Underground to Canada

Underground to Canada

Barbara Smucker / Feb 24, 2020

Underground to Canada Ripped from her mother s arms by a ruthless slave trader all Julilly has left is the dream of freedom Every day that she spends huddled and starving in the trader s cart heading south or working on

  • Title: Underground to Canada
  • Author: Barbara Smucker
  • ISBN: 9780143187899
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ripped from her mother s arms by a ruthless slave trader, all Julilly has left is the dream of freedom Every day that she spends huddled and starving in the trader s cart heading south, or working on the brutal new plantation, she thinks about the land where it is possible to be free, a land she and her friend Liza yearn to reach someday Canada So when workers from theRipped from her mother s arms by a ruthless slave trader, all Julilly has left is the dream of freedom Every day that she spends huddled and starving in the trader s cart heading south, or working on the brutal new plantation, she thinks about the land where it is possible to be free, a land she and her friend Liza yearn to reach someday Canada So when workers from the Underground Railway offer to help the two girls escape, they are than ready But the road is long and hard, and the slave catchers and their dogs are always ready to pursue them

    Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States during the early to mid th century, and used by African American slaves to escape into free states, Canada and Nova Scotia with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause The term is also applied to the abolitionists, both black and white, free and enslaved Underground To Canada Puffin Classics Edition Barbara Nov , Underground to Canada by Barbra Smucker is a novel about slaves in the United States of America during the late th century and early th century. The Story of Living underground Canada History and Mysteries The Norad North Bay Underground Complex is the most extraordinary military installation ever built in Canada during the Cold War. SNOLAB SNOLAB is an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics Located km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory SNO solar neutrino experiment. Escape from Slavery Underground Railroad Student The journey of one slave along the Underground Railroad continues with a daring escape north through the woods to freedom Learn how slaves used the stars, trees, and rivers to help guide them. Bellevue Underground Mine A family friendly authentic The Bellevue Underground Mine tour will take you , feet into the mine, where you will be feet below the surface Explore the mine s inner workings while you learn about the rich history of one of Canada s underground coal mines. Maps Catalog Weather Underground Wind Jet Stream The Jet Stream map shows today s high wind speed levels and jetstream directions Current WInds The Current Wind map shows the current wind speed and direction for the most Underground Mining Solutions DSI Underground Group DSI Underground develops, produces and supplies innovative products and systems for Underground Mining and Tunneling Today, as a system supplier, DSI Underground offers its clients the largest product range globally available of History of the London Underground The history of the London Underground began in the th century with the construction of the Metropolitan Railway, the world s first underground railway.The Metropolitan Railway, which opened in using gas lit wooden carriages hauled by steam locomotives, worked with the District Railway to complete London s Circle line in Both railways expanded, the Metropolitan eventually extending Harriet Tubman Conductor of the Underground Railroad Brief biography of Harriet Tubman Tubman Conductor of the Underground Railroad After Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery, she returned to slave holding

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    1. The first time I read Underground to Canada, I was eight years old. It shocked me back then and it's still just as horrific today. The thought of somebody taking a human being, a young child no less, away from her mother so she can be sold like livestock and worked without pay, is a disgusting concept to say the least. Still, this book is a good introduction to younger readers to teach them about slavery and civil rights in a way that isn't too graphic but still doesn't sugarcoat the reality of [...]

    2. Reminded of this book with all the promo around Black History month. Very glad I picked it up to read. Smucker does an incredible depiction of life as a twelve year old slave girl, June Lilly, separated from her Mama Sally when slave traders come to buy up slaves at the plantation where she'd been born. Historically accurate and great introduction to key members of the Abolitionist movement active in Julilly's journey to freedom. Canada. The destination word on the lips of those hungering for mo [...]

    3. the book was pretty good its about a slave whos seperated from her mammy and makes a friend name liza and theres three men who were seperated from there familys to there names were lester adam and ben and they go to this bad plantation were the c\slaves are treated really bad and only fed poorly.Then a man from Canada comes to the plantion saying that hes looking at birds and ask massa riley the owner of the plantion if he could take some slaves to help him look for theses birds and massa riley [...]

