Strangers In Paradise: 1

Strangers In Paradise: 1

Terry Moore / Jun 26, 2019

Strangers In Paradise Katchoo e Francine si conoscono fin dai tempi del liceo e abitano assieme Katchoo profondamente innamorata di Francine che a sua volta la considera la sua migliore amica Un giorno Katchoo incontra a

  • Title: Strangers In Paradise: 1
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9788865431849
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katchoo e Francine si conoscono fin dai tempi del liceo e abitano assieme Katchoo profondamente innamorata di Francine, che a sua volta la considera la sua migliore amica Un giorno Katchoo incontra a una mostra d arte David, che poco dopo le dichiara di essersi innamorato di lei Intanto, Francine ha problemi con il suo ragazzo, Freddie, che la tradisce scatenando cos Katchoo e Francine si conoscono fin dai tempi del liceo e abitano assieme Katchoo profondamente innamorata di Francine, che a sua volta la considera la sua migliore amica Un giorno Katchoo incontra a una mostra d arte David, che poco dopo le dichiara di essersi innamorato di lei Intanto, Francine ha problemi con il suo ragazzo, Freddie, che la tradisce scatenando cos l ira di Katchoo.

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        Following the examples of independent comic creators such as Dave Sim and Jeff Smith, he decided to publish Strangers in Paradise himself through his own Houston based Abstract Studios imprint, and has frequently mentioned a desire to do a syndicated cartoon strip in the authors notes at the back of the Strangers in Paradise collection books He has also mentioned his greatest career influence is Peanuts Charles Schulz 1 Some of Moore s strip work can additionally be found in his Paradise, Too publications.His work has won him recognition in the comics industry, including receiving the Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story in 1996 for Strangers in Paradise 1 8, which was collected in the trade paperback I Dream of You.It was announced on June 15th, 2007 that Moore would be taking over for Sean McKeever as writer of Marvel Comics s Spider Man Loves Mary Jane series starting with a new issue 1 On July 27th, Marvel announced that Moore would also take over for Joss Whedon as writer of Marvel s Runaways 2 On November 19th, 2007 Terry Moore announced in his blog that his new self published series would be named Echo and its first issue would appear on March 5th, 2008 3


    1. Thank you Matthew for bringing this up unto my radar. I have not read this series prior and I am not sure why it hadn’t crossed paths with me before. Perhaps I was busy in the early nineties doing what you did back then, growing up, getting out with friends, and figuring things out!Reading Vol I feels like I am right back in that time. There are no cell phones! No online media platforms etc. There are words or situations to hang on to, to ponder over and taking a stand, committing to your idea [...]

    2. This was a real strange book. It's not great, it's not bad, it's weird. So it's about two women trying to figure out life. This involves all the things in life such as bad breakups, family issues, love and drama, oh yeah and spy shit. So with the two women going through insane issues you have this undercover cop situation going on with a chain, stealing money, and a lot of weird crap that keeps piling up. Really, it's so odd it's hard to explain but it's def a interesting plot none the less. Goo [...]

    3. I loved Terry Moore's Echo. It was mature, intelligent, and scary as heck's hockeysticks. Naturally, and after numerous recommendations, I was looking forward to Strangers in Paradise. What a joy it would be to dip back into a story focused on complex and interesting female characters – from a male author, no less! I've just finished Vol. 1 of the Pocket Editions. WellPros:- Great, expressive art.- Compulsively readable, despite its flaws.Cons:- Two parallel authorial impulses: An almost creep [...]

    4. I was handed this in trade paperback form when I wandered into a comic book shop one day asking if there were any "realistic" comics without all of the tights and capes. I took it home and fell in love with Katchoo, Francine, and David. Over the years I have re-read this story over an over again as the trio worked their way to the only possible conclusion they could have. It is a beautiful adventure and I recommend whenever I am given the opportunity. It was my gateway drug to the comicbook worl [...]

    5. Just read the first volume of Strangers in Paradise. Boy oh boy, did it rile me up. In a good way, of course. Let's just say I admire this graphic novel, but I'm not its intended audience. Loved the art. It put me in the mind of Berke Breathed's Bloom County. For some reason Francine's mother reminded me of Bill the Cat.OK, let's get down to it. Every single male character in this volume is an asshole. Every. Single. One. Does Terry Moore hate men? I doubt it – he is a man, after all. I think [...]

