At All Costs

At All Costs

David Weber / Aug 18, 2019

At All Costs What price victoryThe war with the Republic of Haven has resumed disastrously for the Star Kingdom of Manticore Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington Steadholder and Duchess Harrington the single victo

  • Title: At All Costs
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What price victoryThe war with the Republic of Haven has resumed disastrously for the Star Kingdom of Manticore Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the single victorious Allied commander of the opening phase of the new war, has been recalled from the Side System to command Eighth Fleet Everyone knows Eighth Fleet is the AlliaWhat price victoryThe war with the Republic of Haven has resumed disastrously for the Star Kingdom of Manticore Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the single victorious Allied commander of the opening phase of the new war, has been recalled from the Side System to command Eighth Fleet Everyone knows Eighth Fleet is the Alliance s primary offensive command, which makes it the natural assignment for the woman the media calls the Salamander But what most of the public DOESN T know is that not only are the Star Kingdom and its Allies badly outnumbered by the Republic s new fleet, but that the odds are going to get steadily worse Eighth Fleet s job is to somehow prevent those odds from crushing the Alliance before the Star Kingdom can regain its strategic balance It s a job which won t be done cheaply Honor Harrington must meet her formidable responsibilities with inferior forces even as she copes with tumultuous changes in her personal and public life The alternative to victory is total defeat, yet this time the COST of victory will be agonizingly high.At the publisher s request, this title is sold without DRM DRM Rights Management.

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        David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name is an homage to C S Forester s character Horatio Hornblower and her last name from a fleet doctor in Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander Her story, together with the Honorverse she inhabits, has been developed through 16 novels and six shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2013 other works are in production In 2008, he donated his archive to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.Many of his books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of recent books, in the form of sample chapters typically the first 25 33% of the work cmillan author davidw


    1. I do not agree with the reviews which assert that Weber needs an editor to reduce the level of detail in this book. Personally I enjoy very detailed novels which create entire worlds. Worlds that give the impression that they are going concerns and that the reader just happens to be popping in for a time.On the other handI do believe that Weber needs an editor to clean up his maddening repetition of certain phrases.On the other handWhile I enjoy many of the characters in the series, most of the [...]

    2. Interesting book. Creative, well-written and very frustrating. Mainly because a lot of the plot developments stemmed from decisions that were out of character for lots of characters, in the interest of making things very dramatic, but totally unnecessary. First, the idiotic war that the sane, sympathetic, extremely intelligent people kept going for no good reason. At the very least, the last battle should've been turned into a demand for peace talks instead of attempted annihilation. Add to that [...]

    3. FBC rv from 2010 which for some reason I completely forgot to add here:INTRODUCTION: At All Costs is the 13th chronologically and the 11th and probably the last mostly-Honor novel from the Honorverse since it essentially ends the original series that started with On Basilisk Station and featured in the first two volumes the last three years of the decades old cold war between Manticore and Haven, while from volume three on we have seen the two actual naval wars spanning some 18 years of the seri [...]

    4. Somehow after reading several Neal Stephenson novels, Weber's verbosity has become More irritating, not less. Stephenson's critics complain that he needs a good, strong, editor, but after reading the Quicksilver series I really don't know what I'd cut. On the other hand, it would be simplicity itself to scale back a Harrington novel by 30% or more. Seriously, do we Really need a blow-by-blow on a signed treecat conversation?! The other traditional complaints apply as well: Harrington is more tha [...]

    5. I admire this series and the universe Weber has created, but I was sadly disappointed in this book. It was frustrating to watch a conflict not between good and evil, not even between peoples with clashing values or goals, but between two sets of rational, peace-desiring governments goaded into war by the actions of a malicious third party. It was incredibly annoying that the origins and motivations of this third party come from a companion series (which I haven't read) and are only shallowly exp [...]

