Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Kim Law / Jul 19, 2019

Sweet Nothings Joanie Bigbee cupcake baker extraordinaire likes to keep her options open and she s good at it She s started and sold some businesses in her postage stamp sized Tennessee town and at the moment

  • Title: Sweet Nothings
  • Author: Kim Law
  • ISBN: 9781477809587
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joanie Bigbee, cupcake baker extraordinaire, likes to keep her options open and she s good at it She s started and sold some 30 businesses in her postage stamp sized Tennessee town, and at the moment she can be found in a short skirt and go go boots, selling cupcakes out of the back of a converted Volkswagen van What she moves on to next is anybody s guess She knows betJoanie Bigbee, cupcake baker extraordinaire, likes to keep her options open and she s good at it She s started and sold some 30 businesses in her postage stamp sized Tennessee town, and at the moment she can be found in a short skirt and go go boots, selling cupcakes out of the back of a converted Volkswagen van What she moves on to next is anybody s guess She knows better than to be tied down In any way She s watched every woman in her family fall head over heels, only to find themselves wondering how to pick up the pieces when love is lost.When Nick Dalton shows up at the groovy cupcakery, all Joanie wants is a taste a fling with no strings suits her just fine But for Nick, a bite is not enough he wants the whole cake a big house, a family, true love But love only makes you stupid, right Joanie has to decide whether to follow where her free spirit leads or hold on to the sweetest thing she s ever known.

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        As a child, award winning author Kim Law cultivated a love for chocolate, anything purple, and creative writing She penned her debut work, The Gigantic Talking Raisin, in the sixth grade and got hooked on the delights of creating stories Before settling into the writing life, however, she earned a college degree in mathematics and worked for years as a computer programmer Now she s living out her lifelong dream of writing romance novels She s won the Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart Award, been a finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award, and served in varied positions for her local RWA chapter A native of Kentucky, Kim lives with her husband and an assortment of animals in Middle Tennessee Visit her Facebook page at facebook kimlawauthor or find her on twitter kim_law.


    1. A very enjoyable small-town romance. It's a lot better than the first book as it has all the charm of that one but without the weaknesses. It's rather a shame that I really think you'd get more out of this one having read the first so can't really recommend starting here.My only qualm (and keeping this from being four rather than three stars) is that I didn't really care much for Joanie--her hang-ups persisted much longer than they really should have. I liked her well enough, and she made sense [...]

    2. 2-3 starsWell I”ll just quickly sum it up and say the heroine Joanie had so many problems it drove me nuts. Pretty much the entire book she was afraid to commit and the hero Nick wanted a relationship. “She had to work through what she wanted, and hopefully come to him at the end. He had to let her go to see what happened”

    3. This was my first Kim Law novel, and I have to say it made me want to read more. I thought the characters were great and likeable, but the reason for the lack of a star was the quick ending. There was such a build up in the story (especially with the mysterious grandfather) and I felt the author was quick to write off the conclusion. It was like craving a chocolate chip cookie and getting one only to have half fall to the floor! I really wished she took more time with the ending especially since [...]

    4. A Sweet RomanceA Sweet romance with HEA. A small town where everyone knows everything, even Gigi in the nursing home. The romance of Nick and Joanie is full of emotions. Can Joanie beat the family curse. This book brought out my emotions of laughter and 2014tears. A must read for 2014.

    5. Sweet Nothings is one of my favorite Contemporary reads for the year. This small town story is full of drama, small town gossips, and heart-warming love stories. A perfect read for the holidays.Sweet Nothings picked up about two months after Sugar Springs had ended. And Cody’s brother, Nick Dalton, is back to continue to build their relationship. While in town, he also started to get to know the people in Sugar Springs including a certain baker who had caught his attention. Nick will find hims [...]

    6. I absolutely adored this book. Let’s face it, it has a hot guy and tons of cupcakes… But what I loved more is that I felt a connection to this book. It was more than just characters I could relate to, it was the town and the people. I am drawn to a book that I can connect with. I grew up in a small town and some of the issues the characters faced in this book are issues I have faced in my life.I love Joanie becuase she is just cute. She is not afraid to be edgy or stand out in a crowd. It se [...]

    7. ***I was given an ARC from Reading Bliss for an honest review***I must say I really enjoyed this book. Sweet Nothings is the story about the relationship between Nick Dalton and Joanie Bigbee.I LOVED both of these characters, even though they both have a great deal of baggage. Joanie much more so then Nick.Joanie Bigbee has lived in Sugar Springs all her life. Joanie has made a living out of building businesses and then selling them. Her latest business venture is a cupcake business. So one day [...]

    8. I read romance because I want to escape and be entertained and amused, and this title managed to succeed and deliver laughter, enjoyment and escape. Kim Law’s second installment in the Sugar Springs series focuses on Joanie and Nick. Joanie is a Sugar Springs native, born with restless feet, while she has never left the town she constantly needs a new challenge to keep her amused. These she finds in her serial business ownership: start a business, get it successful, sell it and move on. She do [...]

    9. The premise of the book is simple, Nick Dalton is in Sugar Springs to connect with his long lost twin brother and expand his construction business to the area. Nick hopes by branching out his business in Sugar Springs it will allow him to spend more time with his new found twin brother and his nieces. What he doesn't expect or count on is to have his heart pulled by Joanie Bigbee, owner of a local cupcake shop, and cursed with the Bigbee women's curse. Joanie is trying to keep her heart and emot [...]

