Cry Murder! in a Small Voice

Cry Murder! in a Small Voice

Greer Gilman / Aug 19, 2019

Cry Murder in a Small Voice None

  • Title: Cry Murder! in a Small Voice
  • Author: Greer Gilman
  • ISBN: 9781618730770
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
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        Greer Gilman has been writing stories set in Cloud, her Northern mythscape, for a quarter of a century Her love of British lore and landscape, of its rituals and ballads, is a constant in her work her love of language at its roots Her books are written for the ear, as much as for the understanding Like the earliest stories, they are meant to be sung.Greer Ilene Gilman was educated at Wellesley College and the University of Cambridge, where she studied on a Vida Dutton Scudder Fellowship At Cambridge, she read Renaissance English and met with Jomsborg, a circle of fantasists There she heard Alan Garner speak, had tea with Lucy Boston, and began to think of writing myth A sometime forensic librarian and cataloger of the polyglot at Harvard, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and travels in stone circles.


    1. Gilman's prose is exquisite--no stodgy pastiche, but a lacework of Elizabethan poesy and paradigm spun with subtle modern thread to make it pleasing to the contemporary eye.Here's Will Shakespeare coming onto the scene, just after the opening, when another player's boy has been murdered and buried:Will's grieving was distracted, and his mourning ink. He had this next week's plays to fit with one less boy. So needs must write a paltry for the tyrant or the wit to speak--a patch of nothing--while [...]

    2. It's not you, Greer Gilman, it's me. I am insufficiently facile in the idiom and culture of Elizabethan England to understand more than a small fraction of this. I was worried when I picked this up, but I thought I had it under control after all, I made it through Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. It took two runs at it, and a long time, but in the end it was well worth the effort. I had similar hopes for this. But alas, the prose is so tight, so of-the-time-and-place, no amount of Google-ing is [...]

    3. A novella published quite deservedly as a lovely chapbook. The language here is exquisite, but if you can't comfortably read Shakespeare's plays, you may find the prose less alluring. (Also, some knowledge of the literature of the period enhances the reading of this piece.) One description:Not the ruined angel Ben imagined, or the rogue, defiant in his filthy gauds and tatters; not the boy at all--for he was older than Will was, than Kit would be: no, a neat small fellow, like a parishclerk. But [...]

    4. When I say this is a difficult book, I must sound too much like my undergrads grousing over Hamlet - but I read Shakespeare as well as most modernists do, well enough to teach it to the aforementioned undergraduates at least, and have a bit of Latin even (enough to help me realize where Google Translate is failing utterly), but this is a struggle surpassing that.But, well, it's a beautiful struggle; the words, images, the magic -- there was magic, wasn't there? Actual spirits? Until the endpages [...]

    5. A novella for Elizabethan/Jacobean drama nerds. The language is deliberately difficult, and in the second half I was frequently unsure what exactly was happening, and the ending was unsatisfying, but this was still a fascinating read. Lots of Shakespeare, and a surprising number of Marlowe references ("his Lucan still unfinished, plays unthought of. Overtaken: and would never now be thirty. Zeno's poet. An were I that witch of Thessaly, I'd conjure Kit and say, translate me."). Even before I rea [...]

    6. This is the kind of quasi-Shakespearean voice so many fantasy writers aspire to, then fall flat on their faces. Pitch-perfect in tone, style and ambience. It does demand some effort to read, or maybe I'm just exhausted from moving, but well worth it. I need to read more from Gilman, this was the first work of hers that I've read. It had such a wide range - from slapstick (did someone really get hit by a frying pan? oh yes) to moments of utter beauty to Yay Genderthings. More please!

    7. Beautifully captures the music of Elizabethan English, and presents a convincing portrait of an unjustly neglected contemporary of Shakespeare's. Impressive tour de force of research, passion, and lyrical prose, with a couple of fantastical surprises.

    8. Some authors I cannot read in electronic shape, and Greer Gilman is one; her words writhe out of sight on a screen, I need to see them on a page.I probably understood half of this, its melancholy poetry, its rage - this kind of writing is beyond me -but all of it is beautiful.

    9. Fantastic, challenging, inventive, brilliant novelette by Greer Gilman. If you love Elizabethan London, its language, theater, and intrigue, get yourself a copy anon!

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