American Innovations: Stories

American Innovations: Stories

Rivka Galchen / Jul 17, 2019

American Innovations Stories A wickedly smart and deeply emotional collection of imaginative stories In one of the intensely imaginative stories in Rivka s Galchen s American Innovations a narrator s furniture walks out on her I

  • Title: American Innovations: Stories
  • Author: Rivka Galchen
  • ISBN: 9781443425933
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • A wickedly smart and deeply emotional collection of imaginative stories.In one of the intensely imaginative stories in Rivka s Galchen s American Innovations, a narrator s furniture walks out on her In another, the narrator feels compelled to promise to deliver a takeout order that has incorrectly been phoned in to her In a third, the petty details around a property tranA wickedly smart and deeply emotional collection of imaginative stories.In one of the intensely imaginative stories in Rivka s Galchen s American Innovations, a narrator s furniture walks out on her In another, the narrator feels compelled to promise to deliver a takeout order that has incorrectly been phoned in to her In a third, the petty details around a property transaction detail the complicated pains and loves of a family.he stories in this unusual collection also have secret lives in conversation with earlier stories As in the tradition of considering Wallace Stevens s Anecdote of the Jar as a response to John Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn, Galchen s The Lost Order covertly recapitulates James Thurber s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, while The Region of Unlikeness is a smoky and playful mirror to Jorge Luis Borges s The Aleph The title story, American Innovations, reimagines Nikolai Gogol s The Nose Alternately realistic, fantastical, witty, and lyrical, these are all deeply emotional tales, written in exuberant, pitch perfect prose and shadowed by the darkly marvelous and the marvelously uneasy Whether exploring the tensions in a mother daughter relationship or the finer points of time travel, Galchen takes great risks, proving that she is a writer like none other today.

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      • Rivka Galchen

        Rivka Galchen born 1976 is a Canadian American writer and physician Her first novel, Atmospheric Disturbances, was published in 2008 She currently is an adjunct professor in the writing division of Columbia University s School of Art In 2010, she was chosen as one of the 20 best writers under 40 by The New Yorker.


    1. The likelihood that I will enjoy a writer who writes with a tangible "for some obscure reason" etched into every utterance is slim. What are we to do with all those connections in our lives that, you know, bind us all together as a people? Nothing. Avoid them. Write in short sentences like these. Characterize them as "all those things I so studiously knew nothing about," which one of Galchen's narrators actually states for the record. I tend not to read books with sentences like "I tend not to a [...]

    2. Before reading American Innovations I hadn't seen the cover blurb that states: The tales in this groundbreaking collection are secretly in conversation with canonical stories, reimagined from the perspective of female characters. I don't know if understanding that beforehand would have altered my reading experience -- I am, at any rate, unfamiliar with Borge's The Aleph and Gogol's The Nose -- so I can only evaluate what I found on the page, and it was a somewhat uneven experience. For the most [...]

    3. Raccolta di racconti, scrittura creativa americana, classica. Rivka Galchen ne applica le regole a situazioni grottesche, talvolta surreali. Usa per lo più uno stile naturalistico che aumenta lo spaesamento che si prova seguendo le situazioni assurde descritte. Non c’è mai sensazionalismo, non si distacca dal tono ordinario: così, l’inquietante diventa pervasivo, è una componente del minimalismo. Qui a volte si spinge oltre il reale, fino al fantastico. Alcuni racconti le riescono così [...]

    4. Galchen's stories are not satisfying in the way short stories are usually satisfying. These stories are not tidy, they twist in the middle, heading in a different direction and then flutter out at the end. But I found that I respected this way of story telling in that it felt more like real life. This is a funny conclusion considering the numerous non-realistic elements in the stories. Yet the stories remained true. I remained entertained and intrigued throughout the collection. The one story th [...]

    5. Dieci racconti di surreale quotidiano. Vite dimesse e dai margini incerti, all'insegna di un sommesso spaesamento in cui a tratti affiora l'impossibile. Mobili che decidono di scappare di casa, frigoriferi che si svuotano e si riempiono da soli, incontri che attraversano il tempo. La scrittura è molto buona, agile e immediata e con un ritmo interessante; d'altra parte la Galchen insegna scrittura creativa. A volte però si ha l'impressione che l'autrice usi la creatività come un'arma impropria [...]

