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Sin Sin He definitely lived up to his name The man was like looking straight into the eyes of pure sexuality I never thought I d walk into a strip club much less be standing here asking for a job in one

  • Title: Sin
  • Author: Michelle Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781489531018
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sin He definitely lived up to his name The man was like looking straight into the eyes of pure sexuality I never thought I d walk into a strip club, much less be standing here asking for a job in one Amazing what weeks of living off Vienna Sausage and Ramen Noodles would make you do I was in my last semester of college and struggling to make ends meet My mom would haSin He definitely lived up to his name The man was like looking straight into the eyes of pure sexuality I never thought I d walk into a strip club, much less be standing here asking for a job in one Amazing what weeks of living off Vienna Sausage and Ramen Noodles would make you do I was in my last semester of college and struggling to make ends meet My mom would have kicked my butt if she knew I d walked into Sin s I had no intention of telling her I was a grown woman At least I thought I was before I met him After looking into those eyes of his I wasn t sure I d ever lived before.Sin was no prince charming He made it clear from the beginning that he didn t do his girls That didn t stop me from dreaming One night in his private dance studio and I was ready to stop being the last college student who held the V card I didn t go looking for temptation, but when I met Sin, it found me.

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        Michelle Hughes is an American author who writes sensual romance and paranormal fiction Hughes was formerly a country singer songwriter and toured with a national satellite talent showcase Recently, she was awarded a Kindle Press contract for her western romance, Cowboy Sanctuary Other books in her library are Fantasy s Bar Grill series, Tears of Crimson series, Sin, Rude, and the You Don t Know Jack series Hughes lives in Alabama with her husband and five children Find out by visiting tearsofcrimson facebook authormichellehughestwitter michellehughes_authormichellehughes for the new branding of Gone Country


    1. I was given a copy for my honest review.I have been a fan of Michelle Hughes long before I called her friend. I have read everything she has out and I am never disappointed. Sin is amazing. He is flawed and he is hard. He is sexy as hell but he is not what I consider your normal book boyfriend. He is edgy and dirty and I love it!Anya is innocent but not annoying about it. This book was about a college student that wants to be able to pay her bills so her friend gets her a job waiting tables at a [...]

    2. Garbage. The pace of the writing felt rushed and incomplete. Sin's point of view was taken too far, over the top with his attitude, no one actually thinks and talks like that. Anya's point of view was just annoying most of the times. SPOILERS: the fact that he felt like women only wanted him for his body and that made him sensitive, he is the one that chose to become a male stripper instead of a doctor what the hell did he imagine a stripper was? Next, why was Anya so freaking sensitive about hi [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book, it was a lovely quick read. 211 pages at $2.99, well worth it. Possessive jealous former bad boy alpha. No cheating, HEA. Read it in one sitting. :-)Slight SPOILER - heads up, there is some lite BDSM and one time voyeurism for those who don't like or like this type of reading.Re-read attempt failed. Did not care as much for it the second time. Must have been in a book slump previously. Down grade to a 2.5 stars.

    4. GENERAL INFOYear Pub/Re Pub:2013Indie/Publisher:indiePage Length:214Genre/Audience: 18& upBook's Price:2.99Price I'd Value:sameStandalone/Cliffhanger/Part of a Series:standaloneEpilogue Included:​no but the last chapter takes place a year later,ties things up well.=======================================BOOK DESCRIPTION:​Anya an innocent college student working thru school. Needing more $$$, her friend Kera introduces her to strip clubs. Kiera's a dancer,agreed to speak to her boss Sin on [...]

    5. Surprisingly, I did enjoy reading it !!!Complete review to comeHis name is SIN, the owner of a strip clubbut, he's not a pimp :) I knew some of the girls here f***ed around. That was their choice. It didn’t happen on my lot. Selling the fantasy was one thing. Pimping? That was not my deal.Before owning a strip club, Sin was a stripper once.

    6. I only read the free opening chapter for this book and was appalled. Blatant use of foul language and a young woman being lead astray. Sin is right! Books like this and Fifty Shades should be banned for teaching our young people to degrade themselves. Appalled that this type of reading is what college students are reading. We need to be more involved with helping these young people find positive ideas of what romance should be about.

    7. Sin was a surprising 4 1/2 star guilty pleasure. It was short and sweet, mostly erotica with somewhat of a story line and a HEA.Anya the heroine is a 22 year old college girl virgin who goes to work waiting tables at a strip club owned by the hero. As far as 22 year old virgins in romance novels go, Anya wasn't as annoying as most. She actually managed to pull off naive and innocent without appearing stupid. Sin the older (mid thirties) hero was jaded and potty mouthed and didn't do relationship [...]

    8. ok I guess I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I'll start by saying I loved Sin and all his controlling hardness and I loved Anya and all her innocent sweetness. Them together was just hot! I also liked how hard it was for him to give in to how he was feeling but at the same time, even though she still held tight to that V card, it was so easy for her to give in to him. I thought how they came together was good toodifferent in a way.Now saying that I have to say that I didnt feel like I got t [...]

    9. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this oneDesperate and shy virgin Anya goes into Sins strip club looking for a job. Both she and Sin are very drawn to each other but Sins mistrust of women makes things very hard. Then when Anya gets herself into a dangerous situation Sin realizes this is the one woman he can be a better man for.For me, reading this story was much like watching a baby boy grow older. First we have the newborn stage: In the begining I have such high hopes and aspiratio [...]