    6. The story is good and the writing is on par with the other books.But I cannot overlook what I feel is a complete betrayal of both his characters and his readers. Towards the end, a group of recurring and main characters are suddenly remarkably stupid and completely contrary to how they have acted in the last TEN books. Maybe/maybe/ Weber's mind there really was a reason for Elizabeth's friends & advisors to suddenly become imbeciles. If there was, it should have been in the book long as the [...]

    7. Yes! This is what we want. Weber has abandoned history and gone back to storytelling. And a very good story it is.He fills in just enough back story to fill in the new reader, but generally avoids multipage data dumps. The characters have enough depth to be engaging. The action is believable, even if the scale is overwhelming.The pregnancy issue was too easily and too early resolved, perhaps because it would have distracted from the main plot, but like is messy like that. And, yes, Murphy’s La [...]

    8. First read October 18, 2010.And that title just ain't kiddin'! It was all costs in this installment. A Grayson-style marriage, assassinations and deaths from battle (I'm still crying over three of 'em!), births.'s got 'em all. Reverend Sullivan does a nice end run in this onehee-hee-heeeee.Shadow of Saganami takes place during the action in this one. That Oversteegen sure gets aroundAnd the battle to end all battlesbut who has won in the end?

    9. Of all the Honor Harrington books, this is the one that most makes me want to IMMEDIATELY pick up the next book. I cannot grasp the repurcutions that will be explored in the next book

    10. Right. I have invested the time to read ten books in this series. I have loved it. Yes, it is cheesy. Yes, Honor has everything - maybe she's too capable, too perfect. That has been irrelevant. The Honorverse has been a lovely place to spend time. I even bought that her new planet would have a population of people living plural marriages. However. Whatever you may feel about plural marriage, the character that Mr. Weber has created is a strong, independent woman. She has a strength and focus as [...]

    11. Another good instalment of the sci-fi story that never ends! (Pro-long the drug that grants spacers long life and apparently the books that go with them.)I like it and, it is more of the same that I like. The story moves forward but does not conclude and things blow up! What else do you need from a sequell?

    12. reading this book was an emotional roller coaster, but after 10 books you feel like you know all the characters and you just feel everything they feel

    13. David Weber had a great thing goingHoratio Hornblower in space. If you have never read any CS Forester, stop and go get some.Through many adventures and battles we have seen our heroine evolve. But now it has gone too far. The war, the background politics, the enemies and the adversity. All have been a great part of the series. Treecats and their powers have been fascinating. But Honor is now super goddess. There is no other like her. She shall never die, and anything good that can happen will h [...]

    14. These are more comments and ramblings instead a thought out review.One thing that I never really bought was the romance between Honor and Hamish Alexander. It always felt rather shallow for me. It could be the fact that he loves his wife, Emily (the token martyr sue in this scenario - beautiful, talented, beloved and crippled), but still has this 'passion' for Honor. I don't know, as a romance reader, it's not the polyamory that feels like a stretch, but the way it's written. Honor seems to have [...]

    15. I had a hard time deciding how I felt about this installment of the series. (view spoiler)[I thought the miscommunication and political intrigue between Manticore and the Havenites that brought them so close to peace but ended with horribly senseless destruction was interesting and unexpected. I was waiting for them to get together to stand against their common enemy and I definitely thought the last battle would end with a mutual stand-down and agreement to talk about peace. That didn't happen [...]

    16. It's the big climax to the Havenite wars and it doesn't really disappoint. Even though it's rather slow moving at points (there's a lot of pointless conversations about stuff the readers already know) and the Weber infodump machine is in overdrive (honestly, we don't need you to show us the math every time somebody fires a missile) this is still one of the better books in the series. Why, given those negatives? Well, mostly because of the emotional payoff. You can call it cheaply manipulative if [...]

