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Wallflower This gamer geek has a lacy little secret Art student and MMORPG addict Robert Ng has always been a loner but he s recently made it his goal to make IRL friends Which is how he winds up working nights

  • Title: Wallflower
  • Author: Heidi Belleau
  • ISBN: 9781626490376
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • This gamer geek has a lacy little secret.Art student and MMORPG addict Robert Ng has always been a loner, but he s recently made it his goal to make IRL friends Which is how he winds up working nights at Rear Entrance Video, shilling sketchy porn and blowup dolls as a favor to his roommate The longer he works there, though, the he realizes he ll never be trulThis gamer geek has a lacy little secret.Art student and MMORPG addict Robert Ng has always been a loner, but he s recently made it his goal to make IRL friends Which is how he winds up working nights at Rear Entrance Video, shilling sketchy porn and blowup dolls as a favor to his roommate The longer he works there, though, the he realizes he ll never be truly happy until he becomes the person he is online his female persona, Bobby.Bobby is cuter and funnier than Rob is, and a thousand times popular with boys Becoming Bobby IRL presents its own set of challenges, though especially when you re sitting on the fence between two genders, only one of which has caught the attention of your seriously cute customer classmate.Dylan Ford is a six foot Inuit comic book artist who always says what s on his mind, and screw anyone who doesn t like it As rough as he appears, though, Dylan has a soft spot for Rob But will out and proud Dylan still want Rob if he s not all man

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        Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, graduated with a degree in history from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and now lives outside of Edmonton, Alberta, with her tradesman husband and two kids A proud bisexual woman, her writing reflects everything she loves diverse casts of queer characters, a sense of history and place, equal parts witty and filthy dialogue, the occasional mythological twist, and most of all, love in all its weird and wonderful forms She is the author of the REAR ENTRANCE VIDEO series, and the co author of THE BURNT TOAST BB Her latest novel DEAD RINGER, co authored with Sam Schooler, is out now from Riptide Publishing Her work has been reviewed in PUBLISHER S WEEKLY, LIBRARY JOURNAL, and BOOKLIST.


    1. Kudos for exploring gender bender in a m/m romance!I'm a big proponent of blurring the lines in this genre, in order to allow for a broader aspect of the glbt spectrum to be dragged into the limelight. In Wallflower, the author toys with gender fluidity by letting her MC, Rob, a scrawny Chinese-Canadese gamer-geek, occasionally dress up as his female alter-ego: the confident and sexy Bobby. At the same time, I'm sorry to say that the story as a whole left me pretty much unaffected. But let's get [...]

    2. A Boy Meets Boy ReviewQuick! Can you find me 5 published MM books featuring both a Chinese and Inuit romance lead? I'll wait*starts filing nails*Couldn't find any? Maybe one closer to none? I KNOW. The popular MM romances tend to lean towards the less diverse main characters - white, hunky males with monster packages. You'd think in this diverse world we live in that there would be a better representation of all different cultures and ethnicities that are out there. There are authors that have t [...]

    3. **3.5 stars**Wow! Heidi Belleau produced such a super hot, interesting, out-of-the box story! Very nicely done, Heidi. I really enjoyed this but I had some issues that prevented this from being a home run for me. Let's start with the positives about this story. I love that this book has both a minority character and a guy who is gender-questioning. In the land of macho men (aka, M/M romance-ville), the character of Rob really stood out. No muscle flexing and heavy lifting here, folks! Rob is qui [...]

    4. I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks. I have to say I really enjoyed this story. I wasn't sure quite sure what to expect when I began reading, but I was interested especially since Rob plays an MMORPG, and so do I. Though I have to say WOW, I'm sorry I mean Kingdom of Elves, is probably not the best choice if the author was trying to establish gamer cred. I know it's massively popular, but it's not necessarily a gamer's game, and it is vastly ove [...]

    5. Thank you, Heidi Belleau, for getting that ever elusive late teen-20 something voice right. Thank you for depicting them as their actual age, doing things that they would actually do and speaking as they would actually speak. Thank you for making them dress well (or not, even) but in such a way that it was relevant to the story and unobtrusive. Thank you for including things like Tumblr and gender positive porn and for, you know, actually doing your research on the subject that you're writing ab [...]

    6. WARNING: The following review may not be appropriate for all audiences. Be advised.I've already confessed my girl crush for this author. This book did not lessen the girl crushin'. Nope. If anything, it increased in intensity a titch. Why, you ask?She smashed some buttonsy smash-pantiesA hint at future hair pulling *moans* key depression/smash imminent-hair pullingAs well as biting. *groans*key tickled-bitingLordy, Ms. Belleau. UNCLE!Oh no! She wasn't quite done with the key smashing. Not yet. S [...]

