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Dungeon World

Sage LaTorra Adam Koebel / Jun 24, 2019

Dungeon World Combining high action dungeon crawling with cutting edge rules Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of ad

  • Title: Dungeon World
  • Author: Sage LaTorra Adam Koebel
  • ISBN: 9760988639
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Combining high action dungeon crawling with cutting edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching for fame, gold, and glory.Dungeon World rules are easy to learn and always drive the story forward in unexpected ways A missed roll is never a dead end Combining high action dungeon crawling with cutting edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching for fame, gold, and glory.Dungeon World rules are easy to learn and always drive the story forward in unexpected ways A missed roll is never a dead end failure introduces new complexities and complications Life as an adventurer is hard and dangerous but its never boring Designed to be ready for you to hack, remix, and build new content, Dungeon World includes systems for changing everything to suit your group including creating new races, classes, and monsters.To play, you ll need this rulebook, 3 5 players, some polyhedral dice, and 1 4 hours.Explore fantasy adventure roleplaying in a whole new way with Dungeon World

    Dungeon World Wave hands like a muppet About Dungeon World is a tabletop roleplaying game Gather some friends and embark on adventure Play to find out what happens. Dungeon World SRD What is Dungeon World Dungeon World is a world of fantastic adventure A world of magic, gods and demons, of good and evil, law and chaos Brave heroes venture into the most dangerous corners of the land in search of gold and glory. Dungeon World Sage Kobold Productions drivethrurpg Golden Geek RPG of the Year Indie RPG Winner Best Game, Best Support, Best Production ENnie Award Winner Best Rules Gold Winner Combining high action dungeon crawling with cutting edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. Dungeon World Dungeon World is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game created by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel The game uses the Powered by the Apocalypse engine originally designed for Apocalypse World and used in Monsterhearts and other games The game is advertised as having old school style with modern rules The text of the game was released under the Creative Commons Attribution . Unported License. Dungeon World Future Card Buddyfight Wiki FANDOM Dungeon World s Flag Dungeon World W Danjon W rudo is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight.Several cards in this world feature characters from the Buddyfight anime series as characters in a RPG Dungeon World s card frame resembles a wall in a dungeon and features a treasure chest. Dungeon World reddit What is Dungeon World Dungeon World is a tabletop roleplaying game It s a set of rules that you use, along with your friends, to play out fantasy adventures You ll take on the roles of dwarves, elves, and humans in a world of magic. Dungeon World Roll Welcome to the Dungeon World Compendium Here you ll find a plethora of useful information, everything you need to get started with playing a game of Dungeon World Classes, Moves, Spells, Equipment, and all of the Rules are available for you here Play to find out what happens Dungeon World The New Archives Wikia FANDOM powered by Dungeon World is the primary game used in seasons one and three of Friends at the Table It was created by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel and is based on D Vincent Baker s Apocalypse World The directives of the game are to Portray a fantastic world, fill the characters lives with adventure Dungeon World A Game with Modern Rules Old School Style In Dungeon World, Bonds are what tie the characters together, forming their shared history and giving them relationships to build on even before play starts. Dungeon World freewargamesrules.fandom Overview Edit These rules are for fantasy skirmish war gamers who like the idea of taking up table top gaming, but lack either the space to play a larger scale game, or who are reluctant to spend a king s ransom collecting mm heroes and monsters.

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    1. Dungeon World is a fantasy heartbreaker powered by the Apocalypse World rules. While it has a few clever ideas, its nowhere near as smart and dangerous as the earlier game, and as with most fantasy heartbreakers, the ultimate question is always "Why this as opposed to D&D?"((Note: this is a reading review, not a playtest review)).The basics of Dungeon World are about exactly what you'd expect. Classes, the standard six core stats, a list of moves like "Hack & Slash" and "Defy Danger" and [...]

    2. Reading this book is like listening to The Velvet Underground or The Jesus & Mary Chain. It takes a classic format that you think has been done to death, lovingly strips it right down to its naked essential soul, and then recreates it as something so transcendently brilliant that it takes your breath away.It's got everything you expect in a classic old-school fantasy RPG: races like elves and dwarves, classes like Rangers and Wizards, and monsters and dungeons (obviously). But it strips the [...]

    3. A rather impressive combination of indie mechanics and old-school ideas. The strong heart of this game is really the classes and their moves. They're perhaps a bit more combat-oriented than I'd like, but they're wonderfully evocative, really embodying the core of these classic old-school classes in a small number of simple actions.I was also really impressed by the GM sections of this book. The general ideals are interesting (and may or may not be to your liking), but other ideas, such as fronts [...]

