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Unhinged The Underworld is real Spencer Perry knew it was a long shot when she started searching for a way into the Underworld the ancient Greeks resting place for the dead But three months ago her boyfriend

  • Title: Unhinged
  • Author: Chani Lynn Feener
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  • Page: 487
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  • The Underworld is real.Spencer Perry knew it was a long shot when she started searching for a way into the Underworld, the ancient Greeks resting place for the dead But three months ago her boyfriend died and now she ll do anything to get him back, even make a deal with the devil himself Only, Hades isn t what she expected, and neither is the proposal he offers In exchaThe Underworld is real.Spencer Perry knew it was a long shot when she started searching for a way into the Underworld, the ancient Greeks resting place for the dead But three months ago her boyfriend died and now she ll do anything to get him back, even make a deal with the devil himself Only, Hades isn t what she expected, and neither is the proposal he offers In exchange for Micah s resurrection, all she has to do is spend every night for the next year down below From the very first meeting the god makes her feel things she shouldn t, but she takes the deal anyway, knowing in the end it ll be worth it Except, as soon as their bargain begins, strange things start happening People are being attacked by invisible forces, and all signs point to the God of the Underworld being responsible Has Spencer inadvertently unleashed hell on earth

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    1. (I received a digital copy of this book for free. Thanks to author Chani Lynn Feener.)This was a YA paranormal/mythology story featuring a girl and her dead boyfriend. Spencer was an okay character, although I had trouble believing she was quite as special as she was made out to be. She also sounded quite immature when her best argument for why her boyfriend shouldn’t be dead was that it ‘wasn’t fair’.The storyline in this was about Spencer trying to bring her ghostly dead boyfriend back [...]

    2. This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review !MARK DOWN AS: Boys in books who seriously need to pipe the fuck downUNHINGED incorporates and twists Greek mythology. It's a little bit Hades/Persephone retelling, but it's got big enough changes to not 'really' be one. Unhinged follows Spencer Perry (which to me sounds a bit like Persephone and I don't think it's a coincidence) a girl who's boyfriend Micah has recently died but is still hanging around as a ghost. Determine [...]

    3. 2.5 kinda disappointed starsOk, well where to beginI love retales of mythicals- how each one interprets the story differently, and how it can all be changed. It's rather fascinating.But that said, I found it extremely hard to get into the book. It took me over 2 days to just get past the first 5-6 chapters, because it all consisted was of the protagonist- Spencer basically moaning and being pathetic. I honestly can't deal with the constant monologues. But then the story picked pace, and dare I s [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Spencer's world fell apart when she lost her boyfriend and she will do anything to get him back. Even make a deal with the god of the Underworld, only he is not what she expected. Once the deal is made things start to happen, people get hurt and feelings start to change. Now Spencer has become torn on what she thought she wanted, what she might possibly want now and how she may be able to stop the hell released on earth. I will say I enjoyed this but parts were a little hard to follow [...]

    5. 4 StarsFull Review:*I received a free ecopy of this book from the author via Lovers of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review.*I admit I had some concerns before starting this book, which I’ll get to in a moment. It sounded like it could be good though, so I gave it a shot, and I’m so glad I did! There were actually a lot of things I liked, so I’m just gonna list this out.– Number one, I’m very wary of YA books in which the characters are in high school (as opposed to stories set [...]

    6. Less Reality More Books*I was given this book in exchange for an honest review*I love reading retellings of fairytales, or a much loved tale taken in a different direction. This also goes for Greek myths. I’ve already read a few different retellings involving the Greek gods (such as Jennifer L Armentrout’s Covenant series, or Meg Cabot’s Abandon trilogy), so I was excited to see how Avery would take the popular tale of Hades and Persephone and turn it into an original and interesting story [...]

    7. “Your existence hinders on no one but yourself. Only you can write your destiny. Fate is a mere parlour trick designed to coax you into believing otherwise. There is always a choice.”I received a free e-book copy of Unhinged in exchange for an honest review for the We ♥ YA Books! club on . Unhinged is the first book in the Underworld series and is based around Greek Mythology. Spencer Perry loses her boyfriend one night and is devastated. She shuts the world out and spends most of her time [...]

    8. Unhinged was everything that I could have asked for. Beautifully written, unique, and holding a plot that keeps you interested the entire time, it is hard to put down. (I would know, because I hardly did.)Having the story intertwined with mythology was definitely something refreshing to see, especially for those of us who are fans of both the gods and young adult fiction.Also, Avery creates realistic and interesting characters that you really can connect through without the story. It isn't easy [...]

