Protecting What's His

Protecting What's His

Tessa Bailey / Dec 16, 2019

Protecting What s His A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe s running from the law and the law wants her bad The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up The purse full of mo

  • Title: Protecting What's His
  • Author: Tessa Bailey
  • ISBN: 2940016374734
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Nook
  • A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe s running from the law, and the law wants her bad.The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up The purse full of money she finds 50,000 to be exact could give her and her teen sister the new start they need So she grabs the cash, her gothy sibling, and their life sized statue of DollA sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe s running from the law, and the law wants her bad.The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up The purse full of money she finds 50,000 to be exact could give her and her teen sister the new start they need So she grabs the cash, her gothy sibling, and their life sized statue of Dolly Parton, and blows outta Nashville in a cloud of dust Chicago, here we comeTurns out, Chicago has some pretty hot cops Hot, intense, naughty lookin cops like Derek Tyler, who looks like he could eat a girl up and leave her begging for And Tempting as he is, getting involved with the sexy homicide lieutenant next door poses a teensy problem for a gal who s on the lam But one thing is certain Derek s onto her, and he wants than just a taste And as far as he s concerned, possession is nine tenths of the law.

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    1. 4.5 StarsFinding a new author whose book I loved is always a reason to rejoice!Yes GRs' peeps I loved Protecting What’s His by Tessa Bailey. Shit, even the title has me swooning. Uh huh!!!Synopsis:Ginger Peet is a twenty-three year old living a life where she has trouble making ends meet trying to provide for her seventeen year old sister. Their mother has never cared enough to provide for them, loving her drug addiction even more than her daughters. Ginger and her sister have been raised by a [...]

    2. 5 Yummy Cop stars*Spoilers*“I’ve got an hour before I need to be back at the station. I’ll have fucked you three different ways by then.”OMFG!!!! This book was Awesome!! Let me let you in on a little secret about me. I have a serious fetish for men in uniforms, Cops, Firefighters, Military men, Correctional Officers you name it . So to say this book was right up my alley is a understatement. My God this book had it all. It was a yummy trifecta. Sexy cop, Dirty talk, and possessive alpha [...]

    3. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS AN UBER-ALPHA, POSSESSIVE, SEXY-HOT, TATTOOED POLICE OFFICER WHO WOULD PEE ON His WOMAN IF HE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT TO MARK HER AS HIS!THIS. BOOK. WAS. SMOKIN' HOT!!Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down until I finished!The story about a 23 year old Ginger who has been raising her 17 year old sister for a very long time because her mother is a prostitute and drug addict, and has literally abandoned them. When her mother comes home one night and passes out with [...]

    4. Take absolutely no notice of my rating or reviewad this book!I am once again a lone voice, so this one's going on my everyone-loved-but-Jill shelf. The first part of this had me thinking I may be reading an up-and-coming Linda Howard. I.Kid.You.Not. Despite this promising start, by the time I got to around 30% the allusion to Ms Howard had dimmed substantially and I was left wanting.That is not to say that most readers of CR won't love this. They will. And going by the early ratings and reviews, [...]

    5. 4 stars!This was my first Tessa Bailey book. it was a short, steamy and entertaining read. I listened to it on audio and let me tell you, having Lieutenant Derek Tyler talk dirty to you is not a bad way to spend your time in the car or doing laundry ;) This was a quick one to listen too. It kept me engrossed the entire time. I loved both main characters. Ginger and her saucy attitude, how she could be so feisty, but also had a sweet and caring side that came out around her little sister. And Der [...]

    6. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      *****FOUR STARS*****At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this story.I felt as though there was no build up to the relationship between Ginger and Derek. He just instantly seemed to become overtly sexual and DOMINANT with Ginger after having only just met her. Ginger and her little sister move into Derek's apartment building and as soon as they cross paths, there is an instant attraction. Oh and did I mention, Derek is a sexy as hell police detective???!!!!So here I was about 40% into the b [...]

    7. This review will pretty much be "meh" because that's what I felt about this book.For some reason, the thing that usually works for me didn't work this time, and I'm really sorry cause I was looking for an outrageous guy with outrageous statements that would blow my mind.Maybe it's because I've already SEEN all the outrageous lines from this book in status updates when the book was all the rage?? I don't know. But for me, they only left me rolling my eyes and at some points laughing at the stuff [...]

    8. 4 Awesomely Dirty-minded and Filthy mouth Stars“Listen to me, baby. From the time we walk in the door to my apartment, you will have less than a minute before I put my cock inside you. No foreplay. No kissing. There won’t be any time, because you’ve got me strung so damn tight I can barely think straight. I need you to keep yourself wet for me on the ride home. Starting now.”Holy hotness. Derek Tyler.The 30-year old Lieutenant, is living his life unaware, doing his job.A man who wore a p [...]

