Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between

Jessica Stilling / Aug 18, 2019

Betwixt and Between Peter Pan meets The Lovely Bones in this beautifully rendered and emotionally devastating debut novel about where children go when they die Betwixt and Between follows three intertwining narratives th

  • Title: Betwixt and Between
  • Author: Jessica Stilling
  • ISBN: 9781935439844
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Pan meets The Lovely Bones in this beautifully rendered and emotionally devastating debut novel about where children go when they die Betwixt and Between follows three intertwining narratives that of Preston Tumbler, a ten year old boy who is poisoned by a neighbor and wakes up in Neverland, where he finds himself along with a group of other deceased children underPeter Pan meets The Lovely Bones in this beautifully rendered and emotionally devastating debut novel about where children go when they die Betwixt and Between follows three intertwining narratives that of Preston Tumbler, a ten year old boy who is poisoned by a neighbor and wakes up in Neverland, where he finds himself along with a group of other deceased children under the watchful eye of Peter Pan Preston s mother, Claire, in the real world, as she deals with the loss of her son and a family in Victorian London as they wait for their little girl to awake from a coma, a family whose neighbor happens to be Peter Pan author JM Barrie.Jessica Stilling has an MFA from City College, where she currently teaches creative writing She has been an editor for The Muse Apprenticeship Guild, The Olive Tree Review, and The Castalia Project She lives in New York City.

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    1. Wow, what a surprisingly lovely book! Definitely my very favorite recent read.Everlost meets Finding Neverland (I know most people compare it to The Lovely Bones, but frankly I don't see it; it reminds me a lot more of the Skinjacker books) in this touching story that is part fake origin for JM Barrie's Peter Pan and part "What it's like to be a mom" tearjerker. The story follows three different timelines. One deals with young Preston, a boy who is poisoned and transported to Neverland upon his [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book! Peter Pan retellings are very rare for whatever reason(I actually think Robin Hood might have more than it), so I usually enjoy every one I come across since Peter Pan is a personal childhood favorite of mine, and this is no exception. The parts I enjoyed the most focused on the main character, Preston, who's a Lost Boy in Neverland, and Winifred 'Wendy', who falls into a coma as a teenager and magically finds her way to Neverland, and both Peter and herself strike up [...]

    3. This is a wonderful book. It's a book for people who like literature (Twilight fans need not apply) but also for those who enjoy a good mystery, a nice adventure story, but also for those who like to think about the world. This book will set your mind wandering, it hosts themes of life and afterlife, what it means to loss something (and someone) truly precious to you. This book deals with loss and life and what it means to grow up so beautifully. Not only do we get a mother who loses a child, bu [...]

    4. I loved the way Jessica Stilling told the story from different perspectives. She beautifully captured a mother's pain as well as a child's innocent yet almost adult-like nature. I also found the storyline itself very imaginative and loved visiting Neverland from her perspective. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I really wish she had gone into more depth on the cookie murderess. Her reason for killing the kids to me seemed too superficial for such a despicable crime, especially when you con [...]

    5. Betwixt and Between is a very interesting little take on Peter Pan. Ten-year-old Preston, a fairly carefree and happy child, visits his socially awkward man-child neighbor, eats a poison cookie, and dies in the woods of his neighborhood. He awakens in Neverland, which in this particular universe, is where little boys go after they die before moving on to the actual afterlife. The idea seems to be that as long as these boys are in Neverland, their parents/loved ones can still sense them allowing [...]

    6. novel which employs the Peter Pan myth to explore loss and grief. It moves elegantly between the reality of London a century ago, suburban contemporary life and the instructive fantasy of Neverland. The appreciation of the preciousness of our children and their vulnerability never sinks into sentimentality but rather provides the basis for understanding the precarious nature of life and the risks we all take when we love.The expert use of the real and the fantastic reminds the reader of the grea [...]

