Swept Under the Rug

Swept Under the Rug

Jennifer L. Hart / Jun 16, 2019

Swept Under the Rug Crime and grime are everywhere at least in Maggie Phillips opinion Deep in the throes of a New England winter Maggie s still adjusting to her new role as confidential informant for the Hudson Police

  • Title: Swept Under the Rug
  • Author: Jennifer L. Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Crime and grime are everywhere, at least in Maggie Phillips opinion Deep in the throes of a New England winter, Maggie s still adjusting to her new role as confidential informant for the Hudson Police Department When a suspicious fax is sent to one of her new clients, Maggie is sure she s unearthed a conspiracy With no crime to investigate, however, the Hudson P.D canCrime and grime are everywhere, at least in Maggie Phillips opinion Deep in the throes of a New England winter, Maggie s still adjusting to her new role as confidential informant for the Hudson Police Department When a suspicious fax is sent to one of her new clients, Maggie is sure she s unearthed a conspiracy With no crime to investigate, however, the Hudson P.D can do nothing that is until a wealthy trophy wife disappears and the FBI is called in to the hunt.On the home front, her twelve year old son is growing up way too fast, while her brother is back with a few surprises destined to wreak havoc on the household To frost the whole crappy cake, her best friend s marriage is falling apart, which leaves Maggie worrying over her own All of the family drama is put into perspective, however, when Maggie is arrested for kidnapping and blackmail.Between economic woes and a now tarnished reputation, Maggie is in way over her head Yet out of the ashes of frustration and failure, something great might emerge If she survives the birthing process that is.

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    1. Maggie is cleaning lady with an elite clientele. She's also a police informant and feeds information on criminal behavior amongst the upper echelons of Hudson. When she stumbles upon a threatening note on a clients fax machine she immediately storms the police station with her tip. Unfortunately she's jumped the gun and the police dismiss her tipbut she knows something is hokey.When the lady of the house disappears, apparently kidnapped, she finds herself on the suspect list and with the police [...]

    2. Fun and Funny!I just have to say that this series is so much fun to read. I get such a kick out of these characters I really do. When I first started this I really wasn't sure what kind of style it was going to be but once I began reading I was hooked. Maggie is a housewife who likes to clean and eventually ends up starting a cleaning business, from which chaos ensues. I have to give major props for Jennifer Hart, thank you Ms. Hart for sharing your talent and heart with us, it is very much appr [...]

    3. Love these storiesThese are interesting. Fun. And have a great deal of love, laughter and good mystery to them. Will read them all.

    4. Maggie is a cleaning lady that gets caught up in solving murder mysteries while trying to maintain a family life. Fun read, definitely interested in reading more of the series.

    5. A free Kindle download, lightweight mystery.Dagnab it. I was willing to overlook the plethora of typos and grammatical errors because it was a free book. I even forgave the mysterious statement that the protagonist sat on the couch with her feet tucked under her knees. Unless her legs bend backwards, I don't see how that could happen. Well, maybe she was sitting cross-legged, Indian-style; nevertheless, it needed more explanation if that was true. I was ready to give this book an "okay" rating u [...]

    6. This was back to the quality of "Skeletons in the Closet". I am really happy that I didn't let "Who Needs a Hero" convince me to skip this one. I think I liked this one even more than the first one. The emotions in this one felt a lot more raw. While it still had a lot of humor, I think the story pulled you through a lot more. I really liked the up and down movement of the main characters relationship with her husband and friends. I recommend that if you want to read these, just skip over Who Ne [...]

    7. I listened to the Audible version of this.Suzanne Ceretta does a great job narrating this farce.Maggie is an undercover cleaning lady.She cleans houses and listens to the dirty deeds of her employers for the local police.In this story she sees a suspicious fax and comes to a conclusion that her employers are in trouble.As usual she's not taken seriously and is even considered a suspect at times.Add marital issues to it and it's a confusing time all around.It's funny,it's gruesome and it's a must [...]

    8. Different but funny and thought provoking misadventuresDifferent but funny and thought provoking misadventuresSlow to start, almost stopped reading then the action picked up. Enough laugh out loud moments and learning to deal with real life bumps provided to keep a reader wondering what will happen next. Love and caring for family and friends gives this story depth. The positive interaction leaves you feeling good. The murder and mayhem are wild at times and unrealistic enough to be interesting. [...]

    9. Witty MysteryI love the series thus far and have even taken to using some of the laundry hags witty quips. The series is fresh, exciting, filled with "who done it" that changes every chapter. Trust me as a person who reads the plot on the description and figures out everything, this is a nice change of chasing the rabbit.Dialog vs description is perfect, no ongoing fillers of past book or about this book. Grammar and spelling are edited perfectly. Can be read as a stand alonebut you'll want more [...]

