The Complete Poetry

The Complete Poetry

César Vallejo Clayton Eshleman Mario Vargas Llosa / Jun 19, 2019

The Complete Poetry This first translation of the complete poetry of Peruvian C sar Vallejo makes available to English speakers one of the greatest achievements of twentieth century world poetry Handsomely pres

  • Title: The Complete Poetry
  • Author: César Vallejo Clayton Eshleman Mario Vargas Llosa
  • ISBN: 9780520245525
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This first translation of the complete poetry of Peruvian C sar Vallejo 1892 1938 makes available to English speakers one of the greatest achievements of twentieth century world poetry Handsomely presented in facing page Spanish and English, this volume, translated by National Book Award winner Clayton Eshleman, includes the groundbreaking collections The Black HeraldsThis first translation of the complete poetry of Peruvian C sar Vallejo 1892 1938 makes available to English speakers one of the greatest achievements of twentieth century world poetry Handsomely presented in facing page Spanish and English, this volume, translated by National Book Award winner Clayton Eshleman, includes the groundbreaking collections The Black Heralds 1918 , Trilce 1922 , Human Poems 1939 , and Spain, Take This Cup from Me 1939.Vallejo s poetry takes the Spanish language to an unprecedented level of emotional rawness and stretches its grammatical possibilities Striking against theology with the very rhetoric of the Christian faith, Vallejo s is a tragic vision perhaps the only one in the canon of Spanish language literature in which salvation and sin are one and the same This edition includes notes on the translation and a fascinating translation memoir that traces Eshleman s long relationship with Vallejo s poetry An introduction and chronology provide further insights into Vallejo s life and work.

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      • César Vallejo Clayton Eshleman Mario Vargas Llosa

        C sar Abraham Vallejo Mendoza was a Peruvian poet Although he published only three books of poetry during his lifetime, he is considered one of the great poetic innovators of the 20th century Always a step ahead of the literary currents, each of his books was distinct from the others and, in it s own sense, revolutionary Clayton Eshleman and Jos Rubia Barcia s translation of The Complete Posthumous Poetry of C sar Vallejo won the National Book Award for translation in 1979.


    1. My initial quest was to bring a literary souvenir from Perú and it seems I found out what would become a dear poet to me, a poet who will now remain close to my heart for times to come. Chance and fate have been playing unpredicted roles in my life lately.Peruvian expatriate César Vallejo was born in Santiago de Chuco, a small village in the northern Andes mountains in 1892. His life was forged in despair and alienation while he studied literature, law and medicine in Lima, where he was struck [...]

    2. On mother's day, on the 30th March this year, a present arrived for me, from Ursula, my wife and mother of my child, that put my measly pretence of a gift in the shade. The Complete Poetry of César Vallejo, a Peruvian poet from the early 20th century, was the last thing I would have expected, for I was not only woefully ignorant of him, but could not recall having ever heard of him before. Being no expert in poetry, and in fact, being in the case of poetry quite a light reader, I would in most [...]

    3. τον vallejo δεν τον λες εύκολο. αλλα και ποιόν άνθρωπο λες εύκολο;

    4. He may be my favorite all-time poet, but such grand proclamations are always problematic when you love so many other authors, like Rimbaud, Lorca, Rilke, Keith Douglas, Plath, Elizabeth Bishop, etc. All I know, is that I have just received this book in the mail today and it is everything and more than my expectations of joy had anticipated. It is good to have the immense thrill of discovery at this middle age of life. I have owned and loved the Posthumous Poetry for almost ten or more years and [...]

    5. The Complete Poetry: A Bilingual Edition is an enjoyable poetry book to read, even though some of these poems among Vallejo's four collections are not immediately crystal clear to the understanding. Even so, the translator Clayton Eshleman has rendered Ricardo González Vigil's Spanish edition of Vallejo into something melodious and sharp, i.e has kept close to Vallejo's words, meaning, and rhythm. The groups of poems contained here--Los Heraldos Negros, Trilce, Poemas Humanos, and España de M [...]

    6. However I imagine my lifeor imagine not having yet been born,I will not succeed in freeing myself.It will not be what is yet to come, butthat which came and has already left,but that which came and has already left.

