The Four Treasures of Eirean

The Four Treasures of Eirean

Ali Isaac / Jan 19, 2020

The Four Treasures of Eirean Conor Kelly is not your average hero Trapped inside a body he can t control Conor s mind is as active and alert as that of any teenage boy On the outside however he s about as interactive as a lump

  • Title: The Four Treasures of Eirean
  • Author: Ali Isaac
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Conor Kelly is not your average hero Trapped inside a body he can t control, Conor s mind is as active and alert as that of any teenage boy On the outside, however, he s about as interactive as a lump of wood.Then he meets Annalee She claims to be a Sidhe Princess, some kind of fairy royalty, apparently She offers to take him into the magical realm, where her people wiConor Kelly is not your average hero Trapped inside a body he can t control, Conor s mind is as active and alert as that of any teenage boy On the outside, however, he s about as interactive as a lump of wood.Then he meets Annalee She claims to be a Sidhe Princess, some kind of fairy royalty, apparently She offers to take him into the magical realm, where her people wield the power to help him But is she just some child snatching lunatic psychopath, or can she be trusted On the other hand, what s he got to lose He soon discovers that Tir na Nog is not the benign, dreamy land of legend Nor are its inhabitants, the Sidhe, the benevolent fairy folk of Irish mythology To accept their help has a cost, but for someone who doesn t value his life, death is a risk worth taking With the blood of Lugh, God of Lightning, tingling in his veins, the boy in the wheelchair must dig deep, if he is to unlock the inherited powers dormant within him Only he can defy disgraced Sidhe King, Bres, who seeks to avenge himself on his brethren, and subject all mankind to his tyranny In the race to recover the legendary lost talismans of power, the Four Treasures of Eirean, before Bres gets his hands on them and becomes invincible, Conor begins to wonder just whose side Annalee is on, as her chequered past comes to light There are other obstacles, too Ruairi, the Chieftain s son, and worse, his own crippling self doubt Not that anything s going to stop him For the first time in his life, Conor finds he is not restricted by his physical limitations Still, it s not going to be easy Nothing worth fighting for ever is Book One of the Tir na Nog Trilogy begins an epic fantasy adventure which takes us back in time to the shadowy past of Ireland s long lost legend, where fairy kings and Gods walked amongst mortals, and where feats of magic, swordsmanship, and courage were customary.Here amongst the ancient stones of Newgrange and Tara, Conor discovers that anyone, even the most unlikely of us, can still be a hero A sophisticated fairy tale of epic proportions that will appeal to children and adults alike Jay Howard It s Narnia meets Percy Jackson Jason Parent I found myself wanting to learn about Irish folklore, and someday visit Ireland Laura Libricz

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    1. Do you remember, with nostalgia, reading adventure stories full of youthful courage, heroes and villains, humans and fantastical creatures? Did you enjoy Narnia? If so, this book will have you doing everything in your power to read it in one sitting.It's firmly grounded in well researched Irish folklore and history, a sophisticated fairy tale of epic proportions that will appeal to children and adults alike. Ali Isaac cleverly leads us between the present and events of 4,000 years ago. Fourteen [...]

    2. I give this story 5 stars gladly and with enthusiasm. It was a total joy to read and was a book I found myself eager to get home and read in the evening (taking over my desire for my evening soaps, which says a lot!)It took me back to my childhood when my mum would read stories to me and my sister at bedtime, stories such as Narnia. A classic tale of good versus evil with an unlikely hero whose destiny it is to fight in a battle that has been reoccurring for centuries.In our world 14 year old Co [...]

    3. I really enjoyed reading The Four Treasures of Eirean. It was educational. I learned a lot about Irish mythology and history, as well as it's geography. It is tremendously informational, well researched and interesting. It made me want to visit Ireland, and learn more about Irish history.The story itself was captivating and imaginative. The main character, Conor Kelly, a disabled boy in a wheelchair, is called upon by mythological characters to fight off the evil Bres and find the four lost trea [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Four Treasures of Eirean. It took me right back to the books of my youth; Swallows and s, the Lone Pine series, the books of Ursula le Guin and, yes, those of CS Lewis too. It recalled memories of rainy holidays in Wales, making myself ill trying to read in the back of the car, begging to be left behind while the rest of the family toured the Cathedral because I was reading a really good book and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next! I’d say the book is [...]

    5. Who knew Irish mythology could be so interesting? Ali Isaac's book, The Four Treasures of Eirean, firmly roots itself in a rich and captivating folklore that makes me wonder why Greek mythology has oversaturated the fantasy realm. Now, I love Greek mythology, but there's only so many times the same stories can be redone before they get tired. Isaac's novel rekindles that spark I had when I first heard of Perseus and Athena and their lot.Isaac's story is the first book of a trilogy, but make no m [...]

