The Fourth Season

The Fourth Season

Dorothy Johnston / Jan 19, 2020

The Fourth Season When the body of young female environmental activist and science student Laila Fanshaw is found floating in Lake Burley Griffin private investigator Sandra Mahoney s life is turned upside down not

  • Title: The Fourth Season
  • Author: Dorothy Johnston
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  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the body of young female environmental activist and science student, Laila Fanshaw, is found floating in Lake Burley Griffin, private investigator Sandra Mahoney s life is turned upside down, not least because her partner, Ivan, was in love with Laila Ivan is a suspect and has no alibi for the time of death.A further strain is put on the relationship when another susWhen the body of young female environmental activist and science student, Laila Fanshaw, is found floating in Lake Burley Griffin, private investigator Sandra Mahoney s life is turned upside down, not least because her partner, Ivan, was in love with Laila Ivan is a suspect and has no alibi for the time of death.A further strain is put on the relationship when another suspect, who worked in the Federal Environment Department, wants to hire Sandra to help him clear his name.Sandra has to weigh up her desire to learn the truth against her children s needs Only six year old Katya is Ivan s natural child adolescent Peter has a different father But both children are deeply affected by Laila s death and Ivan s reaction to it Added to this, Sandra s friend in the Federal Police, Detective Sergeant Brook, is absolutely against her involvement in the case.It takes all of Sandra s ingenuity and courage to steer herself, and her family, through the dangers that lead to an eventual unmasking of the truth.

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        Dorothy Johnston is the author of ten novels Her tenth, and the first in a new sea change mystery series, was published in April 2016 It is titled Through a Camel s Eye Dorothy has published a quartet of detective novels set in Canberra The first of these, The Trojan Dog, was joint winner ACT Book of the Year, and the Age gave it their Best of 2000 in the crime section It was published in Australia by Wakefield Press and in the United States by St Martin s Press The second, The White Tower, was also published in Australia and North America, and the third, Eden, appeared in 2007 All three feature the cyber sleuth Sandra Mahoney and her partner, Ivan Semyonov, along with Detective Sergeant Brook, of the ACT police With Eden, Dorothy returned to the subject of prostitution, which has long interested her and provided inspiration Her first novel, Tunnel Vision, is set in a Melbourne massage parlour The House at Number 10 Wakefield Press 2005 continues this theme Two of her other literary novels, One for the Master and Ruth, have been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award She has had numerous short stories published in magazines and anthologies.


    1. Diane Donovan, MBR Bookwatch, March 2014'The Fourth Season, a Sandra Mahoney mystery, represents the fourth book in Dorothy Johnston's mystery quartet, beginning with The Trojan Dog, then The White Tower and Eden. (The other books have not been seen by this reviewer).It opens with a compelling first-person reflection: "The story I'm about to tell begins and ends by water.(sic) Over time, the two deaths ran together in my mind and I came to think of them as the water murders. The name conjures up [...]

    2. I just finished reading Dorothy Johnston’s fourth novel in her “Mystery Quartet” The Fourth Season and I almost couldn’t put it down. And it's accumulating 5 star reviews on . I haven’t read the three earlier novels in the series, The Trojan Dog, The White Tower and Eden but I can see why they were so well-received and they are now right at the top of my ‘to-read’ list. They are all published by Wakefield Press in Australia. Crime mysteries have been one of my favourites for I don [...]

    3. Sandra Mahoney is an intriguing, highly individual central character. Readers of ‘The Fourth Season’ will want to know more about her, and if they read the other books in the series, as I have, there are other pleasures to discover. Dorothy Johnston writes beautifully about a city in all its changing seasons (each novel is set in a different season, and the charms and stresses of each season operate as a symbol for the characters’ emotional lives as well) and each novel takes on big questi [...]

    4. I understand that this is the fourth in a series of Sandra Mahoney mysteries but it stands alone with reasonable success.A woman is killed and Sandra is hired to investigate by a man who is a suspect in the killing. But Sandra’s approach is not an objective one as her partner – both business and personal – had been in love with the dead woman and is also therefore implicated in her death.There are a number of flaws I would like to highlight. Firstly, from the beginning, Sandra’s investig [...]

    5. The Fourth Season was assigned to me by The Review Board for a read and review. Upon having read the blurb and prior reviews of this story, I was looking forward to digging in. I was really excited about it, as it had some rave reviews, and being that it is in a genre that I enjoy, that made the anticipation double fold.However, upon jumping in, I was unfortunately let down. While this story has all of the makings of a great book, I felt as though it was not achieved. In the following summary, I [...]

