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Plausibility If something is plausible it s reasonable or believable Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn t real Aquilla Chavez w

  • Title: Plausibility
  • Author: Jettie Woodruff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If something is plausible, it s reasonable or believable.Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn t real Aquilla Chavez was raised by a loving father and a brother who may have loved her a little too much Aquilla was spoiled and adored, bringing cheer when disaster threatened a family She wasIf something is plausible, it s reasonable or believable.Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn t real Aquilla Chavez was raised by a loving father and a brother who may have loved her a little too much Aquilla was spoiled and adored, bringing cheer when disaster threatened a family She was exposed to a life of crime, all while lovingly being sheltered and protected from it Will she ever reclaim the one man who she believes to be the love of her life She didn t want to be where she was forced to be She wanted nothing to do with the person she was involuntary turned into Aquilla had one goal one goal that would save her from the catastrophic life she was suddenly thrown into She had to find him She had to try, or was this the plausibility of a life she was meant to have Was the life she was torn from the disastrous life Could this be where she was meant to be How would she ever know What if he found her What if she never saw him again What if she didn t want to If you are into lovey dovey, sappy romance, you should probably move on This book contains explicit sex, drugs, and adult language Not your typical every day romance.

    Plausibility Define Plausibility at Dictionary well spoken and apparently, but often deceptively, worthy of confidence or trust a plausible commentator. Plausibility Definition of Plausibility by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web The Oprah for president boom had a surface plausibility Richard Skinner, Vox, Is Trump making celebrity candidates less likely , Oct The plausibility of his idea is a matter of debate Concepcin De Len, New York Times, The Redemption of Chris Hughes, Feb The intensity of belief on the right has begun to vary inversely with The Plausibility of Life Resolving Darwin s Dilemma In this thought provoking and lucidly written book, Marc Kirschner and John Gerhart address one of the most interesting, important, and yet difficult dimensions of evolutionary science the origins of novelty. Plausible definition of plausible by The Free Dictionary plausible pl z b l adj Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable credible a plausible excuse Persuasive or ingratiating, especially in an effort to deceive Latin plausibilis, deserving applause, from plausus, past participle of plaudere, to applaud plau sibil ity, plau sibleness n plau sibly adv Purposes of Evaluations Plausibility, Probability, Adequacy Module Purposes of Evaluations Plausibility, Probability, Adequacy In general, there are three reasons why evaluations are conducted to determine plausibility, probability, or adequacy. The Plausibility Problem Ed Shaw The Good Book Company The Plausibility Problem The Church and Same Sex Attraction by Ed Shaw Biological Plausibility and Application to Risk Assessment apt pharmatox Biological Plausibility and Application to Risk Assessment Human Relevance and Dose Response Analysis apt pharmatox Giant Giants from Latin and Ancient Greek gigas, cognate giga are beings of human appearance, but of prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures.The word giant, first attested in , was derived from the Gigantes Greek of Greek mythology. In various Indo European mythologies, gigantic peoples are featured as primeval Same Sex Attraction and the Church The Surprising Same Sex Attraction and the Church The Surprising Plausibility of the Celibate Life Ed Shaw, Vaughan Roberts on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The Gospel Coalition Top Books of in Christian Living Tim Challies Top Books of ProdigalThought s Top Reads of Leadership Journal s Best Ministry Books of the Year When Christians have same sex attraction Exclusive Russian linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan Oct , A number of Russian linked Facebook ads specifically targeted Michigan and Wisconsin, two states crucial to Donald Trump s victory last November, according to

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    1. Sex, Drugs and Family about sums it up but I guess I could give ya a little more than that.First 35%4 starsAMAZING!!! I LOVED it!!!!! Julius was panty dropping HOT!!! I enjoyed learning the past and the present of his and Aquilla's relationship. They are brother and sister but not blood related, however the father treats her as she was really his own. Julius and his father run some shady businesses, drugs and sex slaves or as they are known in the book "chattel." Julius trains the chatt [...]

    2. Ok, so now I am kind of depressed because I want to read another Jettie Woodruff book, but I think these are the only two "darkish" books she has written. (Now that I have written the review, I have read yet another wonderful book by Jettie that skirts the edges of the dark side titled, ALL FOR MADDIE, so that makes a trifecta of 5 star reviews from me :-) 3 out of 3 ain't bad!)Jettie Woodruff writes a really great story and I do mean really great! Although the story is labeled as dark on some s [...]

    3. 3.5This is one of those books you like, but not sure why. I had a hard time dealing with the writing style from the beginning. It gave me such a headache, that I even thought about not finishing it. I hate a feeling like somebody is retelling me a story while I read the book, but without retelling. I really tried to ignore it, because I simply loved the story. Jumping to different POV's, literally every paragraph, was annoying. If there was somebody new in the scene, the next paragraph will be h [...]