    10. Joanie loves to start a business and then flip it for money. It is what she is good at and how she makes a living. However she has to now fix up her childhood home and sale it or her grandmother will have to come live with her. That is the last thing she wants as they don't always get along. She in list the help of Nick to fix up the house so she can sell it. She has no desire or needs to be tied down. Being from a family that marriages don't seem to work out she doesn't plan on making that step [...]

    11. Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 4REVIEW: Joanie Bigbee is a woman who has never made any kind of commitments. Not to her family, not to her job and most definitely not to a man. Except for one problem. Nick Dalton. Nick is back in town and really throwing a wrench in Joanie’s armor. Nick Dalton has come back to town to open a new branch of his business so that he has a reason to come visit his newly found brother. But Nick’s reason for staying might have just changed d [...]

    12. I love Sugar Springs. Kim Law has created a fictional town that I want to live in. I love the characters in the town and especially in this book. Their fears and doubts about relationships are real, and you really pull for them. And I love that there is a bit of reality in the book as well - Go Preds!!!! What could be better than hockey and cupcakes? This is the second book on Kim's Sugar Springs series but it can totally stand on its own. Read it first or second, but read both books. You won't [...]

    13. This book was really cute. I loved the town and the characters. I'm shocked I haven't read this series before and I know now I have to go read the first and third book of this series. It had the right amount of emotional and drama to make it worth reading without being overwhelming. The romance was perfectly done and these two characters weren't rushed into anything. It ended in an engagement but with how the story went it worked with this book. I am going to be reading more from this author in [...]

    14. Delightful small town romance at it's best! Filled with quirky characters and a flair for protecting their Sugar Springs is idyllic. You have to cheer for Joanie & Nick as they work through all the emotions of falling in love. Fantastic book I recommend for everyone.

    15. Joanie Bigbee, cupcake baker extraordinaire, likes to keep her options open—and she’s good at it. She's started and sold some 30 businesses in her postage stamp-sized Tennessee town, and at the moment she can be found in a short skirt and go-go boots, selling cupcakes out of the back of a converted Volkswagen van. What she moves on to next is anybody’s guess. She knows better than to be tied down. In any way. She's watched every woman in her family fall head-over-heels, only to find themse [...]

    16. Nick is determined to make a name for himself in the small town of Sugar Springs. Besides, since reuniting with his long lost brother, he likes having family around. He also likes what he sees in Joanie. But he might as well get her out of his head because she won’t even go out on one date with him.Joanie is convinced she’s unlucky in love. Like her mother and grandmother before her; she refuses to morph herself into what she thought men wanted. She’d rather go without love than be a broke [...]

    17. A series called "Sugar Springs" was never going elicit great expectations but book #1 was okay. I would have given this one 3 stars but it has taken me a long time to read it, in fact I set it aside several times but once beyond half-way, it got through it relatively quickly. The first half would definitely be better for some abridging. I bought all 3 at the same time and was doubting I would ever bother with the final one, but now feel I might tackle it after all.

    18. NiceNice addition to the series. Didn't really care for how indecisive Joanie was. Her back and forth with Nick although a bit understandable, for me it was a bit overboard. I mean thank goodness for Nick's patience geez. Nice to see how he and Cody are coming into their own as brothers. Job well done Kim Law.

    19. A good , sexy, fun read.This is a five star read. It's the second book in the series. I love the fact that I set the book down for a month or two and picked it back up again without having to re read the story to familiarize myself with the story line. I like the forever after endings.

    20. Enjoyable ReadEasy and frustrating read at times but enjoyed every page. Hope to find more about Sugar Springs. Always enjoy a series where all the characters are related in one way or another.

    21. SO SWEET I loved this story about Joanie and Nick. These are two that are complete opposites, but somehow it works. Joanie's quirks will have you smiling even when things get tough. Very enjoyable story.

    22. Both damaged by a lack of love, where she holds back to protect herself, he goes full steam ahead. It takes a lot to get her to trust him and what they have.I like that the characters are dynamic and grow but never lose their identities.

    23. So cute!!This story was so sweet (pun intended)! I loved the Ups and downs of it and it was incredibly romantic. Definitely read this if you love romance and character development.

    24. Finding her happy, sweet, sassy, fun road to self discoveryLiving her life under the weight of a family curse, self discovery and letting go of the bad. Book of loss love & finally happiness. Well written with a HEA what more could you want in a book?

    25. Really cute storyThis was a really cute story. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. They are loveable and fun to read about. Easy and quick read

    26. Great characters, good plot, sweet romance and not a lot of the typically annoying tendencies of some romance novels. I loved it and I'm interested to read more about the people of Sugar Springs!

    27. Amazing!!I laughed, I cried and I loved this book!! One of the best books that I have ever read!!! A big thank you to the author!!

    28. Loved itGreat story line. I truly enjoyed reading Jo and Nick's story it was well written and can't wait for the next one.

    29. Joanie Bigbee and Nick Dalton are polar opposites in every way. She is wild, untamed and unable to settle down – jobwise and relationship-wise. He is calm, a “house mouse” and eager to settle down as fast as possible. They fall in love, but are faced with a number of issues such as the health of Joanie’s grandmother, Nick’s complicated past and the constant rumours started by the people that live in their small town.The novel is a story about how nothing in life can be planned, because [...]

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