Split Heirs

Split Heirs

Lawrence Watt-Evans Esther M. Friesner / Dec 13, 2019

Split Heirs High comedy low pratfalls and thrilling derring do combine in a magical and fantastic epic about the Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of the Hydrangeans the mighty though rather stupid warrior Gudge

  • Title: Split Heirs
  • Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans Esther M. Friesner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • High comedy, low pratfalls, and thrilling derring do combine in a magical and fantastic epic about the Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of the Hydrangeans the mighty, though rather stupid, warrior Gudge and the mysterious Black Weasel.

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      431 Lawrence Watt-Evans Esther M. Friesner
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    1. Lost heirs, barbarians, dragons, girl warriors, beheadings, rebels in the greenwood, palace intrigue, it's all here in this joke on epic fantasy. The characters race around bumping into each other and into the plot, until they all gather for a grand finale. My favorite character is Bernice, once a sheep, now a dragon, who realizes that she no longer is going to be eaten by anyone. Quite the opposite, in fact. The humor is sometimes a little fourteen-year-old clever for me, but still fun.

    2. I hadn't heard of the book before, and I was unfamiliar with the authors, so it was an unexpected treat to find such an amusing satire of the fantasy genre. As I was reading, I kept seeing the characters in a Mel Brooks' a-la-1970s movie. It's a shame he never got his mitts on it. It's broad, silly humor, and I enjoyed the romp.

    3. It was a partly a funny book, and I think it's written to be fun and entertaining, but lacked deeper characters and sometimes also plot but it's skillfully written and taking together five totally different lives in unexpected ways to knit it together in the end!

    4. Tongue-in-cheek fun with triplets born into royalty. Except twins or triplets are believed to be a sign of infidelity (different father for each child), so their mother, Artemisia, sends the girl and one of the boys away with her maidservant, who bungles the job and takes both boys, leaving the girl. A problem, because only men can inherit the throne.Okay, let's back up. The Gorgorians have conquered Hydrangea and Gudge, their leader, has taken the throne and Queen Artemisia as his wife. Artemis [...]

    5. I really enjoy a good spoof of the epic fantasy, but this book was not it. It started out quite well: amusing characters, abundant and ridiculous humor, and a silly, intriguing plot, but alas, like the Old Hydrangean Resistance, it soon grows old, tedious, annoying, and pointless. The best character is a sheep, that in itself should be pause for concern. The humor descends to levels only enjoyed in frat houses and high school locker rooms. The characters, aside from the aforementioned sheep, are [...]

    6. This book was fairly inappropriate, had no character development, had no likable characters to develop, and showed absolutely no respect for any manner of life. Not that I would mind, because the world portrayed is so empty and pointless it seems pretty reasonable to consider death, as bleak as it may be in this book world, as a step up. On the other hand, it was some of the most amusing writing I've ever read. I was laughing out loud back to my phone (where I was reading it) an uncomfortable am [...]

    7. I came into this book with high hopes because Esther Friesner is one of the authors. Unfortunately, while the book is madcap and amusing, it fails on one major count: the humor is so broad and exaggerated - things carried beyond their logical extreme - that it's hard to suspend disbelief or develop any empathy with the characters. That works fine in a short story, but over a novel, it's jarring and makes it difficult to maintain tension.That said, once into the book, it's entertaining enough to [...]

    8. I'll be blunt. I hate epic fantasy. However, I apparently LOVE satirical epic fantasy (I say "apparently" because it doesn't seem to be a large genre--at the moment it seems to consist of 1). Anyway, this book is hilarious, and there's always the threat of someone being eaten by wolverines. If you don't find the humor in this book, you're obviously taking life too seriously and should take a break from looking from golems.

    9. Oonly made it halfway through this one, just couldn't handle the stupidity of most of the characters. Everything seemed to have a ridiculously long title which made reading it a chore. I began skipping paragraphs when I recognized that everything in that paragraph was going to be pointless and irritating. Would fit better for a children's book, but there are many sexual references and such so I'm not sure who this is supposed to be for.

    10. Okay, I'm still kind of confused right now, but I'm very entertained. The queen had triplets, which is apparantly a sign of adultry, and sends two of them away to get rid of succession issues. But the nurse, who is blind and likely batty, takes the two boys, leaving only the princcess. Not good for politics, but wonderful for an exciting, funny, and slightly odd story.

    11. I once wrote a far too long review of this book, but I gushed over it immensely. It's quite funny, quite dark, and quite ironic in that girls pretend to be boys, babies are split up, families have no idea what is what. Watt-Evans and Friesner are a top-notch team, and the book is a quick, enjoyably read that should please anyone that got a kick out of such works as Twelfth Night.

    12. This is fantasy / wacky comedy. Features silly magic, mistaken identity, and a real plot.Strangely, it was actually a better book than anything that either Lawrence Watt-Evans or Esther Friesner has written individually. Not sure how that worked out.

    13. I adore Watt-Evans work. Really. I've read most of his books, and loved them. This one though fell kind of flat for me. I got what they were going for, but I think it was poorly executed.

    14. satirical sarcastic funny book. If you are looking for a light fantasy novel then give this one a read and chuckle out loud while you do it.

    15. The book description compared this one to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yeah, except that is extremely funny, while this book, not so much. Didn't bother to finish it.

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