Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

Yasmine Galenorn / Mar 29, 2020

Ghost of a Chance Emerald O Brien single mother of two owns Chintz N China Tea Room where guests are served a blend of tea and tarot reading She never set out to be a detective but once word gets out that she can co

  • Title: Ghost of a Chance
  • Author: Yasmine Galenorn
  • ISBN: 9780425191286
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emerald O Brien, single mother of two, owns Chintz N China Tea Room, where guests are served a blend of tea and tarot reading She never set out to be a detective but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there s no turning back.It was a ghost There, at the foot of Emerald s bed A pen hovered above a piece of paper and scrawled these alarming worEmerald O Brien, single mother of two, owns Chintz N China Tea Room, where guests are served a blend of tea and tarot reading She never set out to be a detective but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there s no turning back.It was a ghost There, at the foot of Emerald s bed A pen hovered above a piece of paper and scrawled these alarming words I was murdered by my husband but nobody knows Help me True, Emerald was considered town witch but owned a teashop, not a detective agency What did the spirit expect After another darker entity emerges, bent on destroying her world and her family with it, Emerald s life takes a screeching detour onto a wild and dangerous road As she careens into a web of lies and secrets woven around her ghostly visitor, death strikes again Now, along with her friends ex supermodel, cop, and new love interest Emerald must search for clues to put the killer behind bars and this tortured soul to rest.

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        Yasmine Galenorn is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of the Otherworld Series Sisters of the Moon , the Fury Unbound Series, the Whisper Hollow Series, and the Fly By Night Series In the past, she also wrote the Indigo Court Series, two mystery series and eight nonfiction metaphysical books She is now turning toward the indie side of publishing and bringing out her own work.Yasmine is a caffeine junkie and describes her life as a blend of teacups and tattoos the former in her china closet, the latter on her skin.She is a shamanic witch, has been married to Samwise Galenorn since 1993, is the mother of four cats, and they reside in Kirkland WATE ALWAYS check the website and blog, and please sign up for her newsletter there to keep current with new and upcoming releases Facebook and Twitter are NOT viable places to find out all this information.


    1. Meh, hopefully I enjoy the future books more since I bought the first five at once.I like the paranormal aspect - the protagonist is already familiar and comfortable with her abilities. She has a successful tea shop in a small town, which isn't as interesting as you'd think - she mainly sells china pieces and sets, but it's fun to see her randomly drink tea throughout the book, make it an important ritual with what pieces she chooses for the tea, but besides that it's in the background.I think m [...]

    2. I can't decide if I enjoy this or not. This is mostly because the book is full of contradictions, almost like the author couldn't make up her mind about anything. Such as:The main character, Emerald, keeps saying she wishes she knew more about how to deal with ghosts, but she hasn't bothered to read through her grandmother's diary that's essentially a how-to guide.Her children are the most important thing in the world to her ("Take care of my babies!") but she spends the whole book yelling at th [...]

    3. Story couldn't hold my attention. The diaglogue seemed too over the top for the story and didn't hold relevance to the plot. I mean, really, when you have a ghost of a murdered woman showing up in your house with an evil spirit tagging along, who gives a flying crap about decorating a Christmas tree????

    4. [image error]★★★★☆ I liked this one quite a bit, but maybe that is because I’ve always wanted to own a tea shop. And live in a small town. Or perhaps I rated this higher than other readers because I didn’t buy it but borrowed it from the library. I also like a little romance with my mystery, so this was just my cuppa tea (forgive the pun). Told in the first person POV, divorcée Emerald, and her two children, are likable characters. (Perchance too likeable for some?) So are her fri [...]

    5. It took me a little while to get into this book. I even thought about putting it on hold, and picking it up at a later date. I'm glad I stuck with it, because the story was well worth it. I loved the fact that the heroine- Emerald O'brien was an almost 40 yr old, single mother of 2 children, who owned her own business. Sometimes its nice to read about a heroine who's a little more mature. I like the setting that Galenorn created too. I think fans of paranormal cozy mysteries would really enjoy t [...]