    6. DNF. I really struggled to get through the first 4 stories in this book. And then I gave up. I closed the book, with a good, clear conscience, and put it away. This is the first book in a long, long, LONG time that I did not finish. It was disappointing, and I really struggled with the thought of putting it down without completing it first. Especially given that it's a collection of short stories, and that it could always change up in the next one, but I just couldn't wait to find out any longer [...]

    7. You know what? I'm tired of this whole style. I don't know what to call it, even. Talented female writers whose characters I can't stand, who seem to be made of nothing but self-obsessive neurosis. I'll just go back and re-read Margaret Atwood's short stories or something. I can't believe so many reviews of the title story failed to see how Atwood-derivative it was.I'm sure I'll read a few more stories before I return this to the library, but they don't hold together as a collection. It's that l [...]

    8. I think I'm suffering from Gregory Maguire Syndrome with Rivka Galchen. I'm just not I just don't I can't seem to The stories and the writing are strange and gorgeous, like odd colourful exciting flowers that you see at the garden centre and then you get them home and try to plant them, but your soil is all clay and the plants can't take root and wither and die. My brain is clay. BUT I did connect to "Wild Berry Blue" omg, so true.

    9. I quite enjoyed this collection of short stories by Rivka Galchen. The stories are original, unusual, quirky in a good way. From reading the book jacket, I learned that several of the stories are female takes on classic short stories, like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, by James Thurber. I found this added an extra dimension to the reading.

    10. This story collection is wonderfully witty and melancholy, or more melancholy than witty, filled with innuendoes that at times I couldn’t understand, being originally not from America, but sensed on some other level. On a universal level. On a level of connection with words and images that stayed with me like bright flashes of every day strangeness. Simple strangeness of existence. Things we do to fill our lives, to think we know where we’re going, when in fact we have no clue. There are two [...]

    11. Galchen made all kinds of big splash with her first novel in 2008, Atmospheric Disturbances So readers have been waiting impatiently for a new book. this is of short stories, and they are international, sciencey in the style of andrea barrett Servants of the Map: Stories , some surrealness , so love, but mostly none. Lots of dead fathers and ghosts. Quality writing and stories, like Deborah levy Black Vodka: Ten Stories, not ho-hum shorts, or at least, not so memorable stories in something like [...]

    12. I'm glad I've gotten to a place where I can support other Rivkas in their creative endeavors. How sad it would have been if my exceedingly silly ego prevented me from reading this collection. It was so good. Chekhovian in some ways. And reading it in public felt like this wonderful inside joke with myself. Rivka Galchan, I wonder what your middle name is.

    13. L'ordine perduto *** La zona della dissimilitudine *** Prezzi shock ** Innovazioni americane **** Blu frutti di bosco ***** Tutto il lato nord era coperto di fuoco ** Mercato immobiliare ** Il preside di arte **** Gli ultimi romanzi di Gene Hackman *** C'era una volta un impero *****Rivka Galchen, 41 anni, statunitense di origine canadese, laureata in psichiatria. La sua raccolta di racconti è del 2014. Dieci racconti in stile surreale non evanescente, almeno nei racconti più riusciti, direi. [...]

    14. Many of my reviews here are off the cuff riffs that inform reviews that I write for other publications, namely The Floating Library, my books column for San Diego CityBeat. Sometimes the review I post here is a cut and paste job from a published review. This one is neither. I've written my review and turned it in and I'm writing today to tell you that I'm disappointed in it, and in myself. I generally don't read other reviews of books I'm reading until I've finished writing the review. I think t [...]

    15. These stories are weird. In a good way--but weird nonetheless. Apparently a lot of them are influenced by very popular, classic short stories, such as Gogol's "The Nose" (for more information on this, see the NY Times Review here: nytimes/2014/05/08/boo )Galchen makes each story her own, however, and every single one of them has a female protagonist. I found Galchen's narrative voice easy to connect to--almost soothing and familiar. Unfortunately I did not feel the same way about most of her pro [...]

    16. In a way, the meandering endings of some of these stories were a relief - a gradual slackening of something taut and tense as opposed to an abrupt snap. It made me pay attention to the smaller stories contained within the larger one without taking away from the suspense of each story, it made me look for hints and clues and I didn't much mind that they were never really solved (except for in the case of "Dean of the Arts" where I really did want to find out more about Manuel Macheko). My favouri [...]