    4. Dungeon World is utterly fantastic. Character and story driven, this table-top RPG system allows for many settings, many types of characters, and myriad plots and monsters. The GM and the players share creative control over the story and it changes and evolves naturally and organically, unrestricted by numbers and stats. This is the perfect system for someone wanting to tell or play a story that has opportunities for some great character development, hilarious moments, and near-cinematic action. [...]

    5. My favorite game so far based on the Apocalypse World engine. I've used it to run several sessions and had a blast doing it. The system of Dangers and Fronts really helped me organize some concepts about GMing in a way that the Threats and Fronts of the original game didn't. Maybe because I'm more familiar with the tropes in this game, or maybe just because I've played it more often. In either case, I've since used those concepts to help me better prep for sessions in other games as well.I recom [...]

    6. Cool new RPGing system from people in Vancouver (you might know Adam Koebel?). The new system seems to be trying to recreate 1st or 2nd edition D&D, but with much easier rules to follow, and an emphasis on just doing the cool stuff, not worrying about bullshit like THAC0, or doing lots of arithmetic to keep track of XP. Haven't played it yet, but looking forward to it. It's well laid out, easy to find most things, you can get it as a PDF, and there's lots of fun flavour quotes sprinkled thro [...]

    7. Some friends were just talking about this game so I popped it off my shelf & re-read it. There's a lot of really great ideas here, a lot of them conceptual; my buddy was saying how their adventure building tips really clicked for him. Me, I like the "unspoken worldbuilding" & flavour in the monsters & magic items the best. --MK

    8. Dungeon World is not D&D. It's a D&D emulator. What it does is abstract a lot of what D&D did to very simple rolls. Smoke and mirrors and a whole lot of 'this is what it does' hand wavery is why it works.And that's fine! It does exactly what it was designed to do. Emulate D&D style play with twice the speed and half the prep work.

    9. This might do nicely for any prospective Craft Sequence RPG. The Moves mechanic seems to easily support characters who can do Mechanically Different Things. I'd need to monkey around a bit to represent soulstuff, but the seeds are there.

    10. This book is a must read for every RPG enthusiast out there. It's full of ideas on how to create your own campaign, how to DM, how to role play. What to do in certain situations, when there is an awkward silence at the table, what to do with players who are new to RPG's. How to improvise, how to change things on the fly. It's a great book.The system itself is a very light, but very good system. There is only 1 roll: 'the move' then you add your ability modifier or class modifier. That's it. Oh, [...]

    11. At some point, I'm going to have to play or run this. It seems that someone sat back and said what I've often said in conversation with fellow gamers. "Dungeons & Dragons simply isn't fun to play." The authors have taken the essential 60s & 70s Fantasy vibe of D&D, and they've tried to make a game that is fun, that removes a lot of the annoying number crunching and charts, and gets down to the brass tacks of telling exciting stories. Fantasy isn't my genre, and Tolkien-esque/D&D [...]

    12. I'm kind of tempted to hold off on rating this until I've played or ran it, but I guess that's not really necessary to talk about the book. The book is well written and organized, and the main philosophy behind Dungeon World runs through everything in here. DW offers a slightly different perspective to tabletop roleplaying, one focused above all else having a "conversation" between the DM and players. DW is meant to be a collaborative storytelling experience first and foremost, from character cr [...]

    13. This game really demonstrates the flexibility of the Apocalypse World engine, but also retains some bothersome D&D-isms (HP, random damage, ability scores, etc.) and misses out on some of the system's best aspects (the PC-NPC-PC triangles, for instance). Nevertheless it's a much-improved version of rollicking action-adventure time with your friends that you try to get from D&D. I would suggest looking up the fan-made World of Adventure game, which builds upon Dungeon World and uses some [...]

    14. Возможно, я слегка пресытился pbta играми, но Dungeon World не вызвал такого восторга при чтении, как, скажем, Monster of the Week. Некоторые вещи хотелось бы видеть более подробно расписанными (например, почти одинаковое количество HP у монстров, которые существенно отличаются по степени оп [...]

    15. One line review: I only read about half of this book. Unlike other narrative-heavy RPGs like 13th Age or Numenera, found the writing to be poorly organized, the descriptions bland and the system a little clunky. I have heard great things about this and want to play it as a player and not GM, but the game seems “meh” to me.

    16. Good game system, but this book's layout and format make it inaccessible. If I hadn't played the game before and tried to learn it by picking up this book, I don't think I'd get very far. New edition please!