    7. Heidi Belleau does a great job really focusing this story on Rob's exploration and coming to terms with his sexuality.As we find out early in the story Rob has an online, female, alter-identity he calls Bobby. Rob is shy, and introverted. Bobby is more confident and outgoing than Rob and he feels comfortable when he is her. "Rob wasn't a girl. Wasn't born one, not physically and not even on the inside. He just liked playing one. Dressing up as one. Rob didn't want to trick anyone, and he especi [...]

    8. This gets automatic five stars for both the Asian male on the cover and the fact that the main characters ARE NOT white gay males. Again I say, GLBTQ doesn't equal caucasian and I wish more authors would get that through their thick skulls. It's pretty telling that some are willing to write about a marginalized community and yet continue to deny the visibility of those in that community. Okay, just finished this and while I loved it overall, it took me a long time to be good with Rob. The whole [...]

    9. Alright, it's clear by now that I've fallen in love with Heidi Belleau's stories once again. I just read two of her books in less than twelve hours.To be honest, I never really warmed up to Rob in the first book in this series. He seemed way too meek - and way too much of a tattletale - for my liking.But in this story, I found him incredibly sympathetic and easy to love. His struggles, doubts and fears are fully understandable, conveyed in a way that is as clear as possible considering that they [...]

    10. Re-read - November 2015 - My God I LOVE this book, watching Rob's transformation is just beautiful. It's so well written!!!"Bobby Ng. Falamboyant, femme, part-time girl but all guy where it counts."Also thought I'd add a quote from that last scene for your reading pleasure."Making it hard for me not to put my Dick in your pretty mouth, but I promised to fill your pussy tonight, and a promise is a promise." ReviewAh. so much happiness after reading that book! I love cross dressing stories, I find [...]

    11. In this 2nd installmenet of the REV series (Rear Entrance Videos, a title that fits so perfectly), we get to delve deeper into Rob's life. You'll remember Rob as one of the roommates in Apple Polisher (which you don't have to read for this book, but which you should read anyway), who jumped in with Noah and Austin when Christian needed help, but not much else was revealed about him then.Well, this book is all about Rob. And Bobby. Rob is shy. Prefers to stay in the shadows, afraid to make new fr [...]

    12. So, I loved Wallflower. That love can pretty much entirely be attributed to Rob. I’ve said it before, but I love Heidi Belleau’s characters. The way she handles character growth is AMAZING. I find her characters to be so realistic. They are conflicted, they delude themselves, and they don’t always posses high levels of self-awareness. But they grow, they confront their inner turmoil, and eventually it leads to these enormously satisfying, epiphany-like moments. I don’t know how else to e [...]

    13. I thought this book would be a fun read. I thought WRONG. It was HORRIBLE. I thought, hey, what could go wrong with a main character who is Asian, an art student, and MMORPG addict, a cross dresser, and more importantly, Asian? Represent! Robert sounded like a cool person. Eeeeecccck. Not if he’s an emo. Oh My Gawd was he such an emo. + the main characterRobert Ng sucked. Reason number one, he had a Loser Complex the size of a stinking hill of manure. I would have felt bad for him were it not [...]

    14. 3.5 starsWe’re back with the housemates and friends of book one, Apple Polisher, who all now work shifts at the Rear Entrance Video (I keep wanting to type ‘rear entry’) store, helping Christian and his ailing aunt with keeping the business running.This time the focus is on Rob. We remember him as the shy, quiet, diminutive Asian guy who was always getting lost in the… well, he’s a wallflower. But, he has a secret, inner persona, a feminine side, just wanting to bust out and bloom. It [...]

    15. There were a lot of things that I enjoyed about this book. Rob/Bobby was the main thing that made this a fabulous read. I really enjoyed reading his struggle with how he perceived himself: male, female, a combination of both. His thought process, how he made his transformations all of that really helped to make this something unique and very different from any other M/M I've read. Unfortunately though, Dylan felt like a blank wall to me. I really needed to know more about what he was thinking be [...]

    16. I was confused through most of the story, confused by characters, by words, by actions, but there were moments of clarityant moments that made this worth a read.

    17. I actually really enjoyed this one! I loved the way gender identity was handled, and like that the author did not attempt a 'one box fits all' approach. The idea that a Native-American and an Asian-American (Canadian:)) might struggle with the preconceived notions that others may place on them, and that they struggle each in their own way not to be identified by their 'race' or culturewell, I thought it was handled well. The fact that they are both art students was appreciated, too, with their f [...]

    18. 3.75 starsI've been sitting on this review for a week trying to make up my mind about my rating. On the one hand, it had all the elements I look for in a great book.~Complex and compelling main characters that kept my attention throughout.~A unique approach to an issue that is rarely dealt in books.~Heidi Belleau's usual sizzling factor to her sex scenes.~Humorous and engaging interactions.Then there were the things that I couldn't overlook.~Slow-paced start that made it a bit hard for me to sta [...]

