Little White Lies

Little White Lies

Lesley Lokko / Feb 19, 2020

Little White Lies In a gorgeous beachfront mansion in Martha s Vineyard Annick and Rebecca have left their young children in the care of their life long friend Tash Tash has made millions from her fashion business and

  • Title: Little White Lies
  • Author: Lesley Lokko
  • ISBN: 9781409142478
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a gorgeous beachfront mansion in Martha s Vineyard, Annick and Rebecca have left their young children in the care of their life long friend Tash Tash has made millions from her fashion business and treating her friends to a luxury holiday makes all the hard work worthwhile But by the end of the afternoon, one of the children will have vanished .As the daughter ofIn a gorgeous beachfront mansion in Martha s Vineyard, Annick and Rebecca have left their young children in the care of their life long friend Tash Tash has made millions from her fashion business and treating her friends to a luxury holiday makes all the hard work worthwhile But by the end of the afternoon, one of the children will have vanished .As the daughter of an iconic actress and an assassinated president, Annick has spent a lifetime running from the truth of her family s wealth For her, Rebecca and Tash have always felt like family than friends But can she truly trust them with the secret of her past Rebecca, the dutiful daughter of a financial dynasty, has always done the right thing And when the pressure of pleasing her parents gives way to the pressure of being a model wife and mother, she begins to wonder if she ll ever have the chance, or the courage, to please herself.And Tash, who s worked so hard to escape the poverty of her mother s Russian roots, now has the world at her feet.But despite her millionaire lifestyle the business, the houses, the holidays why is she struggling to keep a grip on her life Money, it would seem, isn t the answer to everything.

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        LESLEY spent seven years training as an architect but always dreamed of writing a novel Eight novels and counting later, and aside from building her own home in Ghana, she hasn t looked back She splits her time between Johannesburg, Accra and London, although now she s dreaming of a flat in Edinburgh and counts the BA lounges at Heathrow amongst her favourite places in the world.


    1. This book didn't really end up being the story of a missing child, like the blurb suggested. Although I found that initially confusing- there was a bit more historical depth and character building than I expected. A pretty solid beach read, and a decent examination of female friendships, relationships and the expectations we have of ourselves and others.

    2. I've loved Lesley Lokko's books from the very start - the love stories, and the plot lines spanning borders and generations.I've grown used to some questions not being answered when reading Lokko's books - we spend pages and pages getting into a story line, only to find that it has no conclusion. So far, it hadn't bothered me too much, because the outlying story was still good.I was sad to find, almost from the very start, that this book was worse than the others. The first third of the book tak [...]

    3. The book, the story, and the storytelling was a good way of seeing how our choices and environments could influence our lives. Personally, it made me think a lot about my life and my choices. However, I found the book over-descriptive. It had too much of description that I just skipped them. Additionally, I was really irritated by the overuse of sentences in other languages. Besides, the moment I was getting involved with the characters or the story, the chapter would finish and jump into anothe [...]

    4. This book was fairly interesting - although a little difficult to get into at first. Once I got into it, I found myself being drawn in by some characters more than others. I enjoyed the fact that it followed the lives, not only of the three girls, but also of their parents when they were younger - which adds to the reasoning as to why some of the girls are the way that they are now. I found it to be fairly well written and would recommend it to people who like reading about romance and life in g [...]

    5. L'ho elogiato fino alla fine per la bella storia, per come stavano crescendo piano piano i personaggi, per il fatto che non fosse per niente noioso e poi mi è caduto sul finale. Voglio dire la storia di Tash e dell'alcool è sempre stata un po' marginale nel libro e farla ubriacare e perdere il controllo proprio così e 20 pagine dalla fine del libro non so, ci sono rimasta parecchio male.

    6. I liked it very much. I love how intertwined these girls' lives are. I love how their mothers' past has such a strong connection to the girls' present.I didn't enjoy the ending much, though. Mild spoiler here: I was waiting for more. It's not a cliffhanger, but almost. It was too broad and open for my taste.I must add that reading the synopsis at the back of my edition tells you absolutely everything about the story. There were many situations that could have been surprises for the reader, but, [...]

    7. This book had me a bit baffled in the beginning as there is a lot going on. About a quarter of the way through I was absolutely hooked and couldn't put it down! Great book!

    8. I had never read a book by Lesley Lokko before this, however I had heard great things about her as an author so I was very excited to start Little White Lies!I don’t particularly want to give away more than the description written above, because this is one of those books where it is better to go in not knowing too much, and letting the story unravel out in front of you as you progress. From the first pages I was very intrigued about what would happen, and I was soon drawn into Lesley’s worl [...]

    9. I've never read a Lesley Lokko book before and based on this, I probably won't pick up another. I found it difficult to get through the historical context that built up the characters, although can understand why the author did this: it demonstrated why her characters were the way they were. However, the constant switching of main character, especially in the first 100 pages was off putting and confusing. Once into the main story, though, the writing was compelling. Still, there were numerous ti [...]