    9. Even though I was in the middle of TWO other books, once I heard about this one, I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm very happy to say that it did not disappoint. I especially like that the book's description is accurate, so read above for a summary! Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.The pacing was spot on: fast or slow when appropriate, with a great climax. Characters, in general, were intriguing and captivated me (some more than others, *wink*). I f [...]

    10. I loooved this book!!! It was amaaazing:DIf you had a choice who would you choose?An ordinary boy? or The Lord of the Underworld? The God of the Dead?I would obviously choose Hadrian!!! :PWhy is Spencer taking so much time to choose? Cant she see how much Hadrian loves her? and how amazing he is? not to mention extremely hot and sexy?!For some reason I always like bad boys in books so for me the choice is Hadrian duh no questions asked :)Spencer should just get it over with and KISS him! :D

    11. I fear I'm in the minority with this book.Unhinged is a story that is based on Hades and Persephone. If you are not familiar with Greek Mythology, don't be afraid of this book, the author does a good job in explaining the myth, but she also adds in several embellishments and ideas of her own.The book is told in the third person where the reader follows Spencer (a teenage girl), her boyfriend, Micah, her best friends, Syd and Quinn, Ferris and Hadrian. Micah has died in a crash and Spencer, mirac [...]

    12. I finished this book last night, it kept me up until 3am because I just didn't want to put it down but it left me feeling a little frustrated and I'm still wrapping my head around it. I did really enjoy the book, hence the 4 star review. Let me explain why.First of all the synopsis was amazing and completely drew me in. The concept of a girl travelling to the underworld to rescue her boyfriend and meeting the God of the Dead along the way sounded great, especially to someone who's always been fa [...]

    13. (I received an E-ARC in exchange for my opinion and honest review).Where do I begin? I LOVED this book. The writing is amazing and relaxing to read, the story is unique and keeps you interested throughout all the 450+ pages! I am in love with Greek mythology, and this story is a retelling of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. If you don't know much about the Greek gods and their stories, don't fear, throughout the book the stories that are mentioned are explained quickly after.If you DO kno [...]

    14. Tempest C. Avery Honestly I don't know what to say? I guess I can start with how scared I was of this book. I am a HUGE Greek Mythology Geek you can say and I have this fear of some author coming and distorting the one greatest myths of all time. Rick Riordan did a amazing job at tying today's world and the Greek world together but he is possible in his late 40's and early 50's. Let's just say he's not a spring chicken unlike Ms. Avery. At the age of 22 I can honestly say her twist on a old tale [...]

    15. ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the group Lovers of Paranormal, or LOP.***Wow. This book just worked for me. I've always been obsessed with Greek mythology, and I took all the classes I could on the subject at USC (Go Trojans!!!). So I was super excited to read this modern day twist on the Persephone myth. I really liked Spencer and thought the depiction was spot on of her depression after surviving the accident that killer her boyfriend. I feel for Micah, and he s [...]

    16. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Tempest C. Avery, author of Unhinged for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.Well, this book has a unique concept and I liked that a lot. Here we meet Spenser whose boyfriend died and all hell broke loose for her when he returns as a ghost. In order to save him she crosses the river and steps in the Otherworld with a reaper and meets the God of Death [...]

    17. I recieved an ebook copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe book was a 3.75 starTo be honest I was considering giving it a 4 star rating but something seems to be lacking. However, I would be lying if I said I'm not looking forward for the sequel.I started this book without knowing much about the plot but surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I am a sucker for anything Greek Mythology so I just went into this book knowing just that.I like that the author tweaked the Mythology into her own, like how [...]

    18. ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author.***So I forgot how much I love EVERYTHING Tempest Avery, aka Chani Feener until I read another book by her. Seriously, I haven't been disappointed yet and Unhinged was a great addition to her repertoire.I always have a thing for the underdogs and Hadrian was a fantastic welcome surprise to the mix that was Spencer and Micah. To be honest, I didn't like Micah at all, like never did I say, oh yeah, m [...]

    19. What a great book. I loved it. I was very excited to be given the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I had already read another book by this author that I liked very much. So I knew I would like this book too. But I didn't just like it. I loved it. If was nice to read a non vamp, non shifter paranormal romance. If you wanna read a paranormal romance with a different take on things then grab this book. The author is such a great story teller. I literally couldn't put the b [...]