    9. ❦Solid 4.5 Star Rating❦My DerekGood god was Derek hot!!! His dirty mouth, his bossy ways and the fact that he carries a gun and badge oooh ye!!!I can not picture Ginger but the both of them together is below hot, raw and totally kinky.I'm going to make love to you. Slowly. Hell, it might take me until tomorrow. I'm going to lose count of how many times you come. And every time you do, I'm going to tell you that I love you. Until you fucking get used to it.~♂~♀~♂~♀~♂~♀~♂~♀~♂ [...]

    10. 5 CUFF ME NOW STARS.I've had this book on my 'to be read' shelf for so long it had started to collect dust, so with my recent Brazen book binge still keeping me entertained I knew this book needed to hit my next up list. 'Protecting what's his' delivers exactly what it's title suggests and once again I find myself smiling at my book choice. This range of books never fails to deliver for my particular reading taste and if I'm becoming predictable with my five star ratings then so be it, I love sw [...]

    11. 5 WHY-DID-IT-TAKE-ME-SO-LONG-TO-READ-THIS-AUTHOR STARS!!!!!What is wrong with me??!! This has got to be one of my favorite authors, and I’ve only read one of her books! I LOVE dialogue. I LOVE dirty talk. I LOVE sassy, strong women. I LOVE sweet alpha males. It’s like someone wrapped up the perfect package (pun intended) and gave it to me for my birthday!Tessa Bailey can write a freaking book!Derek – sexy, dirty-talkin’ cop….Need I say more? Ok, I will say more. He is also a sweetie pi [...]

    12. Really liked this one. Starting off, thought to myself I hate the name Derek but by the end of it I LOVED Derek. Ginger was a great heroine, protective sister, fearful of becoming her mother and afraid to fall in love and rely on anyone. She had been taking care of herself and her sister for a long time and was very independent. But she was knocked for six when she met the Lieutenant. Smokin hot love scenes, some funny moments. Would definitely recommend it. It was fast paced also so very easy t [...]

    13. SO F'KING HOT!!Damn this book was so good!! Its not very long so I ate it up quick but it sure did back a lot of heat into it. Check my updates out. I can't wait to see what Tessa Bailey puts out next she is on my BUY NOW ASK QUESTIONS LATER list for sure that woman can write some seriously sexy scenes but she was able to really create a believable connection between Ginger and Derek too This book just flew by, had no angst, just the right amount of drama, totally hot cop, sexy woman with a quir [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this story, and while it's not perfect, it's damned close. It's sexy, witty, and romantic in a "don't make me spank your ass" kind of way, and I love me a man with a hand that he's not afraid to use. I'm all about hot, alpha heroes, and Derek is definitely that. Ginger is an all right heroine, but Derek, and Ginger's kid sister, Willa, steal the show.I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.

    15. Derek is a Lieutenant for the Chicago Police Department and he is all about being a strong, upstanding man who's in controlor is he? Lucky for us, he has a bad boy side and OMG he loves to talk dirty and he wastes no time getting down to business. Ginger thinks she can handle herself. Heck, she's been taking care of herself and her sister since she can remember. She's manage not only to survive but thrive in the worse conditions so Mr. Goodie Two Shoes is no problemor so she thinks! This book ha [...]

    16. "If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one."Meet Derekh laaa laaa[image error]"Let me be clear, Ginger, since you insist on talking in circles. I want you underneath me in my bed. I want to buried inside you so deep that I have to remind you of you own name. And I want those motherfuckers leering at you from the other side of the bar to smell me on you for a week afterward. I just wanted to be up front."And Ginger[image error]"Are you looking for something illegal so yo [...]

    17. She's running from the law, and the law wants her badI brought this book by mistake and decided "what the hell. The title and cover already make me swoon, why should i return it?" So, like, 2 months later i finally gave it a goSTOICE.EVER!!!I only wished i would have read it sooner because i think this is the best erotica/NA i have read so far! ( much to my complete surprise).Meet GingerGiner has stole a lot of money from her mother to run away with her younger sister and start fresh. They end u [...]

    18. I love finding an amazing book by pure chance. I particularly love when in doing so, I discover an new and amazing author.What did I love about this book?I mean my goodness! It had it all: humor, amazing characters, sexual tension so hot I thought my kindle would catch on fire, super steamy scenes, and some of the best dirty talk I've read in a damn long while! So please excuse me a moment while I take a moment to myselfI can't find enough good things to say about Protecting What's His. It has b [...]

