Goethe - Kunstwerk des Lebens

Goethe - Kunstwerk des Lebens

Rüdiger Safranski / Jun 27, 2019

Goethe Kunstwerk des Lebens Having previously tackled Nietzsche and Schiller renowned biographer R diger Safranski sets his sights on the writer considered the Shakespeare of German literature Goethe a remarkably pr

  • Title: Goethe - Kunstwerk des Lebens
  • Author: Rüdiger Safranski
  • ISBN: 9783446235816
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Having previously tackled Nietzsche and Schiller, renowned biographer R diger Safranski sets his sights on the writer considered the Shakespeare of German literature Goethe 1749 1832 , a remarkably prolific poet, playwright, novelist, and, as Safranksi emphasizes, a statesman and naturalist, first awakened not only a burgeoning German nation but also the European contineHaving previously tackled Nietzsche and Schiller, renowned biographer R diger Safranski sets his sights on the writer considered the Shakespeare of German literature Goethe 1749 1832 , a remarkably prolific poet, playwright, novelist, and, as Safranksi emphasizes, a statesman and naturalist, first awakened not only a burgeoning German nation but also the European continent with his electrifying novel The Sorrows of Young Werther Safranski has scoured Goethe s entire oeuvre, relying on primary sources as well as Goethe s correspondence with contemporaries and their comments to one another, to produce an illuminating portrait of the avatar of the Romantic era Set against the cultural and political turmoil of Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Goethe, who intersected with almost every great figure of his age, is thrillingly re created in this monumental biography As Safranski ultimately shows, Goethe s greatest creation, even in comparison to his masterpiece Faust, was his own life.

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Life Early life Goethe s father, Johann Caspar Goethe, lived with his family in a large house in Frankfurt, then an Imperial Free City of the Holy Roman Empire.Though he had studied law in Leipzig and had been appointed Imperial Councillor, he was not involved in the city s official affairs Johann Caspar married Goethe s mother, Catharina Elizabeth Textor at Frankfurt on August , when Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Biography, Works, Facts Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, and critic who was considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era He is especially known for the drama Faust, considered by some to be Germany s most significant contribution to world literature. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Tornato a Francoforte, la citt nido, scrive nidus, buono a covarci uccellini ma in senso figurato, spelunca, un tristo paesucolo.Dio ci scampi da tanta miseria Amen Il agosto , proprio il giorno del suo ventiduesimo compleanno, Goethe ottiene il permesso di esercitare la professione di avvocato, che per abbandoner da l a quattro anni. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Herkunft und Jugend Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wurde am August im heutigen Goethe Haus am Frankfurter Groen Hirschgraben geboren und tags darauf evangelisch getauft Sein Rufname war Wolfgang Sein aus Thringen stammender Grovater Friedrich Georg Gthe hatte sich als Schneidermeister in Frankfurt niedergelassen und die Schreibweise des Familiennamens Vamtam Themes Themes for Restaurants, Hair Salons, Church, Construction, Medical, Lawyer, Auto Repair, Fitness, Wedding and related services sites Erlknig Wer reitet so spt durch Nacht und Wind O who Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Wer reitet so spt durch Nacht und Wind Es ist der Vater mit seinem Kind Er hat den Knaben wohl in dem Arm, Faust Many aspects of the life of Simon Magus are echoed in the Faust legend of Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.Hans Jonas writes, surely few admirers of Marlowe s and Goethe s plays have an inkling that their hero is the descendant of a gnostic sectary and that the beautiful Helen called up by his art was once the fallen Thought of God through whose raising mankind was to be saved. Goethe Life as a Work of Art This sterling biography of Germany s greatest writer presents Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as if we are seeing him for the first time The work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has reverberated through two and a half centuries, altering the course of literature in ways both grand and intimate. Browse By Author G Project Gutenberg free ebooks online Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof reading just one page a day Go to Distributed Proofreaders Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , wolna encyklopedia Goethe przyby do Weimaru listopada , stolicy ubogiego ksi stwa Saksonii Weimar Eisenach.Pierwsze miesi ce sp dzi na zabawach, hulankach i tym podobnych rozrywkach, jednak przy tej okazji zawar r ne przydatne w dalszej karierze znajomo ci.

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    1. I've readThe Sorrows of Young Werther but not much else by Goethe. I have however heard him mentioned quite a bit especially in books, especially forFaust andTheory of Colors. I did enjoy Young Werther when I read it because I was an angsty young adolescent as well and so I decided that I should totally read this biography of Goethe because maybe he too is melodramatic and whatever else. Plus also I don't know how many people know about The School of Life, but I love it and I watched the video o [...]

    2. An extremely dense, "complete" biography of Goethe's life, 800 pages of information. You get everything: life, many letters, other people's memoirs, the plays and novels themselves, including interpretations of Goethe's major works (one of the best, and again, complete Faust interpretations I've read so far). If you'd want a biography of Goethe, I'd recommend this - some problems where Safranski loves Goethe too much, you could easily write a much "meaner", more ruthless biography.I don't really [...]

    3. Over het leven en werk van Goethe valt meer dan genoeg te zeggen. En dat gebeurt ook gedetailleerd en goed onderbouwd in deze biografie.Op deze plek zal ik mij beperken tot een aantal zaken of passages die mij opvielen. * Goethe en zijn vrienden laten, met name als ze jong zijn, hun gevoelens rijkelijk stromen. De manier waarop dat gebeurt zou tegenwoordig verbazing wekken of als overdreven worden gezien, voor hen was het volstrekt normaal en natuurlijk. * De sexuele moraal was tijdens het leven [...]

    4. Expertly written biography as well as in depth analysis of many of Goethe’s works. Rüdiger Safranski recreates the time and place, as well as brings many of these long dead personages back to life. Extremely thorough, you feel as if you yourself have lived through everyone of The Great Man’s 82 years by the close of this weighty tome.

