A Taste Fur Murder

A Taste Fur Murder

Dixie Lyle / Jul 22, 2019

A Taste Fur Murder Introducing an animal loving Gal Friday with a telepathic cat a shapeshifting dog and a ghost of a chance of solving supernatural crime Meet Deirdre Foxtrot Lancaster Trusted employee of eccentric z

  • Title: A Taste Fur Murder
  • Author: Dixie Lyle
  • ISBN: 9781466824263
  • Page: 261
  • Format: ebook
  • Introducing an animal loving Gal Friday with a telepathic cat, a shapeshifting dog, and a ghost of a chance of solving supernatural crime Meet Deirdre Foxtrot Lancaster Trusted employee of eccentric zillionairess Zelda Zoransky, Foxtrot manages a mansion, a private zoo, and anything else that strikes her boss s fancy Her job title is Administrative Assistant, but chaosIntroducing an animal loving Gal Friday with a telepathic cat, a shapeshifting dog, and a ghost of a chance of solving supernatural crime Meet Deirdre Foxtrot Lancaster Trusted employee of eccentric zillionairess Zelda Zoransky, Foxtrot manages a mansion, a private zoo, and anything else that strikes her boss s fancy Her job title is Administrative Assistant, but chaos handler would be accurate Especially after she glimpses a giant ghost beast in Zelda s pet cemetery For some strange reason, Foxtrot is seeing animal spirits And, ready or not, the fur s about to hit the fan Still reeling, Foxtrot comes home to find her cat, Tango her dead cat Tango alive and well and communicating telepathically But that s not all There s an ectoplasmic dog named Tiny who changes breeds with a shake of his tail and can sniff out a clue like nobody s business So when a coworker drops dead while organizing closets, Tiny is on the case Can Foxtrot and her new companions ferret out the killer among a menagerie of suspects human and otherwise before death takes another bite

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    1. I love a good paranormal cozy read. How could I resist this book, the cover alone won me over. The story follows a personal assistant who spends her down time in her bosses pet cemetery. Well it was a peaceful spot till something dark lurks in the graveyard. it gets even more loud when her childhood cat returns from the dead, 9 lives you know, and has a ghost dog co-worker. They are her guides/ helpers to try to stop a murder. The cat and dog go at it well like cats and dogs and it was hysterica [...]

    2. Deirdre Lancaster, AKA “Foxtrot,” works as a personal assistant and all-around house manager for an eccentric old millionaire, Zelda Zoransky (“ZZ”). After Foxtrot spots a terrifying and huge animal-like ghost in ZZ’s on-property pet cemetery, things take a turn for the weird… and spooky! Suddenly, her dead cat, Tango, appears… and she’s talking. Along with Tango is a talking, ectoplasmic dog, Tiny, who can also change breeds on a moment’s notice. When one of Foxtrot’s cowork [...]

    3. Really 4.5 stars, but I rounded up.A wonderfully unique beginning to a series that I'm sure I'll read more of; A Taste Fur Murder was a winsome first book.The characters were eccentric in a great way; ZZ was everything a crazy millionaire should be, Foxtrot was appropriately shocked and amazed at her new abilities and the rest of the characters were great. I really like how the author incorporated so much detail about Foxtrot's abilities. I feel like I understood the book better thanks to that.T [...]

    4. 2.5/5Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewIt’s been some time since I read a cozy mystery novel, but it is true that this is something that I love, so when I saw the novel, I thought that this was an opportunity to try it. I had something in this novel that I had never read about before, and it is… talking animals. I confess that I have often avoided this kind of novels, because it is a little too abstract for me. I saw some very good books over the years like that, so I knew I had to try i [...]

    5. This book lacks continuity; most especially regarding the heroine's name. In the first chapter she is introduced as Deidre F. Lancaster, her middle name being Foxtrot, while near the end of the book she explains that Foxtrot is a nickname bestowed on her by her father- a reader can't help but to ask, which is it? Another scene describes Tiny (her ghostly sidekick) as having gone off on his own, only to have him make a reappearance on the next page in order to scout a room using his olfactory sen [...]

    6. This has got to be, one of the weirdest books I have ever read. I liked the main character Foxtrot. She was a strong character with a great sense of humor. The mystery was very interesting, I had no idea, until the very end, who had killed the victim. My over all dislike for this book was the paranormal story with the dead animals. There was just too much of it and made the story bog down at times, which made the story just drag. Overall, I might give the second one a chance, just to see, what h [...]

    7. I've just finished reading A Taste Fur Murder , a wonderful and pretty original paranormal mystery. The idea of the talking dead animals really appealed to me and I loved the main protagonist, Foxtrot, a reliable assistant with a great sense of humor and a special bond with dead animals' spirits. A clever plot and plenty of zaniness made the book pretty interesting. Finally, Topsy's story was heart-wrenching and indicative of the cruelty humans are capable of. The story's main message: love conq [...]

    8. So, when the first line of a book is: "Ever had a job that threatened to drive you straight into a loony bin?", you have a pretty good idea what kind of story you're in for. And this book absolutely lived up to its first line - I loved it!!As cozy mysteries go, this one is more clever, more creative, and more unusual than the norm, and it has a "magical" aspect that not only takes things in an interesting direction, but adds that "secret ingredient" to take a read from "it was fine" to "I loved [...]

    9. Registered on Bookcrossing - bookcrossing/journal/1Wow! Such a fun, weird, quirky, humorous mystery. Deirdre "Foxtrot" Lancaster gives Stephanie Plum a run for the money. I love the supernatural aspect of the story.

