I gatti del Seroster

I gatti del Seroster

Robert Westall Chiara Arnone / Feb 28, 2020

I gatti del Seroster Tra le tante pagine buie del nostro passato ce n una quasi dimenticata la grande persecuzione dei gatti che per secoli vennero barbaramente torturati e uccisi in tutta Europa proprio da questa realt

  • Title: I gatti del Seroster
  • Author: Robert Westall Chiara Arnone
  • ISBN: 9788804377320
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tra le tante pagine buie del nostro passato, ce n una quasi dimenticata la grande persecuzione dei gatti che per secoli vennero barbaramente torturati e uccisi in tutta Europa proprio da questa realt storica che Robert Westall ha preso spunto per narrarci l intricata e avventurosa vicenda degli splendidi Miw, i gatti dorati venuti dall Egitto, capaci di comunicare cTra le tante pagine buie del nostro passato, ce n una quasi dimenticata la grande persecuzione dei gatti che per secoli vennero barbaramente torturati e uccisi in tutta Europa proprio da questa realt storica che Robert Westall ha preso spunto per narrarci l intricata e avventurosa vicenda degli splendidi Miw, i gatti dorati venuti dall Egitto, capaci di comunicare con il pensieri e di influire sulla mente umana Insediati in un antica citt francese e fedeli alleati del suo Duca, saranno loro a guidare la riscossa contro un crudele usurpatore, finch le armate del gatto Amon e gli uomini di Cam, giovane vagabondo senza macchia e senza paura, si troveranno a combattere fianco a fiancoUn romanzo pieno di mistero, ambientato in un passato fantastico eppure riconoscibile, che ci insegner molto cose sui misteri dell anima felina.

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      • Robert Westall Chiara Arnone

        Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the database.Robert Westall was born in North Shields, Northumberland, England in 1929.His first published book The Machine Gunners 1975 which won him the Carnegie Medal is set in World War Two when a group of children living on Tyneside retrieve a machine gun from a crashed German aircraft He won the Carnegie Medal again in 1981 for The Scarecrows, the first writer to win it twice He won the Smarties Prize in 1989 for Blitzcat and the Guardian Award in 1990 for The Kingdom by the Sea Robert Westall s books have been published in 21 different countries and in 18 different languages, including Braille.From robertwestall


    1. This is one of those few childhood favourites that I don't seem to share with many people - but what's not to like about a historical fantasy with telepathic cats set in southern France?Englishman Cam of Cambridge is on the move again after his clever thinking gets him accused of witchcraft. Desperate for work, he's easily persuaded to carry a letter to a distant city - only to realise it has mysterious strings attached: a dagger he can't get rid of, and pursuers who want him dead. Hiding in the [...]

    2. "Rex, I gypped us some."The curious phrase that pops up at random in the mind of the main character throughout.I read this book long ago, when I was still young and wistful- and mostly because of the image of the attractive young man on the cover of the copy at my library.I then had to own it, and have re-read it on occasion, most recently being last summer. It intrigues, and does not disappoint.Robert Westall's tale opens the reader to a world where cats communicate with each other via thought- [...]

    3. One of the oddest books I've read, but at chapter 14, I'm giving up. What made me decide to stop trying to finish this book was the situation with the cats. It confused me and the writing when the cats communicated was annoying to read. My favourite parts of the book were those with Cam, but they were not good enough to make me get through the whole book. A shame, because I despise not finishing a book, but in this case, I'm not interested enough to see where the story is going.

    4. As good as when I read it as a child, although I did pine for a more definitive ending. I wonder if that was intentional to leave room for a sequel?Great adventure plot, though. Wasted on kids really ;)

    5. This is one of my all time favorite novels. I first picked up this book in the late 1980s as a middle school student. I have since read the story at least five times. Westall creates likeable characters and has a way of making the cats almost human. I always wished he would write a second book giving us more info about Cam and Amon's later adventures. Loved the fantasy setting and the ancient Egyptian mythology infused in this book. Writing this review makes me want to read it again. How "unfu!" [...]

    6. This book has taken me many many months to read, and I can't point at anything in particular that is 'wrong', but I really struggled to latch on to the story. Which is odd, because much younger me would have devoured it in a sitting or two, and it is very much along the lines of the kind of YA that I'm interested in reading (although -- civil war, so not so much). And had I read it as a child/teen, I'd probably be completely enamoured of it now, as a reread - because there are so many details to [...]

    7. Having read this many years ago I decided to give it another ago as an adult and I must admit that it was very enjoyable. Without giving too much away it is a mix of medieval adventure, mysticism and talking cats. Although originally a children's book I suppose it would now be classed as YA. There is some violence but nothing that I would consider too over the top.Whilst the chapters are not particularly long the writing is certainly not aimed exclusively at the younger reader - something I thin [...]

    8. This book is very cleverly written.It has elements of: a journey story, coming of age and finding your place in the world, magic and mystery, political struggles and oppression, natural mysticism.Cam, the hero, doesn't know what he's getting himself into, and he's battling against his own destiny as much as against his enemies. The reader of the book doesn't have a clue where it's going either.This book doesn't flinch from the brutal side of life - it's not one for the young or sensitive child.I [...]

    9. This is a fascinating YA novel by an author I've somehow missed. It's a kind of historical fantasy set in France early Tudor times. A very clever young Mr Fixit from England is caught up in the fate of a mysterious city where an ancient breed of Egyptian cats are trying to right a great wrong. There's nothing twee about these cats - they're dangerous and fey. Our hero foolishly accepts the gift of a knife which frees its previous owner from an unwanted life but ties the new recipient inexorably [...]

    10. I first read this twenty-some years ago when I was in high school and found it at the library. The story Bothered me (yes, with a capital B). I returned it, thought about it, and checked it out again and again. I lost track of how many times. But I was never fully able to stop thinking about Cam and all the cats.Flashing forward to a year ago. I remembered it, wanted to read it again. Of course the library's copy was long gone, so I bought a copy off the internet.And yes, it still Bothers me. An [...]

    11. Perhaps I was simply not in the mood for this novel. I went into it with high expectations, since I am somewhat of a Robert Westall fan, and while I found it ambitious and intriguing I felt that the performance was lacking. Read my full review on my blog soon.

    12. I first rad this book when I was about 11 - it is still my most favourite book and I still have a trusty copy to pick up and re-read whenever the mood takes me!

    13. I read this when I was 13 and remember loving it. Also that the principal cuss was "catsarse". Totally going to revisit as an adult and see what I think of it.

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