    7. You know how I love Peter Pan, and it's always risky reading any kind of retelling, but Wow. This book was incredible. It takes the theme of death from Barrie's original, which has largely been lost in subsequent retellings, and takes it to a whole new level. The mythology all makes sense, the story is multifaceted, and it really makes you think. I liked how she tied together Barrie (including the stories of his dead brother David and his relationship with the Llewellyn Davies family), the ficti [...]

    8. 4 stars. I like these types of books where fantasy combines with reality. This is kind of a blend of "The Lovely Bones" and "Peter Pan". Ten-year-old Preston is killed with a poisoned cookie and wakes up in Neverland, the place where dead boys go after dying and before going to the After. There Preston meets Peter, who has been in Neverland forever. Peter was never alive in the Before, and can never die and go the the After - he's a Betwixt & Between. Preston misses his mother, but comes to [...]

    9. A beautiful book which explores love and loss in a unique parallel to Peter Pan. I found myself anxiously turning the page waiting to see how each character would reach their moment of self-actualization. Each character has a burden to bear and it is a wonderful experience following along with them as they reach new levels of understanding. A very great and stimulating read.

    10. Betwixt and Between is an imaginative retelling of the Peter Pan story. The story seems real because the characters are real. You know these people. The plot is consistent. Jessica has created a book the intertwines tradition, history and her own imagination. You will love this book.Disclaimer: I am related to the author.

    11. I haven't cried so much at a book since I read The First Part Last by Angela Johnson. This is such a good story. I enjoyed how she incorporated the Peter Pan story, and it was so touching and beautiful to walk the footsteps of the mother. I have boys of my own and this story just makes me want to hold them all close and never let them go. Great Great story.

    12. What if Neverland was really a purgatory like place for little boys? A very interesting re-telling of the Peter Pan story along with the story of a little boy who dies and what his mother goes through after his death. I'm a sucker for a re-telling and this was a good one. It was very different.

    13. This is a good book. Very emotional, you will most likely cry, but in a good way. Well written, great characters, I want to know the author's rendition of Peter Pan. I wish he were my friend when I was a child.

    14. This could have been edited better, but it's a beautiful and moving novel that hit me right in my childhood.

    15. Interesting and creative take on the Peter Pan/Neverland story, however, I did not like Claire's perspective that much. I felt that the writing there was not as good as the other story lines.

    16. A sobering extension of the Peter Pan story, this novel attempts to create a world wherein children go to Neverland when they die, and there they stay, playing and pretending and having a joyous, carefree existence until the ones who loved them are ready to go on with their lives, and thus release the dead children to move on, too. Peter is the one who manages all the comings and goings in Neverland, and knows much more than he lets on. We discover the existence of Neverland when Preston lands t [...]

    17. Actually, four and a half stars. This is a lovely, whimsical book. It has tragedy, mystery, fantasy and romance. The only reason I didn’t give it a full five stars is because there were moments that I thought the writing was "overdone" and some of the plot twists were a tad too convenient; yet there were many paragraphs that were lyrical and flowed so well, I read them again and again, trying to commit them to memory. This novel engaged me from page one.Peter and Wendy’s story is bittersweet [...]

    18. Four stars for concept, two stars for execution. I know I'm in the minority here -- Most people seem to be wowed by it. My annoyance while reading this may be more the industry's fault than the writer's: This is another book that was misrepresented by those trying to sell copies. It was portrayed as a fantasy, a combining of the Neverland of Peter Pan and the after-life experiences of children. This is in there; however, the main thrust of this book is parental grief, longing, and moving on. It' [...]

    19. I’m a sucker when it comes to reimagining classic children’s stories, perhaps none more so than Peter Pan. I loved Brom’s The Child Thief when I read it a year and a half ago. When I stumbled across Betwixt and Between by Jessica Stilling and read the description, I got excited. One of my favorite ideas is that Neverland is where the souls of deceased children go so reading that idea fleshed out into a novel was something I had to do. However, Stilling’s novel is less fleshed out than I [...]