    17. The thing that kept me away from short story collections (and suspicious of writers famous for them) all these years is that frustrating sense of hope this goddamn form warrants. If a novel is bad, you can tell by at most 50 pages in and can leave it there in good, clear conscience. In a collection, however, even if the first couple of stories are absolutely off, you keep thinking, "Maybe the next one will get better? I mean, they got bundled together into a book for a reason, right?" Yes, and t [...]

    18. standard rivka galchen, which is to say: brilliant, funny, off-kilter, a little lost. a lot of the book flirts with themes explored in atmospheric disturbances, the author's novel debut: identity conflation, directionless, parents, otherness and anxiety, hilarious and completely literary wordplay. a lot of folks seem taken with "wild berry blue," which i might call the least galchenesque and most straightforward story of the lot. my personal favorite is probably "sticker shock," a laugh-out-loud [...]

    19. Why am I giving this three stars? I'm upset that I'm giving it three stars. For the first half of the collection, I thought I'd definitely be giving it 4 or 5 stars, but somewhere in the second half I fell off the AMERICAN INNOVATIONS wagon. It isn't that I'm not into magical realism/furniture leaving of its own accord, etc. I'm entirely impressed by Rivka Galchen's mind and the real oddity of her stories. But the last few stories just fell flat for me. I hope that, whenever I read this collecti [...]

    20. I loved this collection of short stories. Galchen's writing feels wholly fresh and original and gives you an intimacy to the thoughts of the narrator, one that feels natural and familiar to your own. It seemed that most of the stories utilized an unreliable narrator, or at least one who internalized and argued out the lies they told themselves--the way we lie to ourselves everyday, methodically or flippantly, apologizing vaguely or absentmindedly. At times the stories are extremely funny and at [...]

    21. Apparently these stories develop from those written by widely-known writers. Don't let that turn you off. There is a deep humanity to Galchen's work, which I didn't find in the originals that I recognised. The loneliness she finds all around her reminds me of what found in some of Lucinda Williams songs. Galchen uses few artifices, no epiphanies and the humour has to be searched for. Nevertheless she writes convincingly from the heart, regardless of the imitations she undertakes.

    22. A quirky and intelligent collection of heartbreaking and funny short stories, often one and the same. This is literary fiction with recognizable dialogue and no fear of genre fiction staples like time travel and the supernatural. None of us are perfect and maybe everyone has something to say and this book takes a close look at all of that.

    23. Ten original, often hilarious stories that are so full of emotional deflection it's like the literary equivalent of negative space.

    24. Pretentious, overwrought and dull. There are dozens of better story collections out there. Skip this one.

    25. Great stories - sometimes felt like I was reading an American Margaret Atwood. Wry & clever - highly recommend.

    26. Nella mia mappa degli scrittori di racconti statunitensi, Rivka Galchen (con Chris Adrian ed Aimee Bender, tra gli altri), si inserisce nella scia degli epigoni di George Saunders, frequentatori cioè di un realismo magico scritto tra (molte) virgolette, perché declinato da ognuno degli interpreti in maniera personale, con cambiamenti di stile e di ispirazione da racconto a racconto. Questo vale anche per Innovazioni americane, una raccolta piuttosto eterogenea nella quale si alternano storie d [...]

    27. I read this collection too slowly over too long a span of time (circa a couple of weeks on my lunch breaks at work) and I think that worked against me getting a cohesive feel of the collection. That, and admittedly, I'm not too familiar with the stories that Galchen used as her inspiration.Still, I was pleasantly surprised that many of the surrealist-tint stories weren't too inaccessible. There were a couple that used annoying narrative tricks, like clinical language in "Sticker Shock" (though t [...]

    28. I find it difficult to fathom the minds that make up Galchen's following - not because I dislike her writing, but because what I read most often begins somewhere and ends nowhere, and I wonder at who it is finds meanings and resolution in these stories. Galchen is fond, in these stories, of what read as arbitrary elements thrown in to show the character's way of seeing things, or to move the place the story is in forward. In part worth reading, but all but a few endings left me still with confus [...]

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