Laziness in the Fertile Valley

Laziness in the Fertile Valley

Albert Cossery William Goyen Henry Miller Anna Della Subin / Sep 22, 2019

Laziness in the Fertile Valley Laziness in the Fertile Valley is Albert Cossery s biting social satire about a father his three sons and their uncle slackers one and all One brother has been sleeping for almost seven years wakin

  • Title: Laziness in the Fertile Valley
  • Author: Albert Cossery William Goyen Henry Miller Anna Della Subin
  • ISBN: 9780811218740
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laziness in the Fertile Valley is Albert Cossery s biting social satire about a father, his three sons, and their uncle slackers one and all One brother has been sleeping for almost seven years, waking only to use the bathroom and eat a meal Another savagely defends the household from women Serag, the youngest, is the only member of the family interested in getting aLaziness in the Fertile Valley is Albert Cossery s biting social satire about a father, his three sons, and their uncle slackers one and all One brother has been sleeping for almost seven years, waking only to use the bathroom and eat a meal Another savagely defends the household from women Serag, the youngest, is the only member of the family interested in getting a job But even he try as he might has a hard time resisting the call of laziness.

    The Psychology of Laziness Psychology Today Procrastination Laziness and procrastination are similar in that they both involve a lack of motivation But, unlike a lazy person, a procrastinator aspires and intends to complete the task and, over, does eventually complete it, albeit at a higher cost to himself. Laziness definition of laziness by The Free Dictionary laziness apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue personified as one of the deadly sins acedia, sloth deadly sin, mortal sin an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of Alarming Bible Verses About Laziness Powerful Truths Feb , Clearly we see that laziness is a sin and it also leads to poverty Some people would rather sleep in their bed all day rather than making a living and that will be their downfall Laziness is a curse, but work is a blessing. Best Bible Verses about Laziness Encouraging Scriptures Laziness Psychology Laziness is a habit rather than a mental health issue It may reflect a lack of self esteem, a lack of positive recognition by others, a lack of discipline stemming from low self confidence, or a lack of interest in the activity or belief in its efficacy Laziness may manifest as procrastination or vacillation. Laziness BibleTalk This class will explore the mindset of the lazy person, how this sin affects a person and how to deal with laziness in one s life In this chapter we ll look at the problem of laziness Overcoming Laziness Simple, Practical Tips This will tend to melt much of the laziness and inner resistance we often experience Rest, sleep and exercise In some cases, laziness is due to being tired and lacking energy If this is true in your case, you need to give yourself the rest and sleep you need, and also give your body enough exercise and fresh air. What does the Bible say about laziness GotQuestions Laziness, a lifestyle for some, is a temptation for all But the Bible is clear that, because the Lord ordained work for man, laziness is sin Go to the ant, you sluggard What Does the Bible Say About Laziness Bible verses about Laziness Proverbs ESV helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful I passed by the field of a sluggard, by the vineyard of a man lacking sense, and behold, it was all overgrown with thorns the ground was covered with nettles, and its stone wall was broken down. The Best Way to Overcome Laziness wikiHow Jan , How to Overcome Laziness Call it laziness, sloth, ineptitude, idleness, or whatever you like but the idea of doing nothing when things need to be done is often considered to be a sign of weakness or shirking Sometimes laziness

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        Albert Cossery November 3, 1913 June 22, 2008 was an Egyptian born French writer of Greek Orthodox Syrian and Lebanese descent, born in Cairo.Son of small property owners in Cairo, at the age of 17, inspired by reading Honor de Balzac, Albert Cossery Arabic emigrated to Paris He came there to continue his studies which he never did devote himself to, writing and settled permanently in the French capital in 1945, where he lived until his death in 2008.In 60 years he only wrote eight novels, in accordance with his philosophy of life in which laziness is not a vice but a form of contemplation and meditation In his own words So much beauty in the world, so few eyes to see it At the age of 27 he published his first book, Les hommes oubli s de Dieu Men God Forgot During his literary career he became close friend of other writers and artists such as Lawrence Durrell, Albert Camus, Jean Genet and Giacometti.Cossery died on June 22, 2008, aged 94.His books, which always take place in Egypt or other Arab countries, portray the contrast between poverty and wealth, the powerful and the powerless, in a witty although dramatic way His writing mocks vanity and the narrowness of materialism and his principal characters are mainly vangrants, thieves or dandies that subvert the order of an unfair society.