    4. Read this book at school when I was about 13. I vaguely remember it but it seemed to go on forever back then. Its always remained with me though. Now my husband is a West African and so slavery is part of his and our sons heritage. I read it in one evening. An amazing book I couldn't put down. Brought the conditions of these slaves to life kept having to remind myself that this kind of thing did actually happen and although it is a fictional novel it is based on an actual underground railroad to [...]

    5. This month I read the book Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker. This book is about how Julily, gets taken away from her mother, and is forced to work at a horrible plantation. She learns about Canada and its freedom. She only knows a few small children, Lester, Adam, and Ben, but soon Julily meets a girl named Liza and they become good friends. They talk about Canada, and how wonderful it would be to escape the plantation. Then Massa Ross comes and offers Julily, Liza, Ben, Lester, and Adam [...]

    6. Barbara Smucker was a white woman. I feel that should be stated outright. While Smucker, I'm sure, had good intentions, these intentions were woefully misguided.Underground to Canada is a horrendously white-washed narrative of slavery about kind whites who help runaway slaves get to benevolent Canada, while presenting slavery to be some kind of marginally cruel bootcamp. That this novel is still widely circulated throughout the Canadian school system as the basis for education about black histor [...]

    7. The title of this book is UNDERGROUND TO CANADA And the author is Barbara Claassen Smucker. This book is about a slave named Julily that lived at a place called the Massa Henson plantation but was bought and took to the Riley plantation away from her mother Mamy Sally. When she got there she met some one named Liza they became friends but they both hated it at the Riley plantation. Julily also me two boys named Adam and Lester. Then on day they all tried to run away they went through horrible th [...]

    8. This book is titled "Under ground to Canada". The authors name is Barbra Claassen Smucker. This book is about a 13 year old black slave named Julilly. Julilly gets taken away from the Henson Plantation where Mammy Sally lives. Julilly gets taken away to the Riley Plantation where she meets her friend Liza. The Riley Plantation is a terrible place! Not allot of food, working all day and getting whipped! But one day Alexander Ross comes in to examine the slaves but really he is an aboolitionist an [...]

    9. Historical fiction portrayal of what is was like to be an African-American slave in the United States seeking freedom to Canada through the Underground Railway. Well written, suspenseful, unforgettable characters, this one had it all. Short, but the perfect length for the story that was told. Necessary use of the N-word throughout for full impact, but just a warning if you intend to read it to young children. I read it to a grade 5/6 class and you could visibly see the shock on their face when i [...]

    10. Read Aloud 12 yrs + Independent Reader - See Parental Warning Worldview - Universally AcceptableSetting:Location - Southern United States, St. Catherines, Canada Time Period - Around 1800Note: This book was also issued under the title Run Away to Freedom.Review Sold to a slave trader from the deep south twelve-year-old Julilly and is taken away from her mother and the only home she has ever known. Fearful of the rumors she has heard of the deep south and the horrors that await for her there, she [...]

    11. I liked the subject it was about and how it was told (without hiding, the harsh life the slaves were dealing with, the whipping, etc.) I gave three starts because overall, it's a good book, but for a high school student, the writing style was just too childish which caused me to have to reread certain parts and some passages were just too cliché. Other than that, I enjoyed the plot, the characters and the message this book had to offer.

    12. A book the is similar to Underground Railroad, which is popular at the moment and on Oprah's list. A bit less rape-ie than Underground, but just a terrifying. It is hard to understand why everyone talks of the concentration camps of WWII and not the camps that existed for hundreds of years in America. Not surprising that it glosses over the starvation that was Canada for African Americans who fled there, but I guess it is a children's book. . .

    13. I'm torn about this book: from a reader's perspective, the story really didn't grab me right away; from a historical/teaching perspective, it offers an accessible narrative on an important part of Can-Am history. The story felt simplified, but perhaps that has more to do with reading context. I loved the extra bits at the end of this edition that offered insight on the author's life and work, as well as the real-life characters she included and further reading suggestions.

    14. It was for a school project that we had to read this book and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this because I often find that I dislike the class novels we have to read.But I highly recommend this book to people who are interested in the slaves and slaves escaping to Canada

    15. This is a book from my childhood and as I was reading The Underground Railroad, I thought I should revisit it. The story is interesting but I found it quite simplistic in parts. I think that YA books haves moved on since 1977.