    20. The premise of this book was really great, and overall I liked it. I saw another review that described the execution as "clunky." I tend to agree. It just felt like certain story aspects were unnecessary, or at least not worked in that well. For example, the whole bit with the mother who murdered her two children with whom Claire and Cara became fascinated. I mean, yeah, the point of that seemed that motherhood is difficult, but also fulfilling, but it seemed like Jessica Stilling just had an id [...]

    21. This is a wonderful book. I have never been so engaged, turning page after page. This novel is about loss and grief. It's about moving on, it's about finding your way. The first scene had me in tears and the first chapter made me feel so much more. I would recommend this to any parent. It will make you hug your child more tightly. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the story of Peter Pan. Not just someone playing around, this book is meticulously researched, Stilling talks about JM B [...]

    22. So an interesting mix, as it shares in the summary, of Peter Pan with a cross of The Lovely Bones. I guess I only really know the Robin Williams' Peter Pan, having never read the original, and though, The Lovely Bones is an all-time favorite of mine, I just didn't get quite all of it but enough to make it intriguing and certainly unique. The topic is scary enough, the first young boy is poisoned and found in the woods. The parents, especially his mother, Claire, is clearly devastated, and they'r [...]

    23. Betwixt and Between works both as a story-telling narrative and as a work of literature which gives the reader new perspectives. Most interesting is the characterization of the stages of existence, with life being the "Before," Neverland being a type of comfortable but fanciful purgatory inhabited by different groups sharing past characteristics being the "Here," and an afterlife being the "After." The book is a riff on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, but conceives of Neverland as a real place and cast [...]

    24. This book is well done. The author describes very well, she really makes you feel like you're there. The theme of loss, of grief, of parenthood are all there and the use of Peter Pan as a device to show what it means that children grow up is so beautifully done. I love this book so much. There's been a lot of talk about all the ideas, the themes, the research and let me tell you, I don't read for ideas and research as much as I read for emotion and story. I'm not a scholar when it comes to books [...]

    25. This is book is amazing. It is for people who have raised children, for people who have loved children and watched them grow up. It is for people who have experienced loss. It is for people who want to think about life and also for people who want to feel emotions. This book will make you feel. When we go about our day sometimes we feel happy or sad in a generic sense. We feel worried or excited perhaps in a more poignant way, but this, what this book makes one feel, that is life. This book conj [...]

    26. I didn't know what to expect when I picked this book up. I read that it was about Peter Pan but it was really good. Neverland is a place like Limbo where boys who have died get to go before they are ready to go to the "After" or a type of heaven. Preston has been poisoned when he has a cookie at a neighbor's house. We look at Preston's version, Claire's version (Preston's mother) and there are flashbacks to Wendy's version when she was in love with Peter Pan. We find that children are children u [...]

    27. It lost me at page 171. Not sure why, but Neverland appears to have decayed somewhat, since I visited it last. The point of Neverland, what made it so fun to read about in Peter Pan, was because the grownup world could not intrude, could not touch anything that went on there. But with this book, it's all about the grownups' world pushing in. Neverland, in this book, has grown up into a tiresome place with the shadows of old evil crawling like bugs on the edges of my vision while I read. Ych! I h [...]

    28. This book was recommended to me by a friend whose taste I trust and I started reading it without any knowledge of what it was about. I was surprised as I learned it was a retelling of the Peter Pan story, but it was beautifully and wonderfully told and so amazingly imaginative that I not only enjoyed it thoroughly but read it in less than a weekend. The idea of Neverland as Stilling reimagines it is so beautiful and, in its own fairy-tale way, makes so much sense. If you're looking for a lovely [...]

    29. I'd go 3.5 if would just grasp the concept of "better than middling, not quite awesome." It gets bogged down in some of the Neverland parts. It also completely ignores GSM relationships in its suppositions of life, afterlife, and the connections between us. And it's kind of sexist, a lot of "Neverland is all boys because girls are too distracting and realizing that you like someone sexually is when childhood ends" like WOAH SLOW YOUR HORSES THERE. But it's gripping and entertaining and a new ta [...]

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