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Stolen Before Gray Weathersby uncovered the truth about Claysoot and the Laicos Project a girl named Bree came of age in the coastal settlement of Saltwater and made her own surprising journey to the world

  • Title: Stolen
  • Author: Erin Bowman
  • ISBN: 9780062303363
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • Before Gray Weathersby uncovered the truth about Claysoot and the Laicos Project, a girl named Bree came of age in the coastal settlement of Saltwater and made her own surprising journey to the world beyond its borders In Stolen, discover the story of Bree s life before she was Snatched from her home, before she joined the rebellion, and before she met a boy named Gray

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    1. To clear up some confusion:Yes, this is a prequel, with the events of STOLEN happening prior to TAKEN. However, this novella is perhaps best read after TAKEN. STOLEN supplements TAKEN's existing plot line and should be viewed as more of a companion story than anything else. It gives insights to Bree's character that play into the sequels, FROZEN and FORGED, so iIf you try to read STOLEN before any of the novels, you'll likely be left a little lost.That's all. Thanks for reading. You guys rock. : [...]

    2. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed this novella more than the full length novel, Taken. I'm even more excited to continue this series now! I wasn't the biggest Bree fan in Taken but now I'm completely on board! She is such a strong character and I loved getting her backstory even if it did break my heart a little :(

    3. Stolen was set before the events of Taken, on an island named Saltwater. I think this novella is best read after Taken. This was a interesting glimpse into Bree's past and the events that shaped her, as she was pretty much a mystery in Taken. Bree has always set her eyes on her childhood friend, Lock. She struggles to make her feelings known to him because time and circumstances are against her. Lock's 18th birthday is impending and that means he will inevitably be Taken. Unfortunately during th [...]

    4. Stolen is a short novella from the Taken series, best read after book one, Taken. It's about Bree's life back in Saltwater before she was "snatched" and learned about the Order and the Laicos Project. You get a much better understanding of why she's the way she is today-strong, fierce and very independent. I definitely sympathize with her character a lot more after reading this novella and will look at her in a different light when reading the rest of the series.

    5. I discovered this novella when looking for FROZEN, the second book of this series, and decided to read this one before. That was a really good decision, because after reading TAKEN I already know something about the story line and what might happen next, when the main characters set out for a new adventure. But until then we just know about Gray's background story; in STOLEN we get to know Bree's. I once more like the spelling style very much as well as the plot and therefore give a 5 star ratin [...]

    6. It's hard to give this any more than three stars. The entire reading experience was like "okay. Huh. Ok." I didn't feel all too much. It was nice to know Bree more but other than that, I don't have much to say.

    7. Stolen is chronologically happening before Taken, but somehow I think it'd make more sense to read it after reading Taken. Mostly because at the end we get a peek at events happening in Taken and it'd be better to go at those un-spoiled. Beware if you haven't read Taken, cause I might refer to some spoilery happenings in this review.Stolen is Bree's story in her home, Saltwater. We discover a different Bree from the one we met in Taken, but this was before she was "snatched" and we learn about s [...]

    8. Boys are Snatched on their 18th birthdays and in some cases, the toughest girls. With her father Snatched and her mother dead, Bree has been living with Lock, Heath and their mother Chelsea. With less than 6 days till Lock's birthday, time is running out for Bree to act on her feelings for Lock. And what will Lock choose to do - swim to the horizons or face the Snatching?Stolen was a wonderful novella that 'took' me by surprise. Not a page was wasted in world and character building. The whole Sn [...]

    9. It’s possible I loved this novella even more than its full-length predecessor. Bree is my favorite character from Erin Bowman’s debut Taken, so even though I have a serious aversion to eBooks, I had to read this story. And I’m glad I did! It shed so much light on Bree’s background and her behavior in Taken, and it very much broke my heart (Lock… *sniffle*). After reading Stolen, I can’t wait for Taken‘s follow-up, Frozen.

    10. I loved this read. It makes me want to read Taken even more. I love the characters and the world. I can tell that this series is going to be awesome. The protagonist Bree, short for Brianna, is so interesting. She is a strong character and very fierce. She also has a lot of compassion for who she loves. I felt so bad about what happened with Heath. I can't wait to read this series! I'm going to start reading Taken today! Yay!

    11. 2.5 starsI have to say that I'm not really sure what the point of this short story was. Bree moans, inadvertantly injures her adoptive brother, makes a pass at her other adoptive brother, and then somebody dies. Not really sure what the point was, it didn't reaally endear Bree to me, and to be honest I was mostly bored. Bit of a waste of time really.

    12. This was a quick glimpse into Bree's life before the snatching. It was a good quick read and even though it is only about 50 pages long you really get to feel for Bree and understand her better.

    13. I read Taken several months ago and had forgotten much of what happened, so I picked up this novella to try to jog my memory so I can proceed with the series in the future. This is a prequel story featuring Bree, and I actually think the whole series might be better if it was from her perspective instead of Gray’s. When reading it, I got some Hunger Games vibes (pre-Games) because these characters reminded me of Katniss and Gale.

    14. Stolen is a novella that is written in Bree's perspective. It is set in Bree's hometown, Saltwater, and its story occurred before the events of Taken. I enjoyed reading this novella and it helped me understand Bree's character even more. It was really nice to learn more about Bree's life before she was "snatched" or Heisted. This novella mainly shows how Bree was shaped into the character that she is in Taken.In Taken, Bree was a brave, independent, and remarkable young fighter; she is still tha [...]