    6. Conor Kelly is an unconventional hero. For one thing he can’t speak, for another he is bound to a wheelchair. Not exactly the first person the Sidhe would turn to in their hour of need, you’d think. Well you’d be wrong. Conor Kelly is made of stern stuff and he has the blood of Lugh Long Arm in his veins. Transported to Tir na nOg where time has a different meaning, Conor’s personal adventure runs alongside the history of his ancestors, dipping in and out of our world and the fairy world [...]

    7. This is a well-crafted fantasy based in meticulously-researched Irish legend, mixed with an unlikely modern-day hero. Quest-based, melding time-travel with story-book beasts, there’s plenty of action, ranging from heroic battle-scenes to one-on-one epic fantasy conflicts. There’s magic, but it’s tempered by the need for logic and the difficulty of obtaining and using it, and nothing is without consequences. There’s a range of characters, from the likable through the suspicious through th [...]

    8. Based on thoroughly researched Irish Mythology, the author has created a stunning saga that melds and welds prehistoric events to modern day realities and even manages to throw magic and a few unexpected legends into it in such a way that it all seems quite logical and real as I read it.The unlikely hero, Conor, is an inspired choice. Self doubting, determined, fearful, courageous, weak in body, strong in spirit, he embodies everything most 14 year old boys feel like and wish they were like.I fi [...]

    9. The Four Treasures of Eirean is a book about a disabled boy confined to a wheelchair. He cannot walk or talk. But there’s another side of himself that he is about to get to know. He is stolen away from his world and transported to the world of the Irish Sidhe, a mythical magical folk that lived 4000 years ago.(Or still lives today!) There he finds out that he is not only a descendant from these people, but a very important one: he is the Master of All Arts and is key in helping his guide Annal [...]

    10. In spite of the fact that I don't normally read fantasy, I enjoyed this book. It is the story of Conor, a disabled young man who must overcome his fears, and he has a lot to be fearful about, as he struggles along with Annalee of the fairy folk to find the four treasures that will save her people. There were little moments in this book that I truly enjoyed - preparing an outdoor kitchen, the idea that magic is permitted only when actually needed, which can make things extremely difficult, and Co [...]

    11. Intriguingly, the story opens 4,000 years ago with a prologue introducing the Fir Bolg. The King has had a disturbing dream, a warning of impending disaster. And as his people are readying themselves for war, the Tuatha de Danann are landing on the shores of Connemara. This is an epic tale of myth and magic, woven in with the present day, and a very out of the ordinary hero. Connor Kelly, 14 years old, is confined to wheelchair, unable to walk or talk. As Connor waits for his monthly physiothera [...]

    12. The tale is a complex mix of myth and present day adventure that the author has addressed in an interesting way. Instead of opening the story with our hero, Conor, she opens it with a prologue that introduces the spine of our story. This spine is the history and myth that continues as a bleed-in throughout the rest of the book. Conor is a wheelchair bound, fourteen-year-old boy. I was confused about the extent of his disability, thinking he had severe cerebral palsy and therefore was something o [...]

    13. You know that a book is good if you think about it during the day and look forward to resuming your read that evening. The Four Treasures of Eirean had me looking forward to curling up by the fire at night to delve back into this tale of fairy and real worlds set in the land of Ireland. The story takes us by magical portal between the two worlds which helped to create a sense of realism in a well written fantasy. Although the story woven around magic and fairies was enchanting in itself, there w [...]

    14. I read a bit about Irish Mythology before I started this book and I felt that it helped me enjoy this book even more. Isaac has provided a nice pronunciation guide which gives a quick who-is-who. I am glad that I read this book so I could get a wonderful introduction to Irish mythology. The story was good and well-written. I loved the way Isaac has so effortlessly sewn the story together. It took me a while to get started with this wood, but later I was unable to put the book down and finished i [...]

    15. A beautifully written book about an unconventional hero. Brings to life the myth and magic of ancient Ireland and seamlessly weaves them into the context of a modern day story set against the background of Ireland's rural landscape. Definitely recommend this book for all fans of mythology.

    16. The cover immediately grabbed my attention. I have a feeling this book is going to blow the minds away of readers.

    17. In her Tir Na Nog Trilogy, author Ali Isaac introduces us to one of the most unlikely epic heroes ever. Conor Kelly is a fifteen-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk or talk. But he lives in his head, and it's there we find out that there is so much more to Conor. When he's kidnapped by the cold but oddly compelling princess Annalee of the mythical Sidhe, Conor discovers that he's able use an unsuspected Sidhe heritage to communicate his thoughts.Both books of the trilogy are fu [...]

