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Excalibur A saga do maior guerreiro de todos os tempos vista luz das mais recentes descobertas arqueol gicas chega ao seu final neste terceiro volume da trilogia As Cr nicas de Artur Uma conclus o surpreendente

  • Title: Excalibur
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell Alves Calado
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • A saga do maior guerreiro de todos os tempos vista luz das mais recentes descobertas arqueol gicas chega ao seu final neste terceiro volume da trilogia As Cr nicas de Artur Uma conclus o surpreendente das aventuras de um homem que todos pensavam ter sido Rei, mas que jamais usou uma coroa.A saga do maior guerreiro de todos os tempos vista luz das mais recentes descobertas arqueol gicas chega ao seu final neste terceiro volume da trilogia As Cr nicas de Artur Uma conclus o surpreendente das aventuras de um homem que todos pensavam ter sido Rei, mas que jamais usou uma coroa.

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        Cornwell was born in London in 1944 His father was a Canadian airman, and his mother, who was English, a member of the Women s Auxiliary Air Force He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother s maiden name, Cornwell.Cornwell was sent away to Monkton Combe School, attended the University of London, and after graduating, worked as a teacher He attempted to enlist in the British armed services at least three times but was rejected on the grounds of myopia.He then joined BBC s Nationwide and was promoted to become head of current affairs at BBC Northern Ireland He then joined Thames Television as editor of Thames News He relocated to the United States in 1980 after marrying an American Unable to get a green card, he started writing novels, as this did not require a work permit.As a child, Cornwell loved the novels of C.S Forester, chronicling the adventures of fictional British naval officer Horatio Hornblower during the Napoleonic Wars, and was surprised to find there were no such novels following Lord Wellington s campaign on land Motivated by the need to support himself in the U.S through writing, Cornwell decided to write such a series He named his chief protagonist Richard Sharpe, a rifleman involved in most major battles of the Peninsular War.Cornwell wanted to start the series with the Siege of Badajoz but decided instead to start with a couple of warm up novels These were Sharpe s Eagle and Sharpe s Gold, both published in 1981 Sharpe s Eagle was picked up by a publisher, and Cornwell got a three book deal He went on to tell the story of Badajoz in his third Sharpe novel, Sharpe s Company, published in 1982.Cornwell and wife Judy co wrote a series of novels, published under the pseudonym Susannah Kells These were A Crowning Mercy, published in 1983, Fallen Angels in 1984, and Coat of Arms aka The Aristocrats in 1986 Cornwell s strict Protestant upbringing informed the background of A Crowning Mercy, which took place during the English Civil War In 1987, he also published Redcoat, an American Revolutionary War novel set in Philadelphia during its 1777 occupation by the British.After publishing eight books in his ongoing Sharpe series, Cornwell was approached by a production company interested in adapting them for television The producers asked him to write a prequel to give them a starting point to the series They also requested that the story feature a large role for Spanish characters to secure co funding from Spain The result was Sharpe s Rifles, published in 1987, and a series of Sharpe television films staring Sean Bean.A series of contemporary thrillers with sailing as a background and common themes followed Wildtrack published in 1988, Sea Lord aka Killer s Wake in 1989, Crackdown in 1990, Stormchild in 1991, and Scoundrel, a political thriller, in 1992.In June 2006, Cornwell was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen s 80th Birthday Honours List.Cornwell s latest work, Azincourt, was released in the UK in October 2008 The protagonist is an archer who participates in the Battle of Agincourt, another devastating defeat suffered by the French in the Hundred Years War However, Cornwell has stated that it will not be about Thomas of Hookton from The Grail Quest or any of his relatives.


    1. The Warlord Chronicles trilogy is hands down the best Arthurian saga I’ve ever had the chance to experience out of all medium."I have to confess that of all the books I have written, these three are my favourites.” – Bernard Cornwell2 months and 20 books after my last 5/5 stars (without rounding up) read, the end to that slump is finally here, for I have found a new addition to my favorite shelves in a genre I rarely ventured. Cornwell has a new fan and this might be a sign for me to dive [...]

    2. Per my review of WINTER KING, this is a different take on Arthur, focusing on the legend and the times. And those times were when Briton was desperately fighting itself and trying to hold back the Saxon invasions. The ruins of Roman occupation still remain. In this part of the trilogy Arthur's plans to unite Britain begin to unravel. Merlin is betrayed and former allies of Arthur turn on him or won't assist him as Mordred gathers power. Follows the Arthurian legend in some places but in others i [...]

    3. I read this series years ago, but started it again to study Cornwell, line-by-line. This book just gets so profoundly sad as you move deeper through it. There are so many things I would love to change about our history. This book makes me want to step back in time 15 centuries to stop Christianity from infecting the world, and to burn all of the Saxon ships before they sailed to Britain. Cornwell is truly a masterful writer. I aspire to his level of skill for my own life as a writer.