    15. *Also posted at Oops! I Read A Book Again*I won a copy from Erin Bowman. Thank you Erin! *heart* Having been gifted a copy did not affect my views in any way. Warning: There will be spoilers for Taken as I don't think I can talk about either without spilling anything.If you didn't love Bree just yet in Taken (how is that even possible I don't know as she's kick-ass and strong), you will definitely love her in Stolen. Taken has showcased Claysoot and Taem but we know so little of the other towns [...]

    16. This is part of my New Year’s reading resolution: finish the Taken series. I had this novella and the third book to read. I decided to start with the novella so I could familiarize myself again with the world of Taken since it’s been awhile since I’ve read the first two. This novel takes place before Taken but it’s better if you read it after it since there are some elements that need more context.We follow the life of Bree before Taken. She comes from a village called Saltwater where bo [...]

    17. I have to admit I liked this novella more than I liked Taken! Interesting to get some history on Bree—much of it gut-wrenching :( I liked understanding her more--reading about the things that happened to her that made her who she is now. I also liked that the story highlighted some of the many problems this society has wrought on its people: feelings of neglect, abandonment, and low self-esteem as parents, siblings, and friends regularly die or disappear; confused, misguided, and tainted feeli [...]

    18. Actual rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars.Living in a coastal settlement with no way out. That sounds like a major suckfest. Obviously the whole breeding aspect would be an issue, if not confusing. I just think I’d get seriously bored with it. The entire Taken universe is fascinating though. I do have to admit that this review is for Stolen, the prequel to Taken and I have not read Taken yet. I like to read the prequel(s) first, if at all possible.Bree was amazing. I want a friend like her and I’m [...]

    19. 3.5 / 5 stars ratingThis review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Stolen is set before the events in Taken and follows Bree in her time still in her home community. Even though the story is a novella, Bowman still finds time to throw in angst with some young adult romance, which rather irritated me. If you take out this factor, however, it is still an entertaining read, and something to add to your list for sure if you are a devoted fan of the Taken series. While the romance with a bit much [...]

    20. What I thought of this book overall (read only this section if you do not want to be spoiled) : I really enjoyed this read. It makes me want to buy Taken even more and read it. I love the characters and the world. I can tell that I will like this series. The protagonist Bree, short for Brianna, is so interesting. She reminds me a lot of Katniss. I dunno why. She is a strong character and very fierce. She also has a lot of compassion for who she lovesG! I love Locke. He is so hot. (view spoiler)[ [...]

    21. I have been interested in Taken for some time, but needed motivation to really read it. Sadly the prequel doesn't really provide me motivation, if anything it demotivates me. I didn't like Bree. I didn't like Lock. The only character I slightly sympathized with was Heath and his illness and later his wounds and what happens after that.I am still very confused about the whole taking/snatching thing and how it works. So not everyone gets snatched? Some get to stay? And girls disappear with 16 and [...]

    22. 3/5 stars •_•I have to say I expected more from this novella. I was disappointed they didn't give us more on Bree's character. It was kind of just a depressing story. ~SPOILER~ Although I am happy to know Bree actually has someone missing her in Saltwater. I also had high hopes that the journal that "Bleak" found in Frozen was Bree's from Saltwater. I'm not sure why, I just thought it would be an interesting twist. However, Erin and I do not see eye to eye. Read the story if you want to know [...]

    23. Bree is one of my favorite characters from Taken and Frozen. So when I heard there was a short book written just about her story I had to get it. Bree is a very strong female character who doesn't let anyone bring her down. I feel bad how she falls in love with Lock but Lock seems to be undecidable. He just flirts and goes off and sleeps with other girls. Bree is ready to give her heart to him but he doesn't seem to want just Bree. The relationship with Bree and Locks younger brother, Heath is a [...]

    24. I am in love with Erin Bowman, and will shout it to the world. While this book took me a few months to read [I wanted to draw it out] the conclusion was shattering, beautiful and addictive, and am pained as to continue with the sneak peak in the back of the book, even though I already own Frozen, or to hold out until the last book comes out, and do a re-read. This short from Bree's perspective gave her compassion, cause, heart, and flaws and I am so grateful to have read it. There were many tear [...]

    25. This is what i am talking about loving the book, the story and the characters.Eversince i met Bree i rooted for her. Not for Gray or any love prospects for that matter. Its her personality that blew me away. Her strong, independent, scowling most of the time personality. And what did i get from the prequel? a lot of bree! and Lock and the chemistry between them. Their story was shortlived, but i felt it! And eventhough I have a very strong feeling that Bree is going to end up wit Grayunless Ms. [...]

    26. Loved it! Bree broke my heart and made me root for her.Some of my favorite quotes: "There are people who drain you and people who raise you up. People who take and people who give. People who make you feel dressed in armor and people who actually provide it.""What a waste of energy. What a loyal, devoted, stubborn waste." --> this one was so powerful in my view. But I won't give any spoilers :-)The characters were very well developed and I wouldn't have minded an entire novel instead of a nov [...]

    27. I totally recommend this e-book. To me, I gained a better understanding of Bree and what she went through. In the series I was originally annoyed with her, I thought she was such a clingy and blunt character especially when it came to her relationship with Grey. But after reading Stolen, I can relate to her more. She's really a misunderstood person, who endures an emotional strife.I'm honestly torn now on who should be with Grey. Prepare for some water works, it's an emotional roller-coaster.Oh [...]

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