    17. a really good guide, with good examples. It's very clear and even if you are a newbie (like myself) in rolplaying games you can understand every bit and feel comfortable enough as to fix your first adventure as DM.

    18. Running a game of this starting on friday. It's a good rulebook and sets the mood and tone of how to play the game really really well. I could have used a better "overview of how the game mechanically works" though, which seems to be the one thing that no rulebook really nails well.

    19. I was looking for a tabletop RPG that I could play with two of my children (ages 6 & 9) as a way to gain a window into their imaginative play. My plan succeeded on the first try (hopefully it will last) and this book was a big part of that success.The one minor critique was that it clearly felt like to I needed to understand more complicated games like Pathfinder in order to understand this less complicated one.

    20. Ok, as a long time gamer (30+ yrs), I had read about this rpg and was interested enough to buy the book instead of the PDF. I REALLY enjoyed reading this book. It has some very different ideas on how to run an rpg and is well written. It contains many examples and that really has helped my understanding of the rules quite a bit.This is one rpg I am eager to give a try. I'm not sure I "get" the rules enough to run the game, but I think after a couple of plays, I might be able to. Honestly, I have [...]

    21. No voy a detenerme en una reseña detallada del sistema de las que hay muchas y mejores. El juego se caracteriza por subsumir toda posible acción de jugadores y DJ en Movimientos. Si un Movimiento tiene una tirada, usa la misma estructura 2d6: +10 éxito, 7-9 éxito parcial (con un coste) y -6 fallo (pero es una oportunidad de conseguir PX). La tirada que mencione es otra característica del juego porque la mecanica fuerza al DJ que un fallo o un éxito parcial tenga implicaciones inmediatas en [...]

    22. I've only messed around with D&D systems for less than a year now, but Dungeon World is a great take on the pen and paper game! Where other rule sets might have you sorting through rules, extra guides, and asking yourself "What actually constitutes as an attack?", this one strips everything down to a few simple rolls and lets you all get into the action quickly.For our regular game night, our DM had to leave to take care of something. Even though this was my first time acting as Dungeon Mast [...]

    23. The thing I like about Dungeon World over other systems is that it puts the fiction first. Everything that happens must be justified by the fiction. The checks and dice rolls are specifically designed to move the story forward and nothing that happens therefore is a dead end. I particularly like this idea given the fact that I only ever play solo, so any mechanic that drives the fiction is akin to a miracle as far as I'm concerned.This book is filled with all kinds of advise, a lot of it you'll [...]

    24. This comes so close to being one of the great codifying RPG resources beyond just communicating the system itself. The explanation of fronts, world creation, and general GM advice provide some really great basic frameworks for all fantasy RPGs, not just Dungeon World. Everything from defining what cursed places do on the rest of the world and narrative to how "steadings" affect one another contrasted with the lines that a GM should not cross by leaving blanks and discovering narrative stakes thr [...]

    25. Un JDR de plus, et un JDR que j'espère jouer un jour.Le pitch : du Donjon & Dragons, mais avec un système moderne, basé sur l'Apocalypse. Simple, rapide, générateur d'histoire.Et j'accroche à ce qui est proposé. Le livre est impressionnant de premier abord, mais chaque classe est présentée sous forme d'un livret spécifique de quelques pages, ce qui prend une bonne partie de l'ouvrage. Ensuite, on a les règles de base, simples, et surtout beaucoup de conseils.Au niveau illustration [...]

    26. While my edition (9780988639409) could use more editing, I'm still giving this fivee stars, because the ideas and system are excellent. The system is a super-light way to play traditional fantasy gamesd with very little prep. In fact, unlike most games, the system encourages little prep, because part of playing it is to figure out what happens to your characters and world. To that end, the (simple and intelligent) mechanics deal well with (and encourage) changes to characters, locations, and plo [...]

    27. Liked this a lot but forgot to review it when I was done. I often wonder why people keep on writing new games to do the same thing we already have so many systems for but this was very innovative, definitely leaning more towards a story-telling game than a crunchy system like Pathfinder. It also heavily encouraged "flying by the seat of your pants" GM'ing, which isn't my style at all (unless it has to be) so I felt like reading it was stretching my tolerance (which is good). I want to give this [...]

    28. while a good portion of this book is reference example monsters and such, the game mechanics and most of the character creation bits are great. I do think it's silly to keep around the old school D&D attribute style (with both base attributes and modifiers you have to look up in a table) but this is one small flaw in an otherwise great product. The simple three-way toggle on dice rolls, as well as the explicitness of moves - both for players and GM - I think will facilitate quick and painles [...]

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