    10. Adventures of Maggie. Mom, part-time cleaning lady, part-time CI for the local police department. Cleaning other people's houses gets Maggie into some serious trouble that involves the Feds. If that wasn't enough to deal with, her best friend's marriage is crumbling, causing her to worry about the state of her own marriage. She and Neil see a therapist to work on their communication problems, which actually helps her solve the case.

    11. I am enjoying this series. Unusually, let me give you the low points first. Maggy's constant reference to her husband being a former SEAL can irritate but there is a good reason why she does it. More would be a spoiler, so I'll move on. The plot is not always realistic.However, the book is good fun and cuss-free. I'm putting my fantasy book on hold and going straight to the third one in the series

    12. Not the best mystery, but a fun continuation of a nice family as they continue to deal with living in his hometownin a deppressed economy. Maggie is still cleaning, still got her nose where it shouldn't be.or is it just coincedence that her clients might die after they hire her?The forest gets in the way of the trees in spots, but I do care about how this family learns to deal with it all

    13. This was a quick, fun mystery about a goofy housewife with a business degree, a retired SEAL husband, two young sons and a housecleaning service. I got this ebook for free. It was nothing close to food for the mind, but it did have some funny lines. A book to grab when you need to rest your brain. It probably deserves 2 1/2 stars.

    14. Love the seriesI Love the Laundry Hag Series. She is so good at getting herself into and out of trouble. She is very caring for her family and her friends and can be very trusting at times. She has a wonderful sense of humor and don't like being told what to do. Keep writing these comical mysteries because I finish one and can't wait to start the next one.

    15. i absolutely loved this second Hag book! Maggie and Neil are lovable characters that meet surprise at every turn. This is the 3rd book i have read by Jennifer L. Hart and she has rather quickly become one of my favorite authors :) Jenn, kudos on this book and please tell me there will be another 'Maggie' adventure soon!!!!! if the answer is no, then just humor me and tell me maybe lol

    16. So-soBook was ok, but really just got tedious. It just really didn't grab me. It wasn't a page-turner for me, urging me to see what was going to happen next. First book was much better.

    17. Fun and colorful mysteryFun and colorful mysterytake a quick trip into the life of one quirky cleaning lady as she combines work and sleuthing to enter into one calamity after another. Great fun.

    18. Good bookThis was entertaining reading. I love how her mind works. I will bet that the author has run a cleaning business or knows someone who does. She's got it down to a T. Funny and real at the same time.

    19. Most of the story was okay, but it's still solved-by-criminal. That and the sloppiness make it disappointing. Although the plot resolves, it ends with a hook on the personal life story. Not satisfying.

    20. entertaining second book in the series. We follow a wife on her journey to help the police solve some of the crazy crimes going on in her inner rich neighborhood. She seems to fall into more trouble than she helps solve, but its highly entertaining to read about. Can't wait to start book 3.

    21. This is a wonderful read by an author who knows how to keep your attention. The heroine is interesting as well as the plot that thickens as you read it. Enjoyed the book.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    22. Funny, crazy, plot-twisting fun. The adventures that "Uncle Scrooge" gets herself in are interesting to say the least. I would enjoy being her friend, never a dull moment. Looking for the next one is this series to read.

    23. SWEPT UNDER THE RUGAnother great book! The cleaning lady's in big trouble again! I have to get next book because I want to know her whole story. How she met her husband? Gotta see what her brother does! Lord I'm hooked!!

    24. TiringThis poor girl can't catch a break, or a killer. Too many non important character s in this book. I stayed with it but it was not, in my opinion, nearly as good as the first. I just felt sorry for her and her family.

    25. At first I found the author's style irritating and overwritten. It was as if she just discovered the simile and was bound and determined to use one in every paragraph. That being said, I did enjoy the twisting plot and the characters. The ending was a surprise. I will read another of her books

    26. Lighthearted, quick read with many grammatical errors. Hart needs to hire an editor or proofreader. The characters were fun and the crime solving was interesting, but I do have a problem with poor grammar and spelling.

    27. The first one seemed fine, I just didn't like Maggie, but in the second installment everything just became too bizarre. Too unbelievable. Maggie was anxious before, but now she's just crazy nervous over everything. What happened?

    28. Fun readFun readThis was an enjoyable book, funny and exciting detective novel. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.

    29. This is the second books in a series of cozies. I usually enjoy this type of series, but I found the characters in this book very annoying.cially the protagonist.

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