    6. 5 starsLiked the introduction of Emerald, Kip, and Miranda. Glad that Emerald has friends to lean on. Also glad that she was able to solve Susan's murder. Good that she found Andrew. Hope her tea shop will prosper. Can't wait to read Legend of the Jade Dragon!!!!

    7. I kept going back to this book and trying to finish it. I never made it. I didn't quite connect with the main character and the plot/story never managed to pull me in or make me care one way or another.I am rather surprised by my dislike of this book and inability to fully finish it. For one thing I like her sisters of the otherworld series and its rare for me to find a book that I don't finish, no matter how much I dislike it.It may just be, that cozy mysteries aren't for me.--Aileene

    8. 7. ****Ghost of a Chance (Chintz n’ China No 1) by Yasmin GalenornEmerald O'Brien is the owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room, located in Chiqetaw, WA. She’s a recently-divorced mom to two brilliant adolescents, the “town witch,” and a reluctant detective. She can see dead people, and those who died unsettled come to her for help. She’s aided in the cause by her two bffs, a recovering anorexic former super model, and a Cherokee deputy sheriff. A ghost asks her for help in solving a mu [...]

    9. Excited to find her Fiction!Many years ago, while still hunting down "book-learning" in the Craft, I ran across a couple of Yasmine Galenorn's non-fiction books being published when I was still digging around for different viewpoints (101 books were - and are - smothering the market), and I found hers to be fresh, more meaningful and wider reaching to my, by then, somewhat starved for new information mind. I especially loved some of her "recipes"; oh my, the luscious scents she can evoke with he [...]

    10. Emerald O'Brien is a single divorced mother of two who run a China and tea shop and also does tarot card readings. One night she is awakened by Susan Mitchell's ghost and asked to help prove that she was murdered by her husband. At the same time, Susan's family comes under attack from an evil spirit leaving her at a loss of how to identify the spirit, explain his fixation on her family, or even begin to figure out how to banish him. Stacked all that on top of normal life and a busy holiday seaso [...]

    11. The protagonist of this book uses her witchy skills to solve two murders. For my taste that was enough for one book, however she also must repair a spell gone wrong, complete recovery from her divorce and do a few other things as well - too much for one book - otherwise, I did enjoy it.

    12. *spoilers*Since finally finished this book I have been trying to write a review for it for a few weeks with the question ‘Did I really not like it that much?’ at the forefront of my mind. The story features Emerald O’Brien, the owner of a china tea shop and town witch, who is also a single mother to two children Kip and Miranda. The story starts off with her being visited by the ghost of Susan Mitchell who asks her to help prove that her husband had murdered her, the following day Susan pa [...]

    13. I’m aware Yasmine Galenorn has numerous witch fans and I enjoy that fare too. Spirits and natural abilities are my top subject. When I encountered this ghost and medium series, I became excited to collect“Ghost Of A Chance” and its sequels in their entirety. This review will seem odd because it isn’t high but I feel certain of becoming a fan. I think it wise to cut a break for first volumes. I’ll explain what missed the mark for me, in concert with what I look forward to.We delve insid [...]

    14. It took me a little bit to get into this. I usually love ghost stories, cozy mysteries, and romance which are all elements of this story. I thought that even with the chaotic events at the start of the book that it still started slowly.It ended up being a hook me into the light mystery and I found myself walking out the door 5 minutes late r than planned so that I could finish the book before class this morning. I definitely did not expect the murderer to be whom it is, this was a surprise.I'm g [...]

    15. I liked this though I didn't love it. I liked Emerald O'Brien and her two kids, Miranda and Kipling. I even liked her best friend Harlow Rainmark. I did not, however, like the overly detailed running of the china shop or the placement of her many cats. It took quite a while to get into the story and a lot of superfluous elements were injected that distracted from the story. Emerald's sudden romance with Andrew was strange and seemed rushed and rather forced. I just didn't feel the connection bet [...]

