Fairies in My Fireplace

Fairies in My Fireplace

R.L. Naquin / Sep 18, 2019

Fairies in My Fireplace A migration of mythical creatures has begun and and of them are landing on Zoey Donovan s doorstep As the only Aegis left in the country it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe and

  • Title: Fairies in My Fireplace
  • Author: R.L. Naquin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A migration of mythical creatures has begun, and and of them are landing on Zoey Donovan s doorstep As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and .Keeping track of her boarders is a full time job, and Zoey s already got her haA migration of mythical creatures has begun, and and of them are landing on Zoey Donovan s doorstep As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and .Keeping track of her boarders is a full time job, and Zoey s already got her hands full trying to run her wedding planning business Good thing she has a resident closet monster to keep her organized, and a hot Reaper boyfriend to help her relax every once in a while.But she can t keep up monster triage indefinitely, and as Hidden arrive, it becomes clear that someone or something is hunting them In the midst of planning an event for a notoriously difficult client, Zoey s got to figure out who s behind the hunt and she s got to stop them before there are no Hidden left.86,000 words

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    1. Find the full review with fun links at my MLE and my blog.Warning: This review will contain spoilers.First off I want to say that I am trying my hardest not to just squeeee and gush about this book. I will probably fail cause this book was just that good, I just want to point out that I am trying.This series has easily become one of my top ten favorites, it's a series that I drop all other titles I am reading to pick up the new installment. Possibly to read the whole series again. These books ma [...]

    2. This might have broken me. :( Loved it though! Full review to come.*Edited to add review*I adore this series, it is so much fun with a huge cast of monsters and humans alike that are bound to make you laugh, make you smile, and steal your heart.It's easy for it to get lost in the huge genre that is urban fantasy but this is one series that truly does need to be seen and read. It stands out with it's lighter moments, humor, friendship, and mystical creatures that sometimes steal the limelight as [...]

    3. Fairies in My Fireplace is the best book in the Monster Haven series so far. Naquin proves that she has developed from the cute fluff of Monster in My Closet and that she can write a wider emotional range.Zoey is the last Aegis left, which means that every Hidden comes knocking on her door when they need help. Right now she has her hands full with a harpy on her roof and the goblin children in the living room, but just taking care of them is not enough. Something or someone is hunting the Hidden [...]

    4. Fairies is more of everything I've been enjoying about the Monster Haven series so far, light, fun, and engaging with all the characters we've come to love. If you've been reading Zoey's story up until now there's nothing in this third book that will disappoint you.I'm not personally happy with how one of the end pieces played out, though I know it was done to try and keep you reading into the next book it felt contrived and unnecessary, that particular plot point could have played out either wa [...]

    5. We first met the wonderful, charming and quirky wedding planner Zoey in Monster in My Closet, where she was dealing with a lot in her life. Not only did she and her business partner (and BFF) have to plan The Wedding of the year – Councilwoman Alma Dickson daughter was getting married – but Zoey got a visit from a Monster Closet; Maurice. And to make matters worse… An incubus is in town, hunting. His ultimate target? Zoey. But not until he’s gone after each and every woman close to Zoey. [...]

    6. I received Fairies in My Fireplace in return for an honest review from the publisher Carina Press via Netgalley. This is the third installment in the Monster Haven series. Even though Zoey is learning to be a better Aegis she still has her moments when she loses her shields and is smothered by the Hidden around hers emotions. As a Aegis it is Zoey’s job to protect the Hidden but now they are showing up in waves with loved ones being kidnapped. As if finding the missing Hidden isn't enough she [...]

    7. Review from Backchatting BooksI’m going to start this review by confessing that I’m biased. I love this series. It’s underlying sweetness radiates outwards and gives you the warm and fuzzies. Zoey Donovan is having a wee bit of trouble at home. The Hidden have invaded her house in large numbers with tales of friends and family that have gone missing. As Zoey’s the only Aegis left, they are looking to her for guidance and protection. Someone is hunting them and Zoey’s determined to put [...]