    1. Sem me cansar muito, o melhor que posso dizer sobre este livro, e o Senhor Cossery, é: ADORO-OS!Para os mandriões, que não queiram ir ver a sinopse e se interessem saber do que trata, ainda arranjei forças para a copiar:"Terceira obra de Albert Cossery, data de 1947. É o romance em que este autor dedica ao seu tema predilecto - o ódio sarcástico ao trabalho - uma maior amplitude filosófica. Numa vivenda a pedir obras, nos arredores de uma grande cidade egípcia, mora uma família singula [...]

    2. While reading Laziness in the Fertile Valley I had urges to go chop wood, wash a random person's car, scrub the refrigerator, pen a college-level organic chemistry text, anything to differentiate myself from the beyond-pathological degree of sloth depicted in this family of hideous ne'er-do-wells. What I ended up doing was, obviously, sit on my butt and turn pages.The story follows an elderly Egyptian father who never leaves his top floor bedroom, a decrepit uncle, and three sons: Rafik, who mos [...]

    3. Het onwaarschijnlijke verhaal van een 'nest Oblomovs', een lethargisch en weemoedig huishouden belegerd door de slaap. Een moederloze familie in een klein Egyptisch dorp - een vader en zijn drie volwassen zoons - zijn allemaal 'aristocraten van de ziel' en geketend door een verlammende, nietsontziende luiheid. Ze slapen reuzengaten in de ene na de andere dag. Gelukkig zijn ze bemiddeld genoeg om niet te hoeven werken. Wanneer de oude Hafiz wil hertrouwen bewegen zijn zoons hemel en aarde om het [...]

    4. albert cossery's works do not tend to vary that much in theme, style, or character. the cairo-born french author's third novel (of the eight he wrote over six decades), laziness in the fertile valley (les fainéants dans la vallée fertile), is about a family of good-for-nothing layabouts (or might they be malingerers?), unemployed one and all, that predominantly spend their time sleeping. the youngest of the three sons, serag, daydreams of labor, idealizes the notion of work, and is forever plo [...]

    5. The Lazy Ones follows Cossery's signature style and motive, although there is a slight departure from his other novels. While his other works are set in the slums, The Lazy Ones deals with a semi-influential family. And, it is a family unlike any other Cossery tackled before.In his other works, Cossery 's characters are poor, wretched beings suffering their lot. In The Lazy Ones, the family is well off - they own a house, have a servant girl, and do not have to work for living. This is where the [...]

    6. I'm not a man that has a lot of heroes, but if I was going to choose one hero, it would be Albert Cossery. A wrier who is devoted to watching pretty girls from cafes and being lazy. With those two high-standard activities, this is a writer I will follow from heaven to hell. "Laziness in the Fertile Valley" is another one of his masterpieces that deals with a set of characters who prefer to do nothing when 'something' appears and shows its ugly heard. What we have here is a family of men, who one [...]

    7. Cossery was the King of Sloth. Where others shun and demonize laziness, Cossery makes it divine--none of his characters work, and all find it repulsive. The family of men in "Laziness"--three brothers, their father and uncle--spend most of their time sleeping or eating. The eldest (and sleepiest) brother, Galal, sometimes even neglects to wake up to eat. The plot is thin: will their father spoil everything and marry (women demand activity and a social life!); will the youngest brother, the rebel [...]

