Deadly Shades of Gold

Deadly Shades of Gold

L.E. Harner T.A. Webb / Jan 22, 2020

Deadly Shades of Gold Wolf or vamp Decide It has to be now Those were the last words Sam Garrett ever heard as a human Now on the para side of normal the NOPD slammed the proverbial door on his career Travis Boudreaux kno

  • Title: Deadly Shades of Gold
  • Author: L.E. Harner T.A. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781937252311
  • Page: 458
  • Format: ebook
  • Wolf or vamp Decide It has to be now Those were the last words Sam Garrett ever heard as a human Now on the para side of normal, the NOPD slammed the proverbial door on his career.Travis Boudreaux knows exactly how his former partner feels but when some doors close, the golden window of opportunity opens Crimes against supernaturals require a new and different appro Wolf or vamp Decide It has to be now Those were the last words Sam Garrett ever heard as a human Now on the para side of normal, the NOPD slammed the proverbial door on his career.Travis Boudreaux knows exactly how his former partner feels but when some doors close, the golden window of opportunity opens Crimes against supernaturals require a new and different approach, and once the Feds show up, the Odd Squad isn t the only law enforcement game in town After a revenge seeking vampire creates deadly havoc, the new agent in charge is on a recruiting mission and he s than ready to fight fire with fire What do you get when you mix old friends, new enemies, and a license to kill Pure dynamite.Warning This is an erotic urban fantasy In this series the vampires don t sparkle, werewolves kill, and the men sometimes have sex With each other.

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        Alternate name for Laura Harner.Raised in California, Laura likes it hot, which explains why she ended up in Arizona via such diverse places as Japan, Maine, and Florida, and many places in between After retiring from the US Navy, she found a niche working for land management agencies, including the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management Though she has held many jobs around the world, her favorite was working and living in Grand Canyon National Park Working and eating in New Orleans was a close second You will find many of her books are set against the rich backdrops provided by coastal Louisiana and northern Arizona.When asked how she started writing, Laura tells of waking on Boxing Day a few years ago, with a woman named Elena MacFarland yammering in her dreams, demanding her story be told Despite never attempting to write fiction before that morning, Laura ignored all of the holiday visitors and the Highland Destiny series was born She doesn t believe it was a coincidence that the great grandmother who died when Laura was just a baby was named Elena MacFarland Destiny does play a hand.Laura became a full time writer in 2012, and now she spends her time writing, watching her Arizona Diamondbacks, and working on her very own version of the Willow Springs Ranch in northwestern Arizona.


    1. Sam's a (view spoiler)[ werewolf (hide spoiler)]!! He was given a choicert of, but they had to save his life of course! Oh Sam, you poor love!! These vamps have really got it in for you haven't they?? Russ and Jet had to (view spoiler)[turn him into a werewolf in order to save his life (hide spoiler)] because they knew he would never forgive Travis for (view spoiler)[turning him into a vamp (hide spoiler)].of course, they might have an agenda, they fancy him and want him for themselves as part o [...]

    2. This series is getting better and better. It's exciting, sexy, brilliantly plotted and oozing testosterone because of its cast of characters . There's ex cops, good, rogue, assasin and evil 300 year old vamps, Weres, special agents,, mob bosses, turf wars and lots of steamy, sizzling love scenes with oodles of sexual tension brewing amongst the six main protags. Hot, hot, hot. It's got grit, blood, guts and a bit of gore thrown in and in my opinion would make one hell of a great TV show. I'd be [...]

    3. This is turning into a nice solid series for me. I've really enjoyed watching this grow, and, thankfully, it seems there is much more to come. Quite a bit happens in this segment. There are numerous layers of story going on here, and we learn a few things about each of them. Aside from Travis and Sam's issues about dealing with their changes, we have a bit of mystery going on with du Champ and Fontaine trying to one up each other. There is just the right amount of everything here - smexy man lov [...]

    4. I liked this next installment of Travis and Sam's journey. Not going to write specifics about this one b/c then my review would all be "spoiler".Needless to say, the plot moves along, we meet new characters, there's steamy sexy man love and gory decapitations. Looking forward to the next book. sooner rather than later please :D

    5. I was thinking that this series couldn't get any better. I am happy to say I was so WRONG. Werewolves, vampires, LEOs, politics, Oh My! It is getting thicker and darker than a Louisiana swamp.Sam still hasn't settled in completely to his new life, but Travis seems to have reach an alliance with himself, albeit an uneasy one. Russ and Jet fast becoming my favorite characters add their own brand of philosophy and life to this mismatched mix. Throw in Danny and new presiding authority Clint Wayne, [...]

