Rumspringa Break

Rumspringa Break

Kristina Ludwig / Jan 17, 2020

Rumspringa Break Brand new Amish Teen Fiction From Kristina Ludwig author of best selling teen short story A First Time for Everything Rebekah is stellar at caring for the animals on her family s farm and even bette

  • Title: Rumspringa Break
  • Author: Kristina Ludwig
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  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brand new Amish Teen Fiction From Kristina Ludwig, author of best selling teen short story A First Time for Everything Rebekah is stellar at caring for the animals on her family s farm, and even better at eluding Jakob, the neighborhood boy who has a massive crush on her But she s never ventured out of her ultra strict Amish community in Pennsylvania All that changesBrand new Amish Teen Fiction From Kristina Ludwig, author of best selling teen short story A First Time for Everything Rebekah is stellar at caring for the animals on her family s farm, and even better at eluding Jakob, the neighborhood boy who has a massive crush on her But she s never ventured out of her ultra strict Amish community in Pennsylvania All that changes when she and her twin sister Mercy turn sixteen Now, it s time to embark on Rumspringa, the rite of passage for Amish teens Together, the girls discover the outside world, dressing in English clothes, cruising to the city, and partying with college students Rebekah meets a stunning pre veterinary student named Braeden, who encourages her to follow her dreams of becoming a veterinarian As her appreciation of the English lifestyle blossoms, Rebekah is faced with a massive dilemma How can she pursue a college education and still remain accepted by her Amish community Can she and Braeden overcome their cultural differences and build a relationship and will her family and friends still talk to her if they do Grab your copy today to find out

    What is Rumspringa Amish America Rumspringa, or running around , is the term used to describe the period of adolescence Amish experience starting at around age Rumspringa has been described in books and films, to varying degrees of accuracy There are numerous misconceptions about Rumspringa, which is a formative time for Amish youth. Common myths about Rumspringa Rumspringa Welcome To Lancaster County Rumspringa Rumspringa which is the German term for running around is an important rite of passage occurring between courtship and marriage in which which community rules are relaxed and Amish teens are allowed to experience worldly activities before deciding to commit to the Amish church. Why Taking A Year Off Work Is Easier Than You Think Rumspringa is an Amish tradition where young people are allowed to live life on their own terms before they return to their traditional lifestyle an equivalent of the pre college gap year A gap tmz.vo.llnwd Jul , , PM to Chloe Dykstra Some things have recently come to my attention and I believe I have a much accurate picture about everything that s been going on particularly with you and Sam. Single Rider It s the hottest day of the year at Lucky Land Amusement Park in Lancaster County, PA Abigail, Sarah, and Moira three Amish girls from a nearby community arrive at the park for their very first day of Rumspringa, the year in an Amish teenager s life when they Restricted Fantasies Volume Kevin Kneupper Restricted Fantasies Volume Kevin Kneupper on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Are you living in a simulation If you aren t now, you soon will be The technology is fast approaching How do Amish discipline children Amish culture stresses obedience and submission These characteristics are instilled in Amish children by their parents from a young age In order to achieve this, Amish adhere to the spare the rod, and spoil the child admonition of Solomon. Walkabout The term walkabout is commonly used to characterize indigenous Australian people as highly mobile over the short term In the case of Indigenous Australia, life cycle stages, such as traditional rites of passage, seem to influence the motivations for movement than the frequency of movement But non aboriginal employers did not fully understand the abrupt leaving and returning as a valid New Girl a Titles Air Dates Guide epguides Feb , A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series New Girl. Uberendurancesports no need to race in Lederhosen Dirty German Endurance Fest K, K Miles Pennypack Park, Philadelphia, PA Saturday, May th Runner Limit sold out years in a row proudly supports Pennypack Park

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        What can I say I love reading and writing, and have been doing both for as long as I can remember I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Pittsburgh, and practiced as a pharmacist for six years before retiring to become a full time YA author, blogger, and writing coach I just published Book 1 of the Amish in College series, Amish Faith Rebekah s Book This new series is a spinoff of my best selling Amish Hearts books, so if you liked them, Amish in College is definitely worth a look Also, check out my two latest contemporary YA novels, Winner and Unlucky 13 They re equal parts drama and romance, and I think you ll love them I m currently hard at work on Book 2 of the Amish in College series I m also writing a companion to Winner Check out my website kristinaludwig for release dates and links to my other books.I adore blogging My blog, Random Inspirations, includes posts about my random reflections, as well as creative writing samples, writing tips and tricks, and book reviews I also have a section in my blog called The Journey, which chronicles my journey as a self published YA author I feel like my blog lets me reach out to other writers and help them in their journeys as well I live in California with my husband Antonio, with whom I ve just launched a new YouTube show, Business, Publishing, and Life In my spare time, I love playing the piano, going to the beach, swimming, shopping, cooking, traveling, and yoga.