    10. I highly enjoyed this book! I always like some "woo-woo" in my mysteries and this definitely fit the bill.I mean, you have Foxtrota woman who works for a wealthy woman who hosts various people from all walks of life for "salons". Oh, and there's a pet cemetery on the estate which has always been a place Foxtrot has enjoyed spending time. Then one day while she sits in the cemetery trying to relax she senses flashes of light and a large, dark, menacing form that sends her fleeing from the cemeter [...]

    11. You might consider this book a normal "who done it" if there weren't supernatural beings, ghosts and ectoplasmic beings. The pet cemetery is threatened and it needs a protector. The eclectic guest list at ZZ's soiree provides a wealth of potential miscreants. This ended as quite an entertaining mystery. Foxtrot is a fixer. She handles all of the eccentric ZZ's guests and their miscellaneous and often bizarre requests. However Foxtrot has a lonely job. She can't get too close to the guests nor ca [...]

    12. I liked this story, with one caveat: it seemed to over-do the supernatural elements. Every time I thought I had a handle on the parameters of this "world", the author threw me another curve. I reserve judgement, though, knowing that a first-in-series often suffers from the need to info-dump on a reader to lay the groundwork for upcoming installments. I noticed a few editing problems - missing words, etc. as well. Still, I like the uber-capable Foxtrot, I appreciate Tango (in all her snarky cat g [...]

    13. 3.5 starts- this was a fun start to a new mystery series with a little woo woo and a lot of animals! The main character works for an excentric millionaire, managing her massive estate, which includes an animal graveyard and a zoo. I liked that I learned a lot about zoo animals in this book (I was constantly putting down the book to google hippos and honey badgers, etc.!) all the different animals, and the mansion setting, made this a really fun read. I also appreciated the unique murder weapon. [...]

    14. (2.5 stars out of 5)So, this book may be a mildly diverting read for the casual reader, or someone looking for something a little different with a bit of humor. However, more discerning readers may want to look elsewhere. thedecklededge/20

    15. Wow!! How have i never read DIXIE LYLE?? Sooooo funny!! I loved this book and now i must get all her previous books!!Like a good mystery with lotsa humor thrown in and a cast of characters that will live on in your psychie forever?? This book is for you!!

    16. A truly unique book. Great characters, great plot. An awesome mix of fantasy and mystery. Can't wait for the next in the series.

    17. This was a cute cozy mystery. Not usually my kind of mystery novel, but this was ok.

    18. I REALLY enjoyed this book! Lots of different ghosties, and a very good mystery! I'll be watching for the next installment!

    19. Very unique premise, decent writing with minimal grammar issues. Pretty standard saves the world from doom story. Foxtrot is a tad mary sue, all of the male characters (except the terrible one of course) are interested in her and the investigators don't suspect her for a minuet. Despite the fact that Foxtrot turns up routinely in a shifty manor. For example not one of the "suspects" mentions to the police that she systematically searched their rooms, even though she was caught by most of them do [...]

    20. Taken from my blog post:woolycakesandwoodenspoons.worNicknamed Foxtrot, Deirdre is the personal assistant and manager of a whole estate owned by a zany zillionaire who likes to spend her dollars on eccentric items, like animals. While busy with the daily wrangling, Foxtrot finds out she can communicate with the paranormal and ends up teaming up with her reincarnated childhood cat and an ectoplasmic dog when there is a murder in the mansion. Together this trio has to unearth the unknown threat to [...]

    21. If you loved an animal, and that animal loved you, then death won’t keep you apart.Deirdre "Foxtrot" Lancaster is Gal Friday to her very rich boss, Zelda Zoransky, ZZ for short. Foxtrot is in charge of the mansion, a private zoo, and anything else that ZZ wants, which is a lot. One day all changes for Foxtrot when she suddenly develops the ability to see animal spirits coming from ZZ’s huge pet cemetery. Starting with her dead childhood pet cat, Tango, who is alive, and a dog, Tiny. Tiny is [...]

    22. I honestly did not think I would like this book. I am not fond of paranormal. However this author create a series that was amazing. I loved the story and the paranormal. She created something that seems natural to real life. Not something that is hard to believe. Can't wait to read more in this series. I admit I did not enjoy the part about Topsy. However I feel the author told the story with amazing grace. Being an animal lover I do not like abuse. However the story about Topsy was wrong but th [...]

    23. I liked it. Certainly different, at times weird, and a stretch of believably but a lot of fun. Wish my dog could come back and keep me company. Foxtrot is taking care of ZZ and the environs and this weekend seems to be going a little wonky. First the maid is murdered, then ZZ is poisoned, Ben finds out he is a Thunderbird, and of course the pet graveyard seems to be alive with whatever was buried there and some other visitors. Like I said, I liked it, it was fun. It's weird enough for me.

    24. A solid start, although the mystery wanders all over the place as Foxtrot discovers her mystical powers and interviews many suspects. For all that, it kind of felt like the actual mystery wasn't as thought out as it could be, but maybe that was the author trying to keep back information for book two. I won't know until I read it too, but I hope it's the case.If you like supernatural with a side of pet lovers cozy mystery, then this might be for you! Three and a half stars, knocked up to four bec [...]

    25. Not many good mystery books with a twist of a cat that comes back from his 9 nines, a dog who can change to a different type of a dog and Foxtrot who is the crazy main character trying to keep ajob running a home for a older lady who has a lot of character of her own. She has to find out who almost killer her owner while still running everything but with her cat and dog on her side she has an interesting chance. A little long at times it finally gets to the point.

    26. I liked the premise of this book but I just could not get into it, I would read a few pages and lose interest. My suspicion is the lack of attention is due to the timeline, it didn't seem to flow well, and the side conversations with Foxtrot's sidekicks.

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