    8. فلسفة الكسل هي فلسفة التخاذل والإنسحابالرواية بشكل ما دي بتأرخ لفترة من فترات معتقداتي الشخصيةحيث إن أقل جهد كنت بأقوم بيه كنت بأستعد له بالنوموأكأفي نفسي على فعله بالنومبنيّة الرواية ضعيفة للغاية لكنها بتطرح أفكار مهمة جداً مفيش حد هيقدر يطرحها تاني

    9. الرواية تنضح بالميزوجينية والطبقية، والميزآنثروبية/كراهية البشر. كنت أطالع صفحة الكاتب على ويكي واكتشفت أنه يتبنى وجهة النظر الاستعمارية تجاه الشرق، فالشرق كسول، لو حظى بالأملاك يفضل النوم على العمل. ووجهة النظر هذه في حد ذاتها تسطّح وتضع غشاوة على الظلم العالمي/الطبقي وع [...]

    10. Interessant is het om boeken uit verschillende culturen te lezen. Hoe gaat het er daar aan toe? Wat zijn de verschillen met mijn cultuur? Desondanks kan het ook afstand creeëren, zouden ze echt elke dag alleen maar slapen? Dat kan toch niet? Het verhaal van de luiaards in de vruchtbare vallei gaat over een familie, een luie familie. Ze raken in rep en roer als de jongste zoon wil gaan werken. Zijn broers proberen dit malle idee uit zijn hoofd te praten, maar dit houdt wel in dat ze dan wakker m [...]

    11. Si dice che il lavoro nobiliti l’uomo, ma non è il caso della famiglia di Serag che considera il lavoro come una macchia che intacca l’onore e la rispettabilità. L’ozio e il sonno sono valori estremamente importanti, il lavoro danneggia e rovina le persone. Per questo motivo quando il piccolo di casa, il giovane Serag, annuncia a tutti gli altri di voler andare a lavorare la notizia viene accolta nel peggiore dei modi possibili. Come se non bastasse a catastrofe si aggiunge altra catastr [...]

    12. Rafik se sentait subitement envahi d'un grand calme. Il commençait à éprouver un ennui profond, et un immense besoin de sommeil le torturait. Qu'était il venu chercher chez cette femme? Une explication? Il aurait dû se douter qu'elle ne comprendrait rien. Elle était comme les autres, engluée dans sa vie mesquine, imbue de ses droits et prête à renverser la terre pour une histoire d'amour. Elle ne pouvait rester tranquille, il lui fallait bouger tout le temps, et faire bouger les autres. [...]

    13. I wish there were more. I feel like "Laziness in the Fertile Valley" is just one part of a greater saga. What happens when Serag and Hodo meet up with the child in the city?To me, this read like an allegory of sorts. I liked the remoteness of the work, looking in on rather than being among the characters. It is so lovely to be moved but not knocked over the head with anything too powerful. "Laziness in the Fertile Valley" presented a sterile sequence of events, in a similar veins as the removed [...]

    14. Livre acheté à la librairie de l'Institut du Monde Arabe (sur les conseils de la fiche du libraire qui disait qu'il ferait s'étrangler les traders capitalistes ) et commencé de suite à l'ombre des arbres du merveilleux jardin temporaire. Ce livre, outre effectivement le contre-pied formidable au capitalisme qu'il décrit, donne envie de s'abandonner au sommeil avec la langueur (tellement bien décrite) des personnages.

    15. I suppose we should be taking it as a satire--a sort of spoof of aristocrats. Awfully much like Proud Beggars in subject and attitude--and with that weird repetitious and contradictory style. Reminded me of Huysmans--and that same fey decadence; latched on to no doubt by perfessers as some justification for them feeling useless. Did not have the spooky urgent gravity of the other book though--too much like a book written by somebody else to resemble his style.

    16. This one I read the portuguese translation. I put here the french version because is the language in which Albert Cossery writes. I love the improbability of the lifes of the people he describes. and I always believ I was a lazy!

    17. This is a strange book, but I think it's one I'll think about a lot. I can't quite tell where the satire beings and the philosophy ends, or how deep the symbolism goes. But it was certainly enjoyable.

    18. "Mandriões no vale fértil" - Edições AntígonaUm dos meus livros preferidos que releio anualmente.

    19. Uma boa crítica a uma determinada sociedade muçulmana enaltecendo a preguiça e o ócio discriminando o sexo masculino.

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