The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster

Hunter Shea / Jul 17, 2019

The Montauk Monster It Kills On a hot summer night in Montauk the bodies of two local bar patrons are discovered in the dunes torn to shreds their identities unrecognizable It Breeds In another part of town a woman s

  • Title: The Montauk Monster
  • Author: Hunter Shea
  • ISBN: 9780786034758
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It Kills.On a hot summer night in Montauk, the bodies of two local bar patrons are discovered in the dunes, torn to shreds, their identities unrecognizable.It Breeds.In another part of town, a woman s backyard is invaded by four terrifying creatures that defy any kind of description What s clear is that they re hostile and they re ravenous.It Spreads.It Kills.On a hot summer night in Montauk, the bodies of two local bar patrons are discovered in the dunes, torn to shreds, their identities unrecognizable.It Breeds.In another part of town, a woman s backyard is invaded by four terrifying creatures that defy any kind of description What s clear is that they re hostile and they re ravenous.It Spreads.With every sunset the terror rises again, infecting residents with a virus no one can cure The CDC can t help them FEMA can t save them But each savage attack brings Suffolk County Police Officer Gray Dalton one step closer to the shocking source of these unholy creations Hidden on nearby Plum Island, a U.S research facility has been running top secret experiments What they created was never meant to see the light of day Now, a vacation paradise is going straight to hell.

    Montauk Monster The Montauk Monster was an animal carcass, thought to be a raccoon, that washed ashore on a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York in July The identity of the creature and the veracity of stories surrounding it have been the subject of controversy and speculation. What was the Montauk monster ScienceBlogs The Montauk monster therefore owes its bizarre appearance to partial decomposition The tendency for the soft tissues of the snout to be lost early on in decomposition immediately indicates that Montauk Monster The Official Home of the Beast The It was her son Michael, an Environmental Scientist, who filled her in later about the Montauk Monster She checked out the Newsday piece online And lo and behold it is the same thing The Montauk Monster by Hunter Shea The Montauk Monster takes the cryptid of the same name and sets it on a gory rampage through Montauk and neighboring towns In some ways, this feels like a dry run of Shea s The Jersey Devil There are multiple monsters terrorizing a small town and only The Montauk Monster Yahoo Answers Jul , The Montauk Monster NOTE the picture isn t mine, i m not taking credit for it What the Okay so a MONSTER washed up on the shore in Montauk on Long Island, NY right by the Seaside Inn and the internet is buzzing about it FACT CHECK Montauk Monster Panama Creature May , People say that this monster washed up ashore in Montauk, NY Some say it s real others say it s just another fake picture Origins The so called Montauk Monster was a carcass supposedly found and photographed by three women on July in front of the Surfside restaurant on a beach in Montauk, New York on the South Shore of Long Island. The Montauk Monster GraphicAudio Stand Alone Title The Montauk Monster It Kills On a hot summer night in Montauk, the bodies of two local bar patrons are discovered in the dunes, torn to shreds, their identities unrecognizable It Breeds In another part of town, a woman s backyard is invaded by four terrifying creatures that defy any kind of Montauk Monster The Conspiracy Wiki FANDOM powered by The Montauk Monster The Montauk Monster was an unknown creature that washed up on shore in Montauk, New York Pictures of the creature were taken after three friends found its Montauk Monster Ten Years Later cryptozoonews Montauk Monster, illustrated by Eloy Manzanero for Dan s Paper A gallery of photos and side treks with the Montauk Monster The classic, widely published picture Other views of the body soon materialized The Montauk Monster article by Loren Coleman appeared in the August September issue of TAPS Paramagazine Hunter Shea s book. Disturbing Creature Montauk Monster YouTube Jun , The mystery of the Montauk Monster started a few years ago when the strange creature first appeared on the shores of Montauk, New York The

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        Hunter Shea is the product of a misspent childhood watching scary movies, reading forbidden books and wishing Bigfoot would walk past his house He doesn t just write about the paranormal he actively seeks out the things that scare the hell out of people and experiences them for himself Hunter s novels can even be found on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum His video podcast, Monster Men, is one of the most watched horror podcasts in the world He s a bestselling author of over 13 lucky number books, all of them written with the express desire to quicken heartbeats and make spines tingle Living with his wonderful family and two cats, he s happy to be close enough to New York City to gobble down Gray s Papaya hotdogs when the craving hits.