    6. Note: I was given this in exchange for an honest review.The best way to discuss my views on The Fourth Season is to divide it into pros and cons.Pros1. Setting appears well researched2. Understanding of Sandra’s plight in relation to Ivan: It’s hard when you discover that your husband has all these feelings and desires for another woman. How can one put the personal feelings about that aside while objectively trying to solve the case?3. Great job in the set up of the initial ambiance of Lail [...]

    7. The Fourth Season is the fourth and final book in a mystery quartet by Australian author Dorothy Johnston. (The others are The Trojan Dog, The White Tower, and Eden.) I read the book with the disadvantage of not having read the earlier ones, so I knew nothing about the protagonist, Sandra Mahoney. She lives a complicated life with two children, an ex-husband, a live-in partner, and a fraught friendship with a police detective. She also has a reputation as a cyber-security expert. Of course Sandr [...]

    8. This is a beautifully written mystery with a strong literary feel to the style. There were many places where I highlighted the text so I could go back and savor the use of words to paint a picture. It is such a joy to discover those well-crafted sections of a novel: I could see that the woman had made an effort, put on a certain kind of armour, but her lipstick was smudged and some had transferred itself to her teeth. Her eyes looked like two muddy puddles that some small child or dog had run th [...]

    9. I was wary of accepting The Fourth Season for review as it is the final installment in a quartet of mysteries featuring Sandra Mahoney but I was assured it would work as a stand alone so I ignored my doubts, tempted by the setting and premise, and decided to go throw caution to the wind. In hindsight I should have trusted my intuition because though this novel is well written, I was frustrated by my lack of understanding of the lead protagonist, Sandra Mahoney.Set in Australia's capital, Canberr [...]

    10. Two murders turn private investigator Sandra Mahoney’s life upside down. A young woman’s body is discovered in a nearby lake, and shortly afterward, a scuba diver is killed and dumped in the neighborhood swimming pool. To complicate matters, Sandra’s partner, Ivan was in love with the young woman, Laila Fanshaw, and is a suspect in her murder. Sandra agrees to investigate the case for another suspect, hoping to clear both men of suspicion.As Sandra asks questions and makes connections, the [...]

    11. The Fourth Season is the fourth book in a series of stories by Australian author Dorothy Johnston. I have not had the pleasure of reading the previous stories but this did not impact on my enjoyment of The Fourth Season. Each book is set in a different season. In The Fourth Season it is autumn and Ms Johnston beautifully describes the changing climate and autumn colours Australia’s capital city at that time of the year.The main character in the book is Sandra Mahoney who has a family life not [...]

    12. This is a book concerning cyber-sleuth Sandra Mahoney. Sandra and her husband, Ivan Semyonov, are business partners. But the partnership ends there. Ivan was enthralled with the beautiful, seductive, younger woman, environmentalist, Laila Fanshaw. Laila was obsessed with a shipwreck, the Maria Rosa that took place in the Bass Strait during the nineteenth-century. Laila, a woman without ethics and a big ego, is eager to reach the wreck. Laila was known to use her beauty and feminine wiles to attr [...]

    13. This is a many-layered tale, well-executed and believable on all levels. There is the crime – two murders, probably linked, to be solved by sleuth Sandra Mahoney. There are the environmental issues that may be a factor in those murders, or may not. There are the men who were besotted by the beautiful first victim, Laila, and the emerging picture of how she played the men against each other to get her own way. One of those men was Sandra’s partner, father of her second child.The family dynami [...]

    14. The Fourth SeasonI would rate this book with 2 stars. The strong point is it is based on an interesting story line concept. Unfortunately the characters are wooden and lifeless in the face of many opportunities to be fully engaged in what in real life would be a roller coaster ride of excitement and dissolution in very real human interaction.The real value of the book is in the people, the who done it, is really just a good way to bring the people alive. Sadly, the story is the strongest aspect [...]

    15. This is an often told story about a down on their heels detective struggling with marital problems, money problems, dishonest clients and unreliable witnesses. The big thing that sets this book apart is that the private detective is a woman, and a mother of two children. Sandra's character, while never entirely likable is a very relatable one, and her struggles carry the story, where the action, and murder plot line, fall short.

    16. The Fourth Season provided substantial details about murder. The author’s characterization was well-developed. Having a prime suspect be the heroin’s husband provided a good twist. My only gripe is I wish the book would have started with action, perhaps showing how one of the people was murdered. Nevertheless, this is a four-star read.

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