    6. I don't know what it is about this series, but it has me hooked. It sort of makes me think of True Blood rainbow styled I like that much better. I was so happy to see Travis and Sam (view spoiler)[FINALLY settle up.d more.(hide spoiler)]Woohoo!!Now where will the story lead? I have a bad feeling that it's not gonna be all sunshine and unicorns for those two, but as long as they are back together I am happy. (view spoiler)[AND no more threesomes!!! It was hot, no doubt, but I want Sam and Travis [...]

    7. Please see Lucky's 5 sweet pea review of Deadly Shades of Gold on March 1, 2013. He also has a wild and crazy interview with both authors AND they are giving away a copy of the book to a lucky commentor, so be sure to stop by. mrsconditreadsbooks/index.

    8. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Deadly Shades of Gold is most definitely NOT yet another vamp/were story in so many ways. It is the multi-dimensional plot that marks it as way different for me plus the fact that it doesn’t shy away from the blood and gore. Yes I do have something of an appeal when it comes to brutality. It suits the book just fine though and it made for a fascinating read. Normally most books have a pair of protagonists and a pretty s [...]

    9. Many things became clearer in this book but not much in terms of progress as I would like it to be.We finally learn Sam's fate(view spoiler)[, he became werewolf by Russ' executive decision since he was the strongest super at the scene. (hide spoiler)] Then Sam had to adjust to the new reality of becoming one of the *them*. (view spoiler)[The part where Russ and Jet *testing* Sam's ability to hold his human while having sex felt more like an excuse by the authors to write in their threesome scen [...]

    10. This series has gone off the rails with this one, or did the other books take place in their pants too and I just didn't notice? Good lord. I know supers are supposed to have a heightened sex drive but these guys really do think with their dicks. When they're not actually having sex, they're imagining it in their heads, or "bantering" with sexual innuendo. Lots of hardening and twitching and readjusting themselves. Ugh! It really got ridiculous. And there was virtually no story progression at al [...]

    11. I have been addicted to this series from the onset when the teaser Altered States was released and entered my path. It whet my appetite and tempted me to begin *another new series* (hear me groan). But I am not groaning now….just needing my next fix of this wonderful drug *gasp did I say that? *LE Harner and TA Webb have started something really good here and their team work in this project that they have undertaken is seamless. It all began in Altered States in New Orleans, always a great pla [...]

    12. Ok, so I'm hooked. I knew when I started this book that it most likely wasn't going to be the end of the series and there isn't yet a third or fourth book (depending on whether you count the prequel short story as a book or not). So I was able to console myself when I got to the last page and there was no where else to go. I read that the next book, Free Falling Crimson I think it will be called, should be out later in the year. I sure hope so. I want more. The problem is I bet it's not the end [...]

    13. This book was even hotter and more exciting than Deep Blues Goodbye. I can't say too too much without spoiling some things, but we do get to see a lot more of those delicious werewolves Jet and his Alpha, Russ. And Travis and Sam are still drawn to one another as well -- just the way it should be.Laura Harner and T.A. Webb need to get on the next book if they're not already working on it. I'm hooked now :)

    14. This story was powerful and heady stuff. Werewolves, vampires, politics, intrigue, sex, and poor Chuck.Mr. Webb and Ms. Harner have had me hooked since the first book of this series and I find myself waiting (patiently, I promise) for the next story in the series so I can find out who kills who, what the master plan is, and what's going on with the guys that they're so interesting to everyone.

    15. With each new installment of this series, I just grow more engaged. The characters are compelling, the slow reveals about them intriguing and the mystery, action and passion just abso-amazing. I'm excited to read the stories and can't wait to get on with each new installment to see what develops. Trav and Sam along with the rest in their adventures make for fantastic Urban Fantasy.

    16. I just don’t understand why everyone’s having sex with everyone. I really want Danny and Travis to end up together although the way I see it, Sam getting most of the focus will end up with Travis (probably?) Book 1 is a solid 5 while Book 2 is a 3.5 this time.

    17. 4.5 StarsAuthors L.E. Harner and T.A. Webb continue their Altered States series with Book Two Deadly Shades of Gold. We were introduced to their world of things that go bump in the night in Altered States and meet all the key players in the next novel Deep Blues Good Bye. Deadly Shades of Gold takes up where Deep Blues Goodbye left off. NOPD detective Sam Garrett having been attacked by a vampire wakes to see his partner Danny Burkette and local pack Alpha Russ leaning over him and his ex-partne [...]