    1. 3.5 bloody stars.**montauk monster spotted in rhode island!**oh, god, remember back in 2008 when that dead thing washed up on long island and the whole city was united in "what the hell is that??" fever? and the authorities tried to pass it off as some partially-decomposed raccoon LIKE THAT WAS EVEN PLAUSIBLE and then the body just…vanished? "I AM NOT A RACCOON!"this book sets the record straight as far as what it was and where it came from, and what could have happened if some of the live ver [...]

    2. The sleepy resort town of Montauk is terrorized by strange beasts and it's up to Gray Dalton and the rest of the Montauk PD to get to the bottom of things. But have they bitten off more than they can chew?The more Hunter Shea books I read, the more convinced I am that we would have been best buds when we were twelve. The Montauk Monster takes the cryptid of the same name and sets it on a gory rampage through Montauk and neighboring towns.In some ways, this feels like a dry run of Shea's The Jers [...]

    3. Creature Feature! B-Movie Madness! Evil bloated hairless raccoons who don't sound like Bradley Cooper!What's not to love? It's chaos! Start out with a sleepy tourist town like the one in Jaws, throw in a large cast of characters including toss away potheads, add conspiracy theories, disease, sharp claws, and no cybernetic implants, and we've got some delicious treats falling into our couch, only to be found the next time we do a thorough cleaning. :)This here is the closest Hunter Shea novel to [...]

    4. Let’s see:GoreMonstersMayhemStonersSoldiersInnocent civiliansA hero and a heroineYes, these are the ingredients for a spectacular monster book. It would actually make a great monster movie. Montauk is ordinary town, a tourist magnet, but outside of the city lays an island called Plum Island. And on the Island lies Animal Disease Center. Now creatures have escaped from the island and has set their sight on the city and its population. And they are bred for one thing: to kill!The Montauk Monster [...]

    5. THE MONTAUK MONSTER, by Hunter Shea, could easily be classified as one of his popular "creature features", yet this novel has much more to it than the vicious monsters, themselves. Officer Gray Dalton's usually quiet shift is suddenly shattered by an anonymous call of what might be a body on one of the beaches. While they were used to getting an occasional drowned body--or, "floater"--washing up on one of the shores, the the scenes of gore and carnage that Dalton comes upon is anything but routi [...]

    6. An entertaining "monsters on the loose" story that, despite some location name-dropping, fails to establish a strong sense of place.(I am a Long Islander, and just didn't feel the vibe). Also, in a subgenre that is plagued by cliches, this story manages to hit all of them. Shea is a good writer, and one worth watching, but this was just too paint by the numbers to really wow a longtime horror fan.

    7. Fun and gory "creature feature" novel that'll appeal to fans of horror, government cover-ups and cryptozoology! Living in New York makes this story even more fun for me. I remember when the infamous "Montauk Monster" washed up on the beach and all the conspiracy theories about what exactly kind of animal it was. This book references that moment in Long Island history and offers the explanation that on Plum Island, where a government research lab is housed, experiments on perfecting a deadly crea [...]

    8. This is my kind of book! It takes me back to watching Science Fiction theater every Sunday afternoon with my dad (unless the Oakland Raiders were playing). Nothing like a good monster movie book. But this book is more than that. I can almost see Carl Kolchak or Mulder and Scully on this island! It would make a great standalone episode of the X-Files (especially if they used that blue light that made the X-Files so cool)!An island setting is also so classic. So many of the great movies were set o [...]

    9. Very entertaining monster attack novel. This book has gore galore and manages to balance a large cast of characters while keeping your attention to who the main protagonists are and which are truly important. Shea's writing style is fluid, crisp, and clean. There's little filler in the prose and he does a great job of getting to the point while simultaneously delivering the creature carnage that you want. Great action scenes that lead up to an ending that falls a little flat in my opinion. Overa [...]

