Very Casual

Very Casual

Michael DeForge / Dec 12, 2019

Very Casual Culled from mini comics online comics and anthology contributions Very Casual collects notable short stories from Michael DeForge s prolific oeuvre Included are stories about litter gangs meat fil

  • Title: Very Casual
  • Author: Michael DeForge
  • ISBN: 9780987963079
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • Culled from mini comics, online comics, and anthology contributions, Very Casual collects notable short stories from Michael DeForge s prolific oeuvre Included are stories about litter gangs, meat filled snowmen, righteous cops, beagle human hybrids, and forest bound drag queens.

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        Michael DeForge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Very Casual book, this is one of the most wanted Michael DeForge author readers around the world.


    1. Oh Canada, Oh Canada, your horrors are too much to bear.I can only assume you violently tortured and murdered Michael Deforge after realizing all the damning Intel he has published (in graphic novel format) about your multitudinous acts of atrocities. There is nothing casual about Very Casual. The truth about the Spotting Deer, which may resemble said animal but is in actuality a cognizant, terrestrial slug which can be harvested for malleable meat that is susceptible to the power of suggestionâ [...]

    2. Another great one from DeForge. This one has some pretty weird stuff in it. The drawing style is unusual, slightly surreal and even abstract at times. It is even occasionally a bit crass; and obviously not for the easily offended. The stories are wonderful and well strange and meandering. I loved it so this one hits the best reads pile also. 5 stars.

    3. This book by Canadian cartoonist Michael Deforge is a great showcase for his talent; still in his mid-20's, I'd rank him with the very best cartoonists in Canada, esteemed names like Chester Brown, Dave Cooper, Seth. In fact, the level of insight, imagination, the utter mastery of various styles, most of which bear the stamp of his unique vision, puts him in the company of the very best in the world (which, somewhat redundantly, includes the Canadians mentioned above): Burns, Clowes, Ware, David [...]

    4. 3.5 stars -- Calling VERY CASUAL "strange" is like calling a Carolina Reaper pepper "hot"--it doesn't really capture the intensity. Inscrutable illustrations and bizarro short stories mingle with feverish re-imaginings of classic comic strips viewed through a malarial haze. I especially liked the strips about the littering gang and the species of slug-deer. A few were just a little too gross.

    5. drawnwords/review-very-casThe pages of Very Casual are unique, to say the least of the title. When reading a book from Daniel Clowes or Charles Burns, you can easily pick up their style from a mile away, simply by seeing which color palette Clowes would choose or how thick Burns‘ lines are in illustrations. Well, Michael DeForge has easily garnered a distinct method of illustrating and storytelling that’s more abnormal and deranged than others today, yet still expertly polished to a point of [...]

    6. the most imaginative evocative wonderful disturbing work i've ever encountered. so many of these pieces are just wonderful pieces of storytelling even without the art. but they are something really special with it. deforge's work walks right up to that 90s gross out cartoons line, but keeps you invested in the characters with the softness of his lines and expressiveness in even the most alien of faces. very casual is something so different from what i'm used to reading that i'm not really sure h [...]

    7. this is the comic equivalent of a swans album. the work of a brilliant craftsman who's also batshit insane, michael seems to have absorbed everything comics have to offer (from crumb to cathy) and the result is a lean collection that'll blast the flesh off your face if you let it. major tw for body horror on this one, folks. good god, wtf is going on in canada

    8. This is one of the most confusing graphic novels I've ever read--and that's a good thing. As a collect of smaller comics, you don't get too much cohesion if themes and story. What you get instead is a survey of DeForges aesthetic, gross and beautiful. There's also a slight pang of nostalgia in here for those of us who grew up watching cartoons like 'Ren and Stimpy' of 'Aah! Real Monsters.'

    9. This is definitely a weird-as-heck collection of short stories in comic form.At first, I was unsure about these comics, but once I got past the really weird first story, the others were all really intriguing and really interesting to read. I loved the art and the colours, along with some of the messages that I found in the comics.

    10. To be honest I only like this because I looooove the story about the 'spotting deer'. The other comics made me feel uneasy and reminded of old bad trips and fever hallucinations. So, 5 stars for Spotting Deer, 1 star for the rest. Which makes three.

    11. The whorled neck spurts a large, limp penis; a wound opens up in the side of the body: the voice croaks out a knotted punchline. That's kind of DeForge's style, but it does him no justice. A grab-bag by nature, this collection is a dip here, a knock there. It's uneven material, quite honestly, and reflects its incidental roots. I wouldn't start here with his work - which is good! – as there's more repulsion than wit in these. But for a collector hungry for another deep dose of that dank gross [...]