    20. Sexy sarcastic funCan I say wow?! I was sucked right in and barely had enough time to gasp for air until the very end. The way the author used mythology and made it her own was incredible. I love the original twist she took and can't wait to read more. As for the characters realistic, fun, sassy, sarcastic and sexy! Hadrian, omg where has this sexy bad boy been hiding?! He is by far the best character and I can't wait to uncover more about him.I'll definitely be picking up the next book in this [...]

    21. Super, super awesome. I couldn't put it down last night. (Up to dang late reading it)Hadrain had me from the get go. I was hooked on rooting for Mr. Bad Boy and all his bad traits. He was lonelypoor, poor Hadrian.I have to many favorite lines from the story to quote and honestly, I didn't want to stop reading to make note of them. Overall, I loved the book and really looking forward to more from T. Avery.

    22. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.I loved this YA paranormal fantasy romance. It had great characters and a wonderful story about the underworld and Hades. I loved the imagery the author created and the journey Spencer went on. I didn't want to put this down until I finished it. Definitely a must read.

    23. Warning may contain bit of spoilersAm I unhinged? Honestly the word may best describe this book. As for me? Not even close. I felt like went from me into a crazed woman with a severe case of multiple personality disorder who almost broke a four hundred dollar phone quite a few times during this book. Refreshing to know I can still get so upset that I want to throw the book I'm reading. Breaking down the different personas I experienced during my intense adventurous journey with this novel.The wi [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. I thought this started slow, but by the end, I stayed up late to finish the book to see how the book was going to end. I would like to read the next book to find out what happens to Spencer, Micah and Hadrian.Likes:* Mythology* Making distinction between Thanatos/Thayer, God of Death and Hades, God of the Dead/Underworld* Quinn and Sydney being such understanding and constant friends to Spencer* Ferris, Ferryman/Reaper and friend/servant of Hadrian(view spoiler)[* Hadrian being hot* T [...]

    25. Wow.That's really the only word for this book. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. That ending is just amazing. I am currently dying with excitement for the second book in the series which I am definitely going to be getting.Admittedly, at first I did find the story a bit hard to get into and I had to keep leaving it and then coming back. However, when I got to the chapter where the to-die-for (literally!) Haiden is introduced I was completely engaged with the story and excited to carry on reading. [...]

    26. *I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review*I give this book 5 stars!!!This book is the first of the Underworld Series. Spencer is starting her senior year at school. Her boyfriend Micah, her best friend from childhood & the love of her life died before they broke up for the summer break. She spends her summer in her room because she is keeping a secret from her friends & family, Micah has returned as a ghost. Spencer then meets Charlie, a ferryman of [...]

    27. Unhinged by Tempest C. AveryPurchased: Kindle - $99 [Gift from author in exchange for honest review]My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars Spoilers!What's it all about:Greek Mythology is something that we all have learned in school, but it is truth or just lies? Spencer is about to find out when her boyfriend Micah dies and she will do anything to get him back. When Spencer meets Hadrian, or as we all know, as Hades, he isn’t what she expects. He makes a deal with her, that she just can’t seem to say no to [...]

    28. “Your existence hinders on no one but yourself. Only you can write your destiny. Fate is a mere parlor trick designed to coax you into believing otherwise. There is always a choice.”I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Spencer Perry's boyfriend is dead. He died three months ago, yet he's not quite gone. He appears to her as a ghost, from time to time, and she just can't let him go. Then an opportunity presents itself: the Underworld is real and there's a chance her [...]

    29. **I received an ARC of "Unginged" by Tempest C. Avery from the groupWe❤ YA Books! in exchange for my honest review. Spencer's boyfriend, Micah, just died but apparently, his soul is still around and Spencer can still see him. On her first day as a senior, during her class, they were talking about the Gods, particularly the God of the Underworld, Hades. Their teacher told about a God named Orpheus went down to Hades to make a deal so that Hades can bring his dead wife back to life. This gave Sp [...]

    30. “Life is too short to regret the things we didn’t do, that we weren’t capable of doing”I received a free eBook copy from the author in-exchange for an honest review under YA Buddy Readers' Corner❤️This is my first time to join read-to-review and give honest review. I am hoping that I'll give justice onto this. All of the opinions and comments below are my feelings while reading. Before reading, I was excited when I read the synopsis. I actually had a high expectations with this book. [...]

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