    10. I was introduced to the work of Hunter Shea when Matt Molgaard compared my book, Siege of Station 19, to some of his work. I knew immediately that I had to check him out and I was not disappointed. The Montauk Monster is a superior monster on the loose tale, very well done, with excellent pace, plotting, and characterization.horrornovelreviews/2014/05

    11. This was my first Hunter Shea novel and I'm very impressed. Great gory fun from start to finish. If you like a good monster novel this is for you.

    12. The seaside town of Montauk, Long Island, is beset with rampaging, bloodthirsty creatures, whose blood seems to infect whoever comes in contact with, killing them as quickly as claws and teeth. Local cops at first think its a pack of wild dogs, but as Officer Gray Dalton soon discovers, along with the help of a fellow female officer, the truth is far more sinister. The body count piles up, as the Montauk PD tries to stem the flow of carnage, and the sudden appearance of FEMA, CDC, and shadowy go [...]

    13. This was a perfect summer horror novel. Very hard to put down, great amounts of gore, enough character development that I wasn't bothered. I love monster stories, and this was a fun one. When I stopped reading and thought about it, there were some issues, both mechanical and the plot, but since I had SO MUCH FUN reading it, I have decided it's worth all five stars. I want more like this one, please!

    14. Take one mysterious animal carcass washed up on shore, add a nearby government facility studying animal diseases, and then make the carcass just as mysteriously disappear, and what you've got there, my friends, is an urban legend with the makings of a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.Yes, there really is (or was) a 'monster' that washed up on the shores of Montauk, New York in July of 2008. Thanks to a tip from the local media to Gawker, the story went viral, with the simplest explanation - that [...]

    15. Hunter Shea’s The Montauk Monster is pretty freaking rad. The vacation hotspot, Montauk, New York, is invaded by a bunch of vicious dog-like creatures. Local animals and residents are attacked and mauled to death. Those that don’t die by the teeth suffer a far worse fate. These creatures carry a deadly contagion that burns its victims from the inside out. The local police force is sent from one call to another chasing these beasts and losing some of their own officers in the process.The trut [...]

    16. One summer night, the small town of Montauk gets a shock. Two locals are found dead not just dead, but shredded to pieces and melting. What follows is a hunt for the creatures that could cause such destruction. As Gray Dalton, the responding officer to the gruesome deaths, and Meredith Hernandez, a fellow officer, look for the source of these monsters, they are led to a secret government facility. The townfolk involved in the story range from an animal control employee to the local pot heads to [...]

    17. When I was four, my family and my cousins vacationed on Montauk. I remember that we stayed in a small beach house that was painted pink. I have seen the family home movies of the trip – being on the beach and visiting the lighthouse, but those memories elude me. The pink beach house is a real memory, however. We never went back; instead we vacationed at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. So, the Jersey shore became our beach trip. As an adult, my own family trips have been to the Outer Banks in Nort [...]

    18. If you like horror in your face, you’ll want to read this book. It’s all out action, with some pretty gory scenes. Hunter wastes little time bringing his creatures to light. Once the killing starts, it gets crazy.I’m a push over for scary reads involving creatures of all kinds. These were never meant to live outside of the lab they were created in. I know, this sounds familiar. But the author brings you his own version of monsters made from nightmares. I would have been happy with a whole [...]

    19. What a book! Super fast paced (two people are eaten in the first fifteen pages), and loads of fun. You start off with a cryptid, and then add some conspiracy theories to the mix (Plum Island), add some great characters, and finish off the recipe with a writer who knows his stuff and the results are pure pulp magic. A throwback to the books and movies I loved in the misspent days of my youth. The creatures are straight out of a nightmare, and even if you escape your probably doomed. The character [...]

    20. The Montauk Monster is a solid monster novel of the conspiratorial type. Strange killer beast. Contagious epidemic. Mysterious island with military lab. It's all there and it is rather entertaining even if it seems on the verge of creating a severe epidemic of Deja Vu.Hunter Shea novel is inspired by an concurrence on a beach near Montauk, New York in July 2008, The body of a strange creature was found that, depending on who you believe, was either the rotting corpse of a raccoon or a previously [...]

