The Secret of Selling Anything

The Secret of Selling Anything

Harry Browne / Dec 10, 2019

The Secret of Selling Anything If you ve read other selling books you re probably tired of the false promises that never quite work out You re probably tired of being told you can do it if you just believe you can You re probably

  • Title: The Secret of Selling Anything
  • Author: Harry Browne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • If you ve read other selling books, you re probably tired of the false promises that never quite work out You re probably tired of being told you can do it if you just believe you can You re probably tired of reading about tricks that made a particular sale tricks that may have been appropriate to a particular situation, but not yours and even if they were appropriaIf you ve read other selling books, you re probably tired of the false promises that never quite work out You re probably tired of being told you can do it if you just believe you can You re probably tired of reading about tricks that made a particular sale tricks that may have been appropriate to a particular situation, but not yours and even if they were appropriate, how would you have thought of them at the right time If you ve read books on selling before or listened to sales experts, you re probably tired of being pumped with hot air told how you must come alive, be full of enthusiasm, dominate the world around all the things that don t happen to be a part of your basic nature.Well, this book isn t anything like that In fact, this book was written to refute many cliches of selling that have been accepted without question for years.This book will prove to you, I hope, that the stereotyped image of the born salesman is a mistake You don t have to remake your personality and become super enthusiastic, super aggressive, domineering Not only are those traits not necessary, they are actually a hindrance to making sales.And you won t have to develop that uncanny ability to come up with the right answer at the right time that super human knack of having the brilliant flash of insight that is so prevalent in books on selling Sure, given several days to think about it, the writer of a sales book can always come up with a solution to a sales problem But how does that help you when confronted face to face with a question that must be answered now This book will show you that you don t need such skills.This book can truly revolutionize your selling career but only because it will show you that you no longer need to waste your time developing skills that are of no value to a salesman For example, here are some of the points that will be made in the course of this book Contrary to the accepted mythology, enthusiasm is not a virtue it destroys sales than it creates Positive thinking is an unrealistic fallacy The salesman who thinks negatively has a far greater chance for success than the so called positive thinker Sales success does not come from convincing people to buy things they don t want The salesman who always has an answer for every objection is also probably plugging along with a very low income Extroverts don t make the best salesmen they are invariably outsold by introverts To be a good salesman, you don t have to be a smooth talker Another all time sales fallacy is the statement When the going gets tough, the tough get going When the going gets tough, I usually take a vacation The desire to be able to motivate others is unrealistic and foolish A really great salesman will never try to motivate anyone.Perhaps all of this sounds so far removed from what you ve heard about selling through the years that you wonder how it could possibly be true I intend to demonstrate the validity of these statements in two ways.First, my own experience verifies their worth Almost invariably, in any selling experience where I ve found myself, I have outsold everyone else around me usually while working far fewer hours.In addition, I ve seen these principles work for a few others, too a very few, for they are unknown to most people.But there is nothing mysterious about them and that brings us to second way in which I will demonstrate their validity I will prove them to you We will deal with life logically and carefully in this book Everything will be proven in terms of the real world as it is in ways we can both understand.

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    1. Great book about selling. The author's perspective on sales is that a salesman doesn’t win by aggression and flamboyance; A salesman doesn’t have to be an extrovert to succeed. A good salesperson however must be sensitive, alert, imaginative, honest, and a good listener. He/she succeeds by finding out what people want and helping them get it. The secret to selling: Find this prospect’s motivation and appeal to it.A good salesman is an outstanding person, an attractive friend ~ in demand be [...]

    2. Great book especially for beginner salesmen like me.It debunks a lot of typical cliche preconceptions about who a successful salesman should be. It proves that even an introverted person (like me) can be good at selling stuff if he learns to listen, ask the right questions and help people get what they want. Also, the main sales tactic of the book is a five-step guide I found very helpful.According to the author "a good salesman is an outstanding person.He’s an attractive friend ~ in demand be [...]

    3. This book is very different from any sales book out there. The whole concept behind the book is for sales you need not be someone and act smart; You can be yourself and follow very elementary laws of listening and sell things and do good to others y this book. very easy to read also.

    4. Ότι καλύτερο μπορεί να διαβάσει κάποιος για να μάθει να πουλά. Απλή φόρμουλα 5 βημάτων, σωστό mindset και μία ανθρώπινη προσέγγιση.

    5. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. The trick is its utter simplicity. I am an introvert who dreads the idea of doing sales, but even I could apply this method.In simple terms:(1) First listen to your customer very very carefully(2) Make sure you've heard correctly(3) Describe your solution, only referring to the characteristics that the customer cares about

    6. "Selling is easy" and reading this book is easy too.Simple yet powerful pages of common sense, yet those are the kind of things we tend to forget first when dealing with the real world.

    7. Simply excellentHonest sales advice from a master salesman.In our online, instant world, salesmanship is a skill that's almost be forgotten.This book is an excellent guide on how to sell by helping others

    8. More a book on psychology than a meditation on selling, The Secret of Selling Anything was a game changer back in the day. It was the first of a series of books that encouraged listening to people to uncover their motivations and then offering a product that appeals to those pre-existing motivations. With a simple process that encouraged empathy over belligerence, this technique was a breath of fresh air for introverted people who wanted to be a better seller or who wanted a better life.Written [...]

    9. I've read a couple other books by Harry Browne and am always amazed by his ability to take complicated topics and think through them logically and present his views in an easy to understand and thoughtful format. This book is no different. While other sales books may talk about how you can you use fear to get people to buy, Harry Browne takes the opposite approach. He comes from the view that the only people who will buy are people who will benefit from your product. It's your job as the salesma [...]

    10. The Secret of Selling Anything is not about clichés, empty slogans, the “right” answers, positive thinking, or others ridiculous ideas that coerce the reader into a cookie-cutter mold you must fit into in order to be a better salesman. The author debunks all of those fallacies and describes the proper way to actually get things done and deliver exactly what it is that the customer wants. As an introvert, the book was a breath of fresh air, assuaging the angst that comes with the assumption [...]

    11. Best book on selling I've ever read. Highly doubt I'll use any other approach. If I do, it will just be a variation on his principal.

    12. I've read a lot of different sales books. I've listened to many different audio books on sales. Harry Browne presents his ideas into a streamlined formula that takes all the good ideas--then gives it to you in ways you can use today. I used it yesterday and made profited $1050.

    13. Loved it. Not the usual sales book. Places focus on the client's needs not the salesperson. That is how business should be.

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