    6. Remember that summer that you read Scott Pilgrim, lighting one book off the next, until you were dreaming in Pilgrim-ese and finished the entire series in what seemed like minutes. Then you went into that post-Pilgrim funk, missing those loveable -- and sometimes infuriating -- characters and thought that hole would never be filled. Then you said, “Screw it. I’ll turn this hole into a doorway into the graphic novel genre.” You started searching for that magical series that would capture th [...]

    7. This year I'm going to finally read the complete Strangers in Paradise series. I've read much of it over the years, but never the entire series from start to finish.This is different than pretty much any other comic ever published. It's almost like a comic book soap opera, but it's got enough going on it doesn't seem stale or turn off comic book readers. It's a story of two women who are best friends and the different baggage they bring with them through the journey of life.This first issue intr [...]

    8. Three and a half stars? I think?I read a lot of Strangers In Paradise, when they came out in the nineties. I'm certain I missed large chunks of story. By coincidence, I ran across SiP again just recently. It kinda holds up. Kinda. My thoughts about it are complicated.The easy part, the relationship between Katchoo and Francine and David is the story's heart. It's charming, and difficult, infuriating and messy. This came out at time when Defense of Marriage laws were being contemplated across the [...]

    9. Let me clarify: the art in this comic deserves nothing less than a 5. The linework is incredible, the pacing of the panels is top-notch, the light/dark contrasts stagger, and everything works to convey the story Moore is trying to get across. Unfortunately, the stars get docked off for the story itself. It feels like a whole bunch of tropes and cliches haphazardly thrown together: macho lesbian former prostitute (if this was a fan fiction we would all be rolling our eyes), emotional over-eater b [...]

    10. Gee, even though this is pretty stupid and annoying and the guy in it is such a pony-tailed sissy and the poetry and songs are terrible and everybody is needy and mooshy and all the men are sleazy even though it's clearly written by a man whatwithall the flirtatious lesbian shit and whatnot and it has this nerdy manga vibe and I can't tell if the far-fetched gangster plotline is a distraction or the only thing keeping this book together- it's still really readable, and the lettering is well done [...]

    11. This is like a rip-off of "Love & Rockets" for people who are intimidated by punk rock and Latinas(Katchoo & Francine are JUST LIKE Hopey and Maggie, but you know--more "girl next door" looking!). And written by a Nice Guy(tm) hoping to get into a pseudo-lesbian's pants(cuz he can CHANGE her with his love!) if he acts sympathetic enough to the fact that "yeah, men are jerks, amirite"? Ever notice that everyone with a penis (save Moore's milquetoasty Gary-Stu stand-in David) in this book [...]

    12. I'm a big fan of poutine. For those of you who are not Canadian, nor have Canadians in your life, poutine is a Quebecois dish based on french fries, which have cheese curds placed on top of them, and then the whole thing is smothered in gravy.This seems off-topic, but I swear it relates.The thing with poutine is that it's a really common dish, because it's simple and easy to put together, but few people make it really well. I've been in restaurants where they've just shredded some mozzarella che [...]

    13. Katina Choovanski—“Katchoo,” to her friends— is a beautiful and talented artist living a quiet life with everything going for her. She's smart, independent, and very much in love with her best friend, Francine Peters. Then Katchoo meets the gentle but persistent David Qin who is determined to win her heart. The ensuing love triangle is a charming comedy of romantic blunders until a second plot element emerges in the form of a suspense thriller-type arc involving Katchoo's former employer [...]

    14. This has to be one of my favorite comic series if not my absolute favorite. The story involves a love triangle between three people: Francine, Katchoo, and David. Katchoo is in love with her best friend Francine, who claims she doesn't see Katchoo that way and is battling some self-image issues. David is introduced a little ways into the story and befriends both of them but develops feelings for Katchoo. All three of them have a past, especially Katchoo's which is probably the most dark and invo [...]

    15. Güzeldi ama basım hatalarıyla doluydu. Yarım cümleler vardı. Pantolon kelimesi birden fazla yerde pantalon olarak yazılmıştı, motherfucker da ana sevici olarak çevrilmişti. Hepsini bir araya toplayınca bir yıldız kırdım.Ayrıca bana iki kitaplık bir seri diye sattılar fuarda, altı kitabı varmış. Görevli arkadaşlara da güvenemeyeceğiz artık girip her alacağımız kitaba bakmamız gerekiyor.

    16. 4 Estrellas ☆☆☆☆ . Terry Moore, uno de los más grandes escritores y dibujantes independientes de la industria. Hace una excelente presentación de la que significó su obra Strangers in Paradaise un trampolín enorme que lo llevó a lo más alto siendo uno de los escritores más laureados en la actualidad. La novela gráfica es extraña, más de 350 páginas repleta de un humor curioso, relaciones amorosas que llevan lo cotidiano en la vida. También una seguidilla de problemas que va a [...]