    4. Book 1: 3*'sBook 2: 3.5*'sBook 3: 4*'s If you like the tales of Arthur this series is a must and each book gets better. It is probably the darkest and least romanticized version I've read. The endings for a lot of our characters of myth are much less glorious as well then other versions of the tale. This makes them no less compelling and even more so in the more realistic gloom of 6th century what would become England. It's somewhat amazing with all the hatred across kingdoms they ever did manag [...]

    5. I have to admit that this novel was another pleasant surprise from Cornwell for me. While I'm always entertained and informed by his books they very rarely actually move me in a sentimental way, given that they're not really sentimental books. However, this novel was really touching. Potent episodes of broken and then redeemed love, undying loyalty and sticking to ones' principles even when you have nothing to gain and everything to lose spring up everywhere during this book. It's really nice an [...]

    6. Such a strong finish to a great trilogy. I loved the rehabilitation of Guinevere, and some of the battles were pretty epic. But at various points, time passed maybe a little too quickly for my liking, and while I'm not disappointed in how things played out, I was expecting this book to be a 5 star read. If I'm honest, it fell a little short for me.Still, a great read, and a fantastic trilogy! Highly recommended.

    7. Arturus Rex Quondam, Rexque FuturusArthur, our Once and Future KingWhat an amazing retelling of the legend, I think I'm a believer. The book has a great ending, but I wasn't ready for the story to end. I hate it when I get closer and closer to the end of a book and just know that not everything I want could fit into the remaining pages. Its heartbreaking to keep reading then, but what a great series. I am a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell. Thats the 9th book of his I have read in less than two mont [...]

    8. “So now I shall write the tale’s ending with my sword beside me and I shall hope that I am given time to finish this tale of Arthur, my Lord, who was betrayed, reviled and, after his departure, missed like no other man was ever missed in all of Britain’s history.”Wow! What a great book. The ending is marvellous and keeps with the legend but yet raises the question of, “did he live?” This is not a book the reader will soon forget. The author converged history with myth, bringing new l [...]

    9. 7/10A good finale to this Arthurian trilogy but it was probably the weakest of the three overall. The pacing seemed slower than the previous novels and not a great deal happened over the duration of this book with a somewhat disappointing ending.That being said, the characters are the usual high standard with a few pantomime style villains, the good guys who gleam and then the pagans and Christians feuding for land and people/worshippers. The main highlights of the book were the interactions bet [...]

    10. Bernard Cornwell is one of the best writers of historical fiction out there, and the Arthur trilogy is his best work. He strips a good deal of the gloss off the Arthur legends, and what is left is a fascinating picture of the squalor, mystery, brutality, and courage of sixth-century Britain. The third and final novel, "Excalibur," brings the curtain crashing down on a scene we think we know. The baby king Mordred is now a grown man, stepping into his birthright as Arthur bows out, and horror ens [...]

    11. I think Martin put it best - ‘The best battle scenes of any writer I’ve ever read, past or present.’ A gripping tale of love, courage and betrayal. Highly recommended !

    12. 5 Stars without a doubt. I did not want this book and series to end. What a story! This tale of Arthur will challenge your ability to read any other Camelot story. The characters feel real, the setting believable, the political intrigues constant and the battles gory. A taste of the battle scenes:“It is the beguiling glory of war, the sheer exhilaration of breaking a shield wall and slaking a sword on a hated enemy. I watched Arthur, a man as kind as any I have known, and saw nothing but joy i [...]

    13. It's always bittersweet reading the last book in a good series like this one. Because I came to this series so long after it was written, I didn't have to sit around and wait for the next book like a Harry Potter fan or poor tortured original devotee of Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth." So I read the series relatively fast. And maybe I didn't appreciate this third book as much as I should have. But reading it so close to the other books, I noticed a lot of what seemed like inconsistency. I r [...]

    14. The third and possibly final novel of Arthur. The threat of the Saxons is dealt with in the hugely dramatic battle of Mynydd Baddon (Mount Badon), where the Britons win an unexpected victory against all odds (Cornwell loves those situations). Treachery is again an integral part of the story, as Mordred now becomes an efficient soldier and leader of men, and moves to take what is his, while the mad wild witch Nimue uses Merlin’s secrets to attempt to bring the old Gods back to Britain.Another e [...]

    15. Okay now, 3 stars, it looks odd I know. I rarely 3 stars Bernard Cornwell books. This time however, I felt no connection to the book and I found it borderline uninspiring. I don't know if this is because I read it right after book 2 in this series, Enemy of God, or whether the book actually was boring and there is no excuse, but there you have it. A guilty 3 star rating. I feel dirty now. NB: this was also a reread. Read many years ago and I couldn't recall any of it. I think perhaps I was bored [...]