    19. 3.5 starsI've come to expect the following from Heidi Belleau: good writing, a sweet romance, some hot sex, and a bit of social commentary. 'Wallflower' delivers in every category.It takes a while for the romance to get started. For the first 40% or so of the book, Rob and Dylan are practically strangers. They run in to each other a few times, either in a shared class or at the adult video store where Rob works, but their interactions aren't that long or romantic. Instead, most of the first half [...]

    20. WOW! Just, WOW! This story so worked for me! Rob/Bobby grabbed me by the heart and just wouldn't let go! I freakin' LOVED this story! It was wonderful in so many ways and let's not look over the fact that it was HOT! But, that is not really why I am so crazy about this story Ms. Belleau took a long list of "unusual" factors and put them together in such a way that you find yourself wondering why aren't there more books dealing with this subject Rob's search for his true self wasn't an easy nor s [...]

    21. Thanks for trying, but ugh!This was a tough one. After I stopped reading Wallflower I had to take a break to gather my thoughts. I wanted to explain my issues with it without just writing off as a huge offensive mess, because it isn't a bad book. However it does have some big problems. I'm going to do my best to tackle my issues with the book, while still giving it credit for trying.To be fair, I went into reading Wallflower with the expectation that it was about an open/out trans/genderqueer ch [...]

    22. I'm going to be honest (not that I'm not usually!)I wouldn't have chosen to read this book based on the blurb alone. I'm not overly attracted to stories of geeky gamers and Rob's 'lacy little secret' made me nervous. This book ended up on my Kindle purely because I had read book one in the series Apple Polisher and have an almost obsessive compulsion to complete reading any series I start. In this case, I am really thankful for this because I enjoyed the book.Heidi Belleau provided a fascinating [...]

    23. 3.5~4 HeartsReview written forMM Good Book Reviews And this reviewer’s inner geek thrilled with this book.So yeah, my former addiction with MMORPG’s is not hidden, the fact that I simply love those games and especially the ones that contain elves and orcs in there are my absolute favs. So when I picked up this particular book I was already biased, but add to that the cross-dressing character and a fabulous writing and damn, this was a very, very enjoyable read for me.So yeah, the book starts [...]

    24. A book with a touchy subject. Personally I would have said that Rob is genderfluid. It’s not called this way in the book so maybe I’m wrong in my perception. But I can say that from my POV Heidi Belleau did a convincing story for Rob, his “way” to find his own identity. And I loved that he - asides from his own confusion about his wish to sometimes be a girl but also be a guy - wasn’t the stereotype social awkward shy guy all the time. Because being shy and not able to communicate to s [...]

    25. This was a angsty New Adult Romance where we along with both heroes are trying to figure out exactly what is going on in terms of gender identity. The heroes are great and though this book looks carefully at a range of "issues" from indigenous adoption, asian immigration, sex shops, gender binaries, art, these discussions are well woven into the fabric of the characters lives. Dylan is charming and charing. Bobby/Rob is more snarky and guarded but comes into his own.This is a very New Adult Roma [...]

    26. It's not a surprise that I loved Wallflower, the premise about a half-Asian cross-dresser sounded exactly like my kind of read, but what did surprise me was how much and how deeply I loved it. Because, man, this book! Just wow. The story that unfolded in front of my eyes was so much more layered and realistically plotted that I had expected.I excepted to get a fun and sexy romance. And I got that and more. Much more. Wallflower not only gave me the feels, but also made me think - and rethink aga [...]

    27. This book contains a romance arc between 2 characters of color, a cis gay man and a non-binary gay man. But it centers the non-binary man's exploration of his gender identity as the *main* arc. It seemed like it could have been well-intentioned, in that it was an attempt to not shy away from the ways racism impacted the lives of these two characters of color, and it imagined a caring chosen family for the central POV character and a HFN ending that included celebration of the central character's [...]

    28. I was able to get and arc through NetGalley of this title, and I was thrilled. I recently read Apple Polisher, the first book in this series, and loved it! Rob, the main character in Wallflower, was well established within the first title. I wanted to see more of him and learn his story, and Wallflower delivered in giving that to me. I have no doubt in my mind I’m going to be reading the next novel in the series. I would have given this book 5 stars, save for the very end of it. Wallflower bro [...]

    29. Actual rating is 3.2 (The NB character uses male pronouns throughout the novel. Since the story's written from that character's POV, I'm following that character's pronoun preference in my review.)I picked this one up as part of a reading challenge for the Non-Binary MC square. FTR, I haven't read many (if any) books with characters with NB gender so I was deffo game to read this novel. In addition, the NB character happened to be Chinese-Canadian and I thought/hoped the story would delve a litt [...]

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