Famous in a Small Town

Famous in a Small Town

Diana Anderson / Jul 18, 2019

Famous in a Small Town The quiet town of Cypress Mississippi is turned upside down when a former citizen Raven Sawyer returns for a funeral Raven s fictional novel goes viral when the town folk realize that she s the aut

  • Title: Famous in a Small Town
  • Author: Diana Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781492791195
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • The quiet town of Cypress, Mississippi is turned upside down when a former citizen, Raven Sawyer, returns for a funeral Raven s fictional novel goes viral when the town folk realize that she s the author, and soon they re thinking that her book is not fiction but truth Every little dirty detail is revealed in her book and has the people of Cypress wagging their tongues aThe quiet town of Cypress, Mississippi is turned upside down when a former citizen, Raven Sawyer, returns for a funeral Raven s fictional novel goes viral when the town folk realize that she s the author, and soon they re thinking that her book is not fiction but truth Every little dirty detail is revealed in her book and has the people of Cypress wagging their tongues and shaking their heads at a few of the upper class citizens and the Sheriff.All Raven wants is to get through the funeral and go back to New York, but Sheriff Cal Rayburn can t allow her to leave after she discovers and turns over evidence that may be connected to a double homicide that he s investigating At least, that s the excuse he s giving her, and he ll go to any length to keep her in Cypress until he can make her believe that the affair, that she thinks he had six years ago, never happened.When dead bodies turn up, Cal feels they re connected to the double homicide, but with the evidence he has, he can t make a connection He s left with questions than answers He s told that Raven s novel may have answers to questions that could help with his investigation, but what it reveals is than what he wants to know.Famous in a Small Town is book one of An Entering Southern Country Novel trilogy It has murder, lies, fiction, and truth and twists and turns than the back roads of northwestern Mississippi Enter at your own risk.

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        I was born and raised in southeastern Oklahoma and now live in northwest Mississippi As a child, I made up stories in my head while working in the peanut fields on my father s farm during the long hot days of summer My high school English teacher encouraged me to put my imagination on paper Many years later, I submitted, Happy Valley and then the sequel, Mississippi Gambler Both have done quite well Although Faded Rose was the third novel released, it was the first novel that I had written I wrote Faded Rose as a form of therapy during a time in my life when I was struggling with personal issues Writing has always been therapy for me just as when I was a child and made up stories in my head Stories have always been my escape route I can go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything, and never get caught.


    1. Well written and fast moving! A very enjoyable tale full of suspense and the "unexpected". The characters were very realistic, so much so that the reader feels all the emotions and frustrations that tie together the lives of people in a small town.Raven, a well known author, writes a book drawing on her past ordeals as a child and teenager. Evil people surrounded her and finally cause her to leave town and start a new life. It was only when a murder was committed in her home town that she was fo [...]

    2. The best book that I've read in a long time.This is the best book I have read in a long time. I couldn't put it down. From the beginning of this book, it was a page turner. I would recommend this book to everyone. Great book!!

    3. Loved this book, it has an unusual start to it which I found compelling. The story was consistent, it was believable and a pleasure to read. Thank you

    4. This author brought her A-game. The characters were complex, as was the plot with lots of twists I never saw coming. And I am usually pretty good at predicting where a story is going. I remember stopping close to the end and having to reread a couple of paragraphs, thinking, "Wait, what just happened? No!!! Really? Wow!" And then reading it one more time just to make sure.I finished this two months ago and I still remember it pretty vividly. I liked how unpredictable the story was. Just when I t [...]

    5. This book was a well written piece and I really enjoyed reading it. The only downfall was the length, I think it was just way to long and that there certain things added to the book that I didn't think fit at all and could have been left out. At first I had a hard time getting into it because I was confused at all the different POV's but then towards the middle it started to all flow together and it picked up pace. Overall, it was a great book and I enjoyed the flow of the story line. I despised [...]