    8. I just love the world R. L. Naquin creates in her Monster Haven series. So many series lose their luster after the first or second book; however, this is not the case with this series. "Fairies in My Fireplace" is proof that this series just keeps getting better and better.Zoey has been adjusting fairly well to her new life as Aegis, protector of monsters. However, when a large influx of monsters enters her home seeking asylum everyone knows that something wicked this way comes. Soon it is quite [...]

    9. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*When I read the synopsis of the book and saw the cover, there was no doubt in my mind that I was reading it. I haven't read the first two books in the Monster Haven series, but you can bet that I will after how much I enjoyed this one. Make me cry and I may remember a book for a little while; make me laugh repeatedly, and I'm a devoted fan for life. I love the whole premise behind the Monster Haven series. Fairies in My Firep [...]

    10. Review Courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyEvery time I open up a Monster Haven book I fall in love again with these quirky, loveable characters and this exciting crazy world. FAIRIES IN MY FIREPLACE comes with more fast paced action, humorous dialogue and dangerous new bad guys. Zoey continues to be a brilliant and hilarious heroine with a very questionable dress sense. Basically, she’s someone I would become fast friends with if she were real.In FAIRIES IN MY FIRERPLACE, Zoey has a lot more [...]

    11. *NO SPOILERSZoey is back! The Monster Haven series is so great and R.L. Naquin has created such a compelling and interesting world that I can't help to look forward to the next adventure.On my Pooka In My Pantry review I mentioned how well balanced the lighter and darker side of these novels. That is specially true with Fairies in My Fireplace, where I found myself laughing and crying throughout the novel.I love the Hidden Monsters R.L. Naquin has added to this incredible world and I utterly enj [...]

    12. Cross posted to , spoilerish items ahead.This series starts with Monster in my Closet - I'd bet Fairies could be read as a stand alone, but I'd recommend starting with the first book just because they're THAT GOOD.This installment sees Zoey growing in confidence and ability as an Aegis, even as she's overwhelmed with all the baggage that comes with her role in life. Cool characters reappear, cool characters pass out of the story and new friends emerge and despite the sheer amount of world buildi [...]

    13. I'd got up to 4½♥ on this, and can I get a 'hell, yeah!' on the steamy reaper action!?! I've been thoroughlly enchanted by this series, and can't wait until they get book #4 on audio. I'm really excited about the series-long story that is still going on, and the individual book stories. It was nice to learn more about the hidden, and though it was bittersweet, I liked how 'real' the story played out. It wasn't all happiness, rainbows, and light even in the world of fae and jinn and closet mon [...]

    14. As a previous reviewer said, every book in this series so far has been delightful, pure escapism! In fact, I have to admit, I cried a bit at the end of this one.I'm looking forward to reading whatever else this author writes.

    15. Just the titles alone keep me coming back for more of these books. Though most of the creatures don't stay around for very long they do sometimes revisit, and I love that! I really enjoy the closet monster, Maurice's character.

    16. I am too tearful and warmed simultaneously to properly review this one but, suffice to say, these books get better and better and more intricate as they go. And, let's face it, I don't really do proper reviews anyway.

    17. ~* 3.5 Stars *~Fun Times with Zoey's FriendsInveterate wedding planner by day and sole Aegis in the whole of the country by nightd dayd, well, every moment in between, Zoey Donovan is feeling the strain of the growing needs of the Hidden who are showing up at her door. The influx of magical, mystical, and beastly traffic has gotten so bad that even with the help of her closet monster Maurice and several other good friends of both the human and Hidden variety she's just barely squeaking by.With a [...]

    18. Seriously, the more I read in this series the more I love it! I'm so attached to all the characters and anxious for their wellbeing, which shows that the author is doing a great job of making you care about them and drawing you into their world.Zoey is recovering from her bad luck Pooka and her run in with the Board but she and Maurice are suddenly being overwhelmed by the number of Hidden creatures that are coming to her for help. Her garden is like the tent city in a refugee disaster zone-thun [...]

