Common Nonsense

Common Nonsense

Andy Rooney / Sep 21, 2019

Common Nonsense Andy Rooney s Sunday evening observations on Minutes are an American institution shaping the way people see everything from coffee percolators to the state of the nation

  • Title: Common Nonsense
  • Author: Andy Rooney
  • ISBN: 9781586482008
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andy Rooney s Sunday evening observations on 60 Minutes are an American institution, shaping the way people see everything from coffee percolators to the state of the nation.

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        Andrew Aitken Andy Rooney was an American radio and television writer He became most famous as a humorist and commentator with his weekly broadcast A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney, a part of the CBS news program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011.


    1. Rooney composes his essays on minor and negligible things of life. Things that writers and journalists often find it boring to write about or they do not know how to write about those matters. Rooney not only writes about them but also make it a pleasant experience for readers of his books. The subject of his essays could be anything from car parking problem to Christmas tree. And he calls all of this "Common Nonsense".

    2. I can take five minutes of Andy Rooney and not be too bothered by his crotchety befuddlement. These 150+ essays, however, are redundantly crammed with balderdash and misspellings (which made it through spell-check, but were—obviously—never eyeballed). One strikingly obtuse slice of balderdash, which he repeats at least twice: . people are alive today than all the people who ever lived, caused me to become a fact-checker. I found some plausible semi-science by using the keywords: number-of-pe [...]

    3. A book of essays on many different topics from everyone's favorite, or not so favorite, curmudgeon. Rooney writes so engagingly that you might even enjoy the essays on the topics you don't even care about. His opinions are honest even if they are sometimes not popular with modern ways of thinking. But what I found most interesting about this book is that beneath those layers of crabbiness, I found a man that truly enjoys life, especially the little things life has to offer. Even being old didn't [...]

    4. You either appreciate Andy Rooney or you hate him. I happen to like him. "Common Nonsense" is full of short essays on everything from technology to literature and makes for a good read when you need to kill brief periods of time. Be forewarned, you probably won't agree with everything this old curmudgeon says, but maybe you can appreciate his unusual points of view. Hell, I almost wonder if he believes everything he writes about, but has to spit out his brief musings as a form of stress relief.

    5. Let me preface this by saying that I NEVER fail to finish books I start. Having said that, I completely gave up on this book. From the very beginning, it's glaringly obvious that the only reason it's in print at all is beause the name on the front cover is recognizable. The grammar and syntax are horrendous, the logic spotty, and objectivity flew out the window many trees prior to page 1. I hate to sound so harsh, but really - don't waste your time with this book!

    6. A collection of essays touching on all sorts of topics - from airlines, to Miss America; from handwriting to September 11th - examined as only Mr. Rooney can.An enjoyable read. I like Mr. Rooney's ruminations, and while I don't always agree with his drawn conclusions, he always gives an interesting point of view to ponder.

    7. Good bunch of essays on everything Mr Rooney thought about.d that's everything!! However, it's tough going to read and read and read the essays like a bookn't be done.o many different ideas to absorb. Need to take lots of time, with short readings to enjoy them and so they don't become a chore. So, this is not the day I finished, but the day I put this book aside for later.

    8. I do enjoy Andy Rooney's musings, but a little of these go a long way. Some of the short essays are outdated a little, but you still 'get it'. Easy to read a little and put down; mildly thought-provoking, and I love the title.

    9. I liked Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, but a 5 minute dose of curmudgeon is vastly different than an entire book where he starts to come off as sexist, occasionally racist, and just plain grouchy. if you read this book, so it a few select essays at a time, and not all at once.

    10. I used to love Andy Rooney on 60 minutes I always watched that before "The Amazing Race" this book was a little much for me a little too much of the same thing and I was bored by a lot of parts of it Let's just say that for me a little bit of Andy Rooney goes A LONG WAY

    11. 3.5 stars. A collection of essays on almost every subject by the late 60 minutes curmudgeon. Don't always agree with him, but for the most part, I find him interesting reading.

    12. Overall funny. However, I did find it a little challenging to sit with Andy Rooney's sarcasm for long periods of time. Book best taken in "small doses" :)

    13. Hear the big 60 minute man himself complain about all sorts of stuff. You've gotta love his observations and ability to say what he thinks

    14. Here is a book that will make you think, reconsider, and laugh out loud. It's a book everyone should read to remember the little things in life that go unnoticed or disregarded.

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