    10. 2.5 StarsThis book started out ok but the longer it went on it was just annoying. Sin treated her like total crap. She would get upset and then act like it never happened. Sins alpha tendencies were just taken to an extreme that made this book less believable. And then towards the end he becomes so emotional. It just felt like everything was rushed. And again less believable.Some of the parts in the booked felt like it was pulled from Fifty Shades and just re-worded (ex: His 'dungeon' that he sh [...]

    11. What ever happened to editting before a book goes to print? On one hand "Sin" is a full knock off of Fifty Shades of Grey,and on the other it was poorly executed!in one scene of the book Anya gets plastered at the club.Sin brings her to his home,and she sleeps it off. In the morning he spanks her when they discuss the spanking which supposedly occurs right before breakfast,he says "how did you feel about being spanked last night". The author didn't even keep her timeline straight! The grammar wa [...]

    12. SIN was one of those little books that a few of my friends recommended and so I took a chance. It was everything it's title said it would befull of sinful things and people and actionsbut definitely a fun and sexy read.I had to suspend reality while reading though, maybe because I'm getting tired of books where the heroine is a virgin, but she works in a strip club and then oh yeah, she loses her V-card to the hot older man she works for. Been there, read that many times, but it's always interes [...]

    13. I had the great opportunity from Michelle Hughes to read this book before it was released to the public. I was quite honored for this opportunity. This is not the first of Michelle's books I have read and wont be the last.Loved the book. He is yet another hot Alpha male hot dirty sexy just the way I like them. Ex stripper owning a strip club and he has the moves. Anya is a sweet student needing to make ends meet. Sin is the owner of a strip club where one of her college friends work. When waitin [...]


    15. Cukup #3 rating aja utk buku ini. Karakternya menarik sih, tapi mgkn gw memang ga begitu suka tipe BDSM seperti ini, ga nyampe ke otak apa yg diceritain soalnya. Mgkn klo ga pake ada cerita soal punishment or alat2 ga jelas, gw akan kasih rating #4 nih buku. Cuman krn ada adegan2 tsb, cukup membuat gw agak ilfil. Trus endingnya agak aneh, setelah Sin pergi utk nemuin bapaknya yg katanya celaka, yg membuat Anya salah paham, trus kenapa ga dijelasin sebenernya bapaknya Sin kenapa, kok tau2 mereka [...]

    16. What a new fresh SEXY novel! I loved this! Just the right amount of tease and sexuality! Not too much, not to little. And who the hell has ever heard of a virgin stripper!? Normally I'd be totally put off by this but I liked the character and she wasn't a prude so it worked. And the Sin- wow I need to see this man! I can only imagine how sexy and dominating he is. Come to momma! I plan to read more books by Hughes and I hope they are just as naughty and juicy but with a touch of romance. Just th [...]

    17. This was a short steamy book, so some things developed really quickly but it never felt rushed. I should point that some plotlines weren’t followed… such as Lynda’s appearance. But if you ask me, I don’t have a problem with that the story was perfect as it was told. I liked how Sin’s point of view changed throughout the story, he understood that women tend to be different and so he must behave differently with them. Besides I liked that even when they fought, they talked things out ins [...]

    18. I won't say this is a favorite book of mine but it had so great parts in it. The scenes were steamy, I really liked Sin and Anya together but did not like the ending to the book even though there was a HEA. It ended rather abruptly for me and it was bit sad because the was so much potential for this H. O. T alpha & naive virgin 22 year old stripper working her way through college. I will read more from this author though.

    19. For one, I'm probably one of the few guys to read this book. I think it has a really good story line. A girl needs a job, gets it in an exotic dancing bar, she ends up falling for the manager of the place. It's something that sounds believable to me. Along the way they have some of the most incredible sex and I'm surprised either of them could walk afterwards. I kind of wonder what happens later on in their lives. Does he truly settle down? Of course that isn't exactly answered.

    20. I get why a lot of females out there are head over heels with this book. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty hot to read. However, having said that, this had the "Fifty Shades of Grey" spanking kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Fifty series when I first read it, but now it just pisses me off If this book did not have that whole spanking fetish going on, I would have loved it to pieces but unfortunately, that was not the case.

    21. It was good, I liked it but couldn't get past the image of this giant gorgeous guy swinging around a pole. Great alpha male otherwise, the lead character was good, she cried a bit much but not to the extreme. No cheating, I hate that, so that's a bonus, not that there wasn't angst, there was a sprinkling. The end was a bit rushed I thought but a good read.

    22. one thing for sure, this book is BLAZING!!! The sex scenes is refreshing, and somehow new, i mean the author was pretty creative about it bur the pace is too fast, like you cant get a hold of the story, and suddenly it's over. there're a lot of missing plot as well, especially nearing the endbut if you're hoping for a steamy romance without complicate plot, then this book is for you.

    23. Better than goodI loved this book! The characters were interesting and I loved the sassy dialogue. Sin finally found someone to love and she found someone who is going to love her and whom can love. I just love this hot hot romantic erotic book. Well done

    24. Loved this book! It was pretty hot in my opinion. In fact there were a couple places in the book that I had to re-read ;-)It's a quick read and had a good pace to it. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

    25. I thought this book was sexy and realistic.happens all the time. A decent story line and an amazing dialogue that was hot hot hotrmally not a fan of "the naive virgin" but anya pulled it off with out being to wishy washy. Steamy and I definitely recommend this book.

    26. This was almost good but left me wishing it was less rushed. The virgin girl thing was just silly in this story, honestly. I wish the author had just went full into erotica and left the virgin stuff at the door.

    27. Never in a million years would I have guessed this to happen. This book is simply amazing. There is drama, sex, lust, romance, and love all wrapped into one neat little package. What a great romance novel! Titillating!!!!

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