    19. Fairies in my Fireplace, book three of the Monster Haven series by R.L. Naquin, is sheer supernatural fun. Naquin’s pace is quick, the dialogue witty, and the tone is light. Zoey Donovan is an aegis, a protector of the supernatural, of the Hidden (monsters and mythological creatures hidden from mortal eyes). As the novel opens her home becomes packed with supernatural creatures, running from an unseen evil, and as the book unfolds, the tension builds as a danger looms, in the form of the Colle [...]

    20. SYNOPSIS: " A migration of mythical creatures has begun, and more and more of them are landing on Zoey Donovan's doorstep. As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe—and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and more.Keeping track of her boarders is a full-time job, and Zoey's already got her hands full trying to run her wedding planning business. Good thing she has a resident closet monster to keep her [...]

    21. Questa serie non delude. Come i precedenti, anche questo romanzo è carico di brio, sarcasmo e avventura. Ok, forse per quanto riguarda l’azione non è stato altrettanto brillante, ma in compenso è pieno, ma proprio pieno zeppo di creature di ogni sorta.Anche la trama mi è piaciuta molto.Questa volta Zoey deve vedersela con qualcosa di molto pericoloso e, dato che è l’unica Aegis rimasta in circolazione, solo lei può aiutare i Nascosti e indagare sulle recenti sparizioni che stanno porta [...]

    22. Zoey should be finding life easier now that she's no longer having to keep the Hidden a secret from her best friend Sara but with more and more of them coming to her for help every day she soon realises that something major is going on. Something that is effecting Hidden everywhere and Zoey is the only one left who can help them. She soon finds herself caught in a dangerous battle with enemies who are more powerful than she could ever have guessed. It's a good job she has her friends to support [...]

    23. I was attracted to the first book in this series when it first came out because it sounded so original. Once I read it I was hooked and each succeeding book has cemented my love for this series. I think this was the best one yet. One reason I love it is that RL Naquin manages to blend lighthearted moments with really serious ones so effectively. I also love all of the characters, especially quirky Zoey, the heroine. Zoey, is an Aegis, or protector of the Hidden (which consists of pretty much any [...]

    24. Fairies in my fireplace is the third book in the Monster Haven series. In the stories, Zoey Donovan has discovered that she is an "Aegis," a human who provides care and shelter for non-human beings ("the Hidden") in need, and is now learning all of the nuances of both her powers and responsibilities.Fairies in my fireplace focuses on a gradual but noticeable influx of Hidden into Zoey's life, house, backyard, etc. Most of these Hidden seem to have separate and good reasons for being there, but t [...]

    25. I fanatically LOVE this series! It's wonderful and beautiful and full of fun magical creatures and extreme humor! Seriously! It's awesome! I love all the reoccurring characters and even the new ones that I hope we may one day see again! It's a magical ride of awesome! Yep, I'm going with that one as my quote, because there's nothing better that that. It's just that awesome! It's full of action, and fast paced mystery, and a supernatural world living right in ours, and the humans have no idea. Pl [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was a really fabulous read. It was filled to the brim with amazing characters, witty dialogue, and interesting story. There was even a little bit of romance thrown in, just to make sure it hit everything I love about paranormal reads. I haven't read any of the other Monster Haven books, but it didn't slow me down in the slightest. If anything, this book made me want to read more about all the great characters to see how th [...]

    27. Unfortunately not as good as its predecessor, too many dropped balls let down an otherwise amusing book.While the overarching plot proceeds nicely it is the actual book that has story problems. Too many situations are introduced and either forgotten or resolved in ways that disappoint. The plot suffers from too many threads that either have not connection to the narrative or simply go nowhere.At one point there was a conflict introduced that I was sure was resolved in Book 2. Here it served as a [...]

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