    17. This is perhaps the most profound soap opera in the world. It’s not about a plot – the roommates are not going to run from the cops or toss the ring into Mount Doom. Rather, it’s about intertwining lives, and most often defined by either love or friendship between people. Katchoo has been in love with Francine since their teens, but Francine may not even be gay, let alone recognize Katchoo’s affection; David enters the picture, falls for Katchoo, and while Katchoo feels something for him [...]

    18. I feel like I got recommended this series multiple times (partly because of the "promise" of a queer woman in the story, lol) but when I tried to start it a few years ago, I wasn't interested in the comic style, or maybe I was just intimidated by the commitment required for serialized books.Returning to Strangers in Paradise now, I like it in the same way that I liked Dykes to Watch Out For: it just "feels good"/is "fun" to read about other people, especially in comic form, and with SiP, the soa [...]

    19. Eric will argue aggressively about why Locas is so much better than Strangers in Paradise, but I must admit that I find Terry Moore's paean to plus-size brunettes equally fun. Maybe because I was thrown off by the dinosaur mechanic thing early into Locas, maybe because I like the name Katchoo, I dunno. Francine is slightly Archie-fied where Maggie is simply HOT, but still, I like the goofy romance comic vibe of Strangers a lot. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series (and, to be fair, Pal [...]

    20. Very disappointing. If you are expecting the delicate realistic line drawing, sophisticated characterization, and wry humor of Moore's later works, Rachel Riding and Echo, then Strangers is a big letdown. This is Moore before he got good. He also makes no attempt to keep his sexist oogling of women's bodies in check. It is amazing when you see an artist's work before he found his groove and it's just as bad as the later stuff is good. My advice: Take a pass and go right to the good stuff.

    21. This series had been recommended to me more times than I can count, yet for some reason I'd never read it until just now. Wow. I see why it's considered one of the Must Reads. The artwork is beautiful, the story involved, and the characters? Well, they're you and me, with all our quirks and insecurities and pride and ninja-kung-fu-kicks.

    22. Ne avevo sentito parlare come di un grande capolavoro e ne sono rimasto abbastanza deluso.Storia carina, per carità, e con il giusto livello di mistero ma da qui al capolavoro ce ne passa, e le aspettative erano certo altissime per questa lettura.Peccato.

    23. Terry Moore bereitet bei der Eröffnung seines Magnum Opus die Bühne für seine Geschichte, wir steigen ein mit einer Schulaufführung, zehn Jahre zuvor wie uns der Text informiert. Ein Schüler deklamiert die oben genannten Worte, während die üppige Heldin Francine in schlecht sitzender Toga ihrem Auftritt entgegen fiebert. Dann auftritt Katchoo, eigentlich Katina Choovanski, ebenfalls hinter der Bühne, als Francines beste Freundin, und nicht ganz so heimlich verliebt in diese, ignoriert si [...]

    24. so like some others, I did find the plot kind of vague and hackneyed. mob money, prostitution, love triangle, etc. but you know, a lot of books have hackneyed plots, and then it comes down to how well the story is told.I loved the art style, and was genuinely interested in continuing to read, so that goes a long way. the most interesting part is the relationships between katchoo, Francine, and David. I am definitely interested in seeing where that all goes. I WOULD like a little more background [...]

    25. Cosa ci si può aspettare da una protagonista che ha un nome che ricorda uno starnuto ed un orribile rapporto con la sveglia?Questa edizione raccoglie i primi due volumi di Strangers in Paradise, composti rispettivamente da tre e tredici numeri. Avendoli letti tutti insieme, ho sofferto un po’ per queste storie pensate per essere brevi. Inoltre la differenza tra i due volumi si nota abbastanza.L’avvio è esilarante, tenero, ma anche piuttosto nonsense, forse esagerato. Man mano che la storia [...]

    26. Strangers in Paradise è strano: ci sono momenti, quando scava nelle relazioni, in cui è davvero fantastico. Poi c'è la voglia di vivacizzare la storia, con trovate anche comiche, e allora è divertente. Infine: c'è lo spirito da americano di Moore, che lo porta a inserire elementi degni di una spy story o un chrime drama. E allora, sebbene non sia malaccio, tutto scricchiola sotto la mole di diverse suggestioni inserite a forza in una sola storia. In ogni caso: belli i disegni di Moore, con [...]

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