Right Now

Right Now

Jackie Mcmahon / Aug 18, 2019

Right Now Angelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever a

  • Title: Right Now
  • Author: Jackie Mcmahon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Angelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever and get cheated on by a man that she tried to love, she ends up leaving and starting over in a new city Dennis Evers is a man is that has it all, he is the CEO of Evers and EAngelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever and get cheated on by a man that she tried to love, she ends up leaving and starting over in a new city Dennis Evers is a man is that has it all, he is the CEO of Evers and Evers Communications and a CIA Secret Agent There both nothing compared to what he really wants someone to share his hopes and dreams with Now he finds himself on a special secret mission to protect a girl that has no idea of what power she welds in a ring that she wears Right Now is seductive and yet can be a dirty read that follows the point of view of two complete strangers from different backgrounds and eventually fallen head over heels for each other, while trying to keep a secret relic from fallen into the wrong hands This book is intended for mature audiences and is also book one of the Seduced Series.

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        Jackie McMahon is a writer of erotic fantasy fiction stories She is a stay at home mom who lives in Queens, New York with her handsome husband and three beautiful and crazy kids When Jackie is off from mommy duty, she spends every free chance she can get reading books of her favorite erotic authors After sometime, she embarked into writing which found a way to put her over active imagination to work She may look young and innocent but is far from that when it comes to writing.


    1. Before I get into my thoughts on the story, I have to say that I don't think this book was edited all. Sentences were either missing words, or the wrong words were in there making reading difficult at times because you had to re-read the sentence mentally fixing the errors and replacing the incorrect words. I had real issues with how quickly this relationship moved. Specifically when she woke up, tied up with her "kidnapper". There just wasn't enough charater and story development for me to buy [...]

    2. Ok, this book was a let down. There's a lot of editing errors. The whole writing of the story is confusing. Transitioning from chapter to chapter, you don't know who's talking. The book is from both Angelina and Dennis's points of view. Let me just say, going from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, before I figured it out, I had to re-read it three times. It's very confusing to start. Then the middle is highly unbelieveable and unrelatable. I'm sorry, but if you're kidnapped, and have no clue what's going [...]

    3. Right Now by Jackie McMahonAfter losing the love of her life and a close friend Angelina Moore can’t seem to move past her depression so she leaves her small town in Virginia for New York where she hopes to move past her sorrow and have an adventure. Her best friend and coworker Betty is worried that she is spending too much time alone and takes her out for a little fun. At the club Angelina feels out of place and decides to go home so that Betty can enjoy herself. As Angelina is walking home [...]

    4. Great cast of characters, loved Grace, she's a beautiful young women, sister to a famous actress and soon to be screenwriter. Jake a sexy as hell actors whose just beginning his career and is somewhat shy and naive. When they meet sparks fly, ok not right when they meet but that part was very funny. Gunther a high and mighty, take no prisoners, have sex with whoever I want film producer could make or break many careers. Thought that part was written perfectly, I wanted to hit Gunther. Cara Grace [...]

    5. Right NowBook One of the Seduced SeriesI was given a copy of this book by the author as a gift. The book starts out fairly quickly and, without spoiling anything, involves a beautiful young woman overcoming tragedy naiveté with the help of a handsome Bond-ish agent she meets… in a rather interesting way.The story, and the characters' relationship, blossoms as the novel continues, with both some steam and some heart-wrenching emotion that many readers will understand and commiserate with; I kn [...]

    6. I only had a few issues with this story. First, I don't think it was edited, and if it was, the editor did a horrible job. Some sentences were missing words and had incorrect spelling and grammar. Second, it was just very hard to believe that someone could just wake up and sleep with their kidnapper without putting up a fight. I don't like the story development, I think that she decided to stay way too easily, and have sex way too soon. Finally I hated how she could go from them fighting. a week [...]

    7. There were two main things that bothered me about this book.1. Pace- I'm normally down for fast paced books because I hate the long drawn out "Does he like me?" "Do I like him?" "I think I like him but I'm scared" "Blah blah blah" Butis book was so fast paced sometimes I felt like it went from 0 to 100 all in the span of a paragraph! It just wasn't realistic enough for me.2. Errors - Both the spelling and grammatical errors were a little bit much. I'm usually really forgiving of such things. For [...]

    8. An intriguing tale of secret agents, dangerous criminals, innocent victims, all have one thing in common, a supernatural relic!! The description of each character where so vividly detailed. l not only pictured their physical appearance but felt each spell binding emotion, which made me feel that I was right there, experiencing it all as the story unfolded!! It left me breathless with all the shocking turn of events that brought these two very unlikely people together. Both have secrets hidden de [...]

    9. WTH did I just read? This book is a little bit of syfy thrown in at random times. I had a few issues with this book.1. How the heck at you going to fall in love with your kidnapper on day one of the kidnapping happening? 2. The editinglet a friend read it, or you should reread your own work if you can not afford an editor. 3. James bond Was Dennis a CEO, a special agent, or James bond? I love me a good syfy but this was over the top. How in the world can you run a company, and be a top notch cia [...]

