Darkspire Reaches

Darkspire Reaches

C.N. Lesley / Jun 25, 2019

Darkspire Reaches e kind of enveloping world building and characterization that can cause you to look up hours later and only then notice that while you were immersed in the book the sun has set and you ve missed a mea

  • Title: Darkspire Reaches
  • Author: C.N. Lesley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • e kind of enveloping world building and characterization that can cause you to look up hours later and only then notice that while you were immersed in the book the sun has set and you ve missed a meal Or two Wendy S Delmater, Abyss Apex Magazine The wyvern has hunted for the young outcast all her life a day will come when, after being rejected by civili e kind of enveloping world building and characterization that can cause you to look up hours later and only then notice that while you were immersed in the book the sun has set and you ve missed a meal Or two Wendy S Delmater, Abyss Apex Magazine The wyvern has hunted for the young outcast all her life a day will come when, after being rejected by civilisation and the tribes, she must at last face him Abandoned as a sacrifice to the wyvern, a young girl is raised to fear the beast her adoptive clan believes meant to kill her When the Emperor outlaws all magic, Raven is forced to flee from her home with her foster mother, for both are judged as witches Now an outcast, she lives at the mercy of others, forever pursued by the wyvern Soon her life will change forever An unique and unsettling romantic adventure about rejection and belonging.

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    1. A young woman falls in love with her rapist because he's just so hot. Wow. The author even goes out of her way to try to justify it and give him a good reason to rape a young woman. This actually makes me sick and is a slap in the face to victims everywhere.The writing at the first half reads like a list of events, so I forced myself to keep going. I wanted to know about Raven, and that was the only reason I didn't put it away. But she moves four different places in the first hundred pages, and [...]

    2. I'll start this review by saying, I love reading fantasy. There was a time, not too long ago, when I felt as if the fantasy genre had died. Not much new was coming out, and what did show up on the shelves didn't suit me. Lately I've seen a resurgence of excellent fantasy stories, and Darkspire Reaches is one of them.Lesley knows how to build a world, and create--not just characters--but whole races of them, complete with speech patterns and a recognizable cadence that sucks you into her world. F [...]

    3. This book wAs rather alarming in its handling of some very sensitive topics. And I do not mean that in a good way. Rape is never okay.People in reviews rave about the world building of this book? but we never even get to see the other world that they flew to at the end! How did the emperor gain power? Nothing was explained to craft a world. No thank you.

    4. A very different type of romance/fantasyDarkspire Reaches was truly a great read. It captured my attention from the beginning. Immediately, I was engrossed in the story, and I finished it on the same day.I don’t normally read stories like this, but I’ll have to start now. I enjoyed the world that the author created. I really liked Raven. She was found abandoned in the woods and was saved by an elderly woman.All her life, Raven tried to find a sense of belonging- to fit in somewhere. She had [...]

    5. This fantasy story is well-written and filled with believable and intriguing characters that sweep us along into the magical and impressive world of the wyvern.Themes such as superstition, betrayal, loss, fear and insanity work well beside magic and legend to make this an excellent read.Raven and Connor are both brilliant characters, while their relationship is stormy, its development is fun to watch.Certainly a tale which engages and perfect for fantasy lovers.Highly recommended.

    6. 2.5 stars.On the surface this was an a fairly enjoyable fantasy adventure, but if you stop to look closely at anything it quickly starts falling apart. Add that to the weird feeling that this was two stories smashed in to one at high speeds (first half about a poor foundling girl being raised by a witch and living with prejudice and hate, the second half is about dragons and being hunted down by an Emperor), and you get some explanation for my rating.Some spoilery thoughts on why just some of th [...]

    7. Darkspire Reaches is an interesting read. Great world building, characters and a story that’ll keep you busy for a while. Raven has a unique story and you feel the need to continue and see what’s ahead for her. The story has everything you need to keep you on the edge. There were some parts in the plot I didn’t really feel comfortable with and even though I’d change them, it’s the author’s story, she has her reasons and her reasons should be respected especially since she’s a good [...]

    8. I have to admit I am a little surprised by all the high ratings. I found about the first half of this book to be just what a lot of people have already said; one of those books you just can’t put down…then came the second half. If I could rate the two halves separately, I would rate the first a 4 and the second a 2. As you can see I’m rating the entire book a 3.So let’s start with the first half. It was exactly what you’re hoping for in this book: written well, definitely a fantasy typ [...]