    16. A fast read and entertaining read with a bit of learning that Canada did have an underground railroad too.

    17. We read this book as a grade 8 history class. We wrote chapter summaries for each chapter and we will be writing an essay.

    18. I think the book kept me "on my toes" in suspense wanting to know more. When Julilly & Mammy Sally got separated, I felt horrible for Julilly because she'd essentially have nobody. But when she met Liza, everything changed because she had somebody to get through every day with. In chapter 17 when Adam stayed in St Catharines for one day, then sadly passed, it broke my heart. I was so upset that he had died, but somewhat happy for him because he at least got to experience freedom before he di [...]

    19. This book is tittled "Underground to Canada" the author of the book is Barbra Smucker. This book is about, a young black girl named Jullily and how she gets taken from the Hensan Plantation, and is taken to the Riley Plantation, where she meets a really nice girl named Liza. Liza had been whiped almost to death because she had already tryed to escape from the Plantation. Julilly cam e to the Riley Plantation with Adam, Lester, Ben, and many little children. One day a man named Alexander Ross com [...]

    20. This is a book called 'Underground to Canada' by Barbara Smucker. It is about a slave girl named Julilly. She and her mother lived on a good plantation, one on which the slaves got to meet up, cook, and dance on sundays. They also got relatively large slave quarters. But then one day, she was sold away from her mother by an evil slave trader. When she is brought to the new plantation, she soon finds out that life here won't be so nice. The slaves here are scared and beaten. It's fifty lashes to [...]

    21. i liked this book a lot and its about It was about slavery in the 1800's julily and her mom were at the hensens plantation. They were planned to be seperated away and go to diffrent plantations. Master sims came and took a bunch of other kids to the rileys plantation. They started workig there as slaves. A bird watcher named mr ross came to watch a bunch of birds. But he was really their to take some slaves and bring them to canada. He talked to one of the slaves and his name was Lester he was p [...]

    22. I'm obviously not the target audience for this book, but I bought it in the course of building a family library and wanted to read it well before my son was old enough for it. Nonetheless, I found it an affecting read, myself. I don't recall reading it in school, though it seems a common read for upper-elementary to junior-high ages, and does give a good, personalized view of the Underground Railway in such a way though should inspire empathy in children the same age group as Julilly and Liza (p [...]

    23. Over this summer this among the books I read this was one of my best book I have read. 'Underground to Canada' written by Barbara Smucker. The main character of the book is June Lilly she is a black girl and she is slave. Even thought she is only 13years old she is stronger and bigger than other kids. For this reason she had to work in the field although her age wasn't old enough to work. These Lilly's size and strength would be an advantage, but back in this time for slaves strong wasn't all go [...]

    24. this book was about two girls and two boys trying to exsape to canada. there names where Julilly, Liza, Adom and Lester. first they where at the henson plantation but a big fat guy came and bought Julilly and some other people. after he brought them to the riley plantation. they where treated rilly bad there and Jullily got wiped for the first time there. after a little bit there she wanted to run away on the way there they meet some nice people like massa ross and the people that worked at the [...]

    25. Underground To Canada By: Barbara Claassen SmuckerThis book is about 1 slave named Julilly and how she was taken from her mom and where she lived and taken to a new horrible plantation to live. When she meets a girl from the new plantation named Liza, Julilly and Liza plan to escape from the plantation and get to Canada where they would be free from slavery. So the 2 girls, Adam and Lester and a man named Alexander Ross (who helped them escape and Adam and Lester were Julilly's friends from the [...]

    26. It's good ish I mean, it serves to remind us that we should be thankful for our freedom It's boring, akwardly paced, and focused on all the wrong things. So yeah, I'm pretty torn about this book, or more acurattly, I want to like this book because of the subject matter, but I just can't find it in me. Let's go back to those key three points. Point one: It's boring. Ok, it has a pretty good start, but then it's just the main characters walking, talking with some members of the underground railroa [...]

    27. The title of the the book is Underground To Canada. The author's name is Barbara Classen Smucker. The book is about 4 African American slaves in the U.S trying to escape to Canada. They go to different plantations but always want to escape. Julilly, the main character gets taken away from her mother at the Hensen Plantation along with a lot more people including Adam and Lester. Those people were sent to the Riley Plantation. There, they met Liza. The conditions at the Riley were horrible, and a [...]

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