    19. ♥♥♥ 4.25 Scorching stars ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"Give me a chance, beautiful girl."●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●This was my first Tessa Bailey book and it for sure won't be the last. I loved this book. It was all kinds of hot with an interesting plot. Really enjoyed this one and was glad I go [...]

    20. Protecting What's His I'll start off by shouting from the roof stop, " I LOOOOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!" In this book we get a strong, possessive, gruff, alpha male. As soon as we met him I knew- We also meet the lovely Ginger. Who is strong yet vulnerable. She saw a way out for her and her sister and took it. Love a strong MC. As soon as we met her I thought, "oh yeah, I like her-This girl is going to be a riot."As soon as the two meet - I was equal parts:Laughing And equal parts aroused.When these two [...]

    21. 4.5 stars”The longer it takes me to get between your thighs, the rougher I’m going to be when I finally get in there. Understand?”Love Love Love an alpha male with a dirty mouth and Derek did not disappoint!Twenty three year old Ginger has been taking care of her sister since she was ten years old, she finds an opportunity to steal her good-for-nothin-skank mom’s money (which she probably earned while turning tricks) and give seventeen year old Willow a better life by leaving Nashville a [...]

    22. This book was seriously sizzling.I am probably not going to be able to do it justice, but I am seriously going to try because I think this could be one of those books that people pass by and I beg you, don't! Read it! Ginger Peet is our main female character and what a lady.She is 23 and because of a drugged up, prostitute mother she has been taking care of her younger sister, Willa, her whole life.They finally get the courage up to leave when they find $50,000 dollars belonging to there mothers [...]

    23. “Look at me. You own me. I’m owned.”This book exudes a lot of Alpha vibes. From the title, the cover photo, the blurb, the dirty talks, a sensual badass heroine and a sexy cop hero. oh la la!! “Let me be clear, Ginger, since you insist on talking in circles. I want you underneath me in my bed. I want to be buried inside you so deep that I have to remind you of your own name. And I want those motherfuckers leering at you from the other side of the bar to smell me on you for a week afterwa [...]

    24. "I'm going to make love to you. Slowly. Hell, it might take me until tomorrow. I'm going to lose count of how many times you come. And every time you do, I'm going to tell you that I love you. Until you fucking get used to it."Protecting What's His was amazing. It had a great story, never lagged, and was really hot.With a drugged out mom, Ginger Peet has had to take responsibility over her teenage sister. So when Ginger finds a purse filled with $50,000 of cash, she knows that this is too good o [...]

    25. For starters I would like to thank Meli Mel for Buddy Reading my first Tessa Bailey book with me! I enjoyed it Mel (even if I was a slow poke!!) This is the first book in what promises to be a very sexy, action packed romance series. There are already at least three more booksi in this series that are already written, and after reading "Protecting What's His," I will most definitely be checking them out!The first installment begins with two sisters who leave Nashville to get away from a mother w [...]

    26. Re read via Audible. Even a narrator I do not particularly like cannot spoil this story! I have liked Brazen books less and less these days but this Tessa Bailey series holds up over time!Prior comments:Really loved both Ginger and Derek and their story! It included hot sex, a super protective hero cop and a strong, yet vulnerable, hot heroine! I really loved this quick read and highly recommend!

    27. Protecting What's His was a fast paced, action packed, dirty talking, sexy-fest and I loved it! There are very few authors who can get the right balance of Alpha male dirty talk that is sexy without being creepy and just plain weird. Tessa Bailey hit this one out of the park. I want my very own Lieutenant Tyler. Derek Tyler is a cop in the windy city. He is married to his job and spends all of his free time working. Derek has never found the need to have a serious relationship. He lives in a qui [...]

    28. Lt. Derek Taylor is smokin hot overprotective alpha male yummy!! Loved the heroine Ginger her sister Willa. Very good storyline with a HEA and a epilogue was a brief epilogue but a good one!!

    29. Favorite Quote: “Baby, I’m jealous of men who haven’t even seen you yet.”When I received the review request for this book, I have to admit I saw the cover and it caught my eye. I guess the blurb did too. I’m so glad I’m a hussy for this cover because this book really surprised me. I laughed and laughed at the beginning and then the hero comes in with some of the most sexy dirty talk I’ve read in a long time.The book opens with Ginger taking a very large wad of cash that her druggie [...]

    30. RATING: Between 3-3.5 Hearts!! :)“Give me a chance beautiful girl.”Tessa Bailey’s Protecting What’s His is a typical light romance – short, steamy, with likable characters, and for the most part, entertaining.Admittedly, the beginning of the book did not hold my attention, and the prospect of disappointment was a close call, mostly due to the insta-lust. However, the story does pick up, surprisingly, a factor of Ginger and Derek’s numerous smokin hot encounters and budding relationsh [...]

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