    6. Enough already.Enough already.Not sure what book every one else read, but I found this book to be a dark hole I couldn't crawl out of. The whole cast of characters are pathetic and unlikable. I'm reading reviews about twists and turns and wondering how anyone didn't see them coming. Oh, and the conversation between Lupe and Salvador reads just like the 1960's primers Dick and Jane. It was incredibly stereotypical and as stilted as dialogue can get. (Who really talks like that?) And last of all, [...]

    7. This is a story of buried secrets, love and loss. Raven Sawyer returns to Cypress, Mississippi for a funeral. She changed her name after she left Cypress and is now a famous author. She suffered many hurtful insults and grew up in poverty. She hopes to attend the funeral without being recognized. She is recognized and further she may know something about a double homicide. Her old boyfriend is now the Sheriff and forbids her to leave. I did like the ending and there were a lot of twists and turn [...]

    8. When I started this book I thought. Oh no. Too much going on. Too choppy. But decided to keep going. I am so glad I did. It was a complicated plot. Lots of characters and a lot of plot twists. But the author pulled it off without a hitch. A couple of inconsistencies and a few unanswered questions. Ok. One unanswered question but it did not take away from the book. Moved fast but the reader is not confused or lost. Loved this book.

    9. Riveting page turnerInitially thought there were too many characters in this story, but the author does an exceptional job bringing it all together. The hero and heroine are multidimensional and the author uses the cast of support characters to help the reader understand why the hero and heroine are the way they are. I rarely give 5 stars but feel this one deserves it. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

    10. Very well written and a delight to read. This book has suspense, romance, sadness and comedy. The chapters are short but at the end of each one is enough of a twist to make you want to keep reading. The many twists and turns throughout this book will keep you guessing because you cannot figure out the answer until it is written only to go on to a new twist. Brilliant author. Would read more of this authors books. Highly recommend!!!

    11. Entertainment galoreeds to be a movie! Comic relief.Truly entertaining throughout. I could see this as a movie as a comic mystery. I found myself giggling halfway thru with all the comic actions of the bad guys and bad gals.Diana Anderson's knows how to write "Southern style".

    12. This book had potential, but fell flat. The author left a lot to be desired & though the story was interesting, much of it was cliche & many sections were poorly written. It read more like a draft & would have been much better with proper editing & revising.

    13. Great mystery with more twists than a roller coaster. I was a little confused in the beginning with the strange caste of characters, but it didn't take long for the roles to develop and the plot to thicken.

    14. I loved this book. It was very entertaining && the commas were hilarious! I recommend this book for everyone!!!

    15. this is the second Diana Anderson book I have read. I likef the first, but I loved this one. Every time I thought she had wrapped up the story line there came a new twist.

    16. Great who done it has very surprising twist and turns just when you think you see the end coming your on the edge of your seat again

    17. Exciting.Excellent book. Keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next. Funny. Entertaining. Read in one day!

    18. GreatGreatthis was such an emotional book you felt the sadness and happiness as they occurrede people who were murders and sexual abusers

    19. A former citizen of Cypress, MS comes back to town for her father’s funeral. It doesn’t take long for them to realize she is an author and they all rush out to read her story, which is a very close facsimile to Cypress. They soon recognize each other in the story. The longer she is in town, the more the dead bodies show up. Once the sheriff reads the book it all falls into place. This is a funny twisty, turvy mystery. Lots of characters to keep up with and they are fun to read about! You'll [...]

    20. Absolutely Amazing Absolutely Amazing, once I started I couldn't put it down. From the 1st chapter I was not wanting to put the book down. Diana has made me hate, love, laugh and cry throughout the entire book. I highly recommend this series. Starting the next book in this series "Ghost in a small town " right away.

    21. More twists and turns than Missouri Highway 86 between Cassville and Blue Eye, this novel was nearly impossible to put down. A little slow getting started, but before too many chapters, I was totally engrossed. A lot of funny little incidents were included.

    22. An Interesting Read The storyline was intriguing; however, the book could use some editing when it comes to missing words and sentence variation.

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