    10. This book had so much promise. At face value, the characters she created are rich, compelling and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed how she built up the individual life experiences of the 3 main characters Rebecca, Tash and Annick. the differences between all of them were a good contrast to each other. Where I felt the book fell apart was in the storytelling. The story lacked a proper build-up, it dragged in many parts. The biggest disappointment was how it ended so abruptly, cheating the reader [...]

    11. I'm so unsure if giving this four stars is right. It's a toss between three and four. I'm also so very clueless at the storyline. It started off good, although took a while to get into but was interesting enough. The basis of a child going missing however doesn't seem to be the main reason of the story. It's pretty much the history of the three friends, their families and what brings them together and apart.I liked Annik the most out of the characters although at first she annoyed me. But out of [...]

    12. i found this one to be sufficiently good and absorbing- lives of three characters with totally different backgrounds, shaped not only by their own choices but also by that of their elders.i especially liked how writer made sure to trace incidents from the lives of parents of the three girls, giving a reason why each and every one's life is sculpted the way it is.And stated the fact that lives are always tangled with secrets and lies of those they're surrounded with.i related to a few phases from [...]

    13. After reading private affair I vowed never to read another book by lokko. I was very upset when this was picked as the book of the month by my book club. However I though I'd give it a tryAlthough I liked the three main characters and the intertwining stories I felt there were too many additional characters which meant I had to keep flicking back and forth . I was very disappointed with the ending . Again I felt like she led me through almost 500 pages with no conclusion . All of the storylines [...]

    14. Not quite what I'd expected. Thought I was getting a novel about friendship, betrayal and mystery based on a child going missing. In actual fact the novel is all about the lead up to that incident and, as others have said, leaves you with many unanswered questions. Even if you view the book as a look at little lies and big lies and the effect on friendships/relationships it doesn't help you understand the book or what happens at the end as it is hard to get to truly know the characters because o [...]

    15. I loved all of Lesley's other books so i was really looking forward to this one. But im afraid this was a bit of a disappointment, Apart from its epic proportions -it seemed to go on forever. It took me quite a while to get into the book, And it seemed to jump about a bit from one person to the next.Although having said that i did feel i needed to see it through and after a while i did begin to enjoy it. However the ending didnt seem quite right. It didnt seem to resolve anything. A lot of the c [...]

    16. La trama di Innocenti bugie di per sé poteva anche essere originale, ricca di emozioni, ma fino alla metà del romanzo ho avuto qualche difficoltà a comprendere gli intrecci dei personaggi e la loro collocazione nel tempo. Personalmente non ho mai gradito storie che abbondano di personaggi, saghe familiari che mi costringono a cercare un nesso logico, ma questo può essere un mio limite.Continua a leggere su leggereacolori/letti-e

    17. This was an engrossing tale, with well developed characters and interesting intertwined story lines. Also historically and culturally very interesting and an intelligent read. It took my a while to properly get into the story, but once I did, I could hardly putty book down. I was a little disappointed by the ending, though I am generally not a fan of open endings. But all in all, a very enjoyable read.

    18. I hate books that have a great build up and then finish in half a dozen pages leaving so many loose ends. This was a good story with good characters and a pathetic ending. Would probably benefit from a sequel, tying up all the loose ends and satisfying and resolving the untold stories of the characters.

    19. Lesley Lokko's books are always so enjoyable and intriguing - such entangled story lines and unpredictable plots. This one doesn't disappoint. The only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is the ending, which I found slightly disappointing, as I did with another one of her books, 'An Absolute Deception' - I hope this doesn't become a trend.

    20. As far as stories go, it was ok, but the time inconsistencies drove me crazy. I don't mean the narrative of different characters at different times of their lives, but details - if 2 paragraphs ago you're going to be on your honeymoon in France for three weeks, don't go making an appointment in London in two!

    21. A history of three girls from three different continents from school days, through relationships, careers, marriages, of patronage, envy, admiration and love that is above-all binding the three together.

    22. Little white lies flowed much better than some of Lesleys books and I've read mostof them. And for a change it did not contain South Africa.Good characters and a believable plot. A good beach read.

    23. I really enjoyed this book Follows the lives of 3 girls all from different backgrounds who first meet at school & takes you on a journey thru their livesuldn't put this one down!Lesley Lokko does it again!!!!!!

    24. I have never been disappointed in Lesley Lokko but this book left me feeling like there were too many loose ends. For those who have never picked up a book by this author and you have read this don't let it stop you trying her again. Not great, have read mist better by her

    25. I really enjoyed reading this novel but as many others have said, was a little confused as to how what we as readers think the 'main plot line' will be, only ends up occupying the last 20 or so pages of the book. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the storyline and Lokko's intricate writing style.

    26. Really enjoyed this, fascinating intertwining stories, and although they didn't culminate in an overwhelmingly clever finale and left some story lines unfinished, the journey to the end was good enough. An easy read once you got your head around the different characters.

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