    18. Warning: Vague spoilers may be withinConor Kelly is a boy trapped in a wheelchair, but his mind is as keen as any his age. Despite his limitations he is somehow meant to save Ireland and the Faie from an ancient foe who is after four long lost relics of power.Anybody who enjoys the books written by Stephen Lawhead (Taliesin, The Paradise War, The Pendragon Sage, Hood and The King Raven Trilogy) will find kinship with the tale of Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean by Ali Isaac.Outside o [...]

    19. 5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Wonderful, July 10, 2014Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean (The Tir Na Nog Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)A sympathetic main character that doesn't fall into standard tropes. This story is a breath of fresh air into a genre that is normally overflowing with blood. There are some fights here, but the story doesn't make them as important as the goals and character growth.There is also a wonderful tutorial [...]

    20. This book transports you into the mythical realm of Tir na Nog through the eyes of a disabled fourteen year old boy, Conor. With him, we experience ancient legends as well as present-day Irish landmarks as he travels upon his quest for the treasures.All the characters in this story were very well-developed and believable. I remained uncertain of Annalee until the end, and Ruairi's ultimate decision in regard to his father was an unexpected, and pleasant, surprise.I found the Irish lore and myth [...]

    21. Ali Isaac is a master at assimilating complex mythological history, and weaving it into a beautiful, no, ethereal fairytale story. Gritty and intense at times, she captures you instantly and doesn't let go until the final page. I love the unusual protagonist, his struggles at accepting who he is, and the personal journey he goes on. I love Annalee, the main female character too, stubborn, clever, and utterly flawed. Perfect.I am not a mythology fan, but you simply cannot help falling in love wit [...]

    22. "Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean" tells the tale of a boy in a wheel chair in present day Ireland who goes through a portal into a magical realm, and sets off on an adventurous journey to help right the wrongs of the past.Brimming with unusual and intriguing characters, such as a unicorn, in unlikely settings, shrouded in fantasy, folk lore, myth and magic, this book will hold your interest and keep you reading until the last page. You will find yourself silently pulling for Conor a [...]

    23. The story starts off very fast paced and good. It is easy to relate to Conor, a character with Cerebral Palsy who is kidnapped into the fairy tale realm. Then, there's a flashback to Celtic times and that's where the story begins to drag. All those names and places and fighting without good reason, the head hopping and the over abundance of characters threw me. However, once I got through that part, the story picked up speed and tension and became a really good read in the end. With a rewrite of [...]

    24. This book is an interesting read especially because the main character has to fight his disability for the whole book. There are a few places where it is rather difficult to follow events due to the huge amounts of unfamiliar names and the fighting that goes on, but apart from that, this is significantly better than other stories based on Celtic myths and legends I've read (and I've read quite a few).

    25. This book is both rich and complex, usually a bad combination. However the author in this case manages to pull it together and succeeds in a spectacular manner. The combination of Irish folklore and a cast of unlikely characters makes it nearly impossible to predict what might happen next. The characters and scenes are also well written and fully developed. For those interested in adventure and something Irish, this book won't disappoint.

    26. Strong and MagicalThis is a wonder book if you enjoy fantasy. It is a well written story line with great characters brought to life through words. This story has all the excitement and tension you could want. It's a book you will enjoy. I can't wait to start on book two.

    27. This story was very compelling. It was a huge bonus that it contained names and places that are real. The action and excitement caries you all the way to the end of the book. I recommend this book to all adventure readers, especially the ones that are fans of Irish folklore.

    28. Conor, a boy bound to a wheelchair, without ability to speak, has been taken by the fairies. He's brought to Tir na Nog to help a sidhe name Annalee recover four lost treasures. His quest takes you through the myths of Ireland on a journey that will leave you inspired and dreaming of faries.

    29. In The Four Treasures of Eirean, Ali Isaac has created a fascinating, imaginative tale spun between two worlds: present-day Ireland and an enchanted four-thousand-year-old realm of Irish mystical gods, kings, villains, and heroes. The author successfully brought the two domains together, painting both present-day and ancient Irish landscapes with vivid, beautiful descriptions. She gave voice and clarity to the ancient characters of Irish history and mythology all the while providing a modern, po [...]

    30. This book has satisfied my quest for a good place to start learning about Irish folklore and the fairy folk of Irish myths. My knowledge of mythology was sadly lacking in anything Celtic or Irish. The author, herself suggested I start here, and it was a painless, exciting entry into a whole new world of fantasy reading. I definitely will complete the trilogy. It is one of the fastest paced adventure stories with one of the unlikeliest heroes and plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading.

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