    21. OOOOOOOOOh my, what big teeth you have?Oh yeah, loving the title. Simple yet effective, just like the awesome cover. Wowza! Is it a snake monster? Is it a water monster? Is it an alien monster? I open the cover eagerly and hunker down, ready for my journey of anticipation and terror to begin. ^_^ Have you ever heard of Plum Island? You know, the island where they do animal disease research? Or more? The writing is fantastic. Scary, suspenseful and humorous. I’ve heard of driving with eye one w [...]

    22. When I first began reading this book, I expected just another silly monster story. I quickly found out that this book was written with care by someone who knows how to tell a good story. The plot had many unexpected twists and unlike a lot of books that I would say fall into this category, the author took time to introduce us to and let us get to know the characters. The story was a bit gory in parts, so if that bothers you, beware. I thought it fit in keeping with the nature of the story. There [...]

    23. Hungry…For More!The Montauk Monster was a blast of a read - every bloody chapter of it. This is a creature feature on speed, with hungry beasties the likes of which you've never read before.While staying true to some of the most cherished of horror tropes (don't have sex on the beach where hungry beasties roam!), the book is fresh, clever, and mixes humor, gore, and even true emotion to terrific effect. The critters have some unique characteristics that take the horror beyond the usual fear of [...]

    24. I won my copy of THE MONTAUK MONSTER in a Firstreads giveaway. When it arrived I thought that it would be just another somewhat formulaic monsters-terrorize-a-beach-town story, but was surprised to find that it was much better than most. There are many of the usual tropes; scientists have screwed around with things that man wasn't meant to screw around with and the consequences are nasty and violent, many of the residents are obvious walking targets, and can our heroes escape and survive? Howev [...]

    25. A really smoothly-written, exciting, involving, tale, with a large character populace ( each one actively delineated and backdropped--all endangered) and some creatively-engineered "monsters" invading the beaches and homes of southeast Long Island. By "creatively-engineered" I include both author Hunter Shea's imaginative staging, plotting, and creature-design; and the "research & development" brought forth by those pesky "mad scientists" on a certain nearby island in Long Island Sound. The [...]

    26. In 2008 several disturbing photos of a very odd looking creature took the internet by storm. Wild stories and theories ran rampant. (For those unfamiliar with the photos I'm talking about, google it, but only if you have some time on your hands it's all too easy to get caught up reading about it.) Hunter Shea's beasts are quite a bit moreastly, but the real horror is just how plausible this story is. I was rather pleasantly surprised actually. It's all too common for horror writers to get so cau [...]

    27. Something is killing people in Montauk on the eastern end of Long Island. Wow. First half so fast-paced and stressful I wanted to curse the author for not giving me a break. But great story about man-eating creatures that a government agency has created. I thought a little less gore would have been good. Ending horrible but not entirely far-fetched. Left with questions. This author really knows how to keep the reader hooked and scared. I will definitely try another one. Copyright June 2014.

    28. This is a fast paced creature feature that's begging to be optioned for the big screen (if it hasn't already). The action begins early on and rarely lets up. In the hands of a lesser writer, this could have been sloppy but Hunter knows how to keep the plot moving and add just enough character development to keep the reader compelled. For my money, he's one of the best writers focusing on monsters right now and I'll be reading anything of his I can get my hands on from now on.

    29. I was lucky enough to have been a First Read Winner of this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I am not sure what that says about me, since this is a horror story, but it seems the perfect summer read. I liked the characters and the plot line and was at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. The nonstop action kept me reading way passed my bedtime, and I really hope that there will be a second book on the Montauk Monster. Hunter Shea has a new fan in me for sure.

    30. "Montauk Monster" is a brutal, bleak read. Shea is not shy of gore, nor of claiming the lives major characters in swift, unexpected scenes of vivid carnage. He is also skilled at adding just enough life to a character so that this violence has consequences. Truly, this book had more depth than I expected from a creature tale. And damn is it bleak! I needed a hug when I finished.

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