I Didn't Do My Homework Because...

I Didn't Do My Homework Because...

Davide Cali Benjamin Chaud / Jul 18, 2019

I Didn t Do My Homework Because How many excuses are there for not doing homework Let us count the ways Giant lizards invaded the neighborhood Elves hid all the pencils And then there was that problem with carnivorous plants The exc

  • Title: I Didn't Do My Homework Because...
  • Author: Davide Cali Benjamin Chaud
  • ISBN: 9781452125510
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How many excuses are there for not doing homework Let us count the ways Giant lizards invaded the neighborhood Elves hid all the pencils And then there was that problem with carnivorous plants The excuses go on and on, each absurd than the next and escalating to hilarious heights Featuring detail rich illustrations by Benjamin Chaud, this book is guaranteed tHow many excuses are there for not doing homework Let us count the ways Giant lizards invaded the neighborhood Elves hid all the pencils And then there was that problem with carnivorous plants The excuses go on and on, each absurd than the next and escalating to hilarious heights Featuring detail rich illustrations by Benjamin Chaud, this book is guaranteed to amuse kids and their parents, not to mention anyone who has experienced a slacker student moment and isn t that everyone

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        Davide Cali 1972 in Liestal CH geboren und lebt in Genua Er war Comic Zeichner und Illustrator f r verschiedene italienische Zeitschriften, bis er sich im Jahr 2000 dem Kinderbuch zuwandte Anfangs Autor und Illustrator, entschied er schlie lich, nur noch zu schreiben Inzwischen hat Davide Cal mehr als 20 Bilderb cher verfasst, die in viele Sprachen bersetzt wurden ofv


    1. I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…opens with the age old question --“So, why didn’t you do your homework?”Rather than using the classics like my dog ate my homework or the computer crashed, our no-homework-in-hand youngster comes up with some outlandishly funny and imaginative reasons why he could not get his homework done.Every page is packed with jumbles and swirls of zaniness and movement. The detail in the pictures really stand out in the patterns and faces and animals. From monkeys [...]

    2. I can see ways I'd use this as a text to inspire writing in my classroom. In fact, I did! After using this with students, I upped my star rating because of how much they enjoyed it. My 7th & 8th graders ranked this in their Top Ten of picture books used in the school year when we read aloud a picture book every day. When I had them do their own version of this story, they created some of the most fun student writing I've ever read.

    3. Έξυπνη ιδέα !Σίγουρα ένα κάλο βιβλίο για "ανήσυχους" μαθητές στις πρώτες τάξεις του δημοτικού.Πολύ καλή η εικονογράφηση!Θα αγοραστεί 100% για τα βαφτιστήρια μου όταν έρθει η ώρα!

    4. See, I never had this problem. I never gave the teacher absurd reasons for not doing my homework or try to excuse my lack of academic achievement by mentioning alien abductions. My mom was a teacher and when you are a teacher’s kid, you invariably do your homework. Whether you want to or not. I liked school so I mostly wanted to. Except math but that’s a dirty word and I will not mention it henceforth.This little prettily packaged volume gives the desperate underachiever a variety of reasons [...]

    5. Students rejoice! No more do you need the old line - ”The dog ate my homework.” This book is stuffed with new and exciting reasons why you didn’t do your homework! In this book you’ll find creative answers for non-homework doing. Like:“I didn’t do my homework because…”giant lizards invaded…my dog got eaten by another dog…rebellious robots…lost armadillos…and much, much more!Just make sure your teacher hasn’t read the same book.Opinion- As a kid, do I really have to tell [...]

    6. From Publishers Weekly:Chaud's crabbed pen-and-ink drawings give a distinctly Gothic sensibility to Cali's (The Bear with the Sword) sly collection of homework excuses. The narrator, a boy dressed in a suit and tie, negotiates with his teacher. "An airplane full of monkeys landed in our yard," he tries. Chaud (The Bear's Song) draws an army of monkeys invading the boy's study, swinging from the light, mussing his hair, and scattering his papers. "Elves hid all of my pencils," he offers. Things l [...]

    7. Didn't do your homework? Never fear. Use this guidebook of excuses to wheedle your way out of your teach troubles. Be warned though, for each, although an infallible reason, can only be used once. This silly book starts out simply with a teacher asking her student why he didn't complete his assignment. The boy then precedes to list a series of far-fetched excuses including: an attack from vikings, a variation on the dog ate my homework one, and plenty of other funny ideas. Many of the excuses ar [...]

    8. I first came across this book in a bookstore. You remember those. I couldn't put it down and started laughing on the spot. Some bookstores have spots, some are spotless. Anyway the humor is spot-on and the illustrations are splendid and filled with whimsical details, like the dog opening one eye to see the elves with pencils filling their faces, or the narrator, along with his homework, rising straight through the roof when he's abducted by aliens, not to mention the details on that Viking ax. A [...]

    9. I so loved this. Must buy a copy. The illustrations are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the expressive linework, expert compositions and humour.

    10. Text-to-Self Connection:I really wasn't that fond of this book. The pacing of the story was pretty drawn out and I think that there could have been a better way of bringing out the main idea of the story. However, this book reminds me of a time I didn't do an assignment for school and I tried to come up with various excuses as to why it wasn't completed. Needless to say, I was held responsible and had to pay the consequence for lying and received a bad grade regardless. As George Washington once [...]

    11. Picture book, for Spanish practice. It had nice simple language and was clear and entertaining. No English translation.

    12. This book would be really fun to read with my class. Our school gives homework each day and it is a big topic! I wonder if it would work to read this book early in the year after we have talked about homework needing to be done each day as well as the consequences that go with not doing it. Everyone's pretty keen at first, but it doesn't take too long until issues start to creep up. It would be fun to have the kids pick crazy reasons for homework not getting finished, illustrate it, and have it [...]

    13. I Didn't Do My Homework Because is an imagined series of absurd excuses for why the protagonist didn't do his homework. (view spoiler)[Alas, they don't work because it turns out his teacher has read the same book! (hide spoiler)] Perfectly silly, with fantastic illustrations from Benjamin Chaud. A great gift for grade schooler and grad schooler alike.["br"]>["br"]>

    14. A great book about a boy coming up with amazingly farfetched excuses for why he didn't do his homework, ending with a bit of a meta-joke, which I'm not sure how I feel about.I love that in the pictures he is trying his darndest to do the homework, but to no avail. When the brother was mentioned I then started looking for him in the context of the family but he only appeared one other time, so I was a little confused, but I guess he is a teenager, so it's understandable that he wouldn't be seen i [...]

    15. I Didn't' Do My homework Because By Davide Cali is a great guidebook for school children everywhere. Need an excuse for not doing your homework? Look no further. This book offers 26 zany excuses you can pick from. That is pretty much what the book is about. I did chuckle on several of the excuses. I am sure kids will find this book hilarious so for entertainment value and kid appeal, I give it 5 stars. The quirky, fun illustrations by Benjamin Chaud was a nice compliment to the book. Lots of fun [...]

    16. All of these excuses are amazing, but I appreciate the ending the best, when he asks 'why don't you believe me?' And the teacher says, 'because I've read the same book.' The mother and father dealing with all of these catastrophes calmly are great to see.

    17. I liked the tornados and crazy birds. Michaela. This book was fun. Jeremiah T It was funny because they were attacked by Vikings and dad used a chair to protect him from arrows. Ayden

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