    10. I find this book very confusing. A lot of editing errors made it a bit difficult to read. POV changes with every chapter and sometimes I didn't know whos POV it was especially chapter 1 and 2. Had to reread it couple of times to realize it was 2 different people. Angie was kidnaped and without knowing anything she just agreed to stay with Dennis and falls in love with him. WHAT?!? Thats just not real. It is suposed to be paranormal story but we see none of that till the very end. Why? Quite a fe [...]

    11. Honestly, could not force myself to finish this book. The editing, if there was any, was terrible. Incorrect word usage, very simplistic and repetitive writing style, mixing use of past and present tense. I found it very difficult to read the story without going over each paragraph multiple times to try and clarify what I was supposed to be reading. As for the story line, what I did make it through was pretty bad. No character build up that made any sense. But there is a rich playboy that also m [...]

    12. I beta read this book.*****This is a fast paced, edgy, modern story. I really liked the love story between Angelina and Dennis, which provides some fabulously steamy scenes. Emotions are very well written by this author and I thought it was very brave of her to deal with death early in the book. We soon start to like Dennis as a character because he’s really in need of love although he doesn’t know it, and he falls hard for Angelina. The thread of paranormal is interesting and I will be look [...]

    13. Angelina starts her young life with tragedy when the boy she loves dies of cancer. Crushed she moves to New York. There she is kidnapped. Something draws her to this abductor and she spends the night making lusty love to him. When she wakes the next day she finds she is in a huge mansion belonging to a famous bachelor billionaire. She should be wildly happy but when Dennis tells her she can't leave, leaving is exactly what she wants to do. Jackie has spun a delightful tale of he loves her and sh [...]

    14. Ok, I liked it and I didn't. The editing, as mentioned, was distracting. The story moved too quickly and the "love" happened too fast. I felt rushed at the end with the whole ring thing. The believe-ability was a little too far fetched. I like a little escape from reality, but not quite this far. Some of the things that happen in the story seem unimportant and a waste of a few pages that could have been spent focusing on the story. That being saidI found myself slightly fascinated by the end. I [...]

    15. When I started this book I never thought the story will unfold into an exciting love story between Angelina and Denis. Angie moved to work New York to start afresh her life and in quest of stability. Denis is a billionaire under cover CIA agent. The attraction just blew out of proportions for Denis. He falls in love with Angie some torrid love making scenes are included in this intriguing story. However the end is a paranormal cliff hanger. I can't wait to read more of this 5 stars book. The aut [...]

    16. I thought to read the book from the summary written and I was quite taken by surprise with this book.Had some paranormal twist and twilight like scenes,but i guess the story was good.I liked the characters of Dennis n Angie.But their relationship was a tad bit fast for my liking,but how the story progressed it sure gripped me.I would like to read the next book cos its interesting and know more history about the ring.N how they both will handle their love together.Rating - 3.5!

    17. Unbelievably badI feel bad writing this since the book was free That being said, the story from the beginning was unbelievable, not in a good way. It went nowhere at all. Then at the end was the "supernatural" element that made no sense. Then the book ended on a cliffhanger Also it didn't seem edited. I normally don't review book when I dislike them but I am actually annoyed I spent time to read this one.

    18. i don't know who copied who but this is exactly like Dreaming with Eyes Open which I read about three years ago and i loved it. I will not be continuing this series because from the summary of the next book it'll probably the same thing as Mahlatse Mokone dreaming series .

    19. Nope - Didn't do it for me. It was a very fast paced book which is fine but you cannot make it unrealistic.She's kidnapped, feeling threatened and kisses and sleeps with her kidnapper within minutes? He keeps her hostage and after a few lame attempts to find out why she then just accepts that he is protecting her and moves on. Then there's the whole magic/dna/special gift ring that is never really touched on at all.For a fast paced book there's way too much trying to happen here.

    20. I am so glad this was a freebie. I liked the storyline for the most part. But, the grammatical errors were overwhelming. I want to read the next one but I don't want to pay for it. I will wait it out to see if it ever becomes a freebie. My suggestion to the author is to get an editor. If you have one, find a new one!

    21. Wow. I have so much to say about this book. The only disappointment was that it is continued I do not like reading books that do not wrap up in one book. Now I also want to say what a Great book. The story and characters were absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this book. p

    22. First time that I have ever put a reminder to let me know when the next book is coming out first I was like oooookay really who does thatI mean kidnapped then bam in loveen I was like ok get it together April, you are reading fantasy for a reasont in the fantasy and ride with them.d I did!!! I have no problem recommending this book to anyone at all

    23. I got a beta from the author and I must say this book is a must read for everyone! The characters are so lovable. I laughed, I teared, I though that one I know where this is going and nope it didn't go that way. I couldn't put the book down and I will say the ending is a cliff hanger and I can't wait for the next one!

    24. I would give this book something in between 3,5 - 4 stars. I did not know it was a paranormal story. Also, I thought some of the character's stories were king of far fetched And there were so many mistakes (grammar especially). Please revise! Aside from that, the story was sweet and I loved the female lead.

    25. HeartbreakingThis book will break you heart. This is not your normal love story at all. but I promise you that you are going to love it. Dennis and Angies' love story is one of a kind. I can't wait to read the next book. Make sure you have your tissues ready.

    26. Horrible awful terrible. I have nothing good to say about this book. I didn't even finish reading it. Waste of money for sure.

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