    5. Goethe, el superdotat que als 6 anys ja escrivia obres de teatre, va ser un vividor (no es va privar de res: poder, amistats, sexe, tertúlies, viatges) un vividor lligat a la terra, que va arraconar el món interior pel qual tenia un talent especial. Va morir profundament angoixat. Descobreixes la vida quotidiana al segle XVIII-XIX, les relacions d´amistat, molt més fondes que les actuals (Schiller) Schopenhauer, Napoleó (fantàstica descripció) i tants d´altres.

    6. Een boek over Goethe. Of beter gezegd, over de gedachten van Goethe. Verwacht geen biografie die het levensverhaal vertelt aan de hand van gezellige anekdotes. De schrijver van dit werk is een filosoof en de lezer zal dat weten ook. Soms wat zware (saaie?) kost. Geen lekker wegleesboek voor op het strand maar zeer geschikt om meer inzicht te krijgen in Goethes gedachtenwereld.

    7. Despite having taken multiple college courses in German cultural history, I've never actually read anything significant* by Goethe, though I have encountered some adaptations of his work. If anything, I knew more about his work helping to govern Weimar than his literary work, and I was aware that he'd done everything from some painting to try to propose scientific theory of color. So it seemed like he would have led an interesting life that I might be able to get something out of even if discuss [...]

    8. This book provides all the detail ( and something more than this) that you want to know about Goethe. I never understood ( as a Belgian) why this person had such reknown in Germany. After this book I know better, a complete spectre of all endeavours and thoughts of Goethe is provided. Goethe surprised me as a semi-aristocrat, belonging to the "1%" of the German elite in these days and as a protege of the duke of Weimar. That made his life comfortable to engage in literature and science, and a co [...]

    9. This may be the first book I've abandoned that I've also given three stars. Safranski is a wonderful writer who made me want to stick in there. But his writing wasn't quite engaging enough to keep me going. I know Goethe is a great genius, but I can't seem to connect with his work or life enough to finish this book.

    10. ‘Voilà un homme’‘Voilà un homme’, zo werd Goethe in 1808 door Napoleon ontvangen. Of het de werkelijke woorden zijn, valt niet meer te achterhalen, maar de strekking is veelzeggend: de Grote Keizer herkende een man van statuur. Een man die op en top mens was.Dat is wat Rüdiger Safranski zich ten doel heeft gesteld met Goethe. Kunstwerk van het leven: het nauwgezet schrijven van de biografie van Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) om daarmee te verbeelden hoe der Mensch Goethe in het [...]

    11. Ich bin mit dem Werk von Goethe nur unzureichend vertraut, weshalb ich über die ausreichende Auseinandersetzung mit dem Leben nicht abschließend urteilen kann. Aber auch diesen Leser ist das Buch zu empfehlen. Getreu dem Titel und dem Vorwort interessiert Safranski dafür, wie Goethe sein Leben gemeistert hat. Dabei versucht er sich über Werk und Briefe die inneren Konflikte Goethes zu beleuchten. Es ist nicht ausgeschlossen, dass man mit der Herangehensweise bestimmte Aspekte in den Vordergr [...]

    12. een stevige pil over het leven en vooral het denken van Goethe. Safransky is geen makkelijke schrijver, hij geeft veel stof tot nadenken. Goethe was niet alleen dichter en schrijver van romans en toneelstukken, hij vond zichzelf ook een wetenschapper. Dat laatste deed hij behoorlijk dilettantistisch (is dit een woord?. Ondanks, dat ik deze biografie bijzonder interessant vind, voel ik toch niet zo de behoefte om weer van alles van Goethe te gaan lezen. Dit in tegenstelling tot zijn tijdgenoot Sc [...]

    13. This is one of the best biographies of Goethe that I have read. Safranski blends biography, philosophy and literary history in an enlightening manner. I feel that I understand Goethe's scientific endeavors and I am inspired to read some of Goethe's works that I haven't touched since graduate school. My only disappointment is learning that those famous last words "More light" probably never crossed his lips.

    14. Der Ton ist manchmal leider etwas betulich. Goethe ist nunmal fest im Griff des Gutbuergerlichen und kann sich dem schlecht entreissen. Vielleicht hat Safranski ein Rezept entdeckt, wie man Biographien so schreibt, dass es dem deutschen Durchschnittsgeschmack passt. Wie dem auch sei, etwas dazulernen kann man immer.

    15. Het spijt me voor Rudiger Safranski, maar op pagina 396 ben ik ermee opgehouden, het boek bleef te lang ongelezen liggen. Dat ligt alleen aan mij, want in het begin las ik alles aandachtig. Later verslapte mijn aandacht, toen ik besefte dat ik Goethe zelf ongelezen houd. De wereld van Goethe staat te ver van mij af om me te amuseren. Leerzaam is het vast. De schuld ligt geheel bij mij.

    16. Empfehlung. Leider wird Kleist nur am Rande erwähnt, der für mich Gegenpol zu Goethe ist: im Guten wie im Schlechten. Safranski zeigt aber auch so, dass Goethe sich als einen Gefährdeten ansah, der deshalb stets mit seinen Kräften haushaltete.

    17. Tolle Biographie. Anhand des chronologischen Lebenslauf wird Goethes Wirken und Denken analysiert, das ist mir manchmal zu philosophisch, aber nicht minder interessant und konsequent. Sehr lesenswert, auch in Häppchen, als Nachschlagewerk und Bibliographie.

    18. Safranski zeigt einmal mehr sich tief in alte Dichter, Denker und Genies hineinfühlen zu könnenGoethes Leben war nicht ausschliesslich erfolgreich auch eine Erkenntnis.

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