    16. Oh dear. I had high hopes that this would be a fun book, but alas. The main character is a single mom with 2 kids, and the plot looked interesting from the cover. However, I had trouble with the writing style in that there was no segue way into introducing new characters, they just immediately appeared without the reader developing any sort of feel for the character. I guess the author felt they were disposable, in that we didn't need to get to know them. That set the tone for the rest of the bo [...]

    17. I just couldn't get into this story. I found the protagonist kind of stupid. What on earth would possibly make you tell someone you just met you see ghosts. I skimmed some of this and then couldn't finish. Emerald (I hated her name, it's a jewel not a person) seem to argue a lot, with her kids and her boyfriend. I just didn't like her.

    18. Oh, cheesy summer fun, with witches and ghosts, and also romance and family time thrown in for reality's sake! I gotta love it! Christina, thought of you the whole way through this book. It's a must read for you! Writing is far from excellent, but the plot is certainly fun and it takes place near Seattle to boot! Thanks for letting me borrow it, Erin.

    19. This book started out ok, but then it got lame, predictable and all out stupid.I should have just not finished it, but hoped it would get better. It didn't.I won't waste my time with this series again.

    20. Parts were written as if she felt she had to include them and couldn't find a great way to do it, so they were just shoehorned in.Either go forward with it, making the book longer, or skip it altogether.

    21. I couldn't finish this. Hate to leave a book unfinished, but it was just so unpalatable. And the love interest came off as creepy.

    22. Slow, Boring. Too much talk about logistics (who was taking care if the kids, who was minding the shop, where the cats were). Skimmed the last 100 pages and that still took too long.

    23. Even though this is set before Christmas, a great read for around Halloween. Chock full of spirits (good and evil), magic, mystery, angst.The angst is not just settled on the teen daughter. The main character, Emerald, holds on to quite a bit of her own, so does her best friend, Harlowe; and Emerald's suitor, Andrew. I have a weird feeling about Andrew. He just does not sit well with me and I'm not sure why. There for a brief moment I thought he might turn out to be the culprit.The main characte [...]

    24. I always enter into self-published books cautiously. Often they're cheap to purchase and you get what you pay for. Often they are very promising but lack the polish that would have been inspired by a good, professional editor. (Those are the saddest cases, BTW; the stories that could have been SO goodif only.) Very rarely, I come across a story that the indie author has gotten right without the assistance of a professional editor. This book is one of the latter. Despite some pretty incredible ci [...]

    25. I have to say, I HATE finishing a book. It's my least favorite thing to do. But I did. I finished this one. Ghost of a chance by Yasmine Galenorn. It's not secret she is my favorite author. And this, well this is a paranormal mystery. Also her first published work that wasn't a "how to" so to speak. It is engaging, and suspenseful. Emerald is quirky and I think she comes across as an old soul. I love that she is witchy and can see through the veil. Her kids play into this story so well, and a be [...]

    26. Emerald O'Brien is the owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room where guests are served the perfect blend of teas and tarot readings. She never set out to be a detective, but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there's no turning back When the ghost of Susan Mitchell asks for Emerald's help in convicting her own murderer, Emerald can't refuse. Along with her friends-an ex-supermodel and a cop-and her new love interest, Emerald must search for clues to put the killer behind ba [...]

    27. I received a free copy for a voluntary review. I know this series has been out for a while, but when Ms. Galenorn re-released them, I had to read them. I enjoy mysteries as much as the paranormal romance novels. In Ghost of a Chance, we're introduced to a woman named Emerald who owns the Chintz 'N China tea room, does tarot card readings, and can communicate with the dead. A ghost named Susan Mitchell wants help to find who killed her and bring them to justice. This is not an easy quest when you [...]

    28. I like parts of this book but some of it bothered me. For some reason I wasn't able to figure out, the relationship between Emerald and Andrew bothered me, I don't see them working out. The relationship started during trama and they don't seem to know relate during calm times. Why would she accept a date from someone else.Another thing that bothered me was the punishment of the son for opening the portal that caused injury to many people and all the problems. The daughter who rightly gets mad at [...]

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