Right Side of the Wrong Bed

Right Side of the Wrong Bed

FrederickSmith / Jul 23, 2019

Right Side of the Wrong Bed Breaking all the rules At thirty three Kenny Kane seems to have it all good looks a great career as a university administrator a silver BMW a sprawling home in the tony hills of Monterey Park and

  • Title: Right Side of the Wrong Bed
  • Author: FrederickSmith
  • ISBN: 9780758219268
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breaking all the rules.At thirty three, Kenny Kane seems to have it all good looks, a great career as a university administrator, a silver BMW, a sprawling home in the tony hills of Monterey Park, and a hot firefighter for a boyfriend that is until he cheats on Kenny with a woman After devoting the past seven years of his life to his ex, the last thing Kenny needs is to gBreaking all the rules.At thirty three, Kenny Kane seems to have it all good looks, a great career as a university administrator, a silver BMW, a sprawling home in the tony hills of Monterey Park, and a hot firefighter for a boyfriend that is until he cheats on Kenny with a woman After devoting the past seven years of his life to his ex, the last thing Kenny needs is to get involved with someone new So when he meets Jeremy Lopez at a West Hollywood bar, Kenny is content to just buy him a drink and leave it at that.Is the only way to go.But Jeremy won t take no for an answer Six feet tall, dressed in baggy, low rise jeans and sporting plenty of bling, Jeremy is straight up East L.A He s also a mere twenty one years old and Latino Except for the one white boy back in college, Kenny s always dated other African American men.When it comes to getting what you want.But he can t deny the chemistry between them And before he knows it, Kenny s having the time of his life hanging with Jeremy and his boysubbing and hitting the frat parties.feeling like a kid again But how long can a thirty something like Kenny keep it up And is he really gonna find what he s been looking for with a kid like Jeremy or will Kenny wake up feeling like he s on the right side of the wrong bed Reads like real lifeis smart and touching novel just won t entertain you It ll make you think and perhaps even remember Black Artemis, author of Burn Funny, touching, and intoxicating Smith has written yet another compulsive read Maurice Jamal, writer and director of Dirty Laundry and The Ski Trip

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    1. Of the top five major cities in America, Los Angeles is arguably the least ghettoized. In its core metropolis few neighborhoods have an overwhelming predominance of one ethnic/cultural/social group over another. Particularly when it comes to people of color. African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Caribbeans, Eastern Europeans, whites, straights, openly gay men and lesbians, Muslims, Jews and folks of every imaginable multi-racial/multi-cultural combination comfortably share—there are exceptions o [...]

    2. Really interesting concept to the book, but the ending left me crashing and burning. I just wanted to strangle Kenny (the protagonist) over his decisions with Jeremy. I would have been OK with that, if the ending was not such a cheesy, easy way out of the problem.

    3. American and gay, fit and good looking, fine home and a cherished BMW, with a masters degree under his belt and with a good career as a university counsellor, is six months on from the end of a seven year relationship with a handsome but it turned out two-timing firefighter, and now he's looking for someone new. Onto the scene comes beautiful Jeremy Lopez, a Latino part Mexican part Dominican, twenty one year old student with a dubious background, tall, handsome and sporting abundant bling, hip, [...]

    4. Okay so this book was pretty interesting. Kenny recently got out of a long term relationship with Davon who is now married with kids. One night out with his boys and he meets 21 year old Jeremy. Okay so hears the thing the story was okay but it just really pissed me off. Was Kenny in so need of a man that he took all this bull shit from a kid that he only just met. I get the whole love a first sight thing but really? I'm just not buying this one. Now the love scenes where hot I must admit but ou [...]

    5. Having gotten high off Frederick Smith's first novel, Down for Whatever, I rushed to buy his next novel the minute I learned it was in bookstores. Having studied journalism, Smith applies those writing principles in Right Side of the Wrong Bed more successfully than in his debut novel. Anyone reading this novel is in for a roller coaster of unnecessary drama made for the protagonist, partly by his young lover who is 10 years his junior and partly by the protagonist himself. By the end of then no [...]

    6. This book had promise, but it did one of the things I hate worse than anything in a book or movie, especially one with gay themes, and that's killing off one of the main characters for no good reason. This isn't a murder mystery, it's a gay romance. Why murder one of your characters and then end the book with no real resolution or solace? I don't get that and I can't recommend a book that does it. I should've read the end first and saved myself the heartache.

    7. The protaganist is a success in every areabut romance. A long time relationship endedbadly, and he's cautious about opening his heart again. He meets someone who makeshim reconsider his position, but afterward,wonders if his heart is overruling what hishead is trying to tell him.I enjoyed this story

    8. The main character's fundamentally broken but doesn't seem to realize it; I think there are about a half-dozen places where someone well-adjusted would have left Jeremey for good. He was obviously bad news, right from the beginning. I still don't see what he saw in the kid, other than his oft-mentioned "magnum."

    9. I never should've started reading this book at the tail end of National November Write a Book Month because I can't put it down! Frederick Smith takes you under the skin of his hero, Kenny who is just getting over a broken heart when a hot young man steps in his path. It's touching, honest and very sexy.I'm about half way through the story so when I finish it, I'll write a bette review!

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