    9. Raven can feel the call of the wyvern, even sheltered deep within the woods where she and Margie, an alchemist and botanical healer, live. As a baby Margie rescued Raven from being a sacrifice to the beast, hiding her away. The wyvern seeks her still. Unwilling to surrender that which was his, it will not rest until it has torn her to shreds, or so she was led to believe. Winter is coming, and with a new law passed outlawing magic and sentencing those who practice such crafts to death it seems t [...]

    10. This novel is a delightful read - the sort one has to sneak back to read another chapter while knowing there are other things that one really should be doing!I had the same feeling when I read this novel as I did when I first read "Dragonflight" by Anne McCaffrey many years ago. (A word of explanation: I see there are some parallels - the wyvern for the dragon; the fire-drake for the fire-lizard ; the strong, young, female protagonist is a girl treated initially as a drudge (Raven, Lessa) - BUT [...]

    11. I wanted to try out a different kind of fantasy novel, so I did some looking on and found Darkspire Reaches by C N Lesley. It turned out to be a good choice!Synopsis (from the author): The wyvern has hunted for the young outcast all her life; a day will come when, after being rejected by civilisation and the tribes, she must at last face him. Abandoned as a sacrifice to the wyvern, a young girl is raised to fear the beast her adoptive clan believes meant to kill her. When the Emperor outlaws al [...]

    12. Darkspire Reaches by C.N. Lesley is a mixture of fantasy, self discovery, magic, and romance. Raven is no ordinary girl, however it takes quite a few chapters until her true potential is evident and her character builds from a low serving girl and healer into a magical creature, who causes a stir on her journey through kingdoms and tribal territories.I enjoyed this book immensely and not just because of the compelling story. Raven, Margie, Connor, Captain Merrill, and the others, owe their chara [...]

    13. After reading ‘Sword of Shadows’ by C.N. Lesley, I had high hopes for ‘Darkspire Reaches’ and I wasn’t disappointed. From the first pages, I was thoroughly immersed in this new fantasy world. Fifteen-year-old Raven is abandoned by her mother as a sacrifice to the Wyverns but is taken in by Margie, a healer who teaches her spells. Because of her dark skin and hair colouring, Raven is an outsider in her community—called the ‘ill luck child’ by other children. When the community tur [...]

    14. I read a lot of fantasy novels, and when I began this one, I imagined I knew how it would pan out. I was wrong, this story is very much its own thing and very original.Rather than the epic quests and pitched battles of most fantasy sagas, this one is much more tightly focused upon just a few characters, their unique situation and their struggle to survive and learn to accept each other as they await the event at the story's climax.The characters are all good and the events of the novel are seen [...]

    15. This is a very well written fantasy adventure featuring an interesting and complex heroine in Raven. She has been adopted and much of the book is about her journey of self discovery, while making a literal journey to escape danger. The author has built a world, which on the fantasy level was intriguing but also had similarities to our world. In the fantasy world there is a fear of magic and different peoples, while in our world there is suspicion of different races, nationalities, colour of skin [...]

    16. Based on the reviews, I had decent expectations for this book, but they were not met in the slightest. The thing I liked most about this book was the rapid pacing. However, that was about it. There was so little consistency in the characters and their actions that understanding why anyone did anything was impossible. The inconsistency extended to the way the characters spoke and even the writing style. This read like a young adult novel, then all of the sudden, we're presented with a graphic rap [...]

    17. Raven is a healer. Abandoned at birth, and brought up by an old crone, she has a gift that gives her glimpses of a strange and disturbing future. When the people of her village decide she is a witch, she is forced to flee for her life. She finds safety, but it is fleeting, betrayal forces her to flee once again. By now she has a bounty on her head. It is only the intervention of the enigmatic Connor that prevents her death on a flaming pyre. But even his eerie, Darkspire Reaches, is not safe. An [...]

    18. I didn’t know I enjoyed fantasy novels until I read Darkspire Reaches. I picked up the book because I was intrigued by the cover, but after reading the first two pages, I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it in two sittings because I had to go to work, and even then I managed to sneak out and read a few pages.Magic, fantastic beasts, mysterious maidens, love, betrayal… Immersing myself into the rich and imaginative world created by CN Lesley felt like a guilty pleasure. The reader root [...]

