage daughters and generally making ends meet. The way he solves his housing problem is startlingly amoral by my standards. My first Willeford novel and it seems like I'd enjoy more.

    16. I loved the other two Charles Willeford books I've read, but I could not finish this one. I gave up with less than 80 pages to go.There simply isn't a plot. That might be ok for a Murakami novel, but for the follow-up to Miami Blues? It's Hoke trying to find an apartment; Hoke thinking about minorities; Hoke awkwardly hanging out with his daughters; Hoke helping his partner move.

    17. Hoke Moseley works to solve 50 cold cases and one apparent OD while desperately searching for a Miami based apartment. His teenage daughters arrive to live with Hoke while he tries to make sense of his current situation. Things were a little different in 1978 but Hoke manages to bridge the gap with today's world of crime fiction.

    18. Willeford's carefully drawn hero, Hoke Moseley, just gets better. His even-handed approach to policing and crime ends up solving his and his partner's housing problem in a rather unexpected manner. Again, little policing goes on, but the story unfolds at just the right place. Willeford writes sparely and beautifully.

    19. Charles Willeford is a great writer. This book showcases that. It is a heartfelt book about a hard-boiled detective. There is stuff here about his work, family, and friendships. A very well thought out character study of Hoke.

    20. This was more of a day-in-the-life story than a crime novel, but it was very good. Excellent dialogue and great characters- but not for the faint of heart. Hoke Moseley is quickly becoming my favorite crime/mystery protagonist.

    21. My first Willeford novel. This is an easy read - quite enjoyable, but hardly great literature. The characters were well drawn, the action less so.

    22. Charles Willeford chose not to face Sergeant Hoke Moseley with an enigmatic sociopath killer or white supremacists or Cuban drug lords in New Hope For The Dead -- a follow-up to his 1984's novel, Miami Blues. There were no blood-splattered crime scenes or Tim Dorsey-esque ways of killing people or a mystical art of erasing all signs of death. Willeford kept the story on the ground.For those who wants to know, the original title for Miami Blues was Kiss Your Ass Good-Bye.Hoke Moseley had his plat [...]

    23. Detective Hoke Mosley is back on the Miami streets in the 80s, investigating an apparent overdose death. On orders from the command chain, he's trying to find a new place to live, work with a new partner, and raise two teenage daughters whom his ex-wife just unexpectedly shipped to him. Mosley lives a messy life, and his police work isn't exactly by the book. But he's trying to figure things out for himself and his girls, even if that means a little extortion here and there.

    24. this is the 6th, 7th from willeford for mendle, my versionhad an introduction by james lee burkeys they taught many years together at miami-dade c.c./willeford was a true friend to burkece.(for what it's worth: The Way We Die Now is the story i read after this oned although i was not trying to do thisis the way we die know seems to follow, chronologically)story begins:"crap," sergeant hoke mosely told his partner, "is the acronym for finding your way around miami." he glanced at ellita sanchez a [...]

    25. Pulp Affirmative Action"Sanchez picked up one of the long-legged dolls. Hoke sniffed the anima of the owner---Patou's Joy, perspiration, cold cream, bath powder, soap, and stale cigarette smoke."'You ever notice,' he said, 'how a woman's room always smells like the inside of her purse?'"'Nope.' Sanchez dropped the doll on the bed. 'But I've noticed that a man's bedroom smells like a YMCA locker room.'"Later, Hoke trying to make conversation with Ellita Sanchez during the investigation:"'You Lati [...]

    26. The sequel to his late-career surprise hit MIAMI BLUES, this is a typically colorful Willeford tale, but lacks his typical taut sense of story construction. Its somewhat meandering and unfocused plot tracks Miami PD Homicide Det. Hoke Moseley as he simultaneously copes with his assignment to a new cold case division and the unexpected arrival of his teenage daughters after his ex-wife dumps them on his doorstep before splitting for California. The main narrative drive is a fairly weak storyline [...]

    27. The second book in Charles Willeford's series featuring divorced, middle aged Detective Hoke Moseley is the entertaining New Hope For The Dead. The new hope is born from a special assignment designed to solve cold cases to make the homicide department look better on percentages of solved murders that would lead to a number of promotions. Willeford writes very well when showing the mind numbing detail checking that leads to the solving of crimes. But what I love about his writing is what the read [...]

    28. Hoke Mosley in a police Sargent in Miami whose career and life are going through some trials and tribulations. Put in charge of a major cold-case sweep of unsolved homicides at the same time that his estranged wife decides to drop his two daughters on him and his partner suffers a breakdown, he has to use all of his skills just to stay afloat. One case keeps sticking with him though, the presumed overdose death of a young man just doesn't seem right even as he begins to surreptitiously court the [...]

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