    17. Another in the Seemingly unending number of books in the Honor Harrington/Honorverse books. For me when this series started it was good Pulp Sci-Fi. A nice, easy and quick read that was very enjoyable. As the series has gone on it has grown to the point were it is attempting to work in complex political issues with a number of characters the come up again and again in different places and positions of power. This aspect of the series doesn't bother me to any great extent, but the authors seeming [...]

    18. Change from my previous comment "was a complex story". Until the last that isAfter 800+ pages of building tension towards either an accidental peace between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven, David Weber chose instead a rather rushed and anti-climatic final battle where destroyed 4 space fleets a couple of semi-major supporting characters and several million unknown crew members from both sides all within a less than tidy 40 page Ultimate Showdown. Probably NOT my most favo [...]

    19. As I've been re-reading this series (and then moved on to the books I hadn't read before like this one), I've noticed that they have gotten longer, and the plot considerably more complicated. In some ways, this is a good thing, but there has been somewhat less of the sort of "Hornblower in Space" experience that I first loved about the series. While this book is a good installment, and certainly had more excellently written battle scenes, I also felt that not having read the books outside the "m [...]

    20. Dropping down to a two - the whole thread about the baby and the 3-way marriage was pointless. In fact, in the 'next book' Honor seems to spend more time swimming laps than being with her kid. It just didn't fit.Plus both Queen Elizabeth and Haven President Pritchart both act like idiots, condemning millions to death by being selfish better they either both resign, or dress in a bikini and engage in a mud-wrestling match.Plus the military action is dishonorable - like kicking your enemy's littl [...]

    21. Good golly! It's 27 discs! This could take a while, and it did!Parts of this book are terrific, specifically the battle sequences, Honor's personal relationships, and the general scope of history. That being said, there are far too many characters, events, and endless expostulations--especially politics.There was a time when Weber wrote interesting, focused fiction. Mutineer's Moon and On Basilisk Station are two good examples. Now too often his novels are ponderous and unwieldy, both Manticore [...]

    22. This book takes everything you have been secretly hating about the series and tosses it into the spotlight.I actively hate 50% of the content of this book. You will regret reading this book. You will want to take a hatchet to half the cast.Let's be honest, though, if you've made it through the first 10, you'll grin and bear it. Half the book isn't terrible. And in the next few books, the parts you hate are gradually phased out to lower levels, where you can almost ignore them.Then you'll come ba [...]

    23. Some the sub-plots that are ongoing seem to distract from the main plot at times leaving the series feeling a bit stale. I actually rate this between 3 & 4 but not close to the latter. The personal side-bar aspects are not engaging enough to truly add to the book while some of the intrigue isn't highlighted enough to really bring enough tension. I did enjoy the action but wanted to see more of espionage to better build on all the political decisions.

    24. It's a torture to read. The crazy number of pages and the recycle of plot and dialogues. Everyone speaks the same stuff (literally the same dialogues), does the same boring things. There is not much of world building, the pages are wasted in and around the God Like character Honor has become. The focus is on her weird family and not on the universe. Only the last 150 pages save the novel for me. They were what i had started reading the series for- simple military action.

    25. okay honestly what the fuck. she's doing her commanding officer???? Oh let me do something shocking and suprising that will get the readers interested again yeahhhh!!! come on man what were you thinking really. let me guess writers block? getting tired of the series? needed your character to get some new devolpment bloody waste of my time.

    26. Really love this series. The many layers and story lines going on make it interesting and exciting. I'm glad the hint from the last book happened, so that part isn't annoying me any more :-) Don't want to spoil it for anyone not that far into the series yet.

    27. Ah, space opera. Is there anything better when you just need to escape? The Honor Harrington Series is one of my favorites, although I have to say that with this 10th (?) book, the franchise is starting to creak a little at the knees. But I don't care. Nope, I surely don't.

    28. The latest book in the Honor Harrington series falls flat. With the emergence of Honor's pregnancy, her complicated love life, and the uneasy status of war and peace, it is overly complicated and far removed from the original feeling of the series itself.

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