    4. I LOVED this book! I didn't know what to think starting this one, but was soon pleasantly surprised. The relationship between Quill and Julius melts my heart. He raised her as a father would as a brother would. He was everything to Quill and even though their love was taboo, it was so right. The scenes of when they were young are some of the sweetest I have ever read. "He reminded her about their make believe wedding when she was seven Every stuffed animal she had attending their wedding. "They [...]

    5. I love this book! And its hard to explain why because at some point I have miss julius and doubted if he will came back. But i love the chemistry of quill and julius. The care and love when they were "sibling", the the intense attraction when the grew older. They are both quite endearing even if they are both tough, stubborn and domineering. I also love the ending. Perfect HEA.I commend the writing. The reason i want to go on when i'm pissed and missing julius. The slow development of relationsh [...]

    6. I really, really loved the book Underestimated by Jettie, so I was beyond excited when I was asked to beta read Plausibility. What can I say, Jettie did it again. She sucked me in. She made me love all the characters and feel their heart ache. I even loved the “bad” guys. You don’t even think of them as “bad” (hence the quotes). You just want everything to work out for them too. You really feel for the main character throughout the whole book. Even though that girl can kick anyone’s [...]

    7. ‘Time is too short and good books too many to waste time reading books you don’t enjoy.’ – Andrea GoldsmithThis book is not that bad, I can see some people are going to like it.But I was not impressed. It started off really weird, then the so called 'romance' between two main characters, I just didn't see it. That was not love, as they called it, that was just lust, mind you. (view spoiler)[Okay, I'm no stranger to reading incest books, AND this one is NOT even that, because they're not [...]

    8. I am not sure what I want to write about this book. I need some time to think. Okay, here goes.3 stars I am in the minority on this one for several reasons. When I see all the 5 stars, I normally skim through to see if there are any 3's just for the comparison. I'm going to be honest and tell it like I read it.Hot premise with lots of bad things from people and a girl caught up in a life she has no clue about. Quilla knows she's different from her father. She knows she's different from her broth [...]

    9. I've tried writing reviews before and they always seem so generic, so I gave up, but Jettie - she deserves a review! :) I absolutely LOVED, and I mean LOVED Underestimated, so naturally, I was going to read Plausibility (and I had the pleasure and honor to read it before it comes out - WOO HOO!). It's just as beautifully twisted as Underestimated, but in a completely different way. There is love, heartbreak, intense drama, and hot sex (oh yes, HOT SEX!). You end up feeling for the bad guy(s) and [...]

    10. Made me question everything, things in her life, things about me really, really loved it. 4.5 stars.

    11. 3 Stars When I first dove into this book I thought ok, this is different, I could use different,there's some potential hereAquilla is a beautiful girl, living with all the luxeries one could want. She had a loving father and brother who would protect her at any cost. There were only two big problems(view spoiler)[ 1. She didn't look like her father and brother. all. To the point where even she questioned that she couldn't be related to them and 2. She lived a life of seclusion. Yes she was allow [...]

    12. I'm sorry if this review is a mixture of rambling , exclamation points and more rambling. #1 read of 2014!!!!!!!!!! I started this book and didn't put my kindle down until I finished. My eyes were burning, but I didn't care!!!!! I have felt like I couldn't put books down before, but to actually read in one sitting, haven't done that in years. When I started this book I thought I had it all figured out. Midway through my sample, I was like man this is cheese on wheels. But almost at the end of my [...]

    13. Still taking it all in Holy. Freakin. Hotness!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WHO LOVED ABDUCTED STORIES AND TABOOS. But this one is VERY DIFFERENT.It's not just the typical abducted american girl we all knew. It's NOT dark and mind fucking I thought it would be. It has the value of what a FAMILY is and how it is everything we ever wanted. The turning of events and how it was written is very good. I FUCKIN LOVED EVERY PAGE OF IT! The steam factor was so extreme that makes your panties in a twist! T [...]

    14. Well of course I have to rate it a 5 star. I am super excited for you guys to get your hands on this. Shooting for October 18th release date.There will be a blog tour sponsored by Island Lovelies Book Club starting October 14th and running through release day. Keep an eye out for some freebies.facebook/IslandLovelies

    15. I was asked to review Plausibility by Jettie for an honest review. I honestly don’t know what to say. I didn’t think she would be able to top Underestimated. I was wrong. This book was like watching a movie, chewing your nails, laughing, and with just enough tug to pull on your heart strings. I’m not even sure what to say without giving anything away. Hot?? Hell yeah. It had me questioning some of my own sexuality. Intense?? Yup, that too. There were a few parts that had me holding my brea [...]

    16. Am a bit unsure about how to describe this book. The blurb snagged my interest at first, and when i started reading, i assumed it was gonna be typical plot and HEA but it was NOT!The story is the journey of Aquilla, and what seems to be an over-protective father and brother. As the story goes on i made assumptions about the beginning of her life, which i think many readers will too. The fact the book took the path it did ensured i was not going to sleep until i finished reading the full book! I [...]