    12. I strongly dislike every story and skit in this book. But I really like some of DeForge's weird design ideas and occasional use of color and inks. My feelings about Michael DeForge are like the way I feel about that one cat. I like cats. They're cute and usually fun to have around. But there's that one cat. You know the one. He scratches your furniture, pukes on the carpet, and chews on your favorite comics. But he still looks cute. Michael DeForge is that cat.

    13. Honestly, I think for the most part I just didn’t get it. A little too surreal for my taste. Might be up someone’s alley, who appreciates a certain grotesque imagery that is full of metaphors and symbolism.

    14. This book is what made me actually pay attention to graphic novels, especially within the Toronto scene. It was given to me by a friend and it was the first time I read anything like it. This one is one of my favourites! Highly recommended read!

    15. Psychedelic, gruesome body horror with a dark sense of humor that veers from satirical to scatological. Really distinct artistic style, manages to be repulsive and appealing simultaneously.

    16. 3.5Very Casual is a graphic collection, short stories, sometimes linked, always slightly disturbing. I found the drippy slug-deer very disturbing, especially DeForge's zoomed-in details, cross-sections and notations. It is not often (unless one is reading Lovecraftian tales or medical journals) that one comes across the word 'polyp.' I am not a fan of polyps. They frighten me. It was the case that DeForge provided the exact definition of what frightens and disgusts me about polyps in this work. [...]

    17. This book went from "ew no" to "okay this is kind of genius" at about the middle point. Highly recommend to a very specific type of comic reader, as it's a bit graphic and the humor is wonderfully off-kilter.

    18. How would I describe the work of Michael DeForge? It leaves you with a sense of discomfort, like when your clothes don't dry out properly and prickle against your skin. Like you're being watched, but with anything other than malicious intent. Like the world is a little more strange and morbid than you first thought, in a way you just can't put your finger on. Micheal's story telling centers upon a warped version of reality. The characters: a parasitic rock-band, a litter addict, and a half-man h [...]

    19. Well, that was weird. The totally uninhibited comics of LeForge makes me think of American underground artists like Kim Deitch and Gary Panther, but also contemporary Swedish comics artists like Max Andersson and Kolbeinn Karlsson. This is the first book I've read by DeForge and it did contain some real gems, especially the long story All About the Spotting Deer, which is utterly brilliant. It also contains some real duds, though, thus the mediocre ranking. As a book, this is too unwieldy, with [...]

    20. I ordered this one day when I felt starved for something bizarre, otherworldly, and artistically challenging. It fit the bill PERFECTLY. Deforge's art is complex, nuanced, and unique. Sometimes the stories make sense, other times they're entirely surreal, and most of the time it's something in between. Lots of his creatures and characters mutate in disturbing ways, which I love. The "informational" storyline about the "Spotting Deer" was my favorite. They look sort of like deer (one is pictured [...]

    21. Much body horror. Very much enjoyed it, although there was something disquieting about it. Hints of yonic themes, which would be unfamiliar and possible discomfort me given my social programming? I suspect so.I am admittedly a robot, there were possibly deep body themes and emotional themes that I am not subtle enough to get. I really enjoyed the story of the man with a beagle for a body. It resonated a lot with me. There were hints of resonance elsewhere, the discomfort and the misshapen and th [...]

    22. Perhaps not the best choice for my first Michael Deforge book, but most of his work doesn't seem to be collected yet. I prefer reading book collection rather than single issues. This is in no way the fault of the author but it did effect my reading of the book. It's a collection of various short pieces done for different zines and comics. It was cool to see all the different art styles that Deforge uses, but whenever I see an artist who draws in several "weird" styles I can't help but wonder: is [...]

    23. Graphic Novel Book Club December 2014: Very Casual is now officially the very worst graphic novel I've ever read for this book club. Or. In my whole life. I had to finish it tonight since the meet is tomorrow. But, god, that was horrid. I would have stopped twenty pages in if there weren't going to be book club discussion over it with all the peoples. But seriously all I want to say is "This is…horrid. Please never make me read something like this again. My braincells were dying like I was wat [...]

    24. A suggestion that showed up here on good reads. Since my library system had it, I decided to try reading it. The story on the spotting deer (the creature from the cover) was entertaining, since I like those sorts of made-up zoological stories. And through the rest there were some kind of entertaining stories. But overall it is an aesthetic that I don't care for, grotesque and ugly imagery and bizarre sequences that don't really make any sense but leave one with the impression of the world as an [...]

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