    1. I downloaded this book because it was free for the Kindle and it caught my interest. Sadly, it didn't really live hope to the hope I had for it. I think the biggest problem was the length. This book is short. Extremely short. There are nineteen chapters, but each chapter felt incredibly short as well. The biggest problem with the length was how awkwardly the book cut off. It didn't end. It just stopped. I know there's more to this series, but honestly, I'm guessing that could have just been adde [...]

    2. Oh, what is it great to be young, innocent and so full of unbridled passion for life. It brings back long forgotten feelings and memories of my youth. Rumspringa, for the Amish, is a time of discovery, comparison and reflection and an opportunity to make an informed decision of a member’s future. When the age of sixteen is reached, the reins of the parents are loosened and the children are given an opportunity to experience life outside of the Ordnung. This is done in the belief that this newl [...]

    3. Rumspringa Break isn’t the type a book you see every day. It’s an Amish love story. Despite the different topic, I quite enjoyed the storyline and the different characters. I really enjoyed the fact that the story was first person. It really puts things into perspective. The fact that she was able to express her emotions that way was way better than if the story was to be in third person. I think that Kristina really did her research for this book. The Amish isn’t something that people rec [...]

    4. Rumspringa is a term that some Amish youth use in association with their right of passage. It usually begins when they are 14-16 and lasts until they decide whether to be baptized into the Amish church or leave the community completely.This is the story of a young Old Order Amish girl named Rebekah and the English boy Braedon that she falls in love with during her Rumspringa. Because of their different beliefs and cultures this story will keep you interested to see if they can make their dreams [...]

    5. Fast-paced, page-turner! The story jumps straight into the action, where 16 year old Amish twin girls, explore the outside world for the first time, on Rumspringa. They end up at a college party And their lives and dreams may never be same again.The author elegantly tackles the intricacies of being a teenage girl, developing boy crushes, and dealing with cultural differences. My favorite book to date by Kristina. I'm looking forward for the next part of the series!

    6. This is a coming of age story of a young Amish girl Rebekah and English boy Braedon. Because of different beliefs and cultures this story of impossible love will make you keep reading to see if they can make their dreams come true and overcome their differences. Would especially recommend it for young women.

    7. Positives: Well written, likable characters and engaging story. A good quick read.The problem: I really don't like books that end abruptly and expect you to buy the next one in the series to find out what happens, which is how this one ends.

    8. Just okay for meI've read many Amish themed books. This one was okay to me, nothing great. I realized before reading it was a novella. Yet, I couldn't help but want there to be more. Even a novella can hold more storytelling than this one did.

    9. Because I read this series completely backwards, I know what happens with these characters. However, I am still enjoying the stories very much. I am learning about Rumspringa which has not been talked about in a lot of the Amish books I have read. These stories are so wonderful and full of life.

    10. Good storythis book has a good story line, that is completely fictional but enjoyable to read. the characters are very believable and you can easily picture them at the college party, college campus, etc. a good story to read of you enjoy Amish Stories. this is a short story

    11. I’m not sure if referring this novella as a contemporary Amish story, but it certainly fits.The story starts off the night before Rebekah’s 16th birthday. She is all knotted up inside because of her anxiety of experiencing English life for the first time. The story moves along at the perfect pace to capture all of what she is feeling as she experiences all the ‘first times’ during her Rumspringa.Great character development from the very first sentence. Having the ability to immerse yours [...]

    12. This book was all right, but the whole story seemed a bit immature, as if the 16-year-old main character wrote it herself. While at times writing that way can be extremely talented, this one just seemed not well written. There are more in this series, but I definitely will not waste time or money with them.

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