    17. I received an arc of this to read as part of a blog tour. I am so happy I did. I've never heard of this author but after reading about 35% I had to put kindle down & search for her on Facebook. This book is amazing. I started off thinking this book is gonna be full of sex but blimey did that change!!! This is not a book you can put down Well I needed to sit & read it all to see how it finished. While reading this I'm not sure how many times I said omg or this can't be happening!!! Throug [...]

    18. What a story! Truly incredible! SUPER SEXY, with lots of surprises along the way. It's dark, it's light, it's frustrating, it's eye-opening. It's soooooo many things and I LOVED every minute of it!!!! 5 STARS PLUS!!!!!! Bring on the book hangover. This will be a tough one to follow. ;)

    19. 4 stars!!I looooooooooove it!!I love reading taboo stories like this oneBefore reading this, I made sure that it's HEA! and thank god it is coz if it's notI'm not really sureThis novel is so damn hot!!!!!! And I loved it when they were sneaking around.

    20. I'm not sure how to even categorize this book because there were so many different elements to the story. A lot of readers seemed to have a problem with the fact that the heroine&hero in the story are separated for a large portion of the book. I do agree to a certain extent but the storyline in the middle of the book (as well as Quill's character) were interesting enough for me to not even care. I think if the author had given us Julius's POV while they were separated would have helped me ac [...]

    21. Plausibility was not my first experience going to a Jettie Woodruff rodeo. I buckled up and got ready, boy did she take me for another wild ride!! The Chavez family is full of surprises. Father/son business partners Romano and Julius are very secretive for an obvious reason they live a life of crime. Julius screams sex appeal and luckily has his fill of beautiful women at his beck and call. Quill is Julius's sister who questions her blond hair and blue eyes against his dark hair and complexion. [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading this book. At the beginning, I had thought that it was far too soon for them to be actually getting to the good part and something bad was bound to happen. Nevertheless, I loved reading their interactions while they were still young and unsure about their feelings for each other. As weird and incestuous as it may seem, I found their interactions sweet as it seems like their souls knew they were made for each other and were just calling out for the other half. I don't kno [...]

    23. This book may certainly not be for everyone but if your open minded and want to read something different, but not your typical cookie cutter romance book, this may very well be for you.Quill was kidnapped at a very young age and grew up in a home with who she believed to be her father and brother, Julius. However, as she got older she began to recognize that she looked nothing like them. She was very loved, yet very sheltered. Her only companion was her "brother" Julius. Her and Julius were clos [...]

    24. Welli loved and hated this book!I was really hooked through the first 30% of the book everything was good and the sensuous scenes was searing HOT,but then it slowed down too much for my taste till i had to put it on pause for a while which is considered a turn off for me. then after i resumed reading,although the story got out of its original track i liked some of what happened next and was hooked again.But i really wish there were more about quill&Julius instead of her other relationships!A [...]

    25. I had no idea what to expect I can honestly say I was torn do many emotions From caring to shock to on to almost crying to laughing!! I really enjoyed this book and it kept me wondering what was going to happen next I felt like I was reading a tell a and it gave such a different view on things that you couldn't put it down until you knew everyone had a HEA I def Recommened this book Yes done parts are hard to fathom but then you understand and just can't help but want to be understanding!! I can [...]

    26. 4.5 STARS!After Underestimated and now Plausibility I am definitely a big fan of Jettie's! I love the way she writes and how her books are not dark per se but have a dark undertone! I was so immersed in this book that I started it like 10 pm and when was 2 am I couldn't believe it was over!Her stories are told in a way that the book seems to be so long, but a good long! The story just unfold in a different way, it starts in a way and while reading it we can see the different directions and we ca [...]

    27. I kept reading because I wanted to know what would happen, but I was fully disappointed. It started out fast but then hit a serious lag. by the end, the characters underwent such drastic personality changes that I was left completely confused.

    28. Wow what a fucking book!! Absolutely LOVED it!!!! I did not expect this at all from reading the blurb! So so addictive, a huge page turner! Loved the banter between Seri & Quill! And well Julius was HOT! 5 massive stars!!! Go read it!

    29. Meg’s Review:novelgrounds/2013/11/11/ar5 Stars||Plausibility on [image error] Synopsis: If something is plausible, it's reasonable or believable.Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn’t real. Aquilla Chavez was raised by a loving father, and a brother who may have loved her a little too much.Aquilla was spoiled, adored, bringing cheer when disaster threatened a family. She was exposed to a life of crime all whil [...]

    30. Plausibility was awfully captivating. But let me tell you that this is not your typical love story. Everything was unconventional, raw, gritty and dark. Everything that caters to mature audience can be found in this book. To add to that, with the nature of this story - strong language, pseudo-taboo, sex, violence and drug usage, I recommend that the readers must be 18 years and above if you don’t want the little ones to be exposed to so much swearing or even create a vulgar image in their mind [...]

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