    18. Deadly Shades of GoldBy LE Harner and TA WebbFour starsThis second book in the Altered States series picks right up on the cliff-hanger from Deep Blues Goodbye. Sam Garrett, New Orleans detective on the Paranormal Investigation team, known as the Odd Squad, wakes up to find that his world has changed forever. As a newly-minted werewolf under the protection of Russ Evans and his pack, Sam has no choice but to see the world through new eyes, as he and his former police partner Travis Boudreau have [...]

    19. Amazing. Incredible. Freaking Phenomenal. Outstanding. Unbelievable. Yeah, I could keep going here but I think I'll explain why I feel this way.This is the third book in the Altered States series by Laura Harner and T.A. Webb. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be able to hold the story line and intrigue as much as book one. Man was I WRONG! Deadly Shades of Gold just keeps the whole story going better and better and better.We still have all the incredible male hotness. Whew, thank goodness [...]

    20. Rating: 4 stars out of 5For the full review, visit wp/p220KL-4qgFrom that review "Alrighty then! With Deadly Shades of Gold, the romance of Sam and Travis is about to be well…something hot and wonderful. As well as totally unexpected. I loved this story wholeheartedly. It made me want to do a few high fives and "hell to the yeah's"! To recap briefly, Sam and Travis were partners on the force and soon to be partners in love when a vampire attacked Travis and killed him. But Travis didn't stay d [...]

    21. Holy hell was the sex hot in this book! I had to read the one scene over immediately to fully process it, not even my imagination went there. I loved Jet and Russ. The understory continues to get better and more interesting. My main gripe here is I wish the author would write a longer book with a bit more resolution. None of her books are very long closer to novellas so she truly could add more. The cliffhanger this time wasn't quite as dramatic, but since the follow up book isn't out that sucks [...]

    22. This intriguing para m/m series continues. Sam and Travis get together again and find that they have a telepathic link, extremely rare between such young werewolves and vampires.'Shame washed through him, his mind a dark fury of bloodlust and need. He was nothing but a fucking blood-sucker, no better than the bastard who had stolen his life. Brushing roughly at the hands of the other two men who were offering undeserved comfort, Travis turned and bolted for the door, running into the night. Tryi [...]

    23. I really liked the prequel book to this series, Altered States. The ending took me by surprise, which is a delightful thing for a reader. By the second in what, one assumes, will be a trilogy, the story has become needlessly bogged down by too many unnecessary characters, a muddy plotline, irrelevant information, and hints of things which never quite materialize. Can book #3 pull everything together and salvage the series? I hope so, but at this point I wouldn't bet on it.

    24. oh!! i'm so in love with these books, i shal be searching for other books by same author!Sam has been attacked, and had to choosempire or werewolfy he didnt choose, someone else did!the plot is deepening, but not resolved, so i'm assuming there are more to come, i hope so!the feud between the two lead baddies hots up, as does the interaction between Sam and Travis AND the sex! phew!! hot hot hot!!seriously well written, loving the little hints that are coming through and Sam and his abilities!

    25. Fuckity fuck! The series isn't completed!Urgh. I hate to wait. Frustration and me aren't buddies. Good series, it was some nice read. Some things I didn't like, like they all fuck each other, pretty much. I expected more romance. But the books are more about the world setting and the mysteries.The sex was hot, I won't deny it but like I said I kinda needed some romance. And I don't really like it when two people perfect for each other (well, I want them to be perfect for each other) have sex wit [...]

    26. OMG!!!! This was so good. Dear authors way to leave a person standing at the edge of a cliff and wondering if the hands are their back are going to push them forward over the edge or pull them back to safety. I can't wait for the next installment of this story to come out, I pray it's soon. Such an excellent story. please write morelots more.

    27. This is no black and white world. It is gritty and gripping. It is complex with twists and turns to the plot. The people in the story are interesting and griping. I love that the authors didn't shy away from describing the blood and gore of the violence that inhabits these men's world. It is a fun and riveting story.

    28. Another good addition to the series. New and old characters joining into the action. A similar plot pattern than the first book.Unfortunately, the cliffhanger didn't worked as good as in the previous story. I wanted more at the end, but specially more of Travis and Sam.

    29. My first question is when is the next installment appearing. I want more of these guys. An interesting world created by these authors. I wish each story had a little more background and depth just so I could have more of the MCs (all of them) interacting. Bring on the next story.

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