    7. vallejo, at least throughout most of this book creates his own world(s). his syntax, lexicon, ummm, words, are a unique creation orbiting around his sense of hubris, eros, and tragedy. he conveys a fine tuned, vast, parsed sense of emotion. and oh! his sadness! and intensity, yet there is more to it than that for in this his words also translate an immense richness.on a different note, i just checked orwell's 'homage to catolonia' out from the library. vallejo's final grouping of poems, 'spain t [...]

    8. Cuando tengo un tiempo, lo agarro y leo sus poemas.Me he acostumbrado a no entender los poemas completamente. Hay una parte que siempre queda varada, a la espera de que el lector haga lo suyo y aporte un significado propio a las series de versos.Los cortes y desorganizaciones gramaticales chocan en un primer momento, se pelea con la legibilidad. Los mismos poemas, en sus detalles, obligan a un ritmo de lectura lento y repetitivo. Es por eso que el libro ha encontrado su lugar en la cómoda de mi [...]

    9. Seria difícil comprendre perquè el nom de César Vallejo segueix sent tan sovint ignorat si no fos perquè el seu art, la poesia, pateix un cert descredit, essent com és la forma més pura i experimental de literatura i, per tant, la menys accessible al públic general. D'altra manera no s'explica que, en canvi, tothom coneixi Picasso, el Guernica del qual seria el millor equivalent visual a l'España, aparta de mí este cáliz de Vallejo.Un breu repàs:Los heraldos negros és un llibre prou [...]

    10. Tremendo silogismo en el plato lunáticoporque los hombres andan clavando en sus espaldasla luciérnaga hervida de sus sudores.Una esquina en la página ropa,el baile de los dados formando diminutos,toda la cenicienta en la frente rumbosa,en la palma difusa, en la blancura rota.Vallejo sedicioso, sediento vagabundode suelas como alas gastadas de desuso,osamenta macilenta de caricia amarilla,en tiempo ya no gira, ya no mueve su cola.(JDM a CV)

    11. Favorites:From The Black Heralds: The Spider, Pilgrimage, Of the Earth, The Poet to His Lover, Summer, September, Dregs, The Black Cup, Plaster, Love, and Epexegesis.From Trilce: 3, 8, 51, 52, 54, and 75.From Human Poems: The Low Point in Life, I Am Going To Speak of Hope, The Need to Die, Intensity and Height, Guitar, The Nine Monsters, and The Wretched.From Spain, Take This Cup From Me: 3, 5, Short Prayer for a Loyalist Hero, Mass, and 14.

    12. This may be the most impressive collection of poetry I have ever opened. It is overwhelming at times, and Vallejo's relative obscurity in the Anglophone world - despite the existence of this book - speaks to the near total disappearance of poetry from a place of a cultural relevance or importance.This is the sort of poetry one can study and enjoy and dip into for a lifetime.

    13. Some of the translations are hilariously awful - humerus bones instead of shoulders? -but the poems themselves are so powerful and original that they transcend the translator'sidiocies. A beautiful book.

    14. Vallejo habla sobre Dios, la muerte, la vida, la familia, el Perú, la guerra, cosas cotidianas y también reflexiona mucho más allá. Modernismo y vanguardismo. Su poemario Trilce rompe todos los esquemas. Mis poemas favoritos: Te vas, Comunión, Heces, Trilce, Espergesia y Masa.

    15. One of the most important books to be published in English in the last 100 years. Vallejo is a longtime favorite poet of mine--my very favorite. My book review of this gathering of Vallejo appears in the 2007 issue of Talisman.

    16. a really massive book that manages to feel rather light, I'm not finished with it yet, and sometimes I forget that I'm reading it-- even if its in my hands. But at the same time a real presence is registered. Hauntingly beautiful, at once ultramodern and ancient

    17. One of the most amazing collections of poetry ever assembled. His poetry inspired pretty much everyone who is writing poetry today. Clayton Eshlemen was haunted by Vallejo until he got these translations right (literally) and, in my humble opinion, it was worth the 50 years it took him to do so.

    18. No se me termina de dar esto de leer poesía, pero es definitivamente uno de los que más me han gustado. Particularmente me encantó 'Los heraldos negros'.

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