    16. At times, this volume feels rather anticlimactic to the previous books in the Warlord series, The Winter King and Enemy of God. That’s probably to be expected, as the highlights of Arthur’s career were told in those books. But his story wasn’t over, nor was that of Derfel Cadarn, our narrator who is one of Arthur’s most trusted men.Loose ends are tied up, storylines come together so that Derfel can rest. There are even still some surprises and twists that we don’t see coming. The trage [...]

    17. Quando alguém mencionar de agora em diante um livro épico, este vai ser o primeiro que vai vir à minha mente. Este terceiro volume exalou urgência e emoção do começo ao fim. Os dramas vividos pelos personagens finalmente tiveram a sua resolução e o final de Artur foi digno de seu personagem, mesmo ele tendo decaído por conta de suas escolhas. Eu ansiava a todo o momento por voltar às páginas e continuar de onde parei. Simplesmente o melhor volume 3 de qualquer trilogia que eu li até [...]

    18. The conclusion to Cornwell's Arthurian trilogy served up his usual pathos-filled battles and flawed characters making lives for themselves, with an added dose of bittersweet end-of-an-era tragedy. This being a clever blend of myth and historical fiction the tragedy was somewhat predictable and had a slight element of tying-up-loose-ends, but I can admit to the satisfaction of having called the copiously foreshadowed plot points. A fitting, satisfying and emotionally resonant finale.

    19. An EXCELLENT ending to a good trilogy,This was a very good trilogy, but the finale, this book, was by far the best. The Winter King, book 1, and Enemy of God, book 2, were both well written, entertaining and interesting (I gave both 4 stars as they were good but not great), but this book finishes off the trilogy with war, carnage, destruction and misery; it had its good things too, but we are talking about dark ages England and what else would you expect of Arthur. This was definitely a 5 star r [...]

    20. Incredible finish to an incredible series. That ending left me deeply satisfied and I was completely invested emotionally with the characters ending.

    21. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere! You have been warned. I usually steer clear from trilogies and/or series because they seem boring to me, or that they drag on pointlessly, or that the ending will be a disappointment. Now that I'm done with The Warlord Chronicles, I can say that this was nothing but inspiring. Excellent historical fiction. The whole story is being narrated by Derfel Cadarn, and his present time is a depressing situation, he is an old monk with only one hand, who suffers from the ru [...]

    22. The last book in the trilogy is definitely the best one.Arthur is still trying to consolidate he kingdom for Mordred, but all he wants is to retire to a farm with Guinivere. Derfel still fights for the King and for his Lord, but he prefers to spend time with Arthur and his family. When Mordred gets the taste for battle, he decides to wrestle power back from Arthur, who has few friends left alive and able to come to his aid. Meanwhile, Nimue, angry that her plans were foiled when Arthur's son was [...]

    23. This was one of those rare books that pained me to let go. I did not want it to end, and when it did it felt like I had lost a good friend. This trilogy was an amazing retelling of a well known story, one of the best, I should add. Really, the best storytelling I have experienced in a long, long time.

    24. As pessoas não desistem da esperança por causa do desapontamento, Derfel, elas só redobram a esperança. Merlin, pág. 98

    25. While I loved "The Winter King" and "Enemy of God" "Excaliber" left me flat at the end.The ending upset me and I closed the book and screamed "WHAT? that's IT?"Bernard, you have let me down Sir. You had me glued to the whole series, waking me up at 3am just to read one more chapter, and then dashed my feelings upon the rocks with "Excaliber"I was as giddy as a wallflower being asked to dance at a prom when I started reading "The Winter King." I was well pleased to see an Arthurian series based o [...]

    26. what have you done to my soul, Cornwell, what have you donemply amazing. The Best series I read this year.

    27. The final book of Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles is all about confrontation and final showdowns, whether it be in battle, against matters of faith, or between the wants of certain people. Readers familiar with the Arthurian saga know of Arthur’s inevitable end, but Cornwell has created and developed a number of interesting subplots and characters that the reader has been following since the beginning of the trilogy, which are all resolved.Guenevere’s infidelity with Lancelot has bee [...]

    28. This, the final installment in the Warlord Chronicles, can be summed up pretty well as 'more of the same'.It's a solid, well-written novel as you would expect from Bernard Cornwell but, like the preceding books in the series, it's a little underwhelming to anyone that will have read the Making Of England series Cornwell went on to write.I think my biggest problem with the overall story is that where the tales of Uhtred Of Bebbanburg were first-person epics, this tale of Arthur is told from the p [...]

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