    19. it's like the reviews all said - the first half was really goodand then for whatever reason, the author shit all over the second half.i would have given it a two except no one told me there was a rape scene. and i dont give a fuck about anything else one of the main characters does, i don't root for rapistsyways, there had been a pretty good set up at first about a mysterious magical orphan and some political drama, but they did the thing where everyone else knew what was happening and no one wo [...]

    20. The superb cover art attracted me to this book. The contents did not disappoint.I love this type of fantasy that is full of characters that you can love, and love to hate. I was easily drawn into their world. Rejection, romance, betrayal and fantasy, this book has it all, beautifully written, it sort of got under my skin because it's so good.When I finally finished I believed in that world and was left wanting so much more. Easy, easy five stars

    21. This is not my usual genre so I went in hesitantly. But, to my utter surprise I got into the book the more I read. There were a few things the characters did that may have upset me, but this happens to any book you get wrapped up in. Overall I was quite pleased and I would like to see what happens with the next book.

    22. A well spun fantasy novel. Raven is our heroine in this story. She is found as a babe by a woman named Margie who starts out as a kindly old witch. She raises Raven as her own and teaches her all the arts of herbs and certain magics. But when they are run out of their villiage by their people for witchcraft, Margie takes Raven to a people called the Aggressi. Once upon a time Margie had lived with this clan. Through blackmail she returns and I guess she sort of looses her mind because she does s [...]

    23. Despite the cover this is not yet another book about magic and dragons. It is about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery. On par with the lowly Wart of Arthurian legend, fifteen-year-old Raven starts out as a foundling, a servant, bound by love to the only mother she knows. She serves a small-time practitioner and healer in a small village where she does not belong and feels an outcast, as her coloration marks her ancestry from one of the wandering tribes to the north. When her adoptive m [...]

    24. Rating: 2.5The book started out well enough, and honestly, I couldn't put it down afterwards but as bright as it came to be seen at first glance, the further I read, the duller it became. The premise is rather intriguing and I did come to admire our heroine, Raven. So let's be clear about one thing. If I could rate the first half of the book, I'd give it a solid 4, but the next half…maybe a 2. Therefore, I mostly kept reading in hopes that the story would get better, and in some ways it did bu [...]

    25. Absolutely loved this book, it reminded me of the Tairen Soul Books and they were once my favorite books. It was a wonderful fantasy romance story with a world of Drakens, Wyverns, First Borns and many other magical creatures. I absolutely adored Kyrling, the drake, loved the couple Raven and Connor. The romance was just right, sweet and not overly done. There were plenty of actions scenes, not to mention the passages of humor. I laughed at the events with the birth of Copper. I was mesmerized w [...]

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent, well-written fantasy. Darkspire Reaches is an amazing story that pulls you in and makes you read way past your bedtime. I found the characters intelligent and resourceful, written with the kind of depth that made them feel very real. The hero and heroine aren't perfect--they make mistakes, sometimes do bad things, and are left to manage the consequences. The author's crisp writing builds a dangerous, yet beautiful world of humans and beasts--a world where man [...]

    27. Now this is my kind of book! C.N. Lesley has created a unique and entertaining fantasy that leads the young healer, Raven, from her quiet village home setting into a dangerous mountain adventure inhabited by wyvern and firedrakes. Pursued by humans out to destroy her magic, Raven discovers there is much she does not know about herself and her powers, the truth hidden from her by the old woman that raised her. The unraveling of the mystery is masterfully done and the action keeps the reader on ed [...]

    28. There is a lot of rich story telling going on throughout this book and the authors attention to detail really makes for a vivid read. The world building is strong and the character developments equally so. Set a slower pace, the author forces the reader to take their time with this story and in doing so you are rewarded by being submerged in this alternative world with all its traditions and superstitions. A well executed book that is atmospheric and compelling. Just about everything that seriou [...]

    29. A particulrly absorbing read!There is a lot going on in this book but the author has made a super job of melding a romance into a hard hitting, magical fanatsy. Some tough topics are woven into the story. Issues of trust, abuse, and discrimination make for some hard hitting reading, but the sense of adventure and good triumphing over evil leaves the reader uplifed and desperate for more. I found myself completely swept away by the descriptions and the depth of the characters. I coud feel Raven's [...]

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