How to Live Forever

How to Live Forever

Johnny B. Truant / Sep 23, 2019

How to Live Forever We all want to live forever but we shouldn t We re not supposed to Ironically if we could literally live every single day that time and space have left our lives would be almost meaningless It s th

  • Title: How to Live Forever
  • Author: Johnny B. Truant
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  • We all want to live forever, but we shouldn t We re not supposed to Ironically, if we could literally live every single day that time and space have left, our lives would be almost meaningless It s the end of lives that cause them to matter But your life, short as it is and perhaps because it s short can have meaning and effect on other people than youWe all want to live forever, but we shouldn t We re not supposed to Ironically, if we could literally live every single day that time and space have left, our lives would be almost meaningless It s the end of lives that cause them to matter But your life, short as it is and perhaps because it s short can have meaning and effect on other people than you can possibly imagine if you chose to let it The end of your life is not the end Not unless you let it be, through your actions and inactions during the time you re alive The end of your life thanks to the turbulence you leave behind you in the stream of time is the beginning.

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    1. Read this one tooThis was my favorite of the series. I really loved it. I agree with most of it. And it's quick and fun.

    2. Enjoyable.Very enjoyable read. I go back to the other posts, regularly. A little more enjoyable than Tom Robins Robinson? I can't remember at the moment.But yes, good read.

    3. One more ending with so many questions left behindHow to live your life. We are not our body. We are our deeds and moments. So will I live my life creating beautiful moments with my dear ones or will I create a beautiful house. What do I take with me when I die. My house or my moments. Live life accordingly.

    4. Life has a deadline - what are you living for and what will it matter you were here? Liveat is what this entire series says to me a quote from my favorite movie Auntie Mame Live Live Live!!!!

    5. “If you've influenced people, they'll influence others, and you'll live forever in the butterfly effect.”Truant's post that I liked the most.

    6. Four stars again. Not everyone can be in the military. Not every military is like the US. What if you were a particularly gentle, calming and reassuring insurance agent who always sorted out people's toughest problems? Meerta is the name of the lady on the end of the phone who sorted me out of a dire situation in Vietnam. I don't know her surname or anything else about her, and I worked a job to have enough money to pay for her services, which she supplied because that was the job she worked to [...]

    7. While I still think the first in this series is my favorite, this one holds a special meaning for me, because I have its message tattooed on my body in a coded song lyric. That lyric is:"Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying."That's the purpose here. We're all going to die. Your name and your actions won't live forever either. But the ripple effect of your actions, your influence on others and their influences on others, etc. make you immortal.So be inspiring and live [...]

    8. Okay, last one! This piece emphasized what legacy you'll leave behind when you die. Since we all WILL die (as discussed in essay #1), how will you be remembered? What will you accomplish that will live on? And it's not just concrete things like building a business, it's more about impact on the people and world around you. I really liked this piece. Throughout the whole thing, I was reminded of my grandma who passed away a few months ago. It was actually quite therapeutic to read. Same as the ot [...]

    9. Good well written thought-provoking!!!!!!!Okay so I ordered these for the titles I am so glad I did!!!! They were full of fun, and sometimes funny, things and revelations that felt somehow familiar and left me hoping this perspective is reality.hope you enjoy as much h as I did

    10. Loved this book just like all the othersI would definitely recommend this series to someone. This whole series made me think about my life and what I'm doing with it. This book in particular made me think about death and funerals. Like how I would want to be cremated and have my " funeral" somewhere fun like a club or something.

    11. Love the whole series!This epic series really put a lot of my own thougt into an organized pattern of words along with helping me understand my own thoughts. Fucking love the series!!! Hope you keep writing them

    12. Another good reality checkThis is another great book by Mr. Truant. There's no fluff here, no filler, no wasted words. He gets right to the point and the point is to stop over thinking and get on with the pleasure of living.

    13. ExcellentThe series is excellent. What a great attitude. Experience and inner exploration is the pathway, evidently But a whole lot easier said than done I'll try. I like the results

    14. AmazingThroughout his series of blogs, Truant has led us on a roller coaster ride of profundity and profanitych is real life. In this blog he spells out how, but more importantly why we should live large and loud. Make some turbulence.

    15. 5 starsIf you do nothing, you are nothing. If someone could pluck you from existence and nothing would change, you've failed. The only downside to this book was that is was the last in the series.

    16. The butterfly effect You can't live forever. Their is limited amount of time to make your mark. Change the world. Complete your assignment.

    17. Let's see nowwhat you do defines youyou are more